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Yinka Best celebrates Esther Ajayi, King Sunny Ade



Yinka Best celebrates Esther Ajayi, King Sunny Ade

Unarguably, United Kingdom based founder of Cherubim & Seraphim, known as Love of Christ Generation Church, Reverend Mother, Esther Ajayi, is one of the most celebrated individuals around at the moment and this honour is coming her way based on her exemplary gesture. In the same vein, top Juju singer, Yinka Best has lent his voice to join those blowing the trumpet of the woman of God through a track in one of his three albums ready for release, ‘The Great Legends’, in which he eulogized her for her virtues. Best also sang praises of King Sunny Ade in the same album.


Reverend Esther, who is also called Mother Theresa of our time, aside preaching the gospel is also very dedicated to humanitarian work, with giving as her core even as she preaches peace wherever she finds herself. Explaining reasons behind his decision to eulogize the woman, Best says ‘Reverend Mother Ajayi has been a blessing to Africa and to the world as a whole. She is a good woman. There are people like her but they don’t act the way she does. If those privileged like her do what she does, life will be lot easier for us in Nigeria. She’s a philanthropist to the core, she wants better life for everyone and that is the reason I recorded a track to honour her. She’s one of the best things that ever happened to Africa’.

On why he included King Sunny Ade in the song, he says, ‘King Sunny Ade is my father, he loves the younger ones and particularly, he has been there for me. He has done things many never thought he could do for me. So, I felt he deserves to be celebrated. He’s a legend and has contributed immensely to the society through his songs’.


Since it’s been a while Yinka released an album, he decided to release three at a go this time. They are titled, ‘The Great Legends’, ‘Dancing of Joy’ and ‘Lift me Up’. The albums are being planned to be launched in a grand manner, where dignitaries and people from all walks of life are expected to be present. The event slated to hold on 10th February at 10 Degrees event Centre, Oregun is also designed to have top music acts on list of performance. Some of top musicians that are excepted to be in attendance are Ebenezer Obey, KSA, Kollington, Salawa, Kwam 1 Pasuma, Lanre Teriba and many more.

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Body & Soul

I hope you find yourself



I hope you find yourself


dele stewed as she lay on the bed. She was back at home after the beach party. She had danced so much to weary herself so she would jump into bed and sleep off when she got home. Alas, it didn’t work. Sleep was far from her eyes though her bones were tired.


It was past 10pm. She got home around 7pm and had taken an unhealthy dose of red wine, after moping her kitchen -all to knock herself out. She was half stewed, she knew it, but the clarity of her mind that moment startled her.


She toyed with the idea of calling Jay to find out where he was, but quickly perished the thought. When would she wrap her mind around the fact that Jay didn’t care about her anymore, that he preferred his mistress? When he’d knocked the silly lady up and brought her home for marriage?


She shook her head, willing the thought and the reality to vanish. She sighed.


She had to get her man back! She had never seen herself messing around with another man, despite the fact that Jay kept pushing her in that direction. Would she start that now she was knocking on a bit?


Bolan’s face loomed in her mind’s eyes and she smiled. Bolan! So caring and understanding. He looked so much like her brother, Kerr. Kerr, married to a Caribbean beauty, died seven years ago, leaving behind three grown children in their late twenties to early thirties. He lived in Canada with his family. Karen -his widow- and his children usually visit Nigeria annually till date.


Bolan reminded her of Kerr! She was beginning to love Bolan the way she loved her brother.


She shook her head again and picked her phone, dialed a number and listened.


The phone rang out. She dialed the number again and again. She was lucky the fourth time. It was answered.


“Dear, it’s past 10pm. You should be home,” she said.


“Are you now a monitoring spirit monitoring my movement?


“No dear, I’m just concerned that you’re not home yet and it’s getting very late,” she said..


“You’re concerned? Why do you like to spoil my evenings? I’m having a swell time here. Thanks for calling. If it’s too late, I sleep where I am. No law says I must come home every night. Or, is there? I’m being taken care of very well where I am,” he spat.


