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Short Story

Hidden feature (II)



Hidden feature (II)

When Mr. Gbenga Adeniyi arrived home on that fateful day, he couldn’t help but kept imagining what his fate would entail if he failed to settle down in no distant time. The actual plight surrounding the scenario was that he was yet to anoint a lady that was worthy to embark on the eternal odyssey with him.

At the moment, apparently he had no other option than consider having a plan B. Each time he recalled one of the words of the Branch Manager (BM) Mr. Ben Kalu that read ‘the management is losing patience’, he felt like tying the connubial knot with just anybody with a view to saving his well admired job.

He knew how long he remained on the queue in the name of ‘searching for a white-collar job’ before he was able to secure one with the reputable FranCok Brewery Plc., thus he could not afford to forfeit the juicy engagement for whatever reason.

Days passed, his heart kept beating profoundly like never before because he presumed soonest the Management would set up a panel to examine his usefulness in the company. No doubt, every establishment wanted to ensure that each of its overall staff was married, since it was widely noted that marriage remained one of the prime factors that determine how responsible was a man, let alone a multinational firm like FranCok.

In view of this fact, Gbenga was of the notion that the company wouldn’t tolerate him any longer if he lingered the suspense or failed to comply with the candid directive. The following day being about one week after his last meeting with Mr. Kalu, he received a letter right in his office, notifying him on the forthcoming Management meeting of the Branch scheduled to take place in two days time.

His heart got stuck into his tummy on receiving the mail, with the presumption that the proposed meeting was specifically scheduled to discuss him. Hence, he became more frightened over the whole scenario, though he was consoled by the belief that the firm could not just lay him off since he had contributed immensely towards its growth within a shortest time frame. Sure, Gbenga’s presence in FranCok Brewery had been a remarkable moment for the worldclass firm.

The Management could not hide their joy that they kept telling him that the company couldn’t appreciate him enough. It suffices to assert that he wasn’t just admired but adored. “Good day, gentlemen and ladies.”

the Chairman of the Management Board being the BM, Mr. Kalu greeted the gathering as they are seated round a conference table in the company’s Board Room, immediately after the opening prayer was said. “Good day, sir.”

The other members of the meeting comprising six men and two women, chorused in unison.It was the exact day cum time scheduled for the branch’s Management meeting. Each of them was clad in either English or native corporate attire.

Gbenga, the branch’s Marketing Manager was seated directly opposite the BM, seemed serious and very perturbed. “This meeting was informed by the need to make some necessary pronouncements.” the BM proceeded.

“Hence, I promise it won’t take more than an hour.” he informed, hastily glanced at his wrist watch, ignoring the wall clock hung before him; it was 10:05am. “So latest, by 11am, we should be through.” He added, looked at their countenances.

The audience of eight was attentive, couldn’t wait to absorb the proposed pronouncements. “Let me quickly inform us that Mr. Ben Kalu, that is, myself,” he said, placing his left hand on his broad chest.

“Is now the Zonal Manager of FranCok Brewery Plc, North Central.” He landed. Before he could finish, they all unconditionally wore smiling faces as if they saw it coming, simultaneously stood up to celebrate their own. “This is splendid,” exclaimed Mr. Akazi the branch Production Manager who sat very closely to Mr. Kalu. “And a honour well-deserved.”

He supplemented in a jiffy. Others nodded in agreement, seemed relaxed as they stood still. “Thank you, thank you.” Mr. Kalu appreciated cheeril “Please, let’s have our seats.” He enjoined.

At this point, they could not wait to realize who had been ordained as the new Manager of the branch. To this end, everyone excluding Mr. Kalu was filled with fathomless anxiety as they stylishly looked at each other.

“I still have one more announcement to make as regards the agenda for today’s board meeting.” Mr. Kalu continued. “I know you can’t wait to know who the new BM is?” He thought aloud. They smiled simultaneously, remained calm still perplexed. “Well,” quoth Mr. Kalu. “I am delighted to notify us that..” he said, paused.

“That the person to replace me as the BM is…” The abrupt weird look on their faces interrupted the awaited press release. No doubt, the suspense was seriously telling on their emotions. “Mr. Gbenga Adeniyi.” He eventually disclosed. Wow, everyone could not believe the pronouncement.

To them, there was a mix-up somewhere because there was no how someone who had barely spent eight months in the firm would be asked to man its affairs whilst sideling those who had spent several years. On his part, Gbenga subconsciously dissolved into tears, equally believed the announcement was erroneously made. “But,” continued Mr. Kalu, the outgoing Chairman of the Board. “On a condition that Mr. Adeniyi must settle down in less than seven weeks time.”

He frankly notified the house. Everyone became more marveled at the additional information. Gbenga on his part felt like notifying the management that he wasn’t interested in the promotion, as he managed to wipe out the sobs that could be linked to overwhelming ecstasy. “At this juncture,” quoth Mr. Kalu. “This meeting has come to an end.” he announced.

“Please, Mrs. Gbemi lead us in a closing prayer.” He urged immediately, stood up. Others equally stood up in unison in accordance with the mandate. After the closing prayer, they all left the Board Room for their respective offices having managed to congratulate Gbenga for the resounding elevation. Gbenga was the last person to depart from the venue as his medulla oblongata was faced with tremendous challenges.

The following week, Gbenga was decorated as the Manager of the branch. As a BM, his responsibilities had conspicuously changed, thus he needn’t be told that all eyes were truly on him henceforth.

But, the condition given to him regarding tying the knot hadn’t changed. The journey was very smooth initially not until one certain day when a hidden feature became visible to the people’s utmost surprise.

On that fateful day being 14th of June same year, barely a few weeks after he was enthroned as the BM, Gbenga was caught red-handed in a homosexual act right in his highly revered office; the drama took place between him and a junior colleague whom he had persuaded to comply having brainwashed him.

It appeared that was the first time he would indulge in such dirty act with a staff of the company. On that day, a broad daylight suddenly became dark for the vibrant and promising Gbenga who had remained industrious and committed all his life.

It would interest, perhaps shock you to acknowledge that the discovered hidden feature was the sole reason the workaholic Gbenga remained single and wasn’t disturbed over his marital status despite that he was financially stable, not until the management persuaded him to do so.

The following two days, he was outrightly dismissed from the company without any compensation as the firm’s custom demanded. It was really terrible for the young Gbenga Adeniyi. The End

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