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Sultry tuxedo dresses



Sultry tuxedo dresses

Tuxedo or ‘tux’ is a jacket worn by men to formal occasions. However, as style keeps evolving and women get more daring with their fashion choices, we now look beyond the feminine.


Many a lady now peeks into her man’s wardrobe for style inspiration or outright borrowing. More designers showcase ‘men inspired’ female clothing lines and the reaction from women is: sold out!


Besides the boyfriend jacket and jeans, another trend of such men-inspired styles is the tuxedo dress.​ ​


Much like the tuxedo for men, the look is a very formal dress modeled like a jacket complete with silk or satin lapels and military inspired/stud buttons.


Because it is a formal wear preferred for black tie events, the common colours are black and white.


They are often short, but could be designed to suit a person, in which case you may get the long and tapered. Some more daring ladies have been known to wear an actual tuxedo, leaving the length really short at mid-thigh.


Styling a tuxedo dress should be a dream. You are sure to stand out of the sea of women in silks, chiffons, satins and Ankara dinner gowns.


Choose from gold accents to a pop of colour or two with your tuxedo dress, always staying true to your personality.


You could leave your top button undone to give you a plunging neckline, wear thigh-high boots for an added statement or a pair of strappy sandals as a courtesy to your inner goddess of fashion.


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Charmless charm



Charmless charm



ethered on trees far back into the compound were goats and rams of different sizes. Towards their right was what appeared like a market. People were milling about, minding their businesses. The compound wasn’t bounded. Their eyes could travel miles.



Debola stared at the receding back. She was rooted to a spot. Her mind searched…that back looked vaguely familiar. She didn’t know that Aunty prophetess had taken a few steps away from her. Not until the prophetess came back to nudge her did she collect herself.



“What’s the problem with you? We have to be fast here. We have a time consuming task before us and we must be fast about it. We’re not the only people coming to see the wise ones. If we’re fast enough, we’ll be done on time,” the prophetess said.



“So what do we do first?” Debola asked her.



“We buy the goat first,” the prophetess said, drawing her to the livestock section of the boundless market.


A young man approached them and told them that he was detailed to take care of their needs. He was dressed in an Ankara shirt and trousers. Within one hour, they were done with their purchases and were taken to a secluded part of the vast compound. A small slaughter slab was to the left while further down the right, was a wooden door.



“You will watch as they slaughter the goat. As that is being done, you will be praying for what you’re here for,” their guide told them.



Debola nodded. The prophetess thanked the youngman who had offered them a bench to sit on, about 50 metres from the slaughter slab. A young man with a short machete came and knelt before them and Debola almost screamed in terror.



The prophetess nudged her and whispered, “Bless him with money. He’s the one to slaughter your sacrificial goat”.



Debola dipped a shaking hand into her bag and pulled out some naira notes. She didn’t even bother to count. She thrust them into the outstretched hands of the young man.



“May your prayers be answered,” the young man said and moved to the goat.



They watched as the youngman, with the help of two other men, slaughtered and cleaned the goat, then cut it up into cooking pot friendly chunks.



After that, Debola was shown a space where she prepared the vegetable soup for the gods.


The most tedious part was when she had to pound the yam. She was tired but she had to do it because she was told that no other hands must touch the meal she was making for the gods.



She sweated profusely while pounding the yam. She had to ensure that sweat didn’t drop into the mortar and she also wasn’t allowed to clean it. She flung her head this way and that, to ensure sweat didn’t drop into the mortar. As the pestle hit the paste in the mortar, she prayed fervently in her mind.



Aunty prophetess observed her from a safe distance. She didn’t offer to help her. She couldn’t have helped even if she wanted to, because it was Debola’s cross and she must carry it alone, the wise ones had instructed.



When she was done, she was made to serve the wise ones, who had gone back to their original positions on the stools under the tree.



Aunty prophetess and Debola sat on the bench and watched the wise ones eat the delicious meal. As they swallowed morsel after morsel, they prayed for Debola. She had been told to be praying for whatever she wanted as the food travelled down the throats of the wise ones. She was doing just that, fervently, the saddening news she received earlier not withstanding: she was told that she wasn’t going to partake of the mouth watering meal she deployed her culinary expertise to prepare. She was tired but she didn’t mind. She was hungry and thirsty too.



