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Talent Hunt Showcase for Catholics Launches in Lagos



Talent Hunt Showcase for Catholics Launches in Lagos

As a part of exciting lineups for the Parish’s iconic 2018 Harvest programme themed “Harvest of God’s Love”, St. Dominic Parish, Yaba, Lagos will launch GIFTED, an annual talent hunt showcase for the Catholic faithful.

Billed for presentation on the 15th of July 2018 at the Parish, the Talent Hunt Showcase in its maiden edition will be open to individual or group performances of a spiritual or secular nature across various talent strata and genres.

These categories include music, dance, drama, comedy and several others.

Speaking on the relevance of the initiative and its uniqueness, the youth chaplain of the Parish, Rev. Fr. Richard Odok, OP stated that GIFTED is an initiative aimed at harnessing the creative elements of youths with the society in all genres of creativity within St. Dominic and the Catholic Church at large.

“St. Dominic’s is our treasure and pride because it is a haven for many Catholics in the whole of the metropolitan Archdiocese of Lagos.

We have over 50 societies and ministries and actively encourage parishioners to participate and express their faith.” Rev. Fr. Richard continued by explaining that the Parish’s vast talent pool and demographics informed the choice to launch GIFTED.

“With over 40,000 registered parishioners where 60% are young people, we had to create a platform that celebrates the numerous talents that our youth embody. This is exactly why we have taken our time to package this programme in a way that it can continue to serve the talent purpose on an annual basis.”

He further enjoined interested youths interested in participating to get their forms on Sunday at the Parish or online at

Provisions for branded gift items to support participants have been made and other forms of support are warmly welcome.

May the Lord of the Harvest continue to enrich you as support our GIFTED ones

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Sexual BDSM practices that everyone can try



Sexual BDSM practices that everyone can try

Often you can hear carelessly dropped phrases like “I always wanted to try BDSM” or “I like it harder, my theme is domination” in conversations between women. In further discussions, it turns out that those who want to try BDSM do not even know what this concept means, being limited to standard stereotypes such as the purchase of handcuffs, lashes or other things in the sex shop. Most of them do not even know how far they are from perceiving physical pain or domination in the context of sexual arousal.

So, what is BDSM in fact? This is a special psychosexual culture of relationship based on the erotic exchange of power and other forms of interaction, which, in its turn, is built on role-playing games. At the physiological level, BDSM increases sexual arousal, but it does not always imply sexual contact, as is commonly mistakenly thought about.

What BDSM practices can be used to start

BDSM is not permissiveness, causing or accepting pain. First of all, it means the agreement of the two or more partners on what they like to feel and in what form. Also, BDSM practice implies a clear distribution of roles. Its voluntary basis – that is the most important rule of participation in BDSM role-playing games. Even severe physical pain, injury, and discomfort are a person’s choice, not a forced action.

Below I will describe few interesting BDMS examples that you can try with your partner or even by inviting another partner using threesome dating app:

  •  Foot fetish

There are more erogenous zones on the feet than on other parts of the body. The game can be supplemented with cream or champagne, where you will lower your toes and your man will lick them with pleasure.

  •  Spanking

63% of women, according to statistics, like spanking. Perhaps you are among them? It is important to prepare well: warm up sexually, or play a psychological game: come up with a punishment for some act. You need to start very gently and increase the intensity gradually, never really hurting.

  •  Binding

When immobilized, we fully trust and obey our partner, which gives us a deeper sexual sensation. You can start with a silk tie, although there are more serious options with interesting knots and variations, even the whole art of binding: shibari. But make sure that you are tied with ropes of natural material to avoid skin injury.

  •  Psy domination

BDSM is not always sex. Sometimes you can warm up to the extreme point and without penetration. This is called psychological domination, when a partner tries to dominate using words. The only condition is no physical contact. Of course, while from excitement you do not pounce on each other.

  •  Household slavery

Here in submission both a man and a woman can be. If any of you like submission, he will only be excited by assignments that are complex and absurd, but most importantly – spoken in a firm of imperative tone.


How to persuade a partner to try BDSM

BDSM is complete trust between people, and your friend must completely understand what he is up to. A preliminary conversation – the best way to do this.

