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How primary school pupil found his mother’s body



How primary school pupil found his mother’s body

Residents of Budland Street, Ojodu, Lagos State, where a hotelier, Mrs. Olusola Olusoga, 56, was murdered by her workers, have revealed how the deceased’s little boy found her body.
According to residents, the hotelier died after her workers, who wanted to rob her, trussed her up. They also killed her 39-year-old Manager, Tunji Omikunle, who was like her Man-Friday.
Incidentally, it was Omikunle that used to dress the boy for school. When the boy woke up on that fateful day, he took his bath and dressed after he got tired of waiting for Omikunle. He then processed to his mother’s hotel room. When he opened the door, he thought she was sleeping, even though she was trussed up. He repeatedly tried to wake her all to no avail.
According a neighbour, who didn’t want his name mentioned, the hotelier’s child, a primary school pupil, was the first person to discover his mother’s body.
He added: “When the child woke up, he didn’t see the manager, who always assisted him to prepare for school. The little boy was able to prepare himself, but later went to his mother’s bedroom to inform her that he was ready for school. When he entered his mother’s room, he saw her sleeping and tried to wake her up. When his mother didn’t wake up, the boy ran outside to meet a woman, who he used to buy things from, to complain that his mother had refused to wake up. The woman went with the boy into the room and discovered that the woman was not breathing.”
Police investigation showed that Olusoga’s workers, Ehizojie Vincent Jeffery and Okechi Light Ezi, connived and killed her and her manager. They allegedly killed her because she was stingy. Other workers, who are still at large, are Henry Lolo and two contract staff identified as Dubai and Dangote.
The police said: “The suspects murdered and robbed Olusoga and stabbed the manager, Omikunle, to death. The principal suspect, Jeffery, was arrested in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where he went to take refuge after the heinous act. All the conspirators agreed that they had no future in the company because they believed the deceased was stingy.”
The suspects agreed that the hotelier must be robbed of her local and foreign currencies, especially since she had just returned from London, United Kingdom.
In order to have a hitch-free operation, they agreed that Henry, who is currently at large, must prepare noodles, which is loved by all members of staff. He lanced it with a sleep-inducing drug and served the hotel workers, who were not part of the conspiracy.
The plan would have worked out perfectly, except for Omikunle, who didn’t eat the noodles. He was already asleep when the noodle was served. While others fell into a drug-induced sleep, the suspects tried to steal the keys to Olusoga’s bedroom from Omikunle. The manager woke up and struggled with them. In the ensuing scuffle, the suspects killed Omikunle. Unfortunately, the key they wanted was not with Omikunle. They had to force Olusoga’s hotel room open. She was trussed up and later died. The suspects stole money and jewellery. But while carrying out the crime, the suspects forgot to take care of the hotel’s Close Circuit Television (CCTV).
The best buddy of Omikunle, Victor, said the killers bested his friend because he was drunk. Victor explained that ordinarily, Omikunle was one of the most powerful men he had ever met, having the strength of a lion. He said that on the day Omikunle was killed, they had both got drunk.
Victor said: “On that fateful day, we were together until he told me that he was leaving for office. The killers took advantage of the fact that he was drunk. On a good day, those workers wouldn’t have dared him. He was a very strong man. I could imagine how he must have struggled before they stabbed him on his neck just to weaken and overpower him. He was preparing for his twin’s naming ceremony before his death.”
Victor explained that Omikunle was managing a fashion designing business, when he abandoned it to accept appointment as manager of Etashol Hotel & Suites.
He added: “The murdered woman employed Omikunle after she sacked her former manager for stealing. The former manager was arrested by police and a few days later, Omikunle was employed. Back then, some of the workers were alleged to have connived with the former manager to steal the hotelier’s money.”
A resident said: “The woman left where she was living in Ikeja GRA to reside in the hotel. I learnt that she was preparing to hand over the place to another company to run, as she was complaining of not making enough money. She said that her workers were defrauding her. Since she came back from overseas, she had not been happy with her workers. As they killed her and the manager, the workers stole money and jewellery from the bedroom. But they were not able to run away with their loots. The workers got to the gate and the security men refused to open the gate for them.
“The workers told the guards that they were going to get approval from the manager. They were allowed to return to the hotel; but they didn’t return to the hotel. Rather, they escaped through the next street, which didn’t have a gate.”
The hotelier was a single mother and had worked with the former governor of Ogun State, Mr. Gbenga Daniel. She travelled to London after the end of Daniel’s administration.

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