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What mothers owe the society…



What mothers owe the society…

When a girl child is born, the society owes her a safe environment, education, good health care and all she needs to grow and thrive and become who she is destined to be, one of which is to become a mum.

When she becomes an adult she has to give back to the society that has given her so much, the most important of them all being what she owes the society as a mum – bringing into the world and raising responsible children. I watched an investigative documentary recently about a teenage girl who had gone missing for days.

Her parents had made a report to the local police station and everyone including members of the community made efforts to find her, all to no avail.

With each passing day the hope of finding her alive dwindled. One day she appeared at the front door of her home, she told the chilling story of how she had been abducted and raped by a man and was just lucky to have escaped alive. She could not explain her release; she begged her abductor to please let her go.

And he did. Her escape gave the police all they needed to track down the abductor and in a short time he was arrested.

When the police interviewed him they realized that was just one of many hideous crimes he had committed with no remorse. He had killed 8 women, raped 50 women and the teenage girl was only lucky to have survived and he had no explanation for letting her go.

According to him, he killed one of his victims so brutally because she peed in his car when he was abusing her.

The abductor surprisingly was a successful lab scientist, but he had such terrible hatred for women.

All he had growing up as a child was his mum, and they both lived in one room apartment.

His mum had numerous male visitors with whom she spent most of her time and that made him feel neglected. And whenever his mum’s boyfriends chose to spend the night in their home, he had to sleep in the same room with his mum and her boyfriends.

He hated her so much he felt every woman deserved to be punished.

If only his mum knew her behavior was turning her son into a monster she would have been just a little discreet or better still made better life choices that would have given her little boy a better childhood and a great future.

In another story, a nine year old boy had it maybe just a little better; he had his own room.

His mum would yell at him to stay in his room and never come out while she spent time with her boyfriend and would leave the house with little or nothing for him to eat.

He hated her so much. The boy started stealing and became quite destructive around the neighborhood. His mum got sick and died, and he was put in a dormitory.

There he found it hard to relate with others because he had been left on his own all his life, that got the attention of a couple who eventually took custody of him and helped him overcome his terrible temper and bad habits.

That saved what would have been a horrific future. We want a society that is free of violent and irresponsible citizens; all we need is a mother’s love.

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