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Delayed for safety



Delayed for safety

The Holy Spirit saves a man from an accident in a most unusual way- Dominus Okon


On my way home from the hospital in May, 2005, I boarded a vehicle at about 8.30pm. All went well at first until the vehicle reached a place called Marwa Estate, along Lagos – Epe Expressway. There, the vehicle stopped and we learnt from the bus driver that the bus had run out of petrol.


To me and other passengers this was a normal occurrence. I started singing the love song to God, HU, quietly. We waited patiently as the bus conductor took a motorbike to a nearby petrol station to buy some litres of fuel. Soon we were able to continue the journey. About half kilometres down the road we had a flat tyre and we found to our chagrin that the bus didn’t have a spare tyre. The driver and conductor threw up their hands and cried, “My God,” and wondered why “He” should allow “Satan” to visit them with misfortune on this trip. The passengers demanded refund of their fares.


The driver apologized and refunded our fares. We spent some time there before we boarded a second bus and continued our journey. But five minutes later this second bus broke down. The driver, after some inspection, apologizes to us explaining that “a fuel pipe” busted, and that he could not continue the journey until he replaced or repaired it. He refunded our fares. We then tried to catch another vehicle.


I was going to take a motorbike to continue the journey like some other fellow passengers, when the image of a spiritual master, Rebazar Tarzs known to members of ECKANKAR flashed in my imagination and he asked, “What is the hurry? Are you not home already?”


Then the reason for the   numerous hiccups in the journey dawned on me: Divine Spirit was trying to protect me from some problems. We eventually boarded a third vehicle to continue our journey. But just before my stop we met a heavy traffic hold-up, resulting from a fresh ghastly accident. I knew that this was what Divine Spirit had been trying to protect me from. Quietly, in my heart, I was grateful.


The Voice of God often speaks to people through something that happens in their outer lives. Every day is a lesson in humility, because humility brings us to love. As you learn your lesson or as you miss your lesson, you move on. When there is a need, you find that Spirit will bring help if you just stay open and remain patient.


If you are open to the Holy Spirit, you will find truth coming to you through the actions and words of other people. The right way to take control of your own life is to put everything into the hands of Divine Spirit, then go about your daily life and do everything in the name of God. True prayer is the art of listening to God. Just open your heart and listen to God. In ECK, one way to open the heart is to sing HU.

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