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Bola Tinubu shines at 65th birthday



Bola Tinubu shines at 65th birthday

One time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and former governor of the Centre of Excellence, Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, needs no introduction as he’s presently one of the most influential Nigerians.

As it relates with what he’s mostly known for, politics, the dark skinned accountant turned politician has a record that backs the reason why he is crowned and called Asiwaju (Leader).

It’s an indisputable fact that Asiwaju is ahead of many in the political world based on his nature that speaks equality, stands for justice, cares for the needy, and seeks for national development. He recorded an unprecedented feat when he orchestrated and led the campaign that removed a ruling party to install another.

However, following the continually denied, perceived cold war between Asiwaju and the presidency, we have seen some political friends ditch him.

Many had thought he has been reduced to a paperweight. But contrary to this, the celebration of his 65th birthday has sent signals to many that Tinubu remains a formidable force to be reckoned with in the country’s political arena.

To celebrate his 65th birthday, Asiwaju did not roll out drums or go on the Aso Ebi spree; instead, he settled for a colloquium that goes a long way in impacting the society.

The 9th colloquium was targeted at promoting entrepreneurial spirit and spotlight on the Federal Government’s efforts to ensure ease of doing business in Nigeria and had the theme: “Make it in Nigeria, Make What We use, Use What We Make”.

Top government functionaries like ministers, captains of Industries, entrepreneurs and others had the privilege of speaking at the event. From testimonies of his leadership qualities by different individuals to the heavy presence of dignitaries like governors, money bags and well-meaning personalities who were on hand to celebrate with him; it will be safe to say the birthday boy would still be basking in the euphoria of the rare honour done to him.

In the spirit of celebrating a worthy leader, a reception was held at the Lagos State Government House for him as well as pocket of celebrations at different locations.

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Body & Soul

Familiar stranger



Familiar stranger



Suddenly, he stopped struggling with them and one of the two security men trying to drag him outside missed his step and nearly fell down.



“Oh sorry,” Jay told him, reaching out to steady him.


The other security man stopped. One could see the surprise on their faces.


“I’m really sorry. I lost it in there. She’s my wife. Something took over me. Can’t explain it. Lemme take some deep breath outside. I’ll get back to her. I need to steady myself. Please go ensure my wife is okay,” he said.


His voice was tinged with remorse. Or so, it appeared to the two security men. The two security men looked at each other. Jay nodded at them and they nodded back at him.


“I’m Jay. What’s your name? He asked the one on his left.


He was sure the young man said something. He wasn’t listening though. He turned to the one on the right. That one also introduced himself.


“Oh good. I’ll join you soon,” he said, sauntering to the right.


His car was parked further down. As the two men moved back towards the restaurant, Jay quickened his steps. By the time the huge glass door of the restaurant closed behind them, Jay was already in his car. The engine came to life almost immediately and he nosed the car towards the gate of the complex. The initial confusion outside had eased, though some cars were driving out. But then, many other cars were driving in.


Inside the restaurant, some people were gathered at the corner where the two women were. Some one asked for a fan. A diner grabbed a napkin and handed it to the man who was squatted beside the two women. Another diner grabbed a napkin and started fanning them too. The other woman sat up, looking around her. In no time, another young man was bent over Adele, fanning her with a napkin too. She opened her eyes briefly and closed them again. There was blood at the corner of her lips.


The two security men got to the scene and saw the two women still on the floor. After observing the frantic efforts being made to revive Adele, one of them went outside in search of Jay. Helped by her partner, the other woman got up and left.


When the security man got outside, he moved to the direction Jay went. He was nowhere to be found. There were many cars at the park and many were coming in and going out. He went back to the park and looked around again. He didn’t see that man who said he was going to get a grip on himself and get back to his wife. Confused, he returned to the restaurant and whispered something into his colleague’s ear. Ashen faced, the senior security man rushed out of the restaurant. After a few minutes, he ran back in, shaking his head.


“Her husband is nowhere to be found,” he told no one in particular.


“Whose husband?” Someone asked.


