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I sell foods and drinks only –Caretaker



I sell foods and drinks only –Caretaker

Is it true that you have turned Knight of St. John premises Okpaugwu given to you to be taking care of to brothel where men bring in their opposite sex?
It is better you come and see for yourself. This place they are telling you about has no curtain, it has no bed. It is currently under construction and has not been completed. It is owned by the Church and has not even been completed. I sell food and drinks only here.

Do you know Ogechi Nkwete said to be your maid?
Ogechi was my maid but my neighbour urged her to run away from me that I was maltreating her. She held Ogechi for one good week and I started looking for her everywhere. I made several announcements to people that I was looking for her at the end someone who is living in that my neighbour’s compound told me that Ogechi was in her house.

You said you made announcement in several places over her, did you go to police, other law enforcement agency or media houses?
I did not go to the police to announce that Ogechi was missing but there is this policeman, who usually comes here to drink who I reported the matter to and he told me that he would inform his colleagues to assist in looking for Ogechi. I also told one guy who is one of the leaders of Ebonyi State Neighbourhood Security Watch and he promised to assist in looking for the girl. I even went to the guy’s office to report the girl’s missing and everybody was looking for Ogechi not knowing that she was hidden in my neighbourhood.

When last did you see her?
It is almost a month that Ogechi is missing. Her people even came and joined in looking for her. I did not bring her to live with me; she just walked to me and entered my place. I interrogated her on where she came from and she told me, this is how she started living with me and I have been taking proper care of here. This matter is a long story.

The Ministry of Women Affairs claimed it sent an invitation letter over Ogechi’s matter. How true is that?
I went to the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, they discovered the truth in the matter and I left. Before I left, they told me that any time they call me, I should come back and I have been waiting for them to call me since then. But my customers have told me that Ogechi is now living on Ibe Street, that they usually see her on Ibe Street.

Had she ever complained of customers harassing and forcing to have sex with them?
If Ogechi ever told me that she was forced to have sex by one of my customers or told her to go to a man and prepare bed for him, let God punish me. All these things are allegations against me but I don’t care because my God is alive and I did not do any wrong to Ogechi by allowing her to live with me.

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