You can also invite a more experienced partner using swingers app that will help you understand the nuances and achieve the maximum pleasure. Declining partner to experiment, it is worth considering a few points. Just do not forget, his consent should not demolish the roof to you, during the sadomasochistic games you must remain in sober mind, because you are responsible.

The main point – be ready to retreat. If your games bring discomfort to someone, it is better to finish them and try another time. Negative experience can make a person reject it for the life time.



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Arts & Entertainments

Ade Olufeko speaks at Yale University, collaborates with Bahia Shehab, others in new collective



Ade Olufeko speaks at Yale University, collaborates with Bahia Shehab, others in new collective

The Visual Collaborative Polaris or North Star is an experimental collective led by multidisciplinary designer and award-winning technologist; Ade Olufeko. The collective as a periodical is a curated batch of interviews with over 169 minutes of non-linear content featuring 26 selected practitioners from three continents.

The interviews can be read on

The Polaris catalogue explores creative disciplines, perspectives and intrinsic value of the featured practitioners and how they interact with society. The project commenced in the Winter/Harmattan of 2019 for over a period of three months. This initiative is said to have been designed to iterate over time as a value-add service model for content providers, academic institutions and incubators.

Among the featured is a six time Emmy award winner Bobby Yan, a nationally recognized architect Tosin Oshinowo, international artists such as Polly Alakija, commercial illustrators and designers such as Autumn Whitehurst and Tiphanie Brooke, global art activist, educator and Senior TED fellow Bahia Shehab, singers and performers such as TolumiDE and Yvonne Sangudi, a practitioner of Yoruba philosophy Joyce Adewumi and an appearance by music recording engineer Jens Gad of the Enigma project. Among the features include art patron, Mexican power house Irene Hernandez-Feiks and filmmaker Remi Vaughan-Richards

Ade Olufeko the founder of the project is scheduled to impart on Innovation and Development at the Yale University conference for African Peace and Development, which will take place on April 6th 2019. He is also scheduled to speak on the future of African Arts and Media at the Stanford African Business Forum at Stanford University in San Francisco on April 20th, 2019.

Beyond the company’s platform and trademarked identity, the concept of Visual Collaborative can be evidently seen universally through its everyday usage regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status. Olufeko’s thought leadership over the years has been leveraged to bridge the divide between millennials and older generations, bringing literacy of the creative industry and its different facets to the fore.

The interviews can be read on

Full list of participants are:

1.) Autumn Whitehurst – New York City
Commercial Illustrator, and Instructor at School of Visual Arts

2.) Bahia Shehab – Cairo, Egypt
Artist, designer and founder of the graphic design program at The American University in Cairo

3.) Bobby Yan – Queens, New York
6 time Emmy Award winner, Filmmaker and director

4.) Irene Hernandez-Feiks – San Francisco, California
WonderlandSF Gallery Director, Patron of the arts

5.) Polly Alakija – Lagos, Nigeria
Muralist, artist and children’s book author

6.) Remi Vaughan-Richards – Lagos, Nigeria
Filmmaker and director

7.) TolumiDE – Washington, D.C.
Singer, songwriter and graphic artist

8.) Tosin Oshinowo – Lagos, Nigeria
Award-winning architect, entrepreneur, public speaker and author

9.) Jens Gad – Berlin, Germany
Producer, songwriter and guitarist

10.) Selam – Brooklyn, New York
Actress, Singer-Songwriter

11.) Indira Lindsay Roberts – Greensboro, North Carolina
Pharmaceutical professional and festival director

12.) Tiphanie Brooke (Antigirl) – Los Angeles, California
Multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer

13.) Joyce Adewumi – Harlam, New York
Singer, choreographer and educator

14.) Michael Elegbede – Lagos, Nigeria

15.) Valerie Alloix – San Francisco, California
Creative Technologist

16.) SB The-emcee (Ogo) – Houston, Texas
Rapper and lyricist

17.) Mankwe Ndosi – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Singer and performance artist

18.) Yvonne Sangudi – Los Angeles, California

19.) Chee (Chidinma) – Lagos, Nigeria
Singer and songwriter

20.) aYo Binitie Lagos, Nigeria / London, United Kingdom
Creative Technologist

21.) Kanayo Ebi – New York City / Lagos, Nigeria
Stylist, Image and Brand consultant