“The man that slapped her. He told us that she’s his wife. He said he wanted to try and rein in his anger. We left him outside. We didn’t know he wanted to run away,” the senior security man said.


Immediately the import of his statement hit them, some of the people gathered there left. Understandably, no one would want to write statement at the police station if things turned ugly. All but three people remained. Two older men and a young man. He was looking at Adele curiously.


“We need to get her to the hospital. She must have a phone. Where’s her bag? We can at least identify her,” one of the men said.


They looked around and found no phone or bag around her.


Adele opened her eyes and looked around her.


“My clutch bag is on the table,” she told them.


Someone had apparently stolen her bag during the confusion for none was found on the table.


“There’s no bag on this table ma’am. Someone could have taken it. We’ll call a member of your family, if you’d give us a phone number,” someone said.


“I can’t remember anybody’s phone number right now,” she whispered.


The truth was that she didn’t know anyone’s phone number by rote…apart from Jay’s. And that was the last person she would want to speak to right now. She was bothered though. She didn’t even know Bolan’s phone number by rote. Funny how one would recognise a phone number but wouldn’t know it. She attributed it to mental laziness. She closed her eyes as weariness enveloped her. She hadn’t rested in days. She felt faint suddenly.


The people who wanted to help her were at their wits end.


One of the men turned to the security men and said, “She needs to be taken to the hospital. I’ve got to leave. You also have to get her family members since her husband seemed to have abandoned her here”.


A man strode towards them and they all looked up.


“He’s the manager,” one of the security men said.


“Oh great. She needs medical attention. Seems her husband beat her up here and ran away,” the first man told the newcomer.

“Good evening sir. Does anybody know who she is? The manager asked.


“It seems her bag and phone had been stolen,” someone said.


“That’s serious. She needs first aid treatment,” the manager said.


“Not first aid, she’s got that already. She needs medical attention. A doctor has to see her,” the first man said.


The manager looked around confused.


“Is she still alive,” he asked.


They all stared at him. The young man shook his head, surprised at the manager’s question.


“Of course she’s alive,” the first man said, irritated.


“I’m really sorry. Didn’t mean to sound callous. I wasn’t just thinking right. Sure, we’d get her to the nearest hospital,” the manager said apologetically.


“I’ll go with you,” the young man, who had been staring at Adele all this while, said.


“Oh good then. I need to run home now. My wife has been calling my phone since,” the first man said, straightening up.


He took a few steps and turned back.


“Could I have your number? He asked the young man.


“Yes sir,” the young man said.


They exchanged numbers and he left. By that time, Adele’s eyes were open again and she was looking from one man to the other.


They tried to help her up and she screamed immediately she stood on her feet and collapsed on the floor again. Her ankle ached. She must her twisted it. The man ran back to her and knelt down.


“What’s the matter madam?” He asked Adele.



She said nothing but pointed at her aching ankle.


“Where’s the nearest hospital?” He asked the manager.


“I think I’ve seen one on the next street…not sure though. I don’t live around here,” he said.


“Okay, let’s take her there,” he said.


They lifted Adele and took her out while the remaining diners minded their business.




Jay watched his rear view mirror as he drove out of the restuarant premises. He wanted to be sure no one was following him. From all indications, no one noticed his movement. When he had some buildings between him and the restaurant, he pulled off the road and applied his brakes.


Oh no! He had done it again! Each time there was an opportunity to mend fences with his wife, he would misbehave and get himself into deeper problem. This wasn’t the first time he would beat her up and run away. It wasn’t as if he planned to cause her pain. He never did, but he just couldn’t control his anger. Now, he had spoilt his case. This wasn’t something done in secret; there were witnesses.



