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Homosexuality and sodomy are two practices hitherto alien to this clime. But not anymore! ISIOMA MADIKE, who has been tracking the activities of those neck-deep in these acts, tells a disgusting story of a self-confessed pastor filled with evil spirits



He is not just gay but one going about allegedly sodomising young boys with a bible in his hands. He deceived many of them pretending to be a pastor and lured his innocent victims into this barbaric, disgusting and shameful act. And because of his large bible, which he quoted like ancient clerics with the fluency of an academic professor, not a few of his teeming church members suspected his alluring tactics that he used as a decoy. A visit to Ejigbo area of Lagos State where he lived the mafia style life before he met his waterloo, revealed a lot. Some of his loyal members, who declined to give their names, were surprised at the turn of events. They had believed the man to be God sent.

Chizemdere Ezuma, now with the police, had faked being a pastor to cover his dirty tracks. He was said to be the General Overseer of the Jesus Intervention Household Ministry situated within the Ejigbo neighbourhood. But a few people in that locality now describe him as a devil incarnate. His atrocious acts, they said, would make Satan look like a saint. He was said to have lived a flamboyant lifestyle.

He was also said to have had a faultless mien that enticed people who flocked to his church every Sunday. But beyond this façade is a man with an awkward and concealed intent. Not long, it was discovered, according to findings, that he was allegedly corrupting his young male members by initiating them into gay club which he runs with other members.

Worried by this discovery, some, who were interested in uncovering the truth, started attending his church with keen interest to see what went on there. Ezuma’s proverbial cup got filled on March 21, when he was arrested after a tip off. But his doom journey started when one of his accomplices, Prince Chinecherem, was tracked and apprehended sometimes in January. Chinecherem was said to have been arrested along with a 16-year-old boy, whom the gang had turned into a gay prostitute. According to a police source, Chinecherem was using the teenager as a commercial sex worker.

He did not only have sex with him but he also leased him out to other gay men. Unfortunately, the boy was found to be Human Immuno Virus (HIV) positive after a test was carried out. It was believed after he tested positive that his other patrons might have been afflicted with the deadly virus. With this revelation, two other prominent members of the gang including Ezuma and some business executives were declared wanted. Saturday Telegraph leant that Chinecherem had been coordinating others in the illegal practice in Lekki area of Lagos State long before his arrest in Ejigbo residence, which Ezuma disguised as a church.

He allegedly gave out the identities of other members of the group after interrogation by the police. However, Chinecherem and the teenager were arrested, according to the police, when the boy attempted to sneak out of their church-turned brothel at Ejigbo in a suspicious manner on January 22. Neighbours who had become suspicious approached him and asked what he had gone to do in the house of the self-acclaimed pastor. His explanation, which was said to be far from being satisfactory, gave him in.

He was asked to open a bag he was carrying and that was when people discovered he had used condoms with semen inside. “At this point, the boy revealed that Prince Chinecherem was his lover. And the matter was immediately reported to the Police at Ejigbo and he was promptly arrested for interrogation.

After preliminary investigation, the matter was called for further enquiry by the Gender Section of the Command. “After the questioning, the suspect and the survivor were taken for medical examination and the result revealed that the survivor had long been introduced to homosexual act.

The worst is that both of them were infected with HIV virus. They were later charged to sexual and Special Offences Court in Ikeja while the boy was sent to counsellors for health talk on how to manage the situation,” police said. It was after the teenage boy confessed and gave names of other prominent members of the gang including the pastor and the business owner whom he had had sex with that the Police began to plot ways to have them arrested for having prohibited intercourse with a minor. Chinecherem also corroborated the boy’s assertion during confession. This led to Ezuma being trailed and arrested. It was discovered after his arrest that the pastor had already infected 15 other boys he allegedly housed for years with HIV virus.