Yeah, Jay was being well taken care of. In his birthday suit, he was savoring the joy of a good ride which his lady gave him a while ago.


His mistress, who had gone into the restroom, was smiling as she dabbed some odorless oil behind her ears and smothered a creamy stuff on her cave of wonder. She smiled again.


Jay was also smiling in the room. They had been daring and gone the whole hog without a sheath. It was sheer bliss. He stroked himself as he awaited his mistress, while on the phone with his wife. His mistress had been too creamy today. She had never been like this. Oh Lard! He was hooked! Hooked, hooked, hooked! He breathed into the phone and wished Adele would end the call.


Adele was taken aback. Although she didn’t know what to expect from her hubby, she certainly didn’t expect this bile.


Each time her mind dwelled on things that weren’t noble, she would try to steer it towards good thoughts. That was what she had tried to do now.


Despite her half stewed state, his words stung! Here she was, trying to stitch a marriage that was obviously in tatters and her hubby appeared bent on snapping the weak cord that was holding it loosely together.


“Look Jay, you’re evil! You have been leading me on the part of suicide. You almost succeeded. Mind you, I said almost. You have failed. I will not commit suicide and I will not allow you to kill me. You obviously want me dead but I refuse to die. Whoever wants me dead will die and I will attend the person’s funeral, you heard me? Stay wherever you like. Sleep there, if that makes you happier,” she said.

“No Addy. You can’t say that. How can I want you dead? That’s not true, you know that. Please, do not say that please,” Jay said.


His tone was a bit conciliatory but Adele was so worked up she didn’t notice.


She fired on, “I was in this house when you left home this morning. You didn’t inform me that you were going out. It’s not as if I expect you to take permission from me when you’re going out. But I’m your wife for crying out loud. Even if you don’t regard me as one, we live in this house together. If anything happens to you, I’d be the first person everybody will come to. Each time I’m going out, even to office, I tell you. But you will just get dressed and go out without informing me. When I woke up this morning, you had left home. Despite the fact that I had mentioned CeeCee’s birthday to you before, I still called you on the phone to inform you I was going for her beach party, but you didn’t answer my call. I sent you a text message, giving same information and telling you the venue and time of the party. What did you do? You showed up on same beach at same time with your bitch of a woman. You knew all my friends would be there and you came to show off your new found love. To make me a laughing stock, I guess. Huh! You’ve achieved your aim. I know you ain’t coming home tonight. You need not come up with your usual tale of taking ill. Stay with her. You’ve obviously made up your mind. You can come pack your things. Mtcheeeeeew!”


She ended the call and fumed for a while. She needed to talk to somebody. At a time like this, her children would be able to calm her down. As she made to dial her daughter’s phone number, she stopped. Talking to her could scare her from marriage. If she would talk to her children, she would tell them the truth, wart et al. She was afraid it could affect them. She decided not to talk about it, at least, not for now. Maybe when it became absolutely important.


She dialed her bestie, Blossom’s number and it rang out. She must have slept, it was close to midnight.


She found herself dialing a number she wouldn’t have called at that time of the night.


“Hello, what a surprise! Hope you’re good,” intoned the husky voice.


“You’re not yet asleep?” She asked, surprised at her question.


“I should ask you that. What is my beautiful woman doing up this late in the night? Why this late call? Hope no problem?” Bolan asked.


“There’s no problem dear. I just want to let you know we can have lunch tomorrow and on Monday, being a public holiday,” Adele said.


“Tomorrow and Monday? Double luck. Thank you so much dear. But you should have sent a text message, it’s too late for you to place a voice call to me. You’ll get into trouble with your man,” he said.


She laughed silently. She wished there was a man to get into trouble with. She could do with any trouble right now. The loneliness and heartache were killing.


“It’s okay dear. I’ll call you in the morning. Do have a good night rest,” she said..



“I appreciate this call, my woman. I have a feeling that I’m getting lucky with you. Do sleep well, bearing in mind that someone loves you,” he said.