The public watched him batter his wife in a restaurant! Did someone make a video of that? In this age of social media, one had to be careful. What if a video of that incident surfacd online? Scenes from the incident flashed through his mind and his skin crawled. Did he draw blood again? He felt he did, though he wasn’t too sure. Once again, he had bungled a chance to reconcile with his wife. How would he begin to clear this mess he had consistently soiled himself with? Well, he would have to go back to that restaurant and apologise to his wife! Yeah, no shame about it. He’d do it. He carefully did a U-Turn and drove back to the restaurant. At the restaurant’s gate, his phone beeped. It was Debola. He checked the time and it was almost two hours after their last phone conversation. Debola had threatened him. He had to see her! He had already driven into the restaurant premises and had parked in a corner, opposite where he parked the first time. He killed the engine and alighted from his car and walked slowly towards the side of the restaurant’s building. On second thought, he stopped. What if they had called in the police? Moreover, the two security men who dragged him out about an hour ago and who he deceived and ran away would readily recognise him. He walked back to his car. After turning on the engine, he waited and watched the entrance door…




Bolan was worried. With Adele’s two phones in his car, he knew she wouldn’t be comfortable. The phones had been ringing almost non-stop but he couldn’t answer any. He knew how he felt the day he left home without his phones. It was as if a part of him was missing. He couldn’t concentrate on anything. He had to go back home to get it. So, he knew how Adele would be feeling right now. If she drove to her dinner date, he wouldn’t be so worried. But she was supposed to call him and she didn’t have her phones with her. Also, that call from her husband’s line was disconcerting. Why would she call him minutes after he dropped her at their rendezvous? And with her estranged husband’s line! It didn’t add up at all! He had a feeling that something was amis. He decided to drive back to the restaurant. When he got there, he nosed his vehicle to a point where he had a clear view of the restaurant door and parked. He would wait until she would come out through that door. He kept the engine running. He noticed the car that drove in few minutes later but paid no attention. The car parked few cars from him at the well-lit parking lot. The man that stepped out of the car looked familiar. Bolan watched as he walked past him to the side of the building. Something about him was definitely familiar. He watched as the man halted suddenly and moved quickly back to his car, entered, kicked the engine to life and pulled out of the parking lot towards the gate. Immediately his tail light disappeared into the night, Bolan sat up. That was the guy whose picture was displayed on Adele’s phone when her estranged husband called. That must be him! If he drove in just now and drove out again almost immediately, then, something must be wrong. Could it be he called to reschedule their date and couldn’t reach her? But why didn’t he go into the restaurant? Had Adele been alone in the restaurant all this while?


He killed the engine of his vehicle, alighted and strode into the restaurant…




Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


Send your observations to:

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Body & Soul

Styling Toyin Abraham brought me to limelight –TBally



Styling Toyin Abraham brought me to limelight –TBally

Tolu Bally, popularly known as TBally is the young designer behind celebrity beloved brand, 2207ByTBally. TBally is one of the most sought-after stylists and designers in the country. She has top celebrities like Ini Edo, Toyin Abraham, Cee-C, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Beverly Naya, Toke Makinwa and so many others proudly rocking her designs on the red carpet. She tells VANESSA OKWARA how it all started and the kind of man she’ll like to settle down with 


What was growing up like?


I grew up in a family of 13 children. We are a big extended family; I’m the last child of my parents and the only girl of my mum as well. Growing up, I had a lot of people to look up to. I had my brothers and sisters who were doing well in their work, families and different phases of life. I had a lot of role models basically and it was really exciting.



Would you say you were born with a silver spoon?


Yeah, I was born with a silver spoon. I lost my dad when I was very young. I was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, were I did my primary and secondary school. I moved to London, were I did my college and university education before moving back to Nigeria.


Why did you decide to move back to Nigeria?


I actually came for NYSC. During the course of being here, I noticed that there were lots of opportunities. Things worked out for good and bad as well.


When did you realise you had love for fashion?


Fashion has always been my thing. I moved to the UK when was 17 years old, so I had to pick up a job and I all the jobs I had done while on the UK had to do with the fashion industry. I’ve worked with
companies like Zara and other big names in London and it has always been fashion related. Anytime I visit Nigeria, I’ll come with like three boxes of clothes and I wouldn’t leave with any as I will give it out.  So I now thought out the business side of it, rather than just giving out clothes, I’ll also bring boxes of clothes to sell next time I visit Nigeria and when I did that, I sold out all the clothes I brought. That’s how I started initially by retailing other people’s brand before I started my own brand, 2207.