The Imo State-born gay Pastor had been having carnal knowledge of them through the anus even when he knew that he was living with HIV virus, an act, the police said was against the Law of the land. It was equally alleged that the suspect was intentionally infecting the boys he paid N2,000 each after sex. According to the Lagos State Police command’s spokesman, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Bala Elkana, the hunt for the suspect began sometimes in January after Chinecherem was arrested and charged to court for penetrating the teenager’s anus and infecting him with the deadly HIV virus The police said that investigation carried out revealed that Ezuma was part of the syndicate defiling young boys in the community.

He said: “On getting to learn of the arrest and arraignment of Prince Chinecherem, Pastor Chizemdere Ezuma reportedly disappeared into thin air. Frantic efforts by detectives attached to Ejigbo Division to track him down were not immediately successful necessitating several undercover visits to the church which also did not yield expected results initially. “Ezuma started avoiding the church service but on March 21, news filtered into the ears of the police that he sneaked in to his house and the officers wasted no time as they raided the resident few seconds to mid-night. Some unsuspecting occupants of the building simply ushered the officers to the door of his apartment without knowing who they were.

But playing smart, Ezuma, who had smelt a rat, told his unwanted visitors that he would open the door for them after repeated knocks.” While waiting for him to do that, he reportedly busied himself with burrowing a hole and curled into another man’s apartment’s ceiling. After waiting for hours, the detectives, who had laid siege to the building and the environs, had to force open the door only to meet empty apartment. It was then they discovered that the pastor had broken part of the ceiling, climbed and meandered into another apartment’s ceiling.

This drama was three months after he was declared wanted. However, Ezuma is not alone in this act of abusing minors, there are other clerics too. A few days ago, another pastor was reportedly arrested for drugging and having sex with a teenager in a hotel. This was in Benin City, the capital of Edo State. A 17-year-old girl, according to reports, had narrated how the resident pastor of the Amagba branch of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Kingsley Emeka Mokwunye, introduced her to alcohol and repetitively had sex with her. She also revealed that Mokwunye slept with her in her father’s house.

It all began, the girl said, in September last year shortly after she finished her secondary education. She said: “He used to advise me to stay away from boys, to lead a good life and always respect my parents. I took his advice as if he was my own father that I could trust and tell him anything I want to say. That was how he started calling me; talking to me till it gets to a time he told me that he likes me. I took it as a normal thing. But he started taking advantage of me. “He tells me I do not know what he is doing for me. He started showing me things I have not seen before and took me to places I have never been to.

That was how it started. He was the first person to show me how condom looked like. He taught me how to take alcohol. He told me not to tell my parents. He said they would understand what he is doing. He slept with me many times even in our house when my parents were not at home.”

Incidentally, her father, Paul Obidah, is the Board Chairman of the church branch. Obidah said he was shocked that a pastor he trusted could destroy his only daughter. “What pained me was that Kingsley had sex with my daughter in my house and even when she was having her monthly flow,” the man said, adding, “I have been in the church for the past 27 years. I started the church in Kaduna State. Abioye led me to Christ. I have been in Kaduna all these years. It got to a time, I decided to relocate home.

“We have been in Bénin serving God with our heart. Many pastors have come to the branch and go. I see the pastor as Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith. There was a day he came to my house, I could smell alcohol from his breath. Another time, his wife came and said she wants to see our daughter. I left her to discuss. I heard my daughter telling her she had something to tell her.

The next day, the woman came and told me she had seized her husband’s phone because of the calls he was making to my daughter. “I was sleeping when something struck me to ask my daughter what was happening. I called and asked her to open up to me. She began tell  ing me how the pastor used to make love to her in my own house.

The different hotels he took her to. She claimed not to know what the pastor gave to her. This is a man we trusted. We talked and do everything as a family. I didn’t know he had been doing this nonsense in my house.” Another was also arrested for having sex with his stepdaughter. The 42-year-old cleric, Pastor Chidiebere Ikpa, was caught allegedly raping his stepdaughter in the Surulere area of Lagos State. Ikpa, who denied the allegation, according to Punch Newspaper, rather pointed to a neighbour, identified only as Richard, as being responsible for defiling the 14-year-old girl. He claimed not to have reported the matter to the police because he (Ikpa) had a forgiving character.