“Please sir, can we drink water?” Debola ventured to ask with a shaky voice.



The wise ones had finished eating. They were smacking their tongues and picking bits and pieces of the meat from between their brown, ancient teeth.



“Oh yes, why not?” The oldest of the wise ones said with gusto. He shouted someone’s name and a young man sauntered out from the backyard, his hand smeared with oil. Debola needed not to be told that he was among those feasting on her delicious sacrificial meal.





“Please get our visitors water to drink,” the old man told him.



He nodded and went back in. He came back moments later with two packs of sachet water in his bare hands.



Debola’s suspicion was confirmed: the water smelt of vegetable soup she prepared with goat meat. Her tummy churned, she was hungry!



She and the prophetess accepted the water with appreciation and drank.



By the time they left that village in the evening, they were almost fainting. At the bus park, they bought whatever edible bits they could find and wolved them down with soft drinks: they were ravenously hungry.



In Debola’s bag were the things she was given -a cup of solid black soap which she must bath with every morning and night, and a black eyeliner, which she was asked to apply whenever she was going to see the man of her dreams.



She smiled as she patted the carefully wrapped charms in her handbag.



Jay was a sitting duck. By the time she was through with him, he would have been turned into her zombie. She smiled.



She turned to Aunty prophetess and struck up a conversation as they waited for the stationwagon to fill up with passengers.



By the time the last passenger entered the vehicle and the driver pulled out of the park on their return journey to Lagos, they were deep in conversation.



“Aunty, you’re joking, right? Tell me you’re pulling my legs,” Debola said.



“How can I be joking? Am I not a human being? You think I don’t have feelings, that I don’t need a man in my life? Do you think I was growing younger all these years? Wise up girl! I have always been in need of a man and had been seriously searching for one. Providence dropped one on my waiting laps,” aunty prophetess said.


Wide eyed, Debola stared at her.



She had known aunty prophetess for more than six years. They met in a worship centre where she had gone for prayers. Aunty prophetess was one of the ‘seers’ in that worship centre. She had given Debola a message about her past that was true. Debola was impressed. She adopted the prophetess as her personal ‘seer’. Debola did nothing without her approval. Unfortunately, the few times Debola didn’t consult her and acted independently, she failed woefully. She almost lost her life the last time, when she forced her way into Jay’s house and tried to install herself in his house and life as his wife. She shuddered as she remembered her ordeal in the kidnappers’ den.



“Are you feeling cold?” Aunty prophetess asked her.



“No, I’m not. It’s just that what you’re telling me is unbelievable,” she said.



“What’s strange about a woman desiring a man and getting pregnant for him?” She asked Debola.





“You are not married to the man and you’re pregnant for him,” Debola said.



“Men are everywhere but not all are ready for marriage. So, once you get one that’s responsible enough, you grab him with both hands,” the prophetess said.



“How did you get him? How come I found it so difficult to tie Jay down? You’re supposed to help me get a man. Instead, you got yourself one,” Debola said sadly.



“You think it was easy to get this man? I moved! I had to do a number of things. He didn’t drop on my laps,” the prophetess said.



That was too much for Debola to assimilate. She stared at the prophetess, mouth agape.



“What didn’t I do?” She managed to ask.



“It’s isn’t about what you didn’t do. It’s about what you did. I warned you not to attempt to take over another woman’s house forcefully. But it’s okay. Now you met with the wise ones, your prayers have been answered. It was after I prepared my sacrificial food for the gods that I netted my man,” the prophetess said.



Debola stared ahead of her. She still didn’t understand why a seer would need a seer. Anyway…Jay was in trouble. After charming him, she would lead him by the nose. She smiled, yet, she felt uneasy. Something about what she saw in the wise men’s compound, or someone she saw there! She couldn’t just place her finger on it….






Two days later, a provocatively-dressed Debola was seated on the couch in Jay’s office. She would have been here yesterday but she needed to rest. The previous day’s journey was tiring. She didn’t realise how energy-sapping the ritual was until she woke up yesterday morning and couldn’t move a limb.



