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Feedback: Readers’ Forum



Feedback: Readers’ Forum

think it will be unfair to the readers of this column to ignore their responses to the stories published in the last two weeks regarding a couple. The man first fired the first salvo by opening up on the issues bothering his mind about his wife. He presented a catalogue of discontented issues which seemingly portrayed the woman in a shady light of insincerity.

However, when the woman responded to the litany of complaints against her, she practically put a lie to the narrative of her man. On both submissions, I received too many responses from the readers through the various platforms of communication such as email, SMS, WhatsApp and calls. I wish to submit that the situation had been put under control and the knotty issues resolved amicably. She’s no longer quitting as their immediate family members waded into the matter.

One trait that probably worsened the matter is that the man, according to his wife, is an introvert. “He hardly talks. He enjoys keeping mute most of the time. Sometimes I noticed that he feels ‘shy’ to talk straight on certain issues. That’s why I rescinded my decision to quit in addition to the intervention of our family members. Michael West, thanks for ‘unveiling’ my man to me. At least, your platform gave him the opportunity to speak up. May God bless you sir for the good work you are doing in sanitizing the society and restoring love and peace to many homes. I’m grateful sir.”

She revealed this development during a ‘thank you’ call on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Here are a few of the many responses to the issues: Re: ‘She Lied, I want divorce’ The man should just calm down and think. Divorce is not the solution to this problem. They should see a counsellor and get some advice.

The woman must have lied for fear of losing the man. – 08056122620 Interesting but not surprising. That’s a typical Nigerian woman – 08033326907 A woman that hides every detail about herself might end up killing the husband if care is not taken. There is no love in a relationship like this. The man needs to run for his dear life, but let’s wait till we hear the story of the lady. I will advise the man to just be vigilant because the lady might become violent after some many more secrets are exposed. – 08090895873 First, I appreciate his boldness to speak out and seek counsel. I think she should be given fair hearing to know what led her into such a cover up. When the truth is let out of the leg, if done in good cause of conscience, I will plead with the man to prayerfully ask the Lord to make right the wrongs and move on with her.

The Lord is still in the business of making the worst become the best. Because from all of his description of this woman, she seems a good person on the inside. – 08053848721 Marriage thrives in an atmosphere of trust, honesty, sincerity, and unification of purpose for achievement of set goals.

That she was married is no longer an issue but her act of concealing vital issues to her heartthrob is more dangerous than marrying a Delilah. Go ahead and find out from her and let us know her genuineness. – 08033561816 This story is interesting because it is yet to begin. Meanwhile, before it starts, I enjoin the man to be strong and face the problem he had created for himself. What kind of ignorance or love that made him to take medical examinations for granted and left it to his woman’s discretion? As for the innocent woman, she should remain innocent until proven guilty when I read her own side of the story. – 09062178211 Re: I will quit – Wife Hmmm. What a pity. You see now, the man based his complaints on prejudice, now he is begging. Thank God you did not mention the name of this couple. – 08088051069 I have learnt a great lesson.

Thanks for this. – 08163970321 It’s not always good to judge by one-sided story, there’s always two sides to every story – 08025950740 Thank God for applying godly wisdom by listening to the other party. So, the man was simply being insecure. Sir, help beg the woman not to quit. Thank God for using you to save the marriage – 08035299928 I feel it would have been nice or better for the husband to iron out the issue in the bedroom rather than going public. God places him as the head and by extension he has every crucial issue affecting their marriage,she will feel protected. On genotype, he should stop casting aspersion on the woman; within two good years of courtship, you should know your spouse or fiancée genotype. If you didn’t take any decision to quit on account of love and now you are complaining, it is too late for that because marriage is not a ‘taste and go.’ – 07034327296 As I had earlier maintained that the innocent wife should remain innocent until when you hear own side of the story. However, both of them have made the mistake of “negligence and blind trust” especially in the area of genotype.

I appeal that the marriage should move on while they consider adoptions but that could only happen when they forgive themselves. The woman should please consider my appeal for forgiveness because filling for divorce sometimes worsens the matter. As for the man, well, I advise him to know the implication of roaming in speculations created by third parties in a matrimony. It is dangerous and I show no support for his action created out of speculative fear which of course has exposed him to ridicule. The woman should be strong because as things stand now, she holds the final say either to collapse the marriage or to keep the home going. –09062178211 Hmmmm. Men are deceitful. About genotype, if they could afford IVF, they should go for it. In the process, they will remove any foetus that is SS and plant the AA and AS but it’s quite expensive. On the other hand, the man has really beguiled his wife. Can she trust him again? Can that marriage be sweet again? If not, I will advise she quits. There’s no need being in a hellish marriage. She needs to be happy – 08037137563

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