But the SS2 student, who eventually reported the incident to police, insisted that she was raped by the pastor several times. She claimed that anytime she told her mother about it, she usually shouted her down, and refused to take any action on the matter. In a similar fashion, a 54-year-old pastor, known only as Okon, also got into trouble for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl also in Lagos. Okon, reports said, was the pastor of Christ Abiding Church, Shomolu.

He was arrested by the gender section of the command following a case of defilement filed by the victim’s mother, identified only as Peace. According to the police, the woman reported that she noticed her daughter was acting strangely, which prompted her to check the child while she was sleeping and saw semen coming out of her private part. Alarmed by the discovery, the woman reportedly told detectives she woke her child up and questioned her, and the victim mentioned Okon as the man who had been raping her.

The police said: “The little girl went further to reveal that it was in the pastor’s wife’s shop at the aforementioned address that she was defiled. Medical examination showed that the victim’s hymen had been ruptured long ago, an indication that the suspect had been having carnal knowledge of her for a long time.” There was equally a report of another 54-year-old pastor, known simply as Oliseh, who was arrested for allegedly defiling a 12-year-old twin daughter of a church member and close friend. Oliseh happens to be the assistant pastor of the Anointed Chosen Vessel Ministry, Okota, Lagos. He is married, has four children and living in the same compound with the parents of the victims in Ago Palace Way in Okota. According to several reports, Oliseh, who is a borehole driller, and his victim’s father, Okoro, got close after he employed his services. He contracted Okoro to be his transporter since he owned a bus.

Narrating how it started, one of the daughters said that Oliseh threatened to withdraw the support he was giving to their family if she refused to sleep with him. She said: “He started to rape me and used to come to sleep in our house. He said there was heat in his apartment. So, while my twin sister and I would sleep on the floor, he used to sleep on the bed with my father.

While my dad slept, he would come to the floor and sleep with me. He had done it many times. He put his male reproductive organ in my private parts. He threatened that if I told my father, he would not take him to work again. He and my father eat and work together, and they both slept on the same bed.” The mother of the victims said the evil came into exposure when an elderly woman who came around for Omugo (the Igbo practice of female parents tendering their daughters’ newborn babies) caught him pulling down the panties of their second daughter who fled behind the house for safety. “The girl ran into the backyard to hide.

He went there and started pulling her panties; the girl shouted. An elderly woman, who came for Omugo in our compound and was in the room, saw him. When she opened the door, Oliseh quickly brought out a phone and pretended to be speaking to my husband on the telephone. He said he wanted to give my daughter something, but she was not ready to collect it. He then put his phone in his pocket and left. “The woman, who observed that he did not dial any number on the phone before putting it to his ear, called my husband to ask the children what his friend had been doing to them.

That was how the secret was blown open. He slept with my first daughter regularly, but had only succeeded in inserting his fingers into the private parts of my second daughter,” the mother said. Oladele, 35, who claimed to be a pastor, also allegedly inserted his finger into the private part of a threemonth- old baby. He was subsequently arraigned at a Yaba Chief Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, with a charge of child abuse. The prosecutor, Inspector Rita Momah, reportedly told the court that the accused was a neighbour who was briefly in contact with the infant when he committed the offence on January 18, at his residence.

A medical doctor, who examined the baby, confirmed that the toddler was defiled. She said the offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011, and that the law prescribes life imprisonment for offenders of child rape. The accused, who pleaded not guilty to the charge, was granted bail with two sureties in like sum. From pastors, this unbelievable romance of immorality has, incidentally crept into the mosque, as Alfas and Imams now defile young girls they are supposed to help mould into better beings. As if in competition, an Islamic cleric landed in police net for allegedly defiling a five-year-old girl, also in January.

The police, according to reports, had arrested the 43-yearold man for allegedly defiling the young girl whom he was supposed be teaching Islamic studies. The cleric was arrested after he was recorded performing the act. “On Friday, December 28, 2018, a good Nigerian visited the headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command with a video evidence of an Islamic cleric having anal sex with a five-year-old girl that he was supposed to be teaching Islamic studies. The complainant sought audience with the then Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi.