22.) Hana Omilani – Lagos, Nigeria
Founder of Lasmara, Patron of the arts

23.) Suzanne Erickson – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founder of Jungle Red Salon Spa and Gallery

24.) Ben L. Jones – Chicago, Illinois

25.) Abiola Salamotu Ajala – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stylist and fashion connoisseur

26.) Deborah Lundstrom – Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Yoga practitioner and program director

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Day 1: The GTBank Fashion Weekend, Meet the Runway Designers



Day 1: The GTBank Fashion Weekend, Meet the Runway Designers

Hard work, creativity and passion, punctuated by the clicking of heels, define a single moment on the GTBank Fashion Weekend Runway Show. On Saturday, November 10th, and Sunday, November 11th, 2018, thousands of guests will be entertained by this single moment as indigenous and internationally renowned designers showcase their brands on the runway.

These are the designers slated for Day 1 of the 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend:

Ituen Basi
Ituen Basi’s 2009 collection brought back the proliferation of the Oleku trend which led to the new wave of the Ankara interpretation all around Nigeria and even beyond the shores of Africa. Ituen’s unique use of Ankara has made her the go-to designer for celebrities and fashionistas in search of something beautifully African

Sukeina – Omar Salam
Omar Salam is the Senegalese-born designer behind SUKEINA, a global fashion brand worn by the some of the best dressed women in the world. He studied fashion at the prestigious Parsons School of Design and has created 8 exquisite collections which strike a resemblance to wearable art.

Romeo Hunte
Romeo Hunte is a self-named lifestyle brand. His collection consists of outerwear pieces that have a mix of cool-girl denim designs and everyday style for the fashion forward-guy. Romeo’s design has been worn by Hollywood A-listers like Beyoncé and Gabrielle Union.

Gozel Green – Sylvia Enekwe and Olivia Jude-Okoji
Sylvia Enekwe and Olivia Jude-Okoji are the brains behind the budding Label, Gozel Green, established in the year 2010. Growing up in the eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu, they were tremendously inspired by their art-loving parents, and their immediate environment. These inspirations birthed Gozel Green and thus paved way for artistry, originality and timelessness as their forefront design aesthetics.
Clive Rundel
Clive’s creations are well-known both locally and abroad, adored by bold and fearless women for their charismatic charm. Today, Clive Rundle has established his name as one of the forefathers of contemporary fashion design in South Africa.
Adama Paris – Adama Amanda Ndiaye
Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the brain behind Adama Paris, which celebrates the multicultural, elegant, and versatile woman. Her work has been featured in magazines sunch as Vogue, Elle, CR Fashion Book and worn by celebrities like Teyana Taylor.

David Tlale
Proclaimed as South Africa’s kind of Fashion, David Tlale designs are known to employ unpredictable use of fabric, color and texture, David’s designs have been grazing the runways of NYFW from 2008 till date.

Register to attend for Day 1 here

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Michael Kors buys Versace for $2bn



Michael Kors buys Versace for $2bn

U.S. fashion giant Michael Kors, has bought Italian fashion house Versace for two billion dollars.

According to Reuters, Donatella Versace, sister to late Gianni Versace, the founder called a staff meeting to make the announcement on Tuesday.

For Donatella, who paid tribute to her brother Gianni last September with a catwalk show that seemed to signal the end of that era in the brand’s history, this could mean the dawn of a new one.

Versace is a globally recognised brand, synonymous with the glamazon supermodels and fashion excesses of the ’80s and ’90s.

Gianni Versace also worked closely with Princess Diana, and was partly responsible for her sleek makeover in the years leading up to her death; so close were they that she attended the designer’s funeral.

Gianni’s death in 1997 came under the spotlight earlier this year with the release of the Emmy-winning series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

Versace was one of the last remaining independent labels in the luxury fashion industry, with 80 per cent of the company still owned by the founding family at the time of the sale.

A twenty per cent stake was sold for €210m to American private equity firm Blackstock in 2014 to fund overseas expansion. (NAN)

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How to get a free Retail Space at the GTBank Fashion Weekend



How to get a free Retail Space at the GTBank Fashion Weekend

Do you make or sell fabulous fashion apparels and accessories? Can your fashion brand stand out at the biggest fashion event in Africa? Then, the 2018 GTBank Weekend is calling for you!

