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Kia’s premium three-row SUV gets subtle upgrades



Kia’s premium three-row SUV gets subtle upgrades


The death of the turbo may be the most noticeable change for the 2019 Kia Sorento. For many manufacturers, adding power means slapping on a turbo, not an extra pair of cylinders, but Kia, which until 2018 offered a 2.0-litre turbo in addition to a 2.4-litre normally aspirated four and a 3.3-litre V-6, is going in the other direction, dropping the turbo and soldiering on with just the four and the V-6.


“We’ve always had the V-6, and if you’re talking fuel economy and emissions, a turbo is probably not the way to go,” said Ted Lancaster, Vice-President of Kia Canada.


“What do you do when you have a turbo? You put your foot in it because you want to get that turbo going.”


Add to that a 60 per cent take rate on the V-6, “and there was just not a need to maintain a turbo.”


It’s not the only change, as the 2019 gets what Kia calls a late-cycle refresh. Lancaster said the new model is only a year away but the advent of new Kia tech, including the next generation of UVO, including internet-based remote features, LED lighting and a new transmission, meant the company wanted to get them into production right away.


Looking like he was about to go hiking — with a backpack, camera, Tilley hat, shorts and untucked short-sleeved shirt, Lancaster wanted to set the tone early.


“This isn’t a vehicle to just get to and from work,” he said. “This is a vehicle for people to get off their asses and have fun.”


Such is the reality of automotive marketing: present to your customers how they want to be perceived, not necessarily as they are.


For at a time when obesity is still a leading health concern, car-makers still seem to think there’s a huge populace just waiting to charge up hiking trails and kayak through cavernous fiords.


Ryan Yu, product Planning Manager for Sorento in Canada, said a number of improvements include tuning the electric power steering system for a better response and better feedback.


In addition, for perhaps the best feedback, the SX models have the power-steering motor mounted on the steering rack instead of the steering column.


In Normal and particularly Eco — which Kia says can save 10 per cent in fuel when driven correctly — it’s a bit slow to downshift when the throttle is poked.


As well, LEDs come in a variety of places on all models of the Sorento, with LEDs also appearing in the headlights of the SX and higher models.


LEDs are the daytime running lights and positioning lights on all models, as well as tail lights of higher models.


A few tweaks to the front fascia and rear fascia streamline the look a bit, too.

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