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Boss ladies in Agbada



Boss ladies in Agbada


Nigerian women are one of the most fearless race when it comes to fashion.

Getting style inspiration from the men folk has been in existence since forever, and we the womenfolk have a way of taking a pre-existing look and making it all ours. The Agbada is an affluent look that is guaranteed to make the average man stand out from the crowd. The man who wears Agbada is likely to be cheered as he passes, with fists raised and “baba”, “oga” or “chairman” chants. The Agbada is majorly favoured by men from the Northern and South Western parts of Nigeria. The fabrics used for this unique style range from Ankara, Adire, laces, brocades and more.

However, the narrative has changed as women are now spotting the style and have deconstructed it to suit their gender, tastes, frames and persons.

Most appreciated in white, one can decide to spot the look in other colours, even feminine colours too. The female Agbada is very flexible and could be made full length, midi or knee length. They could be embroidered or not, if you so prefer. The dress is worn with shirts, skirts or skinny pants underneath. Several ladies often don the embroidered caps from Northern Nigeria or the red caps from the South, with their Agabada, some do gele, hijab, or a lovely hairdo to pair with the style. The ensemble definitely looks better with stilettos; oxfords and brogues equally raise the style game.

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