“The CP, after watching the heartrending video, directed the command’s undercover operatives attached to the State Intelligence Bureau to immediately arrest the culprit and hand him over to the Gender Section for detailed investigation. The operatives went in search of the Alfa and arrested him near a mosque in the Igando area of the state.

“He was taken from there to the Gender Unit, where the Officer-in- Charge, ASP (Mrs) Abimbola Williams, confronted him with the video of him defiling the child by penetrating her anus and private parts. On seeing himself captured like an actor in a movie, the suspect broke down and owned up to the crime,” the police stated.

Imohimi further commended the courageous act of the good Nigerian and warned parents and guardians to keep constant watch over their children and wards. “Nobody should be trusted. Be friends with your children and let them be free to share things with you. Do not cover up any crime, no matter who is involved. Raise the alarm on child molesters in your neighbourhood so they can face the law and others nursing such thoughts can be deterred,” he advised.

The Sun Newspaper had also reported that a randy Islamic cleric got himself into trouble for raping a teenager. The 38-year-old Islamic cleric at Mojoyinola Street in Apelehin Bariga area of Lagos State, Abdul-Lateef Mustapha, popularly known as Alfa, according to the report, allegedly defiled the 17-year-old niece of his wife. Mustapha, the report said, was highly respected in the neighbourhood for his piety. He was said to have allegedly taken advantage of the minor and had sex with her three times before the evil act was brought to the open by the girl. Sunday Sun, which reported the incident, said that the young girl had informed neighbours in the compound, how the cleric had turned her into his sex slave.

The suspect first assaulted her when she was sleeping on the floor in their single room apartment on December31, when Mustapha’s wife travelled out of Lagos. And since after that day, he had continued to defile her until she couldn’t bear it anymore. She said: “I was defiled three times by my aunt’s husband – Baba Alfa. He is like an uncle to me because his wife is my mother’s sister. My parents live in Kano and are poor, so they allowed me to come live with my aunt here in Lagos. It was last year, on December 31, 2018, when my aunt was not at home that Baba Alfa started having sex with me. He came at me that night and defiled me right on the bare floor where I usually sleep. He threatened me never to tell anyone what happened. He raped me three more times.

I became afraid all through because I couldn’t tell my aunty or anyone. I managed to hint it to some of our neighbours who saw me crying outside after I got defiled.” Mohammed Ibrahim, 27, who teaches in an Islamic school, was also arraigned before a magistrate’s court in the Ebute Meta area of the state after it was reported that he had abused two pupils. The victims, aged six and seven years old, were said to have been forced into the act by Ibrahim at the Al-adab Nursery and Primary School in the Surulere environs. The police prosecutor said that the accused took the pupils to the school toilet and forcefully had carnal knowledge of them.

“The victims screamed for help and were rescued by another teacher in the school, who reported the accused to the headmaster,” the report added. The steady increase in the rate of child defilement is alarming. Indeed, it has somewhat become a kind of tradition for some people, who accept it as a norm in parts of the country. Experts said that most sexual abuse offenders are acquainted with their victims; approximately 30 per cent are relatives of the child, most often brothers, fathers, uncles, or cousins, teachers and clerics; around 60 per cent are other acquaintances, such as “friends” of the family, babysitters, or neighbours; strangers are the offenders in approximately 10 per cent of child sexual abuse cases. Founding president of Jose Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, Martins Abhulimhen, said that one in four girls and one in 10 boys experience sexual violence and that less than five per cent of children who experience sexual abuses receive support.

Perhaps, this may have been the reason why the Lagos State government sets up special sexual offences court for sexual offences with a view to avoiding delays in the prosecution of sexual crimes. While lending his voice to the discussion, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Yusuf Ali, advocated proactive and stringent punishment enforcement to curb the rising cases of sexual abuse of minors in Nigeria. Apart from the punishment provided in the statute books for convicted offenders, Ali also advised that convicts should be made to undergo compulsory psychiatric rehabilitation. “Anyone with full sanity will not likely defile a child,” he said.

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