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I wish I wore a small shoes size –D’Ella Empower founder



I wish I wore a small shoes size –D’Ella Empower founder

Imo Emmanuella Nwachinemere is the founder of D’Ella Empower, a platform that encourages and empowers young ladies through skills to embrace their strength as a women. In this interview with Deborah Ocheni, the young entrepreneur speaks about her desire to wear smaller shoes size, love for ankara fabrics because of its versatility and sundry issues.



What informed the decision to establis D’Ella Empower?

D’Ella empower is a little part of a vision I had since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to impact little ones around me mostly ladies and as I grew, the desire became stronger. I actually am working on an NGO but the time it was taking was too long, ladies were wasting away talents. So I decided to start writing, to inform, to encourage and to inspire young ladies like me out there.

What is your views on natural hair?

I don’t wear natural hair, but I admire those who wear it. It is really tasking to keep it going, but it shows that our young ladies are beginning to appreciate natural things.

What is your personal style?

I don’t have any style in particular but I love to be simple and comfortable.

Do you have any beauty routine?

No, honestly, I don’t

What is your opinion on African traditional wears?

They are wonderful, I love them. They are flexible and there’s so much you can achieve with the traditional wears.

Do you consider any fashion item indispensable?

Yes, my earrings. I love them very much. They are so indispensable

How easily do you get your fashion items in Nigeria?

I get them easily. I just go the market and get what I want.

While shopping, which fashion item catches your fancy?

Shoes. I wish I wore a small size so I could easily get all the shoes I want but am a size 42, so you know how it is.

Which fashion accessory do you live for?

Once again my earrings, I can go without any accessories but the earrings must be on.

Do you conform to trends?

Honestly, I don’t.

Which fashion trends do you love most?

I do a lot of stuff but I also like what fits me. I love the ankara trend because there’s a lot you can do with ankara these days. It’s beautiful.

Whose celebrity style do you like most?

That would be Olayode Juliana; she dresses simple and beautifully.

Is there anything you are unlikely to be caught wearing?

Yes, ripped jeans, transparent and extremely short attires.

What is your ready to go outfits?

Like I said, I like my comfort so I will opt for jeans, a nice top and flat slippers.

When it comes to fashion, would you say your physique works to your advantage?

Yes! My physique works very much to my advantage because I am slim and tall. My body tends to fit a lot of my clothing.

Which outfits take up most space in your wardrobe?


What is your costliest fashion possession?

My wristwatch

How much did you get it?

I can’t really remember how much.

How do you love your shoes?

I love my shoes flat and comfy. Sometimes I do heels too.

What determines what you wear?

The weather because I am allergic to cold, and of course the occasion. I mean you can’t wear jeans for a job interview.

What do you think of modern designers?

I think that they are doing a good job especially Nigerian designers, they should keep it up.

Who is your best designer?

I don’t have any in particular

Do you have a signature perfume?

Not really. I like it as long as the scent sweeps me off my feet.

How do you love your hairdo and makeup?

Well, I love my hairdo simple and uncomplicated and my makeup, soft not too heavy.

Does your background influence who you are now?

Definitely, yes! I am a daughter of a missionary. My dad is the founder of TOM (Teenagers’ Outreach Ministry). The little time I spent attending TOM camps and TOM clubs has really influenced me. I didn’t want to admit when I was quite younger but now, I am proud to be a TOMite and the daughter of a man of God.

How did you come up with the name D’Ella Empower and what is the message behind it?

Well the name D’Ella is not really something difficult to unravel. I studied French for my first degree. So most things I do have a French touch. D’ is French and Ella is my name, so it is basically Ella empowering. The message is empowering young ladies through skills and encouraging them to embrace their womanhood.

What is the focus of D’Ella Empower?

I won’t say that D’Ella Empower is a charity organisation but then, other organisations fight for the girl-child. We encourage the young ladies to embrace their strength as women and stand out.

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