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Don’t shut the door yet



Don’t shut the door yet

There is an interesting story in the Bible which a lot of us are familiar with. It is about one man called Peter, but permit me to call him “Mr. P” here. He was a great fisherman, an expert in his field. He probably read fishery in school, and went ahead to obtain his masters along this line, I assume.


He did not only obtain these certificates; with the way he was being described, he was a guru when it has to with fishing, and I also want to add here that Mr. P was a consultant in fishery business in his days. He would give one the description of the kind of nets to use, he could also state the time one can go fishing and even forecast the quantity one would get.


However, on this particular day, himself and his team have stayed both day and night, they couldn’t catch the smallest of fish. They applied all the scientific and fishery skills in this world, yet, they caught nothing. They appeared so distraught and frustrated, such that they began to wash their nets and other materials used for the business.


Although, prior to this time, Jesus had used one of Mr. P’s boats as a podium to reach the people he was preaching to. So when he had finished, he asked Mr. P to throw his nets into the water so as to catch fishes. Mr. P, I guess laughed and laughed at what Jesus said. I’m sure he took time to roll out his C.V and achievements in fishing business, just to educate him (Jesus) better. He didn’t forget to add that fishes were caught at night or in the dark, not in during the day.


I believe we all know the rest of the story. But for the purpose of those who don’t, Mr. P finally agreed to obey Jesus’ instruction by throwing his net into the water. Alas, the catch was surprising. The harvest was too much that his company couldn’t handle alone. They had to beckon on their colleagues to help out.


Why this story now? This is a time when some are feeling like giving up. For such persons, it is already the tenth month and many things are yet to be done. Probably there were goals and plans for the year, and not even a quarter of them have been achieved, and from the look of things, most of them do not seem achieveable again for this year.


See, there are things God would want to do for you that He’ll require your faith to make it work. But I have also discovered that there are some stuff God would do, that He doesn’t need your faith or help to make it work – such as Sarah’s story, where she never believed she could conceive, considering her age then. Also, that of Peter (Mr. P)

Just like these stories and many more, which God didn’t really require their efforts to do what He wanted to do. I pray you experience same. May you have cause to sing a new song and dance a new dance, even before the end of this year. What you have considered ‘over’, God will make it ‘beginning’ for you. What men have thought it’s impossible, God will make possible for you.


There are miracles that are not time bound, just like the one above and many more. They are protocol-breaking-miracles. They are beyond education, qualification, connection time and season. When they happen, you know it is divine. Those are the kind of miracles I expect to hit you before the end of 2018.


Don’t give up yet. Be hopeful. Be positive. Expect great and good stuff. Do not write yourself off. Great things still happen. Great things will happen for you. Don’t shut the door yet.

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