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When you are pregnant, you lose form!



When you are pregnant, you lose form!

Anita (not real name) was my course mate in Lagos State University (LASU). We were so close that people thought we were related. Anita was beautiful ‘almost to a fault’. Lolz. You know the kind of beauty that makes a man peruse a lady twice, and some other times, do a third and fourth scanning? Yeah, that was the kind of beauty this my friend had.

Men who were always gazing at her then didn’t have any ulterior motive, I presumed. I feel they were always appreciating God’s creativity and handwork.


My friend, Anita had the right height. She was moderate in size and had the cutest dimples. She was very courteous, always smiling. She had this aura of love around her.


We graduated in 2010, and after a while, we lost contact. All efforts to get her on social media proved abortive. Each time I typed her names, the pictures that popped up were always unfamiliar-spirits; I beg your pardon, unfamiliar people. Lolz. Apparently, she got married and had changed name.


Last week, I was at an event and suddenly, felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned, it was a young woman, in her late 30s I guess. I was like “excuse me please…”! She smiled and called me by my complete names. Immediately, I looked at her closely and she began to look a bit familiar. The moment I mentioned her name, we both screamed out loudly and hugged each other. We created such a scene that got almost everyone’s attention.


When I saw my once-upon-a-time-beautiful friend, I couldn’t recognize her in time. Her skin colour had changed. The beauty was no longer like what I was used to, and to crown it up, she now had a much protruded tummy – my friend was pregnant.


I was like, “Madam, what happened to your beauty”? She replied: ‘WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT, YOU LOSE FORM!’


This statement got me thinking since then – “When you are pregnant, you lose form.”


Pregnancy here may not necessarily be the physical carriage of baby in the womb, but the mental carriage of greatness on your inside.


Pregnancy is the stage between your default-self and your delivery date. Meaning, you’ve left your original state, but you are not yet where you are going. I call it “The in-between phase”.


This stage is a very difficult one in the life of any individual. Like a pregnant woman, it comes with its own various challenges at every level, such that you have little or no control over – ranging from unexplained appetite for uncommon junk foods to other unlimited funny stuff usually related to being pregnant.


As a man, in this phase, you may lose friends; lots of persons may not want to associate with you any longer, because you’ve ‘lost shape’. You are no longer who they think you are. They no longer get what they used to get from you.


Someone is reading this, who is pregnant for greatness. And this has caused you a lot amongst friends and even loved ones. To them, “you’ve lost shape”.


Like a pregnant woman who does not have control over pregnancy-associated symptoms; all you need do is to “enjoy the process till your due date”.


People might tend to misunderstand what you believe in, and or call you names. Accept all compliments that come with ‘your pregnancy’. But always re-assure yourself that you are carrying greatness, and in due time, you will deliver a great child.


Great destiny attracts great challenges; so, stay strong and stay through the process.


Your delivery date is close by, only if you can stay through the process. Be strong, if not for anything, at least for the greatness you are carrying. Meanwhile, this greatness you’re about delivering will change the whole story for your good.


So, when next someone asks you: “Why are you like this”? Say to them: “When you are pregnant, you lose form…… DO NOT BOTHER ABOUT MY SHAPE; I AM PREGNANT WITH GREATNESS!”


Have a great week.

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