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What will Saturdays in Nigeria be without weddings? It has been unofficially written into the Nigerian constitution that after the stress of the week, Saturdays are the days for weddings. It is not unusual to see non-Nigerians get more excited about weddings. It is one of the major attractions to this beautiful country as it is almost like a tourist attraction. A lot of glitz, glamor, paparazzi and it has to be said, food make weddings an event to look out for.

That said, are you planning for an upcoming wedding? Have you heard of the best wedding printers in the whole of Lagos? If you have not, permit us to say that you are on a long thing. Kiakiaprint is here for you. We are an online print shop, the leading print and design company in Lagos. While we don’t stress ourselves over food, event planning and the other whatnots that makes up a successful wedding ceremony, for all your wedding prints, we’ve got you covered.

Be it wedding invitations, Save The Date Cards, paper bags, food and drink menus and a lot of other products, we are your go-to guys. This article highlights the products we offer as regards wedding stationery. Let’s dive in.


Why You Need Wedding Stationery

You may be asking yourself, “Will my wedding make more sense if I order for wedding stationery”. The emphatic answer would be YES, and here’s why. You wouldn’t want a wedding in which the groom goes missing. The groom should know the venue of his own wedding except he is having cold feet.

That’s on a lighter mood actually.  This goes for the guests as well. Ideally, you should like people to be aware and buzzing about your day unless you want a quiet ceremony with just a few friends and family.

Wedding invitations and Save The Date cards are a must. We cover prints for all types of cultural themes. Be it the typical Yoruba wedding full of culture and traditions, you can order for bespoke, tailor-made stationery. We also provide wedding materials for different tribes in Nigeria such as the Ibo, Hausa, Urhobo, Ijaw, Tiv, Idoma and so much more.

We respect cultural diversity at Kiakiaprint, which ensures that we add a touch of your culture and tribe to anything you ask us to print, as long as you want it. For your guests and well-wishers, souvenir items are advised. To this end, you are covered as well. Calendars, t-shirts and spiral notepads can be used to appreciate time for making time out of their busy schedules to honor you.


To package all these, you will need paper bags. We make that as well!

The couple is not left out as well. We have quality, full-color photobooks and canvas prints for you to keep your favorite memories and photos forever. We have taken stress away when it comes to weddings. All you have to do is use our platform. You can order for these products in a themed manner: where you have all items with the same design and colours.

We make use of different paper types of paper for your wedding invitations, so you have variety and spice at the same time. Some of the paper types we have are:

  • Matte paper
  • Glossy paper

You can also tell us any other preferred paper type. You speak, we listen.


Tips on Making Wedding Invitations Worthwhile

Wedding invitations are perhaps the most important thing when it comes to wedding stationery and can’t be brushed aside. To make your invitations stand out, here are some things you must consider. Come with us.

  • You must add adequate information

It has shown that wedding invitations sent out in Nigeria don’t have enough information. You wouldn’t want people disturbing you via calls for minor details not covered in the IVs. Details such as names of the couple, date, time and order of service are very important.

On our platform, you have three options when you order for invitations; you upload your design, engage the services of our extremely talented design team or make use of our templates. Our templates are beautiful, well-crafted and have the necessary information needed. All you have to is edit.


  • A bit of Calligraphy won’t hurt anybody

Always make your wedding invitations enticing. How do you go about this? One sure way of doing this is by adding calligraphy. Rather than use bland-looking, generic designs, make use of special handwritten or printed font styles. One quick question; would you prefer a well-crafted, bespoke invitation as opposed to one that is bland and unappealing? Your answer is known already.

  • Imprint of the Couple

Nigerian wedding planners often make the mistake of not thinking about the couple when it comes to the wedding day. Do you want to make your wedding the talk of town for a long time? Adding a personalized message can help do that. It can be at the front of the invitation or even at the back. Quick suggestions are in order then. You can add words professing love for each other or it could even be the first words you said to each other. Step out to make a lasting impression.

