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Djinn’s day out 2



Djinn’s day out 2

Dave blinked his eyes a number of times. He wished he was seeing an apparition. But no, she stood there, her eyes as round as saucers. He wished he had magical powers that could turnaround this situation. He had woken up with a funny taste in his mouth which had stayed all day.


Brushing with charcoal toothpaste, rinsing his mouth a number of times with mouthwash had not removed the taste. He should have known that that indescribable taste foretold something unpleasant. And he hit his toe against the door twice today! The djinns must be out and about this season. He could not look her in the face. What! Ujay a whore?


This was too much for him to bear. He slumped on the bed, his hands on his head. How would he talk about this? Who would he tell? It would lower his esteem among family and friends. He that had nothing but scorn for perceived ladies of easy virtue found to be patronising them!


Death would be better than this, but he would choose life still. Why would he consider death? A man should not concede defeat to a woman! He mustered the courage and looked her in the eyes and felt like giving her the beating of her life. First, a few hard slaps should rearrange her brain. But would that be justified? He was in a mess and she was in a bigger mess.


But…why was he jumping to conclusion? He didn’t know why she was there. What if she acted on a tip off? Whatever, he knew it would do him good not to cause a scene here. He had a name to protect. He cursed Dom under his breath.


On second thought, he reasoned that Dom was just doing his business, discreetly procuring high profile ladies for men of means. He had never thought of asking how Dom got those beautiful, well-behaved ladies. He remembered Dom told him that the lady he was sending to him was a new one and a respectable lady of honour.


His adrenaline had been on overdrive. It would be fun to unleash his savagery on a new lady. He had wished his wife would go learn how to satisfy a man behind closed doors. She felt cooking delicious meals would keep him attached to her. When he heard the knock on the door a while ago, his man had sprang to attention for the excitement was physical. Immediately he beheld the object of his excitement, his man had slumped like an armed robber executed at the Bar Beach.


He stared at her, his mind a jumble of thoughts… Ujay stood rooted to a spot for a long while, wishing the ground would open and swallow her. She was still clutching her phone with which she wanted to take a picture of the beautiful bedside locker in the hotel room… She shouldn’t have done this! She knew it wasn’t right even from the first day she thought about it. It was just that she was desperate to satisfy him. Desperate?


She smiled in her mind while she trembled outwardly. She thought of all she had gone through and steeled her mind. One can only die once. “I’m highly disappointed in you. I feel so ashamed. What do I call this? What will people say when they hear this?” Dave suddenly said, jumping up.


Ujay stared at him. This wasn’t what she expected. The surprise was written all over here. “So, this is what you do when I go to work?” He continued. He was standing a few paces from her.


“And I guess this is your office,” she said, surprised at herself. She didn’t see it coming, for her mind was faraway, but the impact of the slap brought her back to reality. Her right hand flew to her stinging right cheek as tears welled up in her eyes. “How dare you! You slut! So, this is what you do in my absence? To think I’ve been living with a dog as wife! What would you say is your problem?


I take care of your every need. Why this? Oh my Gawd! Who did I offend? How did I get myself into this? How did I get married to a harlot? Haaaaaaaaaaa! This world is wicked, very wicked,” he said. When he stood up, the towel he tied round his waist had slipped to the floor but he didn’t notice.


Ujay stared at him, tears coursing down her cheeks. “The marriage is over. It’s over. Don’t ever step into my house again. Just go back to your useless family from here. If I set my eyes on you near my home, I’ll kill you,” he said quietly. “Baby please listen to me. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. This would have been my second time,” she pleaded, kneeling down. It would be better for him to kill her inside that room than for people to hear the abominable act she had committed.


“Who is your baby? If I hear that word from your mouth again, I’ll strangle you right here,” he said, whacking her face twice. Ujay tasted blood in her mouth. She spat out blood.


In her bid to clean her face, she noticed that her phone was switched to video and was on recording mode. She smiled within her and positioned it in a manner that got full shot of her husband in his birthday suit, without his knowledge. “Is it not better you kill me here? I’ll die gladly in your arms, knowing fully well I was trying to save my marriage because I didn’t want to lose you.


Each time we’re behind closed doors, you express your frustration with me. You want me to behave like a bitch, that that’s what turns you on. You told me the way bitches handle you behind closed doors kept you going back to them. You tell me to learn to behave like one, but you would not teach me.


How do I learn to be one when you refuse to teach me? How else would I do that if not by mixing up with bitches? It’s all right and good. I’ll leave your home. I’ll go back to my people. But mind you, I’ll never tell anyone why you drove me out of your house.


You’ll be the one to come and tell my family and your own family why we’re no longer living together,” she told him. She got up from her kneeling position. Her knees and cheeks ached. Dave stared at her, mouth agape. “You know what you just said is not true. You can’t prove anything.


You’re just a bitch that I was unfortunate enough to get married to. You’re a fake and you know it. Just leave my home. I can’t imagine living with a bitch,” he said. “All well dear, I’ll leave. But you’d have to convince your people that had to plead with you to allow me to attend family events,” she said, crying.


She turned the door knob, stepped out and closed the door behind her. She then leaned on the door, wiped her face and walked briskly away, blinded by tears. Dom saw her late. He was lounging in the garden when she walked out of the door towards the gate. His mind became alert. Why was she leaving less than an hour after she came in? And without informing him! Could it be that he didn’t like her? Could it be that they disagreed on payment? But she would have informed him before leaving.


Could she have harmed him and robbed him? Fear clutched his heart. Some of these women were dangerous. They could do anything to their clients. He sprinted towards the gate but before he got outside, she had flagged down a cab and entered.


He could just make out the rear of the cab as it pulled into the relatively traffic-free road. He made to get a cab to go after her but realised he needed to be sure his client was okay first. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed Dave’s number. It was not answered. He dialed it the third time and it rang out again.


Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he sprinted back into the hotel and took the stairs two at ago to the first floor. When he got to the door, he knocked twice and got no response. He turned the knob and the door opened. He rushed into the room and stopped dead on his track…




Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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1 Comment

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