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Do men really tell lies?



Do men really tell lies?

Have you wondered why men are tagged serial liars? Do you know that women encourage and coarse men to tell lies? Is it in the nature of men to tell lies? Why is it that many intimate affairs are based on assumed lies? Who is the liar: the man or the woman? Women often see the issue of lies or deception as being natural with men in terms of character and disposition when it comes to intimate affairs or conjugal relationship. This affects the issue of trust, fidelity and money the most.

It is given that men will never tell you the truth about their other affairs and finances. Is this actually so? Do men actually tell lies? If yes, why? In my opinion, the man is a more truthful and transparent being than his female counterpart. Naturally, the man has no departments or compartments in his being unlike the woman. He talks straight, frankly and objectively. The man is the direct and express image of God the Creator. God is a man!

He (God) replicated His immaculate and holy nature in man which he (the man) maintained until the woman appeared on the scene. If we should examine the Biblical accounts thoroughly, Adam, our progenitor, was truthful in his statements when he was being queried by God for violating His rule and warning against the eating of the forbidden fruit in the garden. Adam said, “I heard your voice and I became afraid because I’m naked…

The woman You gave me made me ate the (forbidden) fruit.” Gen 3. How did Adam get into trouble with His best friend and Maker? It was because Eve exaggerated the command of God by telling the devil (in a serpentine form) that “the Lord God had said we should not eat the fruit, even we should not touch it.” Did God say they should not touch it?

The answer is NO! This hyperbolic statement was what led the entire human race into the captivity of lies! Further insight into this interesting story will be shared some other time. However, despite falling from grace and being sent packing from the Garden of Eden, the man was still truthful. Even Father Abraham was misled into impatience by finding an alternative means to fulfilling God’s promise of an heir through the machination of Mummy Sarah. Yet, God knew it was not the man’s fault.

His (God’s) noble intention in providing the woman as helpmate had become ensnarement and albatross to His first love, the man! A woman asked Steve Harvey, popular American comedian and television talk show host, that “why do men lie so much?” His response was as precise as the reality. Let me say here that women taught men how to tell lies. Sometimes women ‘intimidate’ their men to say what soothes their fretful mood and itchy ears. A man impregnated his housemaid and sent her to her parents in Cotonou in the neighbouring Republic of Benin. His wife got wind of the story after the 24-year-old girl was delivered of a baby boy which had been the desire of the man.

He has three girls already from his wife, no male child. So, his wife asked if it is true that he did it. While try to explain how it happened, she cut in, “don’t tell me it is true! I’m sure it is not; or did you actually impregnate her? I trust you, it never happened. The story must be a blatant lie from the pit of hell!

Tell me dear, did you do it?” Sensing the unpredictable might happen considering her mood, countenance and quaking body movement, the man flatly denied. He started raining curses on those who wanted to break his happy and settled home. That was how she calmed only to see the photographs of the naming sent to her husband’s phone weeks later. Keep imagining the rest of the story. Harvey, in his smart response said: “This is why men lie: because we are afraid of our reaction to the truth. That’s why we lie. Lying can be a good thing because lying spare people’s feels. We (men) have to lie. What you don’t want us to tell you we keep to ourselves; what you want to hear we got it ready for you. That’s why we have to like or appreciate (by force or by fire) everything you want or desire (including ego-massaging compliments to keep the home or relationship going smoothly and rancourfree).”

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