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Easy makeup tools’ hygiene



Easy makeup tools’ hygiene

This weather is as confused as some playboys; blowing hot, dry and sometimes cold. It can cause havoc on any beauty regimen you may have.

For some people, they thrive and glow in this weather and you wonder how they are doing it.

The truth is in their skin types.

People with oily skin may benefit more from this weather than those with dry skin using a very basic beauty routine.

However, with the right skincare, you can attain whatever you desire no matter the atmosphere and skin type you are blessed with.

One of the things you need to check to avoid breakouts and skin conditions is your makeup tools’ hygiene.

When they are dirty and caked with makeup, they harbor germs that are introduced to your skin which irritate the area no matter what skincare products and regimen you adapt.

When you keep them clean, you are less likely to have problems.

Here is an easy way to do so.

What you need: Olive oil Dish washing liquid Paper towel


A flat plate Mix two parts antibacterial dish soap to one part of the extra-virgin olive oil on a clean plate.

Swish your brushes in the solution to gently take out the makeup and then rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Lay flat on the paper towels to dry and

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