When did you start your own fashion label?



I can remember vividly because it keeps coming in my head: I was going round a mall and said to my friend then that this is my dream to have something like this where people could come and buy their everyday clothes and we just laughed about it because I was very young then. It was something I said without putting so much emphasis on it. I think God heard and answered me. So when I had my child in London, I was home for a very long period of time and when I came back to Nigeria, I was already tired of staying in London after being there for 10 years, so I decided to stay back.


So when I came back to Nigeria with no job and being a single mother, I had to think of what to do. My mother was into fashion designing although not regularly.  Mind you, my Dad of blessed memory was also a fashion designer as well and was quite successful. He was the one making NYSC clothes during his time as a big government contractor. So I can say fashion runs in the family.


So I decided to buy off the sewing machines from my mum, got one tailor and there was already a store I could use and then I got five yards of fabrics. That’s why I tell people you don’t need a big capital to start and I made a Kimono from that fabric. I had 1000 followers on Instagram, so I posted the picture and people started to like it and make orders. The five yards went that same day because I had to use it to make for two people. So I went back to the market to buy more fabrics as the order kept coming in. After that, I made a jumpsuit and a lot of people wanted it too and boom! That’s how I started. So in a few days, I sold one design in 12 pieces and that gave me the boost I needed to continue.


How long is your business?


It’s going to be three years in November.



What inspires your designs?


I love colours. If you are conversant with 2207by TBally, you will realise that I love colours a lot. What inspires me mostly is seeing women in different body types and thinking how I can create something that will suit her better. So every woman inspires me from the market woman to the nurse, corporate ladies; they all inspire my creativity. I’m a lover of fabrics as well. I’ve a lot of fabrics I’ve not even touched. When I see a fabric, I immediately know what I want to do with it; when I see fabric, I see design.


Do you do the actual sewing and designing as well?


I’m the creative director behind the brand. I bring out the design, sketch and have my tailors bring them to life and I have to watch them closely to bring it out exactly how I imagined it.


What’s the biggest challenge you had while starting your business?


That will be tailors!  They’re never consistent people. At the beginning of this year I sacked all my staff. So for two weeks, I and my supervisor were alone. It was a tough decision; I had a lot of orders I had to deliver but to God be the glory, I have what I can call my family now. The tailors I’ve now are fantastic.  They work effortlessly. I’ve been able to build them in the last six months to what I want and we are good now. Now I’ll say no more tailor problems but power.  The amount of money we spend on diesel is frustrating. Another major challenge is copying of designs. If I bring out my style on a Monday, by Wednesday, it’s everywhere!  There’s no copyright law on this country. When I started, I use to call out those copying my style and I will even get abused in the process. So copyright and power is the major problem we have in this business.


So how does it feel to be one of Nigerians celebrity designers?


I’m grateful to God and appreciate it but like I said earlier, I’m not seeing it yet. The exposure is there and people have gotten to know about the brand. I want to take this brand internationally and globally so I’ve not seen anything I’ve achieved in terms of this business. I’m just happy I’m doing something and people are accepting it. My yearly earning is still not up to Amazon but I’m glad that when you talk about Nigerian brands, you can talk about 2207 by TBally. People should expect more because we shall do better.


Which of the celebrities did you design for that actually brought you to limelight and made other celebrities to take note?


When I started 2207, I had a family friend, popular actress, Toyin Abraham.  We discussed collaboration in this business. So when AMVCA came in 2017, we created a dress for Toyin, a nude ball gown for her and she looked totally different from the regular Toyin and she really loved her dress.  Immediately we posted the picture, my phone was on fire! I could remember because it was a memorable day for us. Toyin’s look was totally different that day and every blog carried her as one of the best dressed that year. It was indeed phenomenal!  That was the start of the awareness for my brand.


Can you mention some other celebrities you’ve worked with since then?