Bolan was excited. Adele calling him this late to accept his lunch date offer, not for one day, but for two days, showed he had thawed the ice. Then, she used the word, ‘dear’ twice! This was the first time she’d said that to him. He smiled. He was really gonna have a good night rest.


Meanwhile, Adele wished she could have a good night sleep! Would she be able to sleep at all this night? She doubted it. Her mind was vexing. Jay! After all she had borne just to keep her home!


She tossed and turned on the bed. After a while, she picked her phone again and surfed the Internet. She needed to engage her mind with something else or she would run mad.


As she browsed, she came upon a quote that made her cry. Tears ran down her cheeks. She could see herself in the message. When she read to the end of the long quote, she sat up, startled. The quote attributed to Natalie Peralta was actually speaking to her…and to Jay. Yeah.


She munched it and smiled.



After reading it the third time, she copied it, changed the last sentence to upper case and sent by WhatsApp to Jay. Immediately she sent it, she felt a surprising calm and yawned. Few moments later, she was fast asleep.



Adele’s outburst shocked Jay. For once, he felt sorry. He knew he’d been treating her badly. His phone beeped. He checked. It was a WhatsApp message from his wife. He clicked on it and read:


“I hope you find someone who smiles at you every time you walk in the door. Who finds beauty in your scars. I hope you find someone who never leaves you guessing. Someone who lets you know for certain how they always feel about you. I hope you find someone who never hesitates to love you. Who doesn’t just give you pieces of their time but it’s entirety. I hope you find someone who knows just how special you really are. How your soul needs to be loved. I hope you find someone who is your biggest supporter. Who doesn’t just seek attention, but gives it in return. But mostly, I HOPE YOU FIND ALL OF THESE THINGS IN YOURSELF, FIRST, SO THAT YOU CAN BE READY FOR THIS TYPE OF LOVE!”



As he got to the last sentence, he felt really bad, like a demon. How could he have been so insensitive to his wife’s feelings. He must find a way to make up with her!


As he was thinking of the best way to start patching up with his wife, the restroom door opened and his mistress walked out in her birthday suit. Her eyes were shiny, her face wore a strange smile. All thoughts of his wife vanished. She was smiling at him. Jay stared at her, pleasant watts of electricity sparked in his whole being and his man unfurled slowly like a snake slithering languidly in the sun. She seemed to be sucking him in. He waited with bated breath as she literally glided into bed, rolled over and fastened her lips on his ‘man.’ He arched forward and she gently pushed him back. Having sent him insane with her tongue on delicate part of his V section, she slowly ran her tongue up, over his belly to his chest, up his neck to his chin. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. When their lips met, he felt something akin to electric shock and an animal sound escaped his mouth. With mouths locked in that electrifying poise, she gently raised herself a bit and slipped the turgid him into her abnormally slippery wet cave of wonder. Jay bleated as they made that contact and she smiled. Jay bleated, and bleated, and bleated….






Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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Bed Work & Life

Season drives narrative



Season drives narrative


dele sat away from the ‘maddening’ crowd, thinking about life, about her hard luck in marriage. She stared into space, not feeling the activities around her. She relived her encounter with her hubby, Jay, and his mistress for the umpteenth time and a wiry smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She shook her head slowly, trying to shake off the pain. It did work somehow for it seemed that the boulder which lodged at the centre of her heart lifted slowly of its own accord. She pulled herself together, reminding herself that the eye would never weep blood. No matter how painful the ache was, tears would always remain tears, not blood. She came for a birthday party on the beach with her friends; her plan was to relax, relax she would.


She looked around her and her face broke into a smile. It was a beautiful day. She just noticed! She picked out her friends with her eyes. They were dancing to youthful tunes by the very talented Nigerian musicians. Her doctor had recommended dancing as a form of exercise since she was lazy with keeping appointments with her trainer at the gym.


“Since you love music so much, you can dance every morning. Ten minutes of shaking your body every morning will do you good,” her doctor had told her.


Yeah, music is food for the soul. She realised she could make it food for her body too. If she couldn’t get the required dose of ‘adult exercise’ from her hubby, she could keep her body in form by dancing.


