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Djinn’s day out (1)



Djinn’s day out  (1)


Dave stared at his empty glass. He had downed the last drop of the red wine more than an hour ago. Never had he exceeded one bottle of wine anytime he needed something strong. Of course, until recently, he had always shared a bottle of wine with somebody. So, most times, he ended up not drinking more than a glass, depending on the capacity of his drinking partner. But of late, he had been drinking alone, and too frequently too.
He picked his phone and dialed a number and ended the call before it rang at the other end. There’s what is called pride and a man must have it, he thought.
“What pride are you holding on to?” A voice asked and he snapped out of his reverie.

He looked around him and found no one. It was his mind that was talking to him. He smiled. He wished he could confide in someone. He smiled again, knowing he would not talk about it; he would not be the one to reveal the shame. Unless Ujay decided to talk about it, he would not.
The whole thing sounded so unreal. The scene had replayed in his mind countless times.
He could remember the minute details of the happening that shattered his home.
That day, he had gone for his usual sport. He was in the hotel room, sipping from a glass of wine when his phone rang. He smiled as he recognised the caller. He had been expecting a call from him.
“Hello, is she here?” he’d asked as he answered the call.
“Good evening sir. Yes sir. She’s a new one. Very beautiful and mature. She’s also very shy,” a voice said at the other end.
“Shy? You know I don’t like them shy. I don’t like them with inhibitions. I like expressive ones. I told you to get me that last one. She’s everything I want in a woman,” he said into the mouthpiece.
“Sir, I couldn’t get her. I guess she has a client now because she isn’t answering my call. But try this new one. I’m sure you’d like her,” the voice said persuasively.
“Okay, send her up. I just hope she’s everything you said,” he said.
“She’s not here presently. She said it’ll take her about forty minutes to get here,” the voice said.
“Forty minutes? What the heck would I be doing alone here for forty minutes?” He asked angrily.
“I’m sorry sir, you usually call me to arrange it for you before you get here. But you were already here before I knew you were coming. I won’t just send any roadside bush meat to you sir,” the voice said.
“It’s okay. I’ll wait. She’d better be worth this wait,” he said and ended the call.
He had to end the call because his wife had tried to reach him thrice on the same line. Immediately he ended the conversation, his wife’s call came in again.
“Hello dear, hope there’s no problem?” He asked tenderly.
No dear. Good evening dear. I only want to ask if you’re coming back early today,” his wife said.
“Is that why you wanted to run down my phone’s battery?” He asked.

“I’m sorry my dear. I didn’t mean to annoy you. It’s just that I want to ask if I could go and watch a film at the cinema,” she pleaded.
He was taken aback. This was the second time she would make such a request in a month. Anyway, he wouldn’t be home early, so she could go. However, he decided that the next time she made that request, he would find a way to tail her to the cinema house.
“It’s okay dear. You can go. But don’t stay too long,” he told her and ended the call.

He would want to know the kind of films she was watching these days. She wasn’t really the cinema type, but he allowed her to go that evening, afterall, he wasn’t sure he would get home earlier than midnight. After granting her strange request the first time she asked, he had met her at home later that night, very tired. She didn’t want him near her at all that night and it was perfectly okay for him because he had had a very good time with a lay that was arranged for him. When, five nights later, he decided to have a tango with her, he got a much improved performance from her. She was no longer lying like a log of wood -deaf and dumb. When, at the peak of passion, he had urged her to be a bitch, she had responded a bit. He was surprised, but a bit worried too…
Well, for now, he had to wait for forty minutes for today’s lay. If she was good enough, he could spend the night with her. He was in his bad boy mood. He chuckled.
Dom had never disappointed him. He knew his kind of lay. Once or twice, he had sent a bush meat, but they were eager to learn. Whenever he was with a lay, he told her what he wanted. He loved them screaming and using the four letter words without inhibition. He wished his wife would learn to behave like a bitch behind closed door. Hmmmmmmmmm? Who would teach her? He laughed out loud and got out of his shirt and trousers. Then, he sipped his wine and flopped on the bed.
“Hello. Are you there? You really have to get here on time. I don’t want to keep him waiting. He’s my best client,” Dom said into the phone.
“I’ll try and get there on time. I had to tidy my home front first. I’m good to go now,” she said.
“Okay. Please don’t disappoint,” he said.

“I’ll try,” she said.
She had taken her time to dress up properly. Not being a makeup person, she had applied eyeshadow and lipstick sparingly. No matter what, she wouldn’t want to appear like a tart. She really didn’t want to do this.
She drove to a mall close to where she was going, parked her car and flagged down a cabbie to take her to the hotel. It was a very cool facility with a warm and classy ambience. Not the kind of place you find people loitering around.
The guy was not smiling when she met him. She got there ten minutes later than scheduled.

“I’m really sorry. You know you gave me a short notice. I’m really sorry,” she apologised.
He made a call on his mobile phone and sent her up to a room on the first floor.
“He’s having a shower. The door is not locked. Just go in,” he told her.
When she got to the door, she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before knocking. She wasn’t doing it because she wanted to. She also didn’t need the money. It’s just that…just that…
She knocked and waited. Then, she remembered she was supposed to open the door and walk in. She turned the doorknob and the door opened. She went in. There was no one in the room but water was running in the bathroom. She stood near the television.
Few minutes later, a guy came out of the bathroom wiping his head with towel. He had another towel tied loosely round his torso.
She opened her mouth to scream but no word came out, her eyes reverted on the figure before her and filled with fear and surprise.
“Oh my Gawd! Who did this to me,” he screamed, grabbing the towel which had loosened and slid off his torso.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Homer Betenbaugh

    December 31, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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