Oh, quite a lot! I’ve my ladies like Ini Edo, she always praises my designs on her page; she helped bring the brand out too after Toyin. Also Linda Osifo wears my brand a lot too.  Others  are: Lilian Afegbai  Bolanle Olukanni, Omotala Jalade Ekehinde, Mimi Onalaja, Uche Jumbo, Toke Makinwa , Ini Dima Okojie, Beverly Naya, my girl from Ghana, Nana;  Cee-c too. It’s best I don’t keep mentioning so I don’t make others feel bad.


Do you have role models you look up to?      


Yes I do, her name is Conna Walker and she’s the House of CB Founder. Her story is just like mine. She started out being a retailer; she’s a London girl from Essex. Today, Conna Walker is on Forbes now. She clothes top international celebrities like Beyonce, Kylie Kendall. When you think about High street retail store, you will think of House of CB. Her style is fantastic. She’s young but doing very well.


Describe your own fashion style.


I’m very confident when it comes to my style. I could wear and pull anything.  I love colours. I don’t shy away from loose or tight clothes. My style also depends on my mood. For my every day, you’ll see me with jeans and T-Shirts mostly; I’m a very comfortable dresser when it comes to normal days. I can show any part of my body.

How do you keep your body in good shape?


I just eat well and exercise. I’m a diet freak, I watch what I out in my tummy.

Why is the name of your brand ‘2207’ in particular?


It’s my son’s date of birth, 22nd of July.


How do you handle being a single parent?


It’s demanding you’re the father, mother and decision maker. You learn along the line. It becomes easier when you have a good family support system. My family is very supportive. I’m a fantastic mother to my son and that’s my greatest achievement in this world.


When it comes to relationships, are you a romantic person?

Yes, I am.

What are the qualities you look out for in a man for marriage?


I’m the kind of person that blanks my mind when it comes to these things but I know that the person I’m going to get married to loves me and I love him right back. I will marry my friend basically.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


That I’ve achieved the things I wanted to achieve and for my brand 2207, we would’ve had the international exposure we are looking for.

How do you relax?


My relaxation has to do with food. I love food so much, go to a good lounge or restaurant and have a good meal.


Best vacation spot?

I will like to go to Santorini in Greece; I’ve never been there before. For me it’s really more about the company. I could go to Ondo State and really gave a good time. I went to Kenya once and that has been my best holiday so far.

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Get sporty!



Get sporty!


ringing the worlds of style and sports together, athleisure style is one of the biggest trends influencing the fashion industry. Merging sport, urban and fashion cultures in a way that is stronger than its individual parts, athleisure is more than a trend: it is a lifestyle and attitude.


According to fashion enthusiasts, athleisure is the new casual. While athletic wear was created for sports or athletics, athleisure clothing is not. Athleisure trend has given rise to people dressing in comfort and lounge dressing, as items like leggings, hoodies and sneakers become more acceptable to wear out socially. They are no longer limited to indoor or fitness wears alone.


And it’s this versatility that has attracted many consumers to this. It can be worn in most offices and social situations without causing anyone to bat an eye. It’s also generally more durable, with properties like wrinkle and odour resistance incorporated into its tech-infused fibers.


Hollywood’s coolest and Nigeria’s top celebrities are bringing tracksuit back in style. They are often seen wearing sporty bra tops and legging to parties and casual evening soirees.

Accessorising with chic jewellery like gold hoops, glamorous bags, mirrored sunglasses, a structured leather jacket and thin chain necklaces are sure ways to rock the athleisure trend.

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Seun Akindele: Suave actor



Seun Akindele: Suave actor

One of Nollywood’s finest, Seun Akindele is a talented actor who has graced our screen for a while now.


Born on the 7th of October in the late seventies, Seun hails from Ekiti State. He is the last child in a family of nine. He attended Air Force Military Secondary School, Jos and had his first degree in History and International Relations from Lagos State University. The handsome actor has been in the Nollywood industry since his audition at the 2006 Amstel Malta Box Office Reality Show. He has featured in movies like ‘On bended knees’, ‘Heroes and villains’, ‘The antique’, ‘Being Mrs. Elliot’, ‘Stranger in my Bed’ and numerous soap operas. Seun has also won awards like the 2016 Golden Icon Academy Awards in Houston, Texas. The handsome actor would have been flying the world as a pilot if he was not in the movie industry. He is married to the love of his life, Toun Olorunjedalo, whom he wedded on 9 July, 2017.