  • Make sure your cards are well-packaged

Ensure all the components of the wedding invitations such as reception cards, thank you notes, save the date cards and any other thing you might need are well-packaged. You wouldn’t want a sentimental person to jump on this. Imagine a sentimental individual receiving your invitations. As they try to open up the package, everything comes crashing down. They might say, “Not even said the wedding vows, and everything has come apart”. That was funny but you should try to avoid scenarios like this.


See Our Wedding Product Offerings

At very affordable prices, we have products that will make your special day even more memorable. Here are some of them:


Themed Wedding Stationery Package

Kiakiaprint offers you the opportunity to order for all your printed wedding stationery in the same theme: same style, colours, font, and design. Instead of printing IVs, t-shirts, paper bags and every other thing with different printing companies, we will print everything for you. This ensures design consistency with all your prints.


Wedding Invitations

A wedding is one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life. Starting at N34 900 for 100 copies, our wedding cards are made from high-quality paper and come in full colour. You can choose from our templates, upload your own designs or get a very special design from our graphics team at a very nominal fee.


Roll-up Banners

Create buzz and awareness about the magic of the day with our durable roll-up banners. They come with retractable stands and carrier bags. They are very easy to set up and can be placed at strategic locations at your wedding venue. We have a range of rollup banners that can serve this purpose. We print on big base and flex banners. Any one that works for you, you are covered.


Save The Date Cards and Magnets

Our Save the Date cards make people remember the day. You can gift family, friends and acquaintances and create that buzz and excitement. You can also order for Save the date magnets that people can place on any metallic surface. Add personalized text and images.

Get in touch with us and we do the rest. Think of this as an appetizer before the main course. Our cards and magnets are designed to capture all the necessary information your potential guests may require.


Food and Drink Menus

One thing synonymous with a typical Nigerian wedding is food. The success of a wedding can be judged on the amount, quality and effective distribution of food. To make this easier, we came up with a product called a Food and Drink Menu.

Its main function is to give your guests an insight into the different culinary delights available and the drinks they can make them refreshed or get them into the groove of things. Take the dining experience to sophisticated levels with these menus. Meals such as Starch and Ofe Nsala, Tuwo Shinkafa and the never-offending Amala and Gbegiri have found a new friend in the form of our Food and Drink Menus.


Paper Bags

We also have different types of paper bags depending on the size of souvenir items you would like to give your guests. We have the smaller sizes like the A4 and A5 sizes, while the X-Large and A3 sized are suited for bigger souvenir items. Add text and pictures that will be printed on the bags. Stay in the minds of your guests for a long time.

Thank You Cards

Appreciate all your wedding guests for taking time to come celebrate with you with our classy Thank You cards. Add your preferred text and choose from our list of templates. You can also upload your design or engage the services of our in-house graphics design team.


 Keep your wedding pictures and memories forever with our water-proof wedding photobooks. After a few years, you can look back, reminisce and laugh about all the pictures and the memories that they bring. We have different sizes and we also have different finishing options such as classic photo paper, matte, glossy and feather finish. The photobooks come in 30-paged and 50-paged. Upload your pictures, design online using our templates or hire our in-house designer. We print and ship to anywhere in Nigeria.

Souvenir Items

Are you thinking of giving your guests personalized souvenir items. Kiakiaprint has you covered. Appreciate your well wishers for taking time out to come honor you on your journey into lifetime marital bliss. You can order for t-shirts, stickers and calendars on our website.

Final Words

We hoped this article provided you with more information on how you make your wedding invitations stand out. We also hope that you discovered that with Kiakiaprint, everything as regards wedding printing is covered. Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime journey, so everything that is associated with it with it.

We have taken the stress of printing off you. All you have to do is check out our website or get in touch with us directly. We are the leading print and design company in Lagos and have done wedding prints for a lot a satisfied clients and couples. Engage our services and be rest assured you won’t be disappointed. It’s a promise and we stand by our word.

You can order for your wedding products by following this link

Also, check out our YouTube channel to see visuals of what we have been up to, our products and other fun stuff!

Contact us for your wedding prints via:

Telephone: (234) 809 1465 902, (234) 806 2846 650

Address:   8 Lawal Street, Jibowu, Lagos, Nigeria


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