She smiled as the beat seeped into her. She nodded her head to the beat for a while, then stood up, dusted her arse and began swaying from side to side as she watched her friends wiggle on the beach sand.


“Oya wo!” The speakers blared and the atmosphere became charged.

“Won ba e wi n’ibi wo! Ma lo se bi ogoro wo!…Oya jo bi mummy wo! Oya jo bi daddy wo! Ma lo jo bi olosi wo!”



She didn’t know the lyrics, she needn’t know what Olamide was ‘spewing’ effortlessly. The rhythm got her, the beat of the song produced by Young John who tagged himself “the wicked producer” was arresting. It reminded her that Nigeria is blessed with talented beat makers, most of whom were not celebrated because the limelight was always beamed on the singers.

“Wo! Life is short like knickers…” The speakers blared.


The song got the better of her and she found herself gravitating towards her friends who were dancing with abandon. She slung her messenger bag over her head, across her chest. In no time, she was in the midst of her friends, twisting and turning to youthful beats.


She didn’t mind if she was dancing in or out of tune. Who cared? She closed her eyes and twisted her waist, bending as low as her almost stiff knees could allow her without aching. Yeah, she needed to dance more to make her joints more pliable. She shuffled to the beat. No one cared, everyone was dancing.


How wrong she was! Few metres away, two pairs of eyes were trained on her. They twisted their necks at odd angles to get a better view of her as she weaved in and out of her crowd of friends.



Of course, Adele was oblivious to the eyes that followed her every move. She had just discovered a world where only her existed. Her worries and fears dissipated as she twisted and turned.

She opened her eyes slowly as she felt the pressure on her arm increased. It was Blossom.


“What’s it, sis? I’m having a swell time here,” Adele laughed.


“I can see that, dear sis. But turn slowly and look towards your left. Don’t stop dancing. Pretend you didn’t notice any thing,” Blossom told her quietly.


“What’s it?” Adele asked, slowing down her steps.


“No sis, don’t stop dancing. Dance on. Just look towards your left…” Blossom said.



Adele did as she was told, casually twisting to her left. For a fleeting moment, she lost her balance but regained it immediately. She smiled at Blossom and began to wiggle her waist vigorously to the beats. She raised her hands and tried some moves that her shy self would only have done in the confines of her bedroom, with her mirror as the only spectator.


“That’s the spirit, my dear sis. Shame those who plan to shame you dear,” Blossom told her.


Adele smiled. She wasn’t pretending. She was enjoying herself.


“Let him stew on his arse. I can’t kill myself because of a hubby who doesn’t remember I exist. If he could bring his mistress to a place I told him I would be, then, there’s no reason I should continue to cry. As for the mistress, hmmmmmmm, I pity her. The cane the husband used in flogging the first wife is hung at the door, waiting for the new wife. I really have nothing against her. River Ulasi does not swallow whose feet she didn’t see,” Adele said stoically, threw back her head and laughed out loud.


Blossom joined and the two friends danced into the crowd.


“You’re such a good dancer. Very youthful. I watched you dance,” Bolan told Adele.


It was about an hour later. The merrymakers were seated and feasting on well prepared meals and choice wines.

“Oh ho? Me good dancer? I was just shuffling on the dance floor,” Adele said, twinkle in her eyes.


“I love your dance steps. Very mature moves,” Bolan said.

“So, instead of dancing, you were busy watching an old lady do some clumsy steps in the sand?” Adele asked with laughter.


“Hey! You ain’t an old lady and your steps weren’t clumsy. I wasn’t the only one watching you. A couple was also watching you. The man became so enamored by your moves that his wife quarreled with him. I was amused. It wasn’t funny,” Bolan said.


They laughed. Adele had an idea who the ‘couple’ would have been. No other than her hubby and his mistress! She has seen them too. She laughed loud and long.


She looked around. What if her hubby was still around? What if he saw her sitting and talking comfortably with a man? Would he leave his mistress and come for her? She felt uneasy. She also felt that jay would not leave his mistress and come for her. It was obvious that they were too attached to each other. She felt a heaviness in her heart.