Seun’s style somewhat depicts his personality. His style can be said to be calm, elegant, collected and masculine. He is the go to guy for fashionable dudes that don’t want to seem too dramatic.

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I don’t allow female friends to call my husband –Funke Akindele



I don’t allow female friends to call my husband –Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele Bello, popularly known as Jenifa has said she restricts her female friends from having close contact with her husband, JJC Skillz.

Akindele made this known while she was speaking on a TV programme.

She stated that although she trusts her husband, she won’t allow female friends to call or visit her husband while she is away.

She stressed that only male friends can pay her husband a visit.

Akindele said: “I trust my husband and anyone can be his friend but you cannot call my husband as my female friend to just say hi unless it is his birthday.

“You can only call him when you have been trying to reach me and can’t.

“Why will you bring food, come and say hello to my husband; I’m your friend not him. Only his male friends can visit him.”

Akindele said a woman should not be blamed for a cheating husband, but his own character should be questioned.

Funke Akindele got married to JJ Skillz sometime in August 2016.

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Ali Baba, Basketmouth, I Go Dye inspire me –MC Shakara



Ali Baba, Basketmouth, I Go Dye inspire me –MC Shakara

Kenneth Agberia, popularly called MC Shakara, is often called the ‘rib cracker’ because of his naturally hilarious looks and he’s one of Nigeria’s award winning comedians. The witty dude shares with EDWIN USOBOH his grass to grace story and how becoming a comedian has elevated him in the society


Briefly tell us about your background and childhood days?


I’m Kenneth Agberia, popularly known as M.C Shakara from Delta State. I was born in Rivers State, Port Harcourt. I attended primary school to primary three, before going to stay with an uncle. Later things became difficult so I had to move back to the village. In 1994, I lost my dad. My brother and I had to relocate to Jos; that was how I got to the Northern part of the country. I attended my secondary school at Aruba Grammar School. I attended Ahmed Bello University, Zaria, where I studied Library and Information Science. I finally relocated to Lagos in 2008.


Why did you decide on comedy as a career?


It was not my decision to become an M.C or comedian. I think this occupation chose me. I remember back then in secondary school how we use to ‘yab’, make fun of each other. If a teacher arrives at the classroom and asks why the classroom is rowdy, we would be reported that we were jabbing at each other and our teacher would ask us to put on the show again and he would start laughing.


This was how I got myself presenting on prize giving day, I got people laughing; I did not know that I was doing comedy. When I finished secondary school, one faithful day, I went to a video club close to my house, where we rent Nigerian movies. When I got there, I met an ongoing show called ‘Night of a Thousand Laughs’, it was a reality show, so I stood outside watching with other people. Many of my friends that were present kept saying, ‘see your thing o’. I was like if I was given a microphone I would do the same thing. So from that day I had interest in comedy. When I saw Basketmouth, I Go Dye, Alli Baba and many popular comedians, I got inspired and I started attending birthday parties and many other events.


What is your definition of comedy?


Comedy is an institution and a world on its own that brings happiness. When you enter the comedy world it turns your entire odd situation around. If you ask me, I would say comedy is life. Doctors also recommend that you laugh a lot because laughter is medicine.


What makes a good comedian?


You need the ability to be fearless, to be creative and good at freestyle. For example, there are situations where you make a joke and no one laughs, that situation wants to go against you, you need to be good in free styling to save yourself from such situation. Your ability to make dull moments interesting and funny, above all you must be naturally funny; being an inborn comedian is an important key to make a good comedian.


What has comedy done for you?


Comedy has done a lot for me in the sense that it made a man like me who just had little or nothing on him to become someone who can provide for his family, extended family and also friends. It has made me a better and responsible man; it has made me to be a helper to many people.


What do you like most about being a comedian?


