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Igbinnosa: Nomination fees will discourage credible aspirants



Igbinnosa: Nomination fees will discourage credible aspirants

Mr. Imuetinyan Igbinnosa, a former United Nations’ consultant, is a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)


Evidently, injustice seems to have a 20-year head-start over justice in Nigeria. If a National Assembly member jokes that fees should be increased to N1 billion, then the spirit influencing the nomination fees of some of the parties is for a few to leverage on it to acquire position and wealth as well as to break the bridge so that others cannot pass through.

This is that same primordial instinct of self-preservation and promotion at work, which good and righteous laws will control. The environment now is like a market place where the focus is on profit-making, not on bringing abundant life to suffering majority citizens. But I see justice prevailing. The huge amount of money aspirants are coughing-out, especially the presidential aspirants is a deliberate plan by political parties to discourage some people from taking part in the primaries.

The same old leaders with past and present access to public funds, and with mindset that sustains a history of colonization, are the ones largely coughing out the high fees. Perhaps, parties will welcome as many aspirants who can pay the high fees, inadvertently or unwittingly discouraging other worthy aspirants. To focus on bringing abundant life to all citizens will mean focusing on having the right candidate the nation needs, and who may not be among this same old leaders with proven inability to care for majority Nigerians.

There is certainly need for control to prove scriptural saying, “thus far shall your proud waves go.” The huge amount placed on the nomination fees and expression of interest fees will discourage credible people from taking part in election process. It is already threatening some people from picking the form. This justifies need for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to register more parties, as the decree is for wheat and weeds to grow together; and as good and evil wrestle to win elections.

This will ensure that out of this patched landscape of inconsideracy and profiteering, God Almighty will raise new intelligent leadership to heal a nation suffering a history of colonization. And the time is now. It is by wisdom a war is won; this war to defeat injustice and corruption unwilling to let the people go free. Also, aspirants will expand options among the 91 registered parties, and work hard to win the coming elections. Let religious and corporate leaders as well as citizens’ rise-up to endorse and support campaigns like this one; not just sit and watch from comfort zones. Everyone is a stakeholder in this venture to implement the freedom or right to abundant life God wants all citizens to enjoy and build a new developed Nigeria for our children.

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