“Adele, can we have dinner, just you and I? I really need to talk to you…you alone,” Bolan asked her, dragging her back to the present.


She paused and looked deep into his eyes and looked away. This was the first time they were this close to each other. What she saw in his eyes jarred her. She felt a lump in her throat.

“Not today,” she rasped, for her voice failed her.


Her eyes stung. She prayed that the dam wouldn’t break.


“I know. We can have it tomorrow or Monday since it’s a public holiday. We can even do lunch. Just pick the one that’s most convenient for you. Do this for me dear,” he said soberly.



“It’s okay. Let’s talk about it later. Will make out time either tomorrow or the day after. Will inform you,” she said briskly, trying to mask her feelings.


“As your Lordship pleases, my dear,” he said.


She lost control. The tears came rolling down her cheeks and she cursed under her breath. Had she been so broken that she couldn’t control her feelings in public anymore?


Bolan was alarmed. He gathered her his arms. She hid her face in her palms and sobbed on his chest. He held her loosely and allowed her to sob. It was better she purge her mind of whatever was bothering her. He patted her back. That was the first time he had gotten this close to her. He buried his face in her hair. She smelt so fresh and sweet. He brushed his lips on her hair at intervals as he rocked her. Gawd! He was in love with this woman!


When she had ceased heaving against his chest, she raised her head and managed a smile as she looked into his face. Her eyeliner had smudged in places.

He kissed the tears on her face and tasted salt. He smiled and brushed his lips lightly on hers.


She smiled into his face, a genuine smile that it up her face and flooded his heart with sugary feelings.



“You want to talk about it?” He asked her.


She shook her head.

“It’s okay dear. Just get yourself together,” he said gently.


He put his palm under her chin and lifted her face. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were still shining with residue tears…


He brought down his face and their lips locked briefly.

He felt her stiffen and withdrew. He wanted to kiss her until she yielded but held himself back. He needn’t rush it. He wanted her and would get her in due time.



Adele’s mind was in turmoil. That brief kiss fired her body awake. She was almost weak at the knees! She was grateful that he went no further. She knew she wouldn’t have been able to resist him if he had pushed just a wee harder.


“Touch up your face dear,” he said.


His voice was a bit hoarse and deeper. It added to his sexiness.


Adele brought out a mirror and wipe from her bag and cleaned the smudges around her eyes.

“Better?” She asked him.


“Best,” he responded.


She smiled at him and felt very happy.


“Let’s go and dance dear,” he said.


She smiled. He smiled also….



Let’s continue this journey here in Sunday!


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Body & Soul

Dapo Abiodun’s ‘12 temple’ attracts concern



Dapo Abiodun’s ‘12 temple’ attracts concern

The philosophy that change is an inevitable occurrence in anything aptly applies to what the situation around the man, Prince Dapo Abiodun, who just occupied Oke-Mosan government house in Ogun State as the number one indigene of the state. Until his involvement in the governorship race became more pronounced and intense, Dapo would readily come to mind as a business man who specializes in oil deals.

As a business man, only cynics would doubt his ability to turn things around for good as the facts is there staring anyone in the face. However, Dapo may have had his glittering business profile bruised slightly as one of his business concerns seems to be proving the governor cannot always get it right as far as business is concerned. Many will still remember how the boss of Heyden Oil staged mother of all gigs some two years ago when he tuned 57 years. It was practically a shutdown celebrating the anniversary as all trappings of affluence and riches were deployed in no small measure to make a lingering statement. The party which had Tee A as the compeer had governors, former governors and captains of industry in attendance.

Choice champagne, exotic cognac and fine wine flowed freely as well canapes and good food. There was no dull moment as the DJ jammed all through. Venue of event at Ikoyi was so packed that guests flowed to the swimming pool area.
It was actually a two celebration packed in one event. Aside of the birthday celebration, Prince Dapo also declared open a new lounge meant for high society, 12 Temple.

