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Short Story

Dream and quest (II)



Dream and quest (II)

Pondering over the strong message dropped by his father Prof. B. O. Ola, asking him to steer clear of his house as he (Kunle) was left alone by the couple right in the sitting room, Kunle couldn’t fathom the reason his biological dad would instruct him to leave his house simply because he had chosen to pursue a career he had developed extreme passion for.

Obviously, he never saw suchlike sticker that required exegesis coming from anywhere; that was why he remained perturbed immediately after his parents exited from the parlour.

Nevertheless, the 19-yearold chap wasn’t deterred by the threat. Though every other person within could tag it an ‘empty threat’, he was of the deep view that even if the professor turned out to mean his words, it would never mark the exodus of the seeming controversial pursuit; rather, it would spur him to put in more effort toward proving to his parents that a ‘rejected’ child could still attain greatness in life regardless of the enormity of the challenges.

“Why did you make such pronouncement?”

Mrs. Ola queried her hubby the moment she joined him in their matrimonial room, standing. “What’s so strange about it?” the young don responded as he sat on the bed. “Everything,” Mrs. Ola quarreled. “Everything is strange about it.” “Everything like what?”

“How could you ask your biological son to leave your house?” she said, stood still. “Your first child for that matter.” “So..?” “Can you listen to yourself?” she ranted. “Woman, don’t come here and boggle me.” The don warned. “I needed to make that naughty boy sit up.”

“And you think you can actualise that by threatening him?” “Since he has obviously lost his senses,” quoth the don. “That was the only way I could make him realize that we are not in any way happy with him.”

“I totally disagree with you.” she said, sat on the bed at about half a metre away from him. “Honey, this is not the way you can bring his senses back.” She advised tenderly. “That boy has caused us enormous pains.” the don frowned. “I just wanted to discipline him in my own way.” There was a brief tranquility. “I understand how you feel, dear.”

She broke the silence. “But, all I am saying is that you went too far.” “Okay, okay,” surrendered the don. “I have withdrawn my statement.”

“Are you sure?” “Yes, of course.” he said. “Go and tell him that the statement had been withdrawn.” Mrs. Ola smiled. “Now you are talking, my Prof.” she complimented.

“Let me quickly go out there and tender the good news.” She exclaimed, stood up and walked towards the door. He smiled too, shook his head as he watched her depart. “Mothers and children.”


He thought elatedly. When she got to the parlour, Kunle had already left the place, thus she went to his bedroom in search of him. “Kunle, dear.” She called as soon as she stepped into his room. “

Yes mum.” He managed to answer as he lay in his bed, seemed deeply thoughtful. Mrs. Ola walked towards him, sat on the bed. “I came to give you the good news.” She announced, looking into his eyes. “Good news?” he said. “How?” “Yes dear.” “What’s the good news?” “Your dad has retrieved the utterance.”

“Which utterance, mum?” “Asking you to leave the house for elsewhere.” “Oh that?” quoth Kunle, still lying down. “Well, I am sorry.”

“Sorry about what?” “I don’t care about the retrieval.” “Why..?” “Because I have already taken a decision.”

“A decision on what?” “I have made up my mind to leave this house.” He notified frankly, glancing at the PVC ceil-ing. “And, I am doing that first thing tomorrow morning.” “You are not serious,” she doubted.

“Are you?” “Then, you watch me do it by tomorrow morning.” “No naow..” the mum cautioned tenderly. “How could you think like that?” “Because I have noticed,” he responded. “I am no longer needed in this house.” “Says who?” “But dad just said it awhile ago.” He cleared the air. “What other evidence do I need for it to be proven?”

“Common.., your daddy was only joking nah.” “I have made up my mind, mum.” He insisted. “And there’s no going back.” He informed.

“Sorry about that.” “So, where will you be going to?”

“Let me worry about that, mum.” The chap enjoined. “I would be fine, okay?” he assured. Therein, Mrs. Ola gushed out huge tears, felt like passing out.

The following day, Kunle left the house as planned for a destination unknown to his parents, in spite of all the efforts put together by the latter – particularly his mum – to discourage the move.

His abrupt departure, which created a colossal vacuum in the entire Ola’s family, was indeed a big blow to them especially his mum and four siblings.

The family remained in the emotional and psychological trauma for years till one fateful day when something very fascinating transpired. On that day when the mum was watching the television at home all alone, she was so shocked and amazed to see Kunle being interviewed on one of the revered global television channels.

The most amazing part was that the interview disclosed that the dude, who was now 24, was based in the United States of America (U.S.A) practising musicology.

The good news was that, after he left home five years back, he ran into a mentor that helped him secure a visa to the U.S.A where he was conscientised to undergo a professional programme in Musicology. After the studies, he established a career development centre in the country (U.S.) where he trained thousands of people with musical talents and potentials.

Within a short time frame, as God would have it, he metamorphosed into a well-celebrated musical trainer/educator in the States that he hardly had time for leisure activity.

The intriguing and ironical part of it was that, rather than being on stage practising music based on his earlier dream, he was grooming countless individuals for the job. Yes Kunle had a dream, but his unrelenting quest to achieve the dream in question made him got to the peak of the ladder.

It’s noteworthy that, the father, Prof. B. O. Ola had all it takes to channel him aptly into that line but the don was rather foreseeing a situation where Kunle would take over from him as an academic professor, not knowing that everyone had their respective calls to answer.

Having seen him on the TV, the family whom was yet to hear from him since he left home, made frantic effort to reach him via several means.

Consequently, their move became successful, thus in few weeks time, Kunle left America for Nigeria towards having a reunion with them.

Prior to this point, he had already forgiven everyone particularly his dad who created the scene that prompted his unscheduled departure.

• Nwaozor – novelist, playwright and poet, is Chief Executive Director, Centre for Counselling, Research & Career Development – Owerri

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