Now in its third year, the GTBank Fashion Weekend has become the premier consumer-focused event that places African fashion on the global stage and helps small businesses in the local fashion industry thrive.

The first and second editions of the event, which held in November 2016 and 2017 respectively, brought together over 250,000 people to interact with some of the best minds in the global fashion space and directly patronize more than 200 indigenous small businesses in the local fashion industry.

Organized with an overall vision of Promoting Enterprise, the 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend will provide more than 130 small businesses with free stalls to showcase and sell the finest ensemble of apparels and fashion accessories. Applications for free stalls at the event are now open and will close on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

To apply for a free Retail Space at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, kindly visit;

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Let Kiakiaprint Handle All Your Wedding Prints



Note: This is a sponsored post.


What will Saturdays in Nigeria be without weddings? It has been unofficially written into the Nigerian constitution that after the stress of the week, Saturdays are the days for weddings. It is not unusual to see non-Nigerians get more excited about weddings. It is one of the major attractions to this beautiful country as it is almost like a tourist attraction. A lot of glitz, glamor, paparazzi and it has to be said, food make weddings an event to look out for.

That said, are you planning for an upcoming wedding? Have you heard of the best wedding printers in the whole of Lagos? If you have not, permit us to say that you are on a long thing. Kiakiaprint is here for you. We are an online print shop, the leading print and design company in Lagos. While we don’t stress ourselves over food, event planning and the other whatnots that makes up a successful wedding ceremony, for all your wedding prints, we’ve got you covered.

Be it wedding invitations, Save The Date Cards, paper bags, food and drink menus and a lot of other products, we are your go-to guys. This article highlights the products we offer as regards wedding stationery. Let’s dive in.


Why You Need Wedding Stationery

You may be asking yourself, “Will my wedding make more sense if I order for wedding stationery”. The emphatic answer would be YES, and here’s why. You wouldn’t want a wedding in which the groom goes missing. The groom should know the venue of his own wedding except he is having cold feet.

That’s on a lighter mood actually.  This goes for the guests as well. Ideally, you should like people to be aware and buzzing about your day unless you want a quiet ceremony with just a few friends and family.

Wedding invitations and Save The Date cards are a must. We cover prints for all types of cultural themes. Be it the typical Yoruba wedding full of culture and traditions, you can order for bespoke, tailor-made stationery. We also provide wedding materials for different tribes in Nigeria such as the Ibo, Hausa, Urhobo, Ijaw, Tiv, Idoma and so much more.

We respect cultural diversity at Kiakiaprint, which ensures that we add a touch of your culture and tribe to anything you ask us to print, as long as you want it. For your guests and well-wishers, souvenir items are advised. To this end, you are covered as well. Calendars, t-shirts and spiral notepads can be used to appreciate time for making time out of their busy schedules to honor you.


To package all these, you will need paper bags. We make that as well!

The couple is not left out as well. We have quality, full-color photobooks and canvas prints for you to keep your favorite memories and photos forever. We have taken stress away when it comes to weddings. All you have to do is use our platform. You can order for these products in a themed manner: where you have all items with the same design and colours.

We make use of different paper types of paper for your wedding invitations, so you have variety and spice at the same time. Some of the paper types we have are:

  • Matte paper
  • Glossy paper

You can also tell us any other preferred paper type. You speak, we listen.


Tips on Making Wedding Invitations Worthwhile

Wedding invitations are perhaps the most important thing when it comes to wedding stationery and can’t be brushed aside. To make your invitations stand out, here are some things you must consider. Come with us.

  • You must add adequate information

It has shown that wedding invitations sent out in Nigeria don’t have enough information. You wouldn’t want people disturbing you via calls for minor details not covered in the IVs. Details such as names of the couple, date, time and order of service are very important.

On our platform, you have three options when you order for invitations; you upload your design, engage the services of our extremely talented design team or make use of our templates. Our templates are beautiful, well-crafted and have the necessary information needed. All you have to is edit.


  • A bit of Calligraphy won’t hurt anybody

Always make your wedding invitations enticing. How do you go about this? One sure way of doing this is by adding calligraphy. Rather than use bland-looking, generic designs, make use of special handwritten or printed font styles. One quick question; would you prefer a well-crafted, bespoke invitation as opposed to one that is bland and unappealing? Your answer is known already.