With the founder’s class and influence, especially the monumental way it was commissioned, many predicted great times ahead for the hospitality business, but contrary to that, the situation has been the opposite as loud quietness that replaced supposed beehive of activities have made some to wonder if Dapo had not made a wrong move by setting up the lounge that cost a fortune. Meanwhile, while some are of the view that it’s only a matter of time the lounge will seize to exist, others feel this is the time the facility will thrive as the influence of the proprietor as a governor might have a positive effect in the whole calculation.

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Body & Soul

Gbenga Daniel reclaims mouthwatering property



Gbenga Daniel reclaims mouthwatering property

These are certainly great times for two-term former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel as he took back the possession of his yet to be completed hotel building eight years after it was taken over by the recently concluded administration led by Senator Ibikunle Amosun. The former governor was said to have betrayed emotions as he resulted to tears when he visited the site recently. In what the Daniel camp alleged was a witch hunt taken to extremes over political differences, Amosun refused all entreaties by major stakeholders to release the hotel.

Despite some court orders in Daniel’s favour, Amosun remained obstinate as the Certificate of Occupancy on the land was revoked and not returned for several years. There was even talk of moves to take over the structure and convert it to a state utility.

However, while the engineer turned politician is happy to be alive to repossess his possession courtesy of the newly inaugurated governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, he’s saddened at the level of rot the property has recorded even as lots of expensive fittings have been looted due to the negligence of the government that placed a seal on it.

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Body & Soul

Great expectations as John Abebe sets for mum’s burial



Following news of John Abebe’s mother’s burial that filtered in, the high society is agog and its dweller ready to storm Edo State to identify with their own as he bids his late mother farewell in a manner it was learnt will be grand. Madam Theresa Omosebhoa Abebe who passed away in December last year at the ripe age of 89 will be buried in matter of weeks.

Mrs. Abebe was the wife of Dr. Christopher Abebe, the first Nigerian Chairman/Managing Director of United African Company, UAC, and Chairman, Nigerian Breweries Limited. She was a kind and compassionate wife and mother who inculcated the values of hard work, dedication, and humility into her children from an early age. Her home education was the platform that John and his siblings used to launch themselves into successful careers.

John Abebe is the first Nigerian in deep offshore oil exploration. He successfully brought British Petroleum and Statoil into the Nigerian oil scene in 1991. He is a distinguished Alumni award winner of the University of Lagos and the first and only African and Nigerian to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement award of the International Cricket Council.
The late Madam Theresa Abebe was the mother of Stella Obasanjo, the late former first lady who died from surgery complications about one month to her 60th birthday anniversary.

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Body & Soul

Fifi Ejindu missing in action



Although she’s in her fifties but this society lady cum business woman is so blessed that nothing suggests she’s getting advanced in age.


Until a few years ago, she used to be very popular on the social scene. For reasons best known to her, she took a backseat. A former close friend of Nkiru Anumudu, the duo fell out many years ago and have yet to reconcile despite concerted efforts to ensure the same.


Despite relocating to Abuja several years ago and maintaining a steady presence on the social scene in Lagos, her absence at functions hosted by her ilk in recent times has not gone unnoticed.

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Celeb Lounge

Dipo Diya rolls out drum at 75



Dipo Diya rolls out drum at 75

Lt. General Oladipupo Diya recently added another year to clock 75. With a lot of achievements to show for his earthly sojourn and the miraculous way he escaped death some years back, the Odogbolu, Ogun State-born decided to go all out to celebrate. A lot of eminent Nigerians stormed Lagos, penultimate weekend to felicitate and show gratitude to God on behalf of the birthday boy. Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, led array of important personalities to grace the occasion.


Lieutenant General Oladipo Diya was born on April 3, 1944 to the late High Chief Michael Oyetola Diya and late Chief (Mrs.) Racheal Tanimowo Diya. He was enrolled in Yaba Methodist School in January 1949 for his primary education and completed it in 1956.


He moved to Odogbolu Grammar School where he finished 1962. He started his military career in 1963 when he was admitted to Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), Kaduna. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in March 1967. He thereafter rose to different positions in the Army. He was appointed Military Governor of Ogun State in January, 1984. In August 1985, he became a member of the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) and was appointed Commandant, National War College.


