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Bossladies Nest 35: In every woman is dove, viper



Bossladies Nest 35: In every woman is dove, viper


Alone in her room, Adele switched on Jay’s phone. The battery was almost dead. She plugged it to a charger and went to fasten her room door properly.


A phone rang. It was the other phone in the lady’s bag. She took the phone: ‘Aunty prophetess’ calling. She frowned. She dropped the phone on her dressing table and went to take a bath.


Immediately Debola stepped out of Jay’s gate, she realised that she didn’t leave with her handbag. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She had forgotten to pick it from the dining table, where she placed it when she was searching for the gate key. The fear of Jay’s wife meeting her in her home had eclipsed every other thought from her mind and she had hurried out of the house without her handbag.

The worst part was that she had no dime on her and her phones and house keys were in the bag. What would she do now? How would she leave this vicinity? Going back to Jay’s house was out of it. With his wife in there, it would be suicidal to attempt that. It wasn’t even safe to hang around that vicinity for too long.

She looked around her and noticed two guys in front of the next building watching her. There was no pretense, they had their eyes trained on her. Maybe they saw the manner she slipped out of Jay’s gate, she thought and quickened her steps. Shame washed over her. It was still dark but the street was well lit.


They could describe her, if need be. What if they were up to no good? The street was deserted. Once in a while, a vehicle would pull out of a house and head towards the estate gate. She knew she had to leave immediately, but how would she get home? It was still dark a bit, so hitching a ride would be pretty difficult, especially as she wasn’t a resident of the estate.

She moved out of the estate and tried to hitch a ride home. If only she had her phone with her!

The thought of the phone almost gave her a heart attack. Jay’s supposedly lost phone was in her handbag!

The prophetess was confused. She brought out her phone and checked the address Debola sent to her. Yes, she was on the street, and yes, she was standing in front of No. 11. The description fit what Debola sent to her – a pale green one-storey building with very high black roof.

She stared at the building. Could it be that Debola gave her a wrong house address? She doubted it. What could have happened? Was there a change of plan? Debola would have informed her. But…wait, her phone was switched off all night till this morning. There was no way Debola could have gotten across to her. What if Debola was in danger? What if Jay’s wife found her way inside the house and caught her? She shivered. She had warned her not to take a fight to a married woman’s house. She dialed Debola’s number the seventh time and it rang out again. It wasn’t funny anymore. She rang the bell on the gate the second time. She was sure there was a mix up somewhere. Debola must be in there. Maybe the man that came out the first time didn’t understand what she said.

She heard voices and turned. Two men were behind her.

“Who are you looking for?” One of them asked.

The suddenness with which they appeared rattled her. She stared at them. She could make out their faces despite the early morning harmattan haze.

“What do you want?” One of the men asked again.

“I’m er…em…I’m looking for somebody,” she stuttered.

“The somebody doesn’t have a name?” The one that spoke first asked.

“They have names. I just can’t remember,” she said.

It was true. She had suddenly forgotten the names. She couldn’t remember Debola and Jay’s names.

The men laughed.

“You mean you left your house this early in the morning to come look for people you can’t remember their names?” One asked.

“Leave this place immediately or you’ll regret coming here,” the other one said.

The prophetess didn’t wait to be told the second time. She scurried off.

The men laughed and moved back to the entrance of the
building facing Jay’s.

The prophetess retraced her steps to the estate gate. She was worried though. She wasn’t sure she had enough money to pay for her transport fare back home.

When the bell rang again, Adele wondered who could be at the gate that early in the morning. Well, she wasn’t expecting anyone and it’s most unlikely that someone could be looking for her, at least not that early in the morning.

Any visitor at the gate would have come to see Jay. Her phone beeped and she took it. It was a message from Bolan. Instead of replying the text message, she called him.

“Hello dear,” she said.
“My dream. How are you? How did it go? Are you inside the house?” Bolan asked.

She felt the concern in his voice.

“Yes dear. I’m in my room right now. It all went well. We’ll talk later,” she said gently.

“Ok my dream. I love you,” he said.

Adele smiled. Good men abound out there. Bolan was one of the angels among men.

