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Some prophesies are driven by greed –Foursquare pastor



Some prophesies are driven by greed –Foursquare pastor

Rev. Joel Dunapo, zonal superintendent of Foursquare Gospel Church, Edu Agbara zone, Ogun State, told OLUWASEYIKEMI ANDREW, in this interview that some men of God are anointed with the power to prophesy but that may others many be doing that for cheap publicity.



How would you like to react to the political prophecies from men of God, especially on 2019 elections?
There are some that are real but the bible says ‘by their fruits you shall know them’. So, there are some men of God that God will speak to about how to choose and guard their nation and we can still experience these things. So, the truth is there are some men of God that are well known, men of integrity and we have known them all as far as Nigeria Christiandon is concerned that when they speak, it always come to pass. When God reveal things to them, they do it and it usually come to pass. So, there is nothing bad about that.

Do the prophecies have biblical backings?
Yes, we have a lot of them with biblical backing. When we go to the scriptures, the book of 1king 18:40, you discover that the days of prophet Elijah, when Ahab was soughting the desire of God as concerning God’s people, the prophet prophesy before the king and it came to pass because the bible says ‘for three and half years there shall be no rain as a result of a bad leadership, a bad rulership by the president who we call Ahab’. So, as it was in those days, the same still happen again.

If they don’t come true like most of the past ones, what happens to the credibility of the church and the pastors concerned?
Well, as far as God is concerned, one thing I know is that the ministers, at the same time, when such prophesy is revealed when they see such things they need to require from God, is it for a moment or for a short while or later? Because the individuals who are seeing this visions and revelations about the country, they should be specific when these will happen or be.

Many believe that the majority of them are driven by greed. Do you agree with this thinking?
I disagree with that because we have some well-known servants of God that have been blessed by God already. We have the likes of Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and these men of God are blessed. So, tell me, what do you think the political thing or politician in Nigeria is going to give them that will make them to say what God has not said? We have the like of the General Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, Rev. Felix Meduoye, so, what have they to do with that? They are men of prophetic grace, who speak with God, and will tell you precisely what the Lord said about the nation.
However, we also have to beware of others, those who are popular and well known to politicians. I call them minor ministers and at times minor pastors who are seeking for popularity and then for attention. Some of them will go to the internet but we know them. Some of those ones may be driven, like you said, by greed. Like I said earlier, by their fruits we shall know them. Only God knows who real prophets are, it’s not in my place to judge anybody.

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