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My mood, event determine what I wear –Ochimana



My mood, event determine what I wear –Ochimana

Prosper Ochimana is a gospel artiste with great passion to lead people into the heart and presence of God. In this interview with Deborah Ocheni, the recording artiste and entrepreneur talk about what determines what he wears, fashion philosophy and more.



What determines the kind of outfits you wear?
The event and my mood

Is there anything you are unlikely to be caught wearing?
There are a few things I cannot be caught wearing like wearing shorts on
the street, wearing nose/ear rings and distressed jeans especially the
very torn and dirty ones I see these days.

What is the most expensive fashion item you have ever bought?
Sincerely I can’t really figure out but I guess it’s between my suits
and my shoes.

How much did it cost you?
It’s personal

What is your ready to go outfit?
Suits accessorized with lapel pins or brooches.

Which jewellery appeal to you most?
My bracelets, I love them and I could have as many as I can.

Who is your best designer?
I don’t think I have a particular designer; I appreciate most designers in existence but I cannot call any of them my best for now.

Do you have any signature perfume?
I don’t really have one; I wear any perfume that smells nice.

How easily do you get your fashion items in Nigeria?
Not really easy; most times I make do with what is available.

If you were to be a fashion item, what will that be?
Maybe I would be perfume to make people smell nice with confidence all day long.

If given the opportunity to alter a part of your body, which will you change?
I won’t alter any part of my body; I love everything God gave me.

How has been an artiste affected your style sense?
It has really affected my style sense such that I get the best of any outfits while I try to look my best at all times unlike before.

Which fashion item take up most space in your wardrobe?
Suits, I still want to have more especially the three piece suits and double breasted ones.

What informed the decision of going into music?
It’s a call, not just a decision that I made. Music to me is a purpose and discovery that I am born for.

Why gospel music?
I am doing gospel music because the Bible instructs us to go into the world and preach the Gospel. So, gospel is good news and I am glad to do this.

How lucrative is gospel music?
My bills are paid via gospel music. I am sent to do this assignment and the one who sent me, pay my bills, although I do other things.

Any challenge so far?
There are challenges; the major challenge right now is time, my academic engagements, responsibility at church, lots of travels and invitation to minister at events within and out of town.

What are you offering differently from other gospel artistes?
Music market is saturated already, but what God has given to us will penetrate and pierce through the hearts of men by the grace of God regardless of what is happening in the industry right now.

Would you say you are satisfied with places gospel music has taken you to?
The truth is , I’m very grateful for what and where God has really taken me to via Gospel Music; by nature, we were not created to be satisfied, it’s a journey we will keep pursuing to gain more grounds until we see Jesus face to face.

Would you say government has done enough for creative people in the society?
I don’t think so; we don’t have the kind of government that really bothers about creative people but I urge creative people to keep working hard to sell themselves rather than waiting for government.

What is your advice to up-and-coming artistes that wish to attain the height that you are now?
Trust in God, no man can prevail by his own strength, pursue God and try to know the will of God concerning your life. Work hard and never look at what you will gain rather concentrate on what you can give.

You recently released a song ‘Ekwueme’ which has gained wide recognition; what inspired it?
Jesus inspired Ekwueme. I can remember vividly when it came, I was driving to church that day; trying to play music and my car stereo refused to play. So, I decided to sing and when I opened my mouth Ekwueme came out. I sang for a while picked my phone and recorded it. I never knew the meaning of Ekwueme so asked for interpretations from a friend later that day; and God has helped us build it to this point of global impact that it is today. God chose me for the Ekwueme song. I’ve done several Igbo songs but I never expected what I’m seeing God doing with this particular song. I know it was a special song, but I never knew it would be globally accepted to the point it is.

How do you feel about the level of recognition Ekwueme has attained?
It’s super amazing what God can do with a man. Jesus is just flying His song and His name by Himself, I didn’t do anything special about the song but God is the one doing everything. It’s His song; we sang about Him; He’s doing the promotion Himself. He’s the Biggest Promoter.
I feel so great and humbled at the same time to be celebrated by celebrities. It calls for responsibility, hard work and it compels me to strengthen my relationship with God (Our source) because there is so much more ahead. There is no limit to what God can do with a man.

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