In 1993, he became Chief of Defense Staff, and the same year, he was appointed the Chief of General Staff and Vice-Chairman of the Provisional Ruling Council (PRC) that is Military Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria



General Diya took time off to study Law at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and Ahmadu Bello Univerity, Zaira respectively. In 1996, General Diya obtained a Doctorate Degree in Law (Honoris Causa) from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

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Celeb Lounge

Florence Ajimobi clocks 60



Florence Ajimobi clocks 60

Although the out-going governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi failed to secure a place at the red chambers of the National Assembly at the just concluded elections, that did not stop the first family of Oyo from basking in the euphoria that their matriarch recently added another year to clock milestone age of 60.


The outgoing First Lady of Oyo State, Florence Ajimobi recently turned 60. Making the day a memorable one, a classy and glamourous thanksgiving service was held in honour of the birthday girl.



On hand to rejoice with Oyo’s first family were the Wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo; Wife of Ekiti State governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi; her Imo State counterpart, Mrs. Nkechi Okorocha; Wife of Ogun State Governor-elect, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun; and Wife of the immediate past governor of Osun State, Mrs. Sherifat Aregbesola, among other dignitaries

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Celeb Lounge

Ebenezer Onyeagwu turns new bride



Ebenezer Onyeagwu turns new bride

Zenith Bank no doubt has been the centre of attraction in the last few days. That is because there’s been a change in the leadership of the top financial institution.


Following elapse of tenure of Peter Amangbo as the point man, Ebenezer Onyeagwu has become the toast following his appointment as the new Group Managing Director/CEO of Zenith bank. Ebenezer’s appointment as the new head is out of adherence to the bank’s tradition and succession strategy of grooming leaders from within. Ebenezer Onyeagwu is a vastly experienced banker and financial expert, trained in reputable institutions of learning in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and United States of America.


Onyeagwu is an Accounting graduate from Auchi Polytechnic. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989 during his National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) days and was named a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA) in 2003.


He has almost three decades experience in the banking industry in Nigeria. He joined Zenith Bank Plc in 2002 as a Senior Manager, in the Internal Control and Audit Group of the bank. His professionalism, competence, integrity and commitment to the set objectives of the bank saw him rise swiftly between 2003 and 2005, first, as Assistant General Manager, then Deputy General Manager, and eventually as General Manager of the bank. He was named Executive Director of the bank in 2013.


He became Deputy Managing Director of the bank in 2016. Onyeagwu has been on the board of Zenith Bank Ghana, Zenith Pensions Custodian Limited, Zenith Nominees Limited and African Finance Corporation (AFC) within the last six years. In AFC, he serves on the Board Risk & Investment Committee (BRIC) and Board Audit & Compliance Committee (BAAC). At Zenith Bank Ghana, he chairs the Board Credit and Governance Committees.


He brings to his job strategic thinking, inspirational leadership, energetic and entrepreneurial skills. He is married with children.

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Celeb Lounge

Tale trails Tunde Ayeni’s gesture



Tale trails Tunde Ayeni’s gesture

Billionaire businessman, Tunde Ayeni, who was the former chairman of the rested financial institution, Skye Bank, for some time now has been battling rough times.

He’s had a few unpleasant encounters with the anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC in recent times. Ayeni has been picked up a few times over different fraud allegations.

He spent some few days in the custody of the agency last time he was picked up.

Meanwhile, various reasons have been adduced to his ordeal from different quarters. While some are of the opinion the lawyer cum businessman is basically reaping what he has sown, others are alleging witch-hunting from some powerful politicians in the south-west.

Recently, Ayeni was sighted at the thanksgiving service of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, after the general elections at Ikenne.

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This singular gesture, some people are of the view is a move by Ayeni to atone whatever his sins might be before some powerful south-west politicians who are allegedly behind his travails.

It is on record Tunde mixed freely with PDP folks and not people in the circle of APC while PDP lasted in power.

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