  • Imprint of the Couple

Nigerian wedding planners often make the mistake of not thinking about the couple when it comes to the wedding day. Do you want to make your wedding the talk of town for a long time? Adding a personalized message can help do that. It can be at the front of the invitation or even at the back. Quick suggestions are in order then. You can add words professing love for each other or it could even be the first words you said to each other. Step out to make a lasting impression.

  • Make sure your cards are well-packaged

Ensure all the components of the wedding invitations such as reception cards, thank you notes, save the date cards and any other thing you might need are well-packaged. You wouldn’t want a sentimental person to jump on this. Imagine a sentimental individual receiving your invitations. As they try to open up the package, everything comes crashing down. They might say, “Not even said the wedding vows, and everything has come apart”. That was funny but you should try to avoid scenarios like this.


See Our Wedding Product Offerings

At very affordable prices, we have products that will make your special day even more memorable. Here are some of them:


Themed Wedding Stationery Package

Kiakiaprint offers you the opportunity to order for all your printed wedding stationery in the same theme: same style, colours, font, and design. Instead of printing IVs, t-shirts, paper bags and every other thing with different printing companies, we will print everything for you. This ensures design consistency with all your prints.


Wedding Invitations

A wedding is one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life. Starting at N34 900 for 100 copies, our wedding cards are made from high-quality paper and come in full colour. You can choose from our templates, upload your own designs or get a very special design from our graphics team at a very nominal fee.


Roll-up Banners

Create buzz and awareness about the magic of the day with our durable roll-up banners. They come with retractable stands and carrier bags. They are very easy to set up and can be placed at strategic locations at your wedding venue. We have a range of rollup banners that can serve this purpose. We print on big base and flex banners. Any one that works for you, you are covered.


Save The Date Cards and Magnets

Our Save the Date cards make people remember the day. You can gift family, friends and acquaintances and create that buzz and excitement. You can also order for Save the date magnets that people can place on any metallic surface. Add personalized text and images.

Get in touch with us and we do the rest. Think of this as an appetizer before the main course. Our cards and magnets are designed to capture all the necessary information your potential guests may require.


Food and Drink Menus

One thing synonymous with a typical Nigerian wedding is food. The success of a wedding can be judged on the amount, quality and effective distribution of food. To make this easier, we came up with a product called a Food and Drink Menu.

Its main function is to give your guests an insight into the different culinary delights available and the drinks they can make them refreshed or get them into the groove of things. Take the dining experience to sophisticated levels with these menus. Meals such as Starch and Ofe Nsala, Tuwo Shinkafa and the never-offending Amala and Gbegiri have found a new friend in the form of our Food and Drink Menus.


Paper Bags

We also have different types of paper bags depending on the size of souvenir items you would like to give your guests. We have the smaller sizes like the A4 and A5 sizes, while the X-Large and A3 sized are suited for bigger souvenir items. Add text and pictures that will be printed on the bags. Stay in the minds of your guests for a long time.

Thank You Cards

Appreciate all your wedding guests for taking time to come celebrate with you with our classy Thank You cards. Add your preferred text and choose from our list of templates. You can also upload your design or engage the services of our in-house graphics design team.


 Keep your wedding pictures and memories forever with our water-proof wedding photobooks. After a few years, you can look back, reminisce and laugh about all the pictures and the memories that they bring. We have different sizes and we also have different finishing options such as classic photo paper, matte, glossy and feather finish. The photobooks come in 30-paged and 50-paged. Upload your pictures, design online using our templates or hire our in-house designer. We print and ship to anywhere in Nigeria.

Souvenir Items

Are you thinking of giving your guests personalized souvenir items. Kiakiaprint has you covered. Appreciate your well wishers for taking time out to come honor you on your journey into lifetime marital bliss. You can order for t-shirts, stickers and calendars on our website.

Final Words

We hoped this article provided you with more information on how you make your wedding invitations stand out. We also hope that you discovered that with Kiakiaprint, everything as regards wedding printing is covered. Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime journey, so everything that is associated with it with it.

