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Justice at last



Justice at last

Who could tell the actual reason the grief-stricken family had chosen to ‘abandon’ his remains? Several months had eventually come and gone, yet no one could tell for sure where his grave would be dug. The deceased’s body that pathetically lay in the morgue could now best be described as debris since the corpse had been relegated to the background by the embalmer owing to lack of payment by the supposed bereaved family.

Mr. Seun Adegoke left the sinful world four months back. His abrupt mysterious exit was attributed to various evil acts allegedly committed by him. He was struck by thunderstorm in the early hours on a Sunday when he alongside his family was preparing to go to their place of worship.

The 56-year-old Mr. Seun was till his sudden death happily married to Titi, and the marriage was blessed with four children. The couple could formerly boast of five children – 3 males and 2 females – not until two years back when their first child Kelvin, 24, was brutally killed by an auto crash; Kelvin was in his final year in a university when the ugly incident transpired in a broad daylight while returning from the campus for a semester break.

Before the said chap departed, series of unforeseen deaths had occurred among the members of the Adegoke family at large. Mr. Seun’s immediate younger brother died at 51 in his farmyard barely three months to Kelvin’s exit. Prior to that, one of his (Seun’s) younger sisters who was married to a business mogul equally lost her first male child via electrocution; among others too numerous to mention.

The killings were occurring serially that anyone in the family could be the next; hence, people within and beyond began to wonder what could be the cause of such untold and dreaded incidence.

“Seun, my brother.” called Mr. Biodun Adegoke as he was seated in a single leather cushion.
Mr. Biodun was Seun’s elder and only surviving brother; his other two male siblings had passed away in cold blood. The duo were seated in the latter’s home lounge in the late evening on a Saturday. It was exactly the night that preceded the day Seun was murdered by thunderstorm right in his matrimonial room. The former who lived a few meters away had thought it wise, albeit deceitfully, to visit his younger one towards discussing some pertinent issues bordering on their family’s ongoing crisis.
Seun sat directly adjacent to him in another single upholstery chair. “Egbon mi.” Seun answered tenderly, fixed his gaze on Biodun’s.
‘Egbon mi’ meaning literally my elderw brother.
“What is actually happening to our family?” said the 64-year-old Biodun.
Seun was calm, couldn’t utter a word.
“Someone dying every minute of the day.” Mr. Biodun rode on. “This is getting very worrisome by the day.”
“In fact,” said Seun. “I am tired myself.”
“If you are tired,” responded Biodun. “I am fed up.”
“Hmmm…” sighed Seun as he sat confusedly in his seat.
It would interest, perhaps shock you to acknowledge that prior to this moment, Mr. Biodun had already brainwashed most members of the family, stating that Seun was the brain behind all the misfortunes taking place in their family. The false campaign occasioned by hatred was occurring unknowingly to the accused, and no member of the family was convinced enough to openly level the allegation against him. Seun got to know about it just a few days before he passed on but little did he realise that Biodun was the sole sponsor of the campaign.
Some members of the family were at a point apparently convinced that Seun was a ritualist because the latter was a well-to-do trader and remained the most successful among them, though they pondered why he would use his own son (Kelvin) – who was obviously promising – for a ritual.

The lingered scepticism was outrightly buried on the very day the man in question died; based on their custom, it was only persons who indulged in atrocities that could be killed by thunderstorm.

“What do we do about these atrocities taking place right under our noses?” Mr. Biodun proceeded as he was seated in his seat. “Or, do we wait until it becomes our turn?” He added hesitantly, frowning.
“God forbid!” Seun exclaimed, became more perturbed.
There was abrupt silence.
“I think you are right.” concurred Seun. “We really need to do something about this.” he said, paused. “And very fast.”
“Thank God you are now reasoning with me.” Biodun appreciated.
“But,” quoth Seun. “How do we go about it?”
“Don’t worry,” replied Mr. Biodun. “I think I have a solution.”
“You do…?”
“I will get back to you first thing tomorrow morning.” responded Biodun.
It was that following morning he promised to return to Seun’s house that the latter was struck by the thunderstorm. He actually made it to his house at the early hours of the day as pledged, only to meet his corpse on the tiled floor surrounded by his wife (Titi) and children who were hit off-balance.

On that fateful day being Sunday, Mr. Seun’s remains were deposited in a nearby morgue. Owing to the mysterious nature that surrounded his eternal departure, everyone far and near – including his immediate family – seemed to be convinced that he was really the brain behind the various misfortunes that befell the Adegoke family. In view of this, upon the directive of Mr. Biodun who was now the only surviving elderly man in the family, the corpse was seemingly forgotten in the morgue.

Worse still, no money was further deposited to sustain the required embalmment, thus the dead body wasn’t given the due attention it deserved. The wife of the deceased, Titi who would have done so was persuaded by her in-laws to stay away from the corpse until the necessary traditional rites have been conducted. Four months had passed, yet no one could say what the corpse’s fate entailed.

Two weeks down the line, something terrible but revealing transpired; Mr. Biodun Adegoke was struck by thunderstorm right in his wretched sitting room. Before he gave up the ghost, he confessed to his wife and six children coupled with other members of the extended family that rushed to the scene, that he was solely responsible for all the evil occurrences in the family. According to him, he was the one who projected the thunderstorm that killed Seun so that everyone would believe he (Seun) was the brain behind the misfortunes as he (Biodun) had falsely alleged.

Thereafter, Mr. Biodun’s remains were thrown to the evil forest whilst Mr. Seun’s were eventually given a befitting burial by the family.

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