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This HU Works!



This HU Works!

Several years ago, my loving husband had a protracted illness that defied all our efforts at healing.

A visiting family friend, a member of Eckankar, introduced HU, a love song to God, to my ailing husband. The ECKist explained that singing HU with love in the heart draws one closer to the Holy Spirit, bringing greater joy, more understanding, and a wholesome healing of the mind and emotions. Though my husband was very sick, he rejected the opportunity.

I was so concerned about his situation that I suggested to him to try singing HU. He took offence at my suggestion and I dropped the issue. When the ill health worsened, I invited the ECKist to the hospital. He came and sang HU with us. Shortly after, my husband translated

After about six months of mourning, I travelled to Lagos for some business. I went to my friend’s house where I usually stayed when visiting Lagos. She pleaded with me to share a room with her domestic assistant since another visitor occupied the guestroom. I accepted. About midnight, I felt a presence in the room. I got up, looked around the room, and even switched on my cell phone light to see well. I didn’t see anyone.

The house help, a young lady of about 21, was deep asleep. I returned to bed and prayed. Soon, I slept off. Then I found myself in a dream under a vicious attack by a girl of about eight years with a monster’s face and very long nails. I started calling, “Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!” This did not help my situation in any way.

I was at my wits end; nothing I knew as a Christian could help me. Then I remembered HU. I started singing HU and surpris-ingly the attack stopped, and the girl started withdrawing from me. She pleaded with me to stop singing HU, but I continued until I woke up.

Then I said to myself: this HU works! When I returned to Aba, I attended an ECK Worship Service at the ECK centre. There, I completed an Eckankar membership form.

Thereafter, my membership of Eckankar became a problem for some members of both my late husband’s family and my father’s family. It was quite a challenge.

On the afternoon of 14th February 2006, I laid in bed, crestfallen and lonely, filled with loving thoughts of my late husband. All of sudden, he appeared before me and asked me to forgive him for leaving so early. He went on to say I should stay in Eckankar, and then made a surprising revelation: That he is in ECK over there! When the experience ended, I said to myself, “So, Soul over there can also join ECK?” From then, my heart really opened for more of God’s love.

The healing process for me effectively started with singing HU. I was deeply grateful to the Mahanta for using the ECKist to introduce HU to us, and for giving me and my late husband the opportunity to be on the path of ECK as his students.

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