She smiled again and said, “Bolan, you’re very, very dear to my heart. I really appreciate the love and care you’ve shown me. Thank you very much. I’ll call you again soon.”

“You’re welcome my dream. Will be waiting for your call, my love,” he said.

She ended the call immediately because she didn’t trust herself anymore. She had almost told him that she loved him. It was no lie. She had been trying to rein in her feelings for him and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her. As much as she tried to think of positives about her husband, Jay, she kept failing. Each time, only ugly things he’d done would come to come her mind.


She smiled again. Jay felt she was a fool. Maybe she was, really. She laughed. She really would make a good example of a fool. Jay certainly felt so too. To think that they felt she didn’t see the lady that ‘sneaked’ out through the gate as she drove in this morning! She laughed again.
“Adele, are you a fool?” She asked herself.


“Yes I am. No…I’m not,” she said, frowning.

“I’m not a fool. I’m a fool. No, I’m not. Yes, I am…” She argued with herself and burst into laughter.

Men feel that women are fools. But, really, women are no fool s . They are simply ‘long suffering’. Every woman is a viper and a dove in a relationship. Whichever the man gets depends on what he gives her!
Jay felt he and his bitch of a mistress fooled her this morning. Well, they were in for a shock.

She spread a newspaper on the floor and picked the handbag she saw on her dining table. She emptied its content on the newspaper and used a pen to wade through the lot. There were three tiny bottles with suspiciously looking liquid. One was slimy cream-coloured, another was blackish gray and the third was thick and clear. Her wallet contained her identity card. She picked it and froze. It was the same lady Jay was shopping for when she bumped into them in a boutique not long ago, the same lady Jay brought to the beach to spite her. That was the lady Jay brought into her house!

Debola Adegoke was a waitress in a restaurant. Adele usually had lunch in that branch of the restaurant once in a while! It wasn’t too far from her office.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. To think that she had been at the mercy of that lady each time she went to that restaurant to have lunch!

There w ere   some ‘papers’ among the lot in the bag. She picked them gingerly, spread them out and screamed. Her heart almost stopped beating that instance. The ‘papers’ were photocopies of the house documents. The land Adele bought in her own name and built! How did the document get into the bag of this lady? She checked the other sheaves of papers. They were Jay’s cars documents and few other unimportant papers.

Adele knew she was in trouble. What other things had Jay handed over to his bitch of a woman? His debit card and phone were also in the lady’s bag. So, he had practically handed over his life to her.


Adele realised that she could no longer afford to be docile. The dove would have to make way for the viper!

She took the documents, the lady’s wallet, the phones -both Jay’s and the lady’s- and other vital things and ‘poured’ the remaining things back into the bag and dump it on the floor near the door. The important things she packed into a paper bag and tossed into a drawer in her room.


She made herself a mug of tea, switched on the television set, made herself comfortable on the couch in her room and sipped her tea.

She needed to relax and clear her head. This was the best way she could do that right now.


Jay paced around his room. His mind was in turmoil. How did he get into this deep trouble? Was Debola’s handbag on the dining table or was it a mirage? He was so sure that he saw it. But what happened to it? He cast his mind back to when Debola slipped out through the gate. He wasn’t sure she had her handbag with her. If she didn’t have it with her, it meant she left it in the house and it meant he saw it on the dinner table and it was no longer on the table! He was confused. The thought was confusing too.


He paced around his room. He held his head with his hands, as if to hold it together.


As he moved about his room in pensive a  mood, he had the urge to ease himself. He went to the loo.


As he was trying to pass out urine, he felt a hard lump blocking the passage. He shivered. He held his man and gingerly pressed it, trying to push whatever was in it out. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead and coursed down his face in the chilly harmattan morning. He pressed delicately on, fear numbing his senses. At that moment, time stood still for him. As the thing got to the tip, he gave one final gentle squeeze and the thing popped into his trembling, waiting palm. As he stared at the object, his eyes rounded like the owl’s. He opened his mouth to scream and no word came out. He closed it and opened it again and nothing came out. Then, he started trembling like cocoyam leaf in a downpour….


Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!




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