She smiled. She had taken her time to dress up today. Though a discerning eye would notice the baby bump, she still squeezed herself into a bandage gown.



She smiled and batted her eyelids as Jay observed her at intervals. He was seated on his executive chair. He hadn’t made any move to leave his seat.



Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!






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“What’s wrong with your eyes?” He asked her.



Debola smiled as sugary feelings coursed through her body. Yeah! She’d enamoured him already! She batted her eyelids at him again. Jay stared at her and went back to what he was calculating on his phone. After a while, he darted her a look again and realised her eyes were trained on him. He squirmed on his seat. Debola rolled her eyes at him. He forced himself back to what he was calculating on his phone.



He felt a slight movement and looked up. Debola had just finished rummaging in her handbag. She dragged herself up from the couch. She was rolling her eyes and batting her eyelids at the same time as she moved to the convenience.



Immediately the door closed behind her, she danced silently in jubilation. She had got him! Her charms were working on him! Yippeeeeeee!!!



She quickly dabbed a fresh layer of the charmed eyeliner on her eyelids. She had taken it from her handbag. After today, Jay would be tailing her like housefly on palmwine trail. She looked into the mirror above the sink and smiled with satisfaction. She turned the tap on and off to create the impression that she had used the water cistern and smiled. Now, to go for the kill! She opened the door and literally sailed to her handbag, dropped the charmed eyeliner and turned towards him.



Jay stared at her. As she moved towards him, fluttering her eyelashes, he stood up. She smiled at him and reached out to touch him. Jay looked into her eyes and felt like he was drowning in a river. She smiled at him and he shrieked, dodged her outstretched arms and ran out of the office…






Adele was learning to walk without assistance. The sprained ankle had slowed her down and she needed to get back to work, but her boss would hear none of it. While she was out of office, she had been working from home and her boss had realised that she could work from anywhere…



Bolan had been secretive the past few days…in fact since he asked for the data page of her international passport about a week ago. She had watched him and wondered if something was amiss. She had decided to move back to her house. Bolan had always been open to her. But these days, there were times he would walk away to answer calls. It was strange. She decided she would talk to him today.



When he came home that evening, he didn’t look her in the eyes even when he gave her a somewhat perfunctory kiss.



“We need to talk,” he told her.



His voice was grave. Her heart sunk. It was obvious the honeymoon was over. He threw a slim envelope on her laps and went to sit on a bar stool. They were in his private sitting room in his house.



She tore open the envelope and slipped out two sheets of paper, eyes blinded by tears. She couldn’t read what was there; tears would not let her.


Bolan was beside her before she knew it.



“My woman, I have an urgent business in Dubai. I have to travel. I can’t leave you here alone. So I made the arrangements. Since you still have about a week off, we’ll travel together. We’ll be away for just five days,” he said, adding, “We leave in two days time, at the beginning of the two-day Sallah holiday.”



Adele stared at him. Gawd! Are there still men like Bolan? She burst into tears, she had been so afraid she was about to lose the only man that had shown her so much love!



He scooped her into his arms, kissed her all over and divested her of every item of dressing on her…






Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!






Send your observations to:

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I never knew football as business –Daniel Amokachi



I never knew football as business –Daniel Amokachi

When you talk about the history of Nigeria football, the performances of living legend, Daniel Amokachi cannot be swept under the carpet. Popularly called ‘The Bull’ because of his dogged charisma on the field of play, Daniel was an outstanding player that brought lots of laurels to Nigeria and his club side with remarkable World Cup presentations. Amokachi, in a chat with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, recounts the glories, awards and the fact he’s proud his twin boys also play football




What have you been up to in the last five years?



I am still into the business of football. I coach in Finland, then a technical director, I’m with CAF in the technical study group. I support a bit of politics in the last few years.



Growing up as a child, did you ever imagine yourself becoming a football star?