We have taken the stress of printing off you. All you have to do is check out our website or get in touch with us directly. We are the leading print and design company in Lagos and have done wedding prints for a lot a satisfied clients and couples. Engage our services and be rest assured you won’t be disappointed. It’s a promise and we stand by our word.

You can order for your wedding products by following this link

Also, check out our YouTube channel to see visuals of what we have been up to, our products and other fun stuff!

Contact us for your wedding prints via:

Telephone: (234) 809 1465 902, (234) 806 2846 650

Address:   8 Lawal Street, Jibowu, Lagos, Nigeria


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Body & Soul

Peggy Enoho Ovire: Light skinned enchantress



Peggy Enoho Ovire:  Light skinned enchantress

The actress popularly known as Ego Oyibo, a moniker for her character in ‘Husbands of Lagos’ , began her acting career in 2013. She also admits that it was her breakthrough role.


Born to Delta parents from Ughelli North local government area, she is the last of six children. Her childhood dream was to become a doctor or lawyer but she got caught up and is a success at acting.


If you asked her, she would tell you that her first love is fashion and she loves to look classy and polished with a ball dress as her favourite fashion item.


She is so into fashion that early in 2017, she started her fashion line called Peggy’s World from where she has the license to express her fashion creative juices.


We love her stunning look in this editorial photo shoot.

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Body & Soul

Amazing ways to get that melanin glow



Amazing ways to get that melanin glow

The body adapt to lot of changes. So as a woman you must take care of your body keeping the black pigmentation or melanin pure and beautiful. Many Nigerian ladies with dark skin don’t know that they can be beautiful without toning their skin; for instance using products that cause blemish to their body. Black is beautiful but there are steps to take to avoid stain, rashes, oily skin, blemishes, itches, and wrinkles.


The method we adhere to before we take care of our body makes us look younger and beautiful more than white women.


Never take too long to shower but rather use lukewarm water to take your bath to eradicate wrinkles and stain from your skin, giving you the desired results. Use face moisturizers and also some body protector in other to keep your skin glowing and looking more beautiful than your normal self.



Fruits also help to protect your skin, making it darker and shiny; making you feel like a queen. Fruits and balanced diets such as watermelon, almond, and coconut allow the flow of blood through your skin, making your skin to glow thereby making you look younger without stains or blemishes. When properly taken care of, your dark skin will come out looking new to the world at large.

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Body & Soul

Stun in athletic chic



Stun in athletic chic

As we follow the events unfolding in Russia, let us consider one of the most interesting laws of fashion ever broken which is erasing the line that distinguished between casual and athletic chic~ness.


In fact, in most cases, this blur cuts into the formal wear as well. So you can today find a completely formal look by any assessment that shakes you up when you realise that the look is paired with a pair of athletic rather that formal shoes.

It doesn’t necessarily take away from the look, it just adds an edg e to it. More people are keying into this trend and I suppose it makes it easy to skip from day to night looks all the way into the gym, no?


Yeah so don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how many more people are tapping into the sneakers trend.

They come majorly in black , white , nudes, even glitter and neon colours .

They look so good when paired with a pair of jeans and t shirt and look just as good with a pair of fitted work pants with a hem that just graze s your ankles, paired with a fitted blazer.

One tip to take away though, if the look is for work, you want to keep the sneakers or bomber jacket in a neutral or solid colour so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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Body & Soul

Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi: Designer extraordinaire



Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi is a Nigerian fashion designer and founder of the famous design label, LDA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Coventry University in United Kingdom and a master’s degree in Finance from University of Leicester. When she returned from London, she worked as a banker but her passion for fashion drove her back to the world of fashion.


Lanre Da-Silva-Ajayi simply loves making beautiful clothes.


Her exquisite designs have made her a consistent fashion favourite amongst industry insiders, celebrities and fashionistas.


The brand, LDA, first arrived in the fashion scene in 2005 with iconic 1940’s couture signature designs, a result of what has evolved into a much more modern and cutting-edge brand and a full-blown fashion house.


She has showcased her prowess on many world fashion stages including Italy, Paris, South Africa, London and other fashion capitals of the world. For her contributions to the Nigerian and African fashion industry, LDA has received numerous accolades and awards for excellence.


Her pieces are made for brilliant women who know the seasons in fashion and bold enough to carry her creativity. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi is married with kids.

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