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I dream of seeing the world praise God the African way –Iyanda



I dream of seeing the world praise God the African way –Iyanda

Gospel music exponent, Oluyinka Iyanda’s sophomore album has been released to a rave review. The lady of songs in this interview with LANRE ODUKOYA explains that she’s not in music for the lure of money but to fulfill a divine calling.



Gospel music superstars like Tope Alabi, Frank Edwards and Sammie Okposo, all tell grass to grace stories, do you have any?

It has been God because I started singing from childhood and the interest had never waned. I actually know that it’s the ministry the Lord has called me to, so the inspiration and motivation is always there. I’m sure I’m going ahead to do what God wants me to do. As one who’s not a superstar yet, you’d do everything by yourself- the finance, promotion and every other thing are your responsibility to take care of. Thank God He has been there.

You’ve done two albums, Glory to Glory and I hail Jesus in which you featured Mike Abdul of the Midnight Crew…

Mike Abdul’s production company, Spaghetti Records, actually produced the new album too. I featured Abdul in three songs. You can imagine the amount and depth of work that went into the album.

What has been the acceptance so far?

The acceptance has been beautiful and wonderful. I have 10 tracks in the new album to the glory of God and I’m happy with them all.

Which of your songs do you find yourself singing mostly?

The first that resonates with me is titled ‘Alade wura.’ It’s even my caller tune. The second is ‘My Life Shall Not Be Wasted’ and there’s yet another one dubbed ‘Ololufe’. Ololufe is highlife delivery for lovers. These three songs are repeatedly on my lips.

Which of your songs has been the highest downloaded?

I think it’s ‘My Life Shall Not Be Wasted’. I also featured Abdul in it.

What vision do you have for your career?

My dream is to see the world praise God in an African way. So, my vision is to take African gospel music all over the world.

How close do you see yourself to realising it?

Yes, it has begun. It started from my neighbourhood in which I’ve started. People in my immediate environment, my church and where I live know that I’m good at singing gospel music. I’ll getting well known in Lagos and in no time, by the grace of God, I’ll be known in Nigeria and in the rest parts of the world.

Is the applause you get when you minister in church enough as encouragement?

Aside cheering me, I get some financial support too. I have a band and we do live music for occasions like birthdays, weddings and so on. I was at a birthday party on January 1, last year. The celebrant is like a sister to me and she told me she wanted to mark her 60th birthday and wanted me to come with my live band.

She begged me with a very little amount of money, and I obliged him. We were there ministering when somebody just came and said he was really blessed by my ministration and the Lord used him to bless him. This is just one of the very many ways God blesses His own people.

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