We grew up playing football on the street, going to school and kicking stuff on the road. When we get to school, we play football, coming back from school; we keep doing the same thing. And for me to sit here and tell you that I knew I was going to become Daniel Amokachi ‘The Bull’, I will be lying you know, but at the same time, there is a certain age you reach, and you know that you are good, people also testify that you are good, and you just keep enjoying it.  When growing up, football was not a business, if you remember, it was just passion; we were just playing it and having fun. We never knew that football is a profession where you can get fame, money and all that. A few of us are just blessed you know.  Growing up, I think everybody is just a talented football player, yet, it wasn’t just the talent that took me or most of us to where we got, some were far better than some of us, but weren’t opportune; they didn’t have the grace to earn that fame and fortune from football.



During your days as a footballer and even at the Nigerian Football Federation, you are known for honesty. Why and where did you get that from?



Let’s just say, it’s where I came from, my father’s basically. He was a military man, I grew up from a military home, I knew how disciplined my dad and my mum were, when it comes to doing what is right.  It is a grace to say I was blessed to tap from them because your dad does it, or your mum does it, doesn’t mean you can, it is all about grace. I thank God for that and I’m happy that people like you see and recognize it because the world that we live in, not everybody appreciates being you and telling the truth the way it is.



Although you have a successful career as a footballer, do you have any regrets; was there anything you wish you had done or something you didn’t achieve?



No! No! No! Definitely No! There are no regrets. A lot of people ask me that question because I stopped football at a very young age; I stopped playing football at the age of twenty eight. I had a bad knee injury at the World Cup 1998 in France, before the training, before the first day, but I always thank God, I never have regrets because I played professionally for ten years, for a full decade, and each club I played for, God blessed me with a trophy, I won several leagues, FA Cups, among others. I scored in two world cups, one of the goals I scored remain one of the best goals so far, one of the top five goals of all time, best goal in the world cup, I’m blessed to score the first UEFA champions League, the first African to win the FA cup, so I don’t think there will be any regret, I’m proud and I bless God for those achievements.


Having been faced with an injury that forced you out of an industry that you are passionate about, what did the whole experience teach you?



Oh well, it’s a testimony that I give people every time, we school and counsel the young ones, for football, it can go long and it can go short, you don’t own it, it can just happen, the injury and all, the hazard in playing football is a lot, but it is for you to educate yourself at certain level where you can continue life without football, that is just the truth of it, because I’m a testimony. I tell people, it is not what it seems, get that standard education, primary, secondary school level, and if you can get university, why not, now technology makes life so easy, where you can get your credential online, even when you are playing, try and make out time for education.



What is the secret of your fitness and healthy skin?



Jesus is still alive, Jesus never dies, if he dies, I stopped existing, but as long as He lives, I continue to shine and look even younger, I know my stake in His word, so I make myself happy as I can because happiness is a precious gift. Happiness is free, I do what I think is right, fight what is unjust and keep living, that’s just the way I live my life, I don’t allow anybody stress me out.



Very briefly, can you take us into your love life?




I’m married to a Tunisian; she is in Finland with my little girl who is fifteen with the boys who are also footballers, playing for club over there. They are doing well.



How do you feel seeing your children towing same path you toed as their father?



I feel very great! I was blessed to have twin boys in 1996, they are twenty-one and are doing fine, hopefully, and we are waiting for the breakthrough by his special grace.



What do you have for young footballers?



Just keep enjoying what you do, love and believe in what you do. Make sure you have one hundred and something commitment to what you do, and believe that your breakthrough is in the hands of the Lord. Keep believing in Him and he will take you there.



Are you still in touch with some of your colleagues that you played together with during your days?



Yes! I am still in touch with of them, we are family, we are not from this generation, we are from the old school, we love each other and we call each other to know what’s up.



What is your take on the present state of Nigerian football?



It is getting better, everything about it is not just football, it is Nigeria as a whole and it is getting better.



Lastly, even as a happily married man, and a successful football legend, famous and handsome, you will always have women flocking around you; to what extent do you go with them?



I am not handsome; I’m sexy. Yeah, when you see them, they love you, you love them back, but you have to know your boundaries, you have to keep everything straight to make your home a better place.



What is the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to you?



Nah! I have never encountered one.



What informs what you wear?



I think I am just me; I love fashion, I love looking good, it’s not how expensive what you wear, it’s how good you come out, how blessed you are, having modelled at the age of sixteen for about nine good years, I think that helps me a lot about what to wear and how to look.



