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Royalty personified Igbo red cap



Royalty personified Igbo red cap

Igbo cap is an essential accessory to any traditional Nigerian outfit, but often overlooked by international fashion design. Men who adorn their African wears with Igbo cap especially the red one appears unique and very attractive. Nigeria is a country with rich culture with well over 250 ethnic groups and each ethnic group has its unique way of dressing.


In Igboland, the red cap is for chiefs, while ordinary person can wear black, brown, green or white. The idea of a ‘chief’ is a relatively novel idea for the Igbo people and a significant amount of status is afforded to those wearing the red cap and beads. The ‘red cap’ worn by chiefs in Igboland symbolizes authority, tradition, and culture; and it also represents the entire institution of leadership, authority and power in Igbo culture.



Before now, putting on the red cap was not an all-comers affair as it is now in Igboland because there were always a selected number of individuals who entitled to wear this special cap especially with eagle feather, which in its own right signifies prominence.


Traditionally, when one has been given a chieftaincy title in Igboland, it is proper that he must wear the red cap when making appearances in formal traditional events or ceremonies or when he plays a formal traditional role in his