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NANSY MRSHUSTLE: I dropped my law gown as it didn’t help me to express myself



NANSY MRSHUSTLE: I dropped my law gown as it didn’t help me to express myself

Nansy MrsHustle is a lawyer who abandoned her law degree and relocated to Nigeria to get job satisfaction in the entertainment industry. She told FLORA ONWUDIWE that the entertainment industry is not vibrant in Greece as it is in Nigeria. Excerpts…



How would you describe yourself?

Nansy MrsHustle is my nickname and a brand name; it means I am married to MrsHustle. I am a Greek based in Lagos. I had the brand name during my university days in Greece. I am in the entertainment industry; I run my own entertainment website. I do online promotions and management. I am an actress and a model.

What do you mean when you said you are married to MrsHustle?

Yes, MrsHustle is a nickname that has been following me from my University years in Greece because I was always working due to the fact that I wanted to be independent. I always wanted to make my own money which means, like I said before, I am married to MrsHustle.

What is your surname?

I don’t like to mention my surname; this is how I have been known – MrsHustle.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was very lovely because we had a city house in a country where I spent a lot of time close to nature. I come from a family of four, it was really lovely and I have a very fond memories.

How did your journey into acting begin?

I started with modelling but veered into acting about two years ago here in Nigeria. I had some working experience back home in Greece but acting actually started here in Nigeria, and so far I am doing very well. It is something that I love. And all the things I do are things that I love. I think I am blessed.

What did you know about Nigeria before coming here?

I grew up with Nigerians living in Greece and I heard a lot about Nigerians. What intrigued me in the first place was to get to know the country, the culture; so I was very well informed about the country before I came here.

How did your parents react to your coming to Nigeria?

Yes, they were concerned because I am a woman and it is not easy for a woman to make it anywhere in the world not to talk of Nigeria or Africa in general. However, it was not a big issue because they trust me and agreed.

But Nigerian Youths are looking for opportunities to leave their own country…

So many people asked me how come a white lady like me came here. I came down to make a living and to help people as well. Sometimes I don’t really know what to tell them, because they also ask me why Nigeria and not other African countries? I think my best response is, it is just destiny. What I really like about the country is its culture and people.

Why did you choose to go into acting when you had a very good career as a lawyer?

Yes, I hold two degrees. My first degree is in Law specialising in Criminal Justice; the second one is Socio Administration and Socio- Policy. It took me time to acquire both of them. When I went for the second one I strictly did it for myself. I was proving things for myself didn’t really care what the rest of the world would say. Anything I do, I make sure I try to improve on myself. In fact, while I was in Law School I was already working in the Nigerian entertainment industry, so by the time I finished from Law school, I was already working and making money in Nigeria. So the entertainment wanted me and I am always trying new things on my website and with my promotions. If I really feel good about something I will go for it and make sure I keep getting better every day. I am not afraid of trying new things

Was it because of job satisfaction that you abandoned law?

No, it was not about that. I had always been an actress even when I was in the university. I was always getting high grades. Law chased me out, that is the best way I can describe it. I don’t think it is that creative; it does not give you the opportunity to express yourself as a person. During my undergraduate days I went into it and I made sure I did what I liked. Maybe sometime in the future I will go back to it.

As a lawyer did you ever practice or defend a case in the court room?

Yes, I practiced in Greece and I had a case that was a civil one which I defended and won; that was the first and last in Greece.

How did you blend so easily with the people who are not of the same race, culture in the industry?

I think diversity is very necessary in all occupations, same with acting; it is very interesting working with people of different colour and having people of different races come together to do something beautiful. And so far it has been a wonderful experience. I don’t really see myself as a white lady, I see myself as a Nigerian in white skin.

Has any producers in Nigeria tried to take advantage because you are a white woman and demand sex before casting you in their Movies?

I have not seen such a thing because I am a well-known person in the entertainment industry from way back even before I started acting and modelling like I said before. I have been into music and promotion for so long especially the music aspect where so many people got to know me. I am not the kind of person they will try such a thing with because I don’t give them space for such a thing.

Could you share the craziest roles you ever acted in?

I have not really acted in any crazy roles yet, but I am hoping to try new things. I think the craziest things so far that I have done are just my Instagram comedy videos.

Could you recall any roles you played that were so challenging and memorable?

I think the roles I have acted so far are lovely; but I am still looking forward to that role that is so challenging as a person more than as an actress.

How vibrant is entertainment industry in Greece?

Is it as vibrant as Nollywood?

I think Nigeria has more vibrant entertainment scene than Greece. Any field is beside entertainment it is not easy to make it, you have to really believe in yourself, pull all the means that you have and just do your best every day.

What do you call entertainment industry in Greece?

There is no specific name for the industry. Of course they do have their own entertainment industry, but they run their own in their own way.

What is the role of Greece government?

Has it really helped the industry? I think it is more of a private sector thing; the government is not supporting the industry. I think it is the same way in Nigeria, all the productions are 95 percent produced by them, except it is a documentary; they are referred as movement.

As a pretty woman, how do you handle men when they make advances to you?

I think generally it should not bother women when men approach them but I am the type of woman that really focuses on protecting myself from the crowd. So, I don’t really have time for such. I am really interested in business; if you have business for me good, anything else I am cool towards it.

Now if any young Nigerian man asks for your hand in marriage, would you wholeheartedly accept him?

If I happen to meet that special man and he happens to be a Nigerian why not? I don’t have a problem and he can also be from anywhere in the world.

Before you consider a script, what do you really look out for?

What is really important to me is who is directing the movie because he is responsible for everything. He is the one making things happen in the industry, a good director must be good at his job and I have featured in the three movies so far.

Are you fashion freak as a person?

I worked as a fashion stylist for years but in Greece, I don’t like following trends.I like having my own style in everything I do.

What’s your favourite food?

I have some foods that I like; I like vegetable soup, yam and plantain.

You are one of the plus size women making statements for other women who are not bold to express themselves and flaunt their plus size shape. How do you enlighten them they are wonderfully made?

The choice of everyone differs. As a person, I have my principle, you cannot please everyone that is the truth, and different people out there have their standards of likes and dislikes. So I can’t really bother myself, I think it is very important for a woman whatever size she is, to feel comfortable in her own skin. If you approach a woman on the plus size, her response has always been a disappointment. I have not been a plus size all my life. I think these women in Nigeria they really need a voice and be represented. I am proud to be one of these women that can speak for them and as a plus size model myself I really want to talk and analyse so m a n y i s s u e s that the plus size w o m a n is facing in the Nigeria Society not to talk of in fashion and beauty. I think it is not right to define a person or value them by their size. Plus size is not a disease, just make sure that you look good and you feel good, whatever size just make sure you live a healthy life. Because we have big women that are healthy just the same way we have skinny women that are not healthy.

The disadvantage that the plus size women have is that men don’t easily get attracted to them…

I think in all the size that I have been, men have been attracted to me. Some of the negative comments I get sometimes and I think also that is very funny and ironic for a Nigerian man to claim he likes a skinny girl when his own wife, sisters, relations, ex-girlfriends, mother are junkies, because in Nigeria and Africa there are junky women. But when he goes out he makes comments about plus size women. I feel that is unacceptable to me because at the end of the day it is not what he really he wants. Every woman out there she should feel what it takes to go out and represent women and I don’t support only plus size community, I support every size. You should go out there as a woman and bring out your best so far and go for what you really want and get it.

Your advice to the Nigerian youth?

You should know what is best for you, feel your passion, and when you realise it, go for it. Let no one stop you because it is really important to believe in yourself because if you do not believe nobody is going to do it for you .

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