What’s your favourite drink?



I don’t do alcohol; I’m alcohol free by the special grace of God.



What’s your favorite food?




I love pounded yam and Egusi soup.



And your favourite form of exercise?



I walk out every day, I exercise every day.



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Glam in ball gown



Glam in ball gown


very girl’s’ dream is to have the Cinderella story revisited where she’s the belle of the ball and cynosure of all eyes at that special event. The ball gown definitely has that effect as you waltz into a room in a beautiful ball gown looking every inch a princess.



Ball gowns transform you into a Disney princess in an instant! You ooze class and glamour on the red carpet in a beautiful dress that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Both here and beyond, different stars have stolen the night in beautiful ball gowns that create quite a sensation on the red carpet.



The signature full skirt of the ball gown can be extravagant, streamlined, or shaped to create a silhouette.  A ball gown can be embellished with tiered ruffles, gathered tulle or satin, or can even be cut out. Ball gowns are often created to satisfy your desire to stand out.



Attending a special occasion in a ball gown and you will definitely be the belle of the ball. Don’t forget your glass slippers! Compliment your gown with high heeled sandals that will assist in carrying the full skirt of the gown to perfection and at the same time help you strut like a true queen.

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Adebayo Oke-Lawal: Fashion nerd



Adebayo Oke-Lawal: Fashion nerd


reative director and men’s fashion enthusiast, Bayo Oke-Lawal, popularly known as ‘The Orange Nerd’ style is simple but with an unorthodox twist.



Adebayo Oke-Lawal has been designing since the age of 10. He started Orange Culture in 2011, after having worked with several Nigerian designers, to turn his unique vision of fashion into reality



Bayo is constantly leaving us star-struck with his impeccable styling, use of colours and intriguing silhouette, this award-winning creative director and fashion designer is nothing short of iconic.

He is the CEO and Creative Director of Orange Culture Nigeria. He was listed in Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 List for 2018.



For Bayo, menswear should be a more welcoming term – one that makes room for actual and definitive style which he shows every time he steps out.



Orange Culture’s ability to transcend the rigidity of traditional menswear has made it a favourite around the globe. Bayo’s Instagram is the perfect mood board for this, as he translates the brand’s ethos really well into his wardrobe. Just like Bayo himself, his wardrobe is bright and delightful, and he owns everything he wears all the time.



The brand has achieved international recognition and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue ( US,UK , ITALY) , WWD, BoF, Fucking Young, L’Uomo Vogue, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, BET, MTV, Vanity Fair, ELLE, Marie Claire, L’Officiel,, The Guardian and The New York Times.

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Chico Ejiro brought me to Nollywood –Emmanuella Iloba



Chico Ejiro brought me to Nollywood –Emmanuella Iloba

Beautiful Emmanuella Iloba is one of the newest faces making waves in the Nigerian film industry. She has featured in dozens of movies such as ‘Nollywood Scandal’, ‘Chevron Babes’ and ‘Dusty Roads’, among others. In this interview with EDWIN USOBOH, she reveals how her career started and the kind of man she finds attractive


When did your acting career start?



My career started professionally in 2016. I will say it was divine actually because I wasn’t even expecting it. I went for a modeling audition and then someone walked up to me and asked if I could act and I said Yes. He said, that’s great and introduced himself as Chico Ejiro. I was speechless and that was how it all started. So it’s been God’s grace. It’s something I love doing. It’s my passion and I’m someone who follows her passion and I love what I do. My family members actually encouraged me to give it a go and they have been so supportive and I’m grateful that they love what I do.



You are also a model, when did the modelling aspect come in?



I will say my looks also play a part in my modeling career. And also I love to express myself. So when I started getting offers to model, I just saw it as a way of expressing myself. I’ve always had offers to model. I was into modelling before my acting career started. I love to express myself actually.



What extent can you go to interpret your role?



I try to make every role as realistic as possible. Everything is make-believe and I try to achieve that at all times and I will do whatever I can to make sure my script is well interpreted and my directors are pleased and so far, I have been able to do exceptionally well. I am dedicated and I study my lines well.



How much can you be paid to act nude?



