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Kemi Olunloyo, Iyabo Ojo in another messy fight



Kemi Olunloyo, Iyabo Ojo  in another  messy fight

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo and controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, this week decided to continue where they left off last week. The two, whose rift-turned-social media drama dates to over two years ago, took it even further with threats and counter threats this week.
This issue this week is as a result of Iyabo post last week in response to an alleged slanderous statement Olunloyo, who is the daughter of a former governor of Old Oyo State, Dr Omololu Olunloyo, made about her daughter.

It would be recalled that Kemi had reacted to Iyabo’s recent post where she detailed her struggles in her now crashed marriage as well as being a single parent since then, dropping an offending comment about her daughter, Priscilla, in the process being a “runs girl”, another way of referring to a prostitute.

“@kemiolunloyo this is for you! Be Wise!!!” Iyabo began in the over 7-minute-long video, saying: “You can say anything you want about me but I must tell you that you have crossed the line. I am using this opportunity to warn you that the next time you talk about my daughter, I will come after you and even if all the people in the world reach out to me, I would not listen. So you better take this as reality or be prepared to go back to prison.”

While claiming to have just concluded an interview with online platform, SaharaReporters, in which she offered details about the actress’ alleged activities and manner of sleeping around, Olunloyo shot back on Wednesday in a lengthy video of her own

“Your tears just began. Apologise to Pastor Ibiyeomie and Kemi Olunloyo for pitching an innocent pastor against an innocent journalist all because you were fighting Vivian Metchie and your PA who wrote the fake letter against you substituting Apostle Suleiman’s name for Ibiyeomie’s name.

“You and Gbeminiyi Adegbola will not make heaven for sending me to prison for 6 months and ruining my name Amen! I will release the letter in detail in my book which your PA also describes your daughter Prisca as a ‘runs girl in training.’

“Thank u Apostle Suleiman for the text message contacting me, Pastor Ibiyeomie who prayed for me and Toronto Police Officer CM who tracked the instagram account that sent it and Truecaller in Sweden who exposed the SIM owner Iyabo Ojo Pinkies group.
“Flag this post too. It is a documentary and an upcoming book. Your legal papers and lies will all be in there. All you could have done is apologise someone trying to destroy you used other people to do it,” she said in parts.

Further, Olunloyo, who refers to herself as an international journalist, claims Iyabo Ojo sought to bribe her with car, house and expensive phone for her to put up a post that she had forgiven the actress, which formed the basis of her going to prison eventually for about six months.

Iyabo, in her reply to the allegation, wrote: “Well! Well! Well!! Manipulating people with my name to seek attention & emotionally blackmailing them to donate money towards a made up lie you created in your head to seek sympathy is a BIG SCAM and totally unacceptable…… You’re the real Yahoo Yahoo, in fact yours is a PLUS. Awon online mummy ……… be prepared.”

Wondering how she will buy a house for the controversial personality when she is yet to offer same to herself or her children, she wrote in pidgin English: “I never buy myself house, buy my pickin them house, na you I go come offer house, car & expensive phone…….you are mad academically.”

Perhaps riled by the post about being mad academically, whatever it means, Olunloyo hit back not long after, warning Iyabo that it is now unsafe for her to visit Ibadan without adequate security, to which the actress, taking it as a veiled threat, responded with that nobody could stop her from travelling to Ibadan.
The actress followed up with post advising Olunloyo, who she says she calls ‘Anty Kem Kem’, to go and use her drugs and head for bed.

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