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The ball is in your court



The ball is in your court

If you want a miracle, take the first step. Nothing reveals what we believe like what we begin. Nothing! It is necessary to show our faith by our action, otherwise it would be not be clear in the spirit what you really want. Our action in the face of difficulties and contradiction justifies or proves what we really believe.


That man was not ready or due for miracles while they lay him outside the house where the crowd were he was not due for miracle healing while they planned what to do with him.


His faith for healing began soaring higher when they started lifting him up far above the crowd, above his wildest imagination, above his past experience, above his excuse. Then as they began lowering him onto the very presence of Jesus his faith climaxed, it became ready. His faith needed those natural obstacles to prepare it for his miracle.


Those difficulties were there to purify his faith and rid him of every doubt. This is why it is often said in the school of faith “turn your excuses (obstacles) into uses (that is instrument). The obstacles on your way to your miracle are equal to the level of faith required for that miracle. If you are brave the obstacles without giving excuses, you will land into your miracle.


(your miracle) and Reaction (the difficulties to the miracles) is equal and opposite. The ball in your court Men and brothers, children of stock of Abraham and whoever among you feareth God, TO YOU IS THE WORLD OF THIS SALVATION SENT(Acts 13:21)


We said all we said in this book just to drive one point home; namely YOU CAN REFUSE SATAN’S OFFERS OF DEATH , POVERTY AND SICKNESS.



Yes, you! We have showed from the beginning that ‘resist’ is a power word in the spiritual realm and even in physical realm. Nations and individuals who REFUSED AND RESISTED antagonistic spiritual and political forces ended up distinguished. We also showed that the prize of successful Resistance is paid in blood.


This is true whether we are resisting Satan or its agents. It is free from Rome. America paid In lives and limbs to recover herself from British colonial highhandedness. And, of course South African black paid in pains and prisons to break the apartheid regime of White Government of South Africa. if you pay nothing you will get nothing. The Bible tells us in Hebrew that we can resist to the point of “shielding our blood” yes, some resistance can be costly. But the choice is all yours. Those who run from lighting will live to fight forever.


My choice is clear: Resist, Refuse. Those who won’t give up will go up! Let God be true and all men or devil a liar. But it is not all bad news or sacrifices. We have seen too that Resistance attracts God’s assistance. You initiate and God takes over on my way, “for the battle is the lord’s”. you can pray. You can.

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