I don’t think I would want to do that actually. I don’t have to act all the roles. I will leave the nude for those that are interested in acting nude.



What are the challenges you face as an actress?



There are lots of challenges. From trying to cope and work with different kinds of people, and being hungry on set and sometimes the welfare is not always what you would have preferred. Being on set till late like 2am and having to wake up as early as 6am sometimes with burning eyes.  There are times I will be on location for two days without doing a scene and I have to go back home hungry and stressed but that’s acting for you. I always make sure those things don’t get to me. I have preconditioned my mind to stay focused and determined. Moreover, I love acting.  As far back as I can remember this is what I have always wanted to do. Every actor goes through the same rough times I believe. You just have to stay focused determined and love what you do and you will always have the energy to overcome the challenges.

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment in the industry?



I have never had to deal with such things. Like I said earlier, my being here is actually God’s doing.  I didn’t go out looking or hustling for roles or begging someone to cast me. God used someone to locate me and that was it. If I didn’t give my body to get into the industry, I shouldn’t give it to stay in it and God kept those things away from me.


Are you dating someone at the moment?



No. I am not dating any man at the moment. I’m currently single.



Describe your kind of man?



I like my man to be tall, caring and loving and of course God fearing. He must be smart and of course genuinely interested in me.



Who is your role model?



My role models are Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic. I have always loved their acting long before I started acting. I admire them a lot.



Do you plan going into other aspects of production apart from acting?



I’m not restricted to acting alone. I have plans to go into directing and production too and I’m already working on my own production.



Tell us about your most memorable day?



My most memorable day would be when Chico Ejiro approached me and he gave me the platform for all these. So that day is my most memorable day. It’s not every day we have such opportunity.



Where do you see yourself five years from now?



Five years from now, I want to see myself still acting of course. I love acting and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I want to be able to work with some of the biggest names, both home and abroad and be able to take my acting to the world.

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Trending news of the week: Adorable photos of Toyin Abraham as she celebrates triple blessings



Trending news of the week: Adorable photos of Toyin Abraham as she celebrates triple blessings



ocial media was agog few days ago when the news and photos of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham surfaced online where she got married a second time with another actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi.



Toyin used to be married to another actor, Adeniyi Johnson but the couple parted ways amid several talks on social media. Even more, the lady was also celebrated massively soon after news that she gave birth to a baby boy and dedicated a new house; all these celebrations literally broke the Internet. Following this triple celebration Toyin has received, fans and fellow celebrities have poured in congratulation messages and best wishes to the new bride and mother.



Many Nigerians have reacted wildly to this triple blessing Abraham got in one swoop. Even more, quite a number of people have stormed the Instagram page of her ex-husband Niyi Johnson to drag him. His most recent photo post which was captioned with these words, “Omo gbagbe ….. This guy fine… Haters will say na lie now o” attracted a lot of trolls. Even more trolls followed Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe when she praised Adeniyi Johnson for choosing to acknowledge his wife’s recent triple blessings that she had to disable her comment section for the post. The photos from Toyin Abraham’s maternity photo shoot will blow your mind away.

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BBNaija: Ike and Mercy caught romancing in the toilet



BBNaija: Ike and Mercy caught romancing in the toilet


e are seeing more steaming sex scenes from The Big Brother housemates as the reality show gets hotter. It’s not only the much talked about sex scenes from Gedoni and Khafi that has flooded the Internet. Equally, U.S returnee, Ike has been struggling to manage his sexual urges in recent times.



Many watchers of the reality show have complained about his several attempts to drag his lover, Mercy under the bed sheets just like Gedoni and Khafi have been doing despite the prying lens of the camera.



The young man recently paraded a huge erection recently after Mercy sucked his nipples and ran away.



Just yesterday, Ike and Mercy creatively sneaked into the toilet for a brief moment of steamy romance in which Ike fondled her bosom, sucked them, and grabbed her big bum while they kissed like savages.



Gedoni and Khafi also allegedly had sex repeatedly throughout this week; not minding that other housemates like Esther is fully aware what they were doing under the duvet.   The audience fears that the UK police officer might get pregnant before the show ends in about 6 to 7 weeks’ time. There are alleged plans by the Metropolitan Police in the UK to sanction one of its staff and current BBNaija Housemate, Khafi, for having sex in the house with her fellow housemate, Gedoni.