The fact that people are happy because of the jokes I make and people’s recommendation amazes me; those moments are priceless to me. I love it, I cherish it and also the fact I’m given respect in public and also celebrated.            


What don’t you like about being a comedian?


Mostly that some people see you as ‘mumu’. I was in a mall on my first date with a girl and someone walked up to me and hit me at the back of my head, he said, ‘all these comedians, wetin you don de tell this girl?’ The girl happened not to have a good sense of humour, her mood changed immediately. And that was how my date was ruined, because of the fact that I was a comedian.


Which works for you, spontaneous or planned jokes?


Spontaneous joke works for me more like fire. Most times I plan my jokes, but I don’t get to say them the way I planned it. So I plan on topics to make jokes from for that particular event. It could be on government, girls, internet fraudster and many more; I play around my planned topics to make out my jokes.


Will it be right to say that you are an accidental comedian?


I would not say I am an accidental comedian, rather a destined comedian, I missed out vital information earlier on; my late father happened to be a village M.C before he passed away. He coordinates town meetings and other events, so I would say it was inherited not accidental.


What would you say stands you out?


My style stands me out as M.C Shakara and my calm nature when delivering jokes. I don’t force it, I don’t shout, it just flows and also being good with spontaneous jokes.                                                                                                                       


When you crack a joke and people do not seem to get it, how do you feel?


Of course I feel bad, I do not feel good about it but at that moment I always have my way of turning things around.


What is the easiest way to come about jokes?


For me, it is mingling with people; many people would say make research, read books and all but I for one would say it is the way you get attached to people around you and gist. I get my jokes from such gatherings.

You make other people happy, who makes you happy?


Family and friends make me happy. If I am in a relationship, the person I am dealing at that time could make me happy; I do not get my happiness from the government or the society. I try my best to keep myself happy; I do things I love like playing football and other things I derive joy from.


Why do comedians steal other people jokes?


To be sincere, every comedian that started out in this industry has stolen jokes from one another. Most of us when we started in the industry, our front liners would tell you that they have books and videos of other comedians abroad and they tell their jokes. Some of us when we came into the industry, we started with the jokes we heard but growing into the industry, you have to be creative. So I think starters are the ones who steal jokes but if you have been in the industry for years and you still steal jokes then there is a problem. Stealing other people’s jokes is a wide topic, I make my own jokes for the past eight years now, and I hear other comedians using my jokes. I cannot do anything about it; when I started, I also did by touching other people’s jokes before making my own jokes. Jokes cannot be copyright so you just let things go.


What are some of the challenges of being a comedian in Nigeria?


There are a lot of challenges, I had problem getting sponsorship because people would like to sponsor musical concert but not comedy so it is hard to find a sponsor for comedy, you must have a lot of strong connection to get sponsorship, and it is very challenging. Another challenge is hosting your own comedy show, you need to seek sponsorship, you need money for your venue, advert, do interviews and tours then you still come and perform that day and deliver. In American, we have event companies, show promoters, you will be paid all you need do is to perform; only few comedians in Nigeria enjoy this, comedian like Bovi, and Basketmouth.


Aside comedy what else do you do?


I am a hustler; I invest in businesses around, but right now I am giving my full concentration to comedy, to establish my brand so it would work for me later in life. I want to go into hospitality business, products and services, but for now I am doing some side runs, making money from different businesses.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?        


Five years from now, I would have a big brand, I would be a father, a husband, doing greater works and affecting many lives positively.

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BBNaija Updates: Tacha, Mercy, three other housemates up for eviction today



BBNaija Updates: Tacha, Mercy, three other housemates up for eviction today

The BBNaija 2019 show has had no tough time keeping viewers glued to their screens due to the antics of the housemates. However, things have gotten hotter and this is in line with their ‘Pepper Dem’ theme for this year.

The housemates were recently made to nominate other contestants for possible eviction. The housemates with the highest nominations and up for eviction that will be broadcasted in tonight’s evection show are: Tacha, Kimoprah, SirDee, Ella and Frodd.

