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Reckless driving seems to have become order of the day in the city of Lagos. So many avoidable accidents take place daily on the city of Lagos.

Many lives have been lost and families have been thrown into sorrow and bitterness due to recklessness of drivers who are mostly young.

The young drivers who are mostly Northerners always filled the thrill of speed, they do not observe traffic rules, and they take pride in overtaking other vehicles, thereby resulting in fatal accidents.


Rasheed Abolaji, a road side mechanic said that accidents are caused by reckless driving, drunk drivers, brake failure or depressed people behind the wheels.

“I recently witnessed a horrible accident caused by a reckless driver as result of tanker explosion on Otedola Bridge on Lagos- Ibadan expressway.


He said he had just finished repairing a car when he saw the tanker rolling back on the road “I could also hear the driver shouting brake failure! Brake failure! I saw the assistant (motor boy) trying to put a wedge to stop the tanker from rolling back, but the truck ran over the wedge backwards and immediately there was a bang. I thought it was a bomb and there was an explosion and fire everywhere, I took to my heel. Within seconds, fire erupted forcing motorists to abandon their vehicles and flee. Sadly this seems to be one of the greatest tragedies we have seen in recent times in Lagos,” he said.


Oladapo in an interview with New Telegraph described the measurement government should take in monitoring young drivers against driving trucks. A problem solved is problem free he said, countless number of lives have been lost, rather than destinations, reckless drivers drove many innocent souls to a land of no return.


Thus, the journey to ‘Had I know’ land will continue of no drastic action is being taken to reduce the excesses of these young drivers that posed themselves as “lord of the roads.”

He added that it is high time to take serious steps to put a stop to this ugly menace. Government should make sure that before a person is given a truck to drive, he should be of age 40. The traffic police should also play a greater role intercepting such vehicles flouting traffic rules and the drivers of such.


Government should ensure arrest of drivers driving while distracted including talking on the phone, texting, playing with the radio, or eating, failing to use headlights at night or in the rain.

A male resident of Alemu, area of Agbara Ifeanyi uzochukwu said that the government should do something about trucks driving on the expressway “trucks should be driving on the expressway together with vehicles ” underage drivers and those driving without license should be punished.
He urged the federal government to put in more efforts most especially paving a route for trucks and fuel tankers.


Also speaking, a resident of Williams street Mrs Bolande said that Reckless driving is the reason for accidents occurring, most of this trucks don’t have brakes, aside this, drivers drive recklessly on the road on the influence of drugs, mixing Tramodol with Pepsi. By this mixture, they feel high and afloat, hence, misbehave. She made a funny occurrence of a truck driver who called her aunt under the influence of feeling afloat and asked if she wants to die ” She said.


She however urged government to make a law of arrest if any truck driver is seen tailgating, or driving too close to cars in front of them.


Mrs. Rita Nkem, a business woman advised that government should stop young drivers from driving, “No driver should drive a truck less than 30years of age,” she said.


Their own time should be at night, “I know Nigeria, they can’t provide a different road for trucks and tankers. She added


In a chat with Mr Godwin Shilepo a truck driver, government are not doing anything about making a route for us as truck drivers to pass through.

If we do not drive these trucks, we won’t survive, we won’t be able to feed our families. This is our source of income, so, the society should tolerate us while we also becareful on the road,” he said.


Mr. Godwin said that he is aware that motorist, residents are complaining about the reckless driving of trucks.


Our association of truck drivers has made an agreement that attaining the age 40 and well experienced must the core criterion for driving truck. He urged government to make a passage route for trucks alone.


According to the director of public affairs, Lagos state Ministry of Transport, Alhaji Bakare, “the federal government is trying to work towards a plan for a route for fuel tankers and trucks alone,” he said.


He added that the government is doing their best to put an end to reckless driving, anyone seen driving recklessly on the road, either young or old.


He however advised owner of trucks not to think of maximising profits always, urging them to think of road safety by always maintaining their vehicles.

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