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Olufolake Abdulrazaq quietly marks 52nd birthday



Olufolake Abdulrazaq quietly marks 52nd birthday


few months ago, her husband, Abdullahi Abdulrazak, had added another interesting chapter to his memoirs when he was sworn in as the governor of Kwara State, amidst wild jubilations.



Interestingly, less than three months after, the first family in Kwara State, again, had cause to celebrate when the beautiful First Lady, Olufolake, turned 52 in a blaze of glory.



Described as a pride of the nation in the diplomatic circle, she, however, marked the day low-key, typical of her Spartan lifestyle.



Aside from her long history of excellence in the diplomatic circle, Olufolake, also a fashionista, is the brains behind the popular Ajike People Support , a non-governmental organisation NGO, set up to raise consciousness and purposeful actions on issues affecting the survival, protection, participation and development of women, youths and children in particular, and humanity in general.


She is from the prominent Davies family in Lagos and her late father, Hezekiah Olufela Davies, was a trained journalist, prolific writer and author.



She rose to the position of the Minister/Head (Consular Education and Welfare Section, Nigeria High Commission, London a few years ago. Before then, she had been the Minister/ Deputy Head Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigeria High Commission.

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Body & Soul

Shina Peller’s hangout attracts concern



Shina Peller’s hangout attracts concern


hina Peller’s name is synonymous with night club business in Nigeria.


Having plied his trade for some years, the CEO of Aquila Group of Companies has redefined the face of the business to the admiration of all.


His entry into the business had been hailed by many who know his antecedent as an accomplished entrepreneur.


Consequently, since Quilox Nite Club kicked-off five years ago, he has proved that he has the Midas touch to change the clubbing business in Nigeria.


Quilox has become a fun spot for top businessmen, politicians and die-hard fun lovers, among others, from across social divides. However, the outfit, which is regarded as one of the biggest and most luxurious in the continent of Africa, seems to be gradually losing its luster.



Celeb Lounge gathered that since the Oyo State-born businessman was elected into the House of Representatives, the club has suffered a serious decline in status. It has allegedly lost patronage of its many patrons, as Peller’s attention seems to be divided now.


The source disclosed further that the upscale fun place might be relocating from its present location on Ozumba Mbadiwe, as Peller has fallen out with the real owner of the building, who is a newly elected governor of a state in the South Western region of Nigeria.


Our source also disclosed that the upwardly mobile man is also thinking of replicating the type of club in Abuja.


The top socialite is also the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Aquila Oil and Gas Limited, a new-generation, systems-driven oil and gas firm that has made a strong presence in the oil sector in its 12 years of existence.



He was elected a lawmaker during the last general election to represent Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Iwajowa/ Kajola Federal Constituency in Oyo State.

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Body & Soul

Excitement as Mohammadu Indimi celebrates at 72



Excitement as Mohammadu Indimi celebrates at 72


hile the family of Maiduguri billionaire, Mohammadu Indimi, as Islamic faithful’s joined other Muslims around the world to celebrate the just concluded Eli-El- Kabir, the 72nd birthday anniversary of their patriarch, who is the chairman/chief executive officer of Oriental Energy Resources, Alhaji Mohammadu Indimi, actually fell within the same period so it was nothing less of a celebratory affair in their home.



As a force to be reckoned with as well as an illustrious son of Borno State, the state Governor and his entourage took time to pay the billionaire businessman a visit to celebrate with him. In the same vein, President Mohammadu Buhari, who shares the same name with the birthday boy, also sent him a congratulatory message.



He underscored the hard work, discipline and focus that have accumulated in building the Indimi business empire, commending his patriotism for investing heavily in human capacity and promotion of the Nigerian brand to the global business community.



President Buhari believes the businessman’s greatest impact on the economy has been his philanthropy, which has seen donations to the building and renovation of schools and hospitals, provision of scholarships and medical assistance to the underprivileged. Most remarkably, the businessman’s contributions to Federal Government’s Victims’ Support Fund (VSF) in the North East to enable casualties of Boko Haram insurgency regain their livelihood.

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