Frodd, however, due to the veto power card he won earlier in the game, had the power to save himself and replace with another housemate of his choice. So he saved himself and put Mercy up for possible eviction.

These are the first set of housemates to be nominated by housemates on the BBNaija 2019 show and one or two of them are likely to go home during tonight’s eviction show.

The very first eviction show of the BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ Season 4 took place last week Sunday in Lagos. The live eviction show was fun and filled with the thrills that come with a show of such magnitude. However, Isilomo and Avala were the first housemates to be evicted from the house and that certainly came as a surprise to everyone.

Big Brother Naija fans will certainly get glued to their Television set tonight as they anxiously wait to see who among those up for eviction will join Isilomo and Avala to leave the Big Brother’s house 2019.

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Trending news of the week: Jaiye Kuti shares beautiful birthday photos



Trending news of the week: Jaiye Kuti shares beautiful birthday photos

Beautiful actress, Jaiyeola Okuwakemi Kuti is one of the most prominent faces in Yoruba movie circles at the moment with lots of awards and prominent roles under her belt. She is not only a gorgeous woman with killer physique, but she has a lovely personality. Often acting the role of a stern woman or scheming mother, she is known for her forceful and intense style.

It is significant to note that the success of Madam Jaiye as an actress of status emanates from certain core elements of her personality: amiable and strong-willed; hardworking, yet playful; successful, yet humble. She is a no nonsense theatre practitioner with a strong passion for excellence. She is one of the most famous and distinguished actresses and she celebrated her birthday in grand

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I must have pre-marital sex –Don Jazzy



I must have pre-marital sex –Don Jazzy

Music label boss Don Jazzy recently gave his fans the opportunity to get to know him more while hosting a question and answer session on his verified Instagram page. In light of this, a fan posed a question that aimed to find out what the music mogul would do if he finds out after marriage that his partner is not exactly a huge fan of intercourse or has a very low libido. The question also came with a series of options to choose an answer from.

However, Don Jazzy in his response boycotted all the options that came with the question and revealed his state of mind as it concerns the issue.

According to him, he would  rather busy himself with pre-marital intercourse instead of waiting until the wedding night or after marriage to find that his partner is not exactly a fan of ‘getting down’. He said a partner that does not allow him reach the ‘promise land’ would have to stay away from him, as his religious orientation does not extend to matters like that. See a screenshot below: “Oga, I must chop the thing before marriage O! If you no gree, kark one side. Church no reach dear o!”

The Mavin record boss is one of the richest musicians in the country according to Forbes and still a bachelor. His fans were also wondering when he will be getting married and urged him to pick a wife soonest.

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How to get your matte look



How to get your matte look

Matte lipsticks are lipsticks that have a drier finish as opposed to glossy lipsticks. They are chic and classy and are so hot right now. They have a long wearing capacity and can transform your look to instant elegance. Although, they have their downsides in that they can be pretty expensive.


The good news is that instead of letting your non-matte lipsticks go to waste, you can make an ordinary lipstick matte. All you need is your favourite shade of non-matte lipstick and a few beauty products that you may already have in your makeup drawer.


Here’s what you’ll need:


• translucent powder


• tissue


• makeup brush


• your favorite non-matte lipstick


• corresponding lip liner (optional)


Here’s how to do it:


1. Line your lips with your lip liner pencil. This step will help ensure that your finished look will last through wear and tear throughout the day.


2. Apply your non-matte lipstick on top of your lip liner. You can line your lips again after applying lipstick so that the lines are as sharp as possible.


3. Take your tissue and separate the layers so that you have one fine sheet.


4. Lay the single tissue sheet over your lips and, taking your makeup brush, dust your translucent powder over your lips. By placing the tissue between your lips and the makeup brush you are essentially filtering the amount of powder applied to your lips. It’s best to start small and build up so that you can reach your desired texture without over doing it.


5. Remove the tissue and dust the translucent powder directly onto your lips one final time.


Viola! You have now created a rich, velvety matte texture without breaking the bank on new beauty products. I love a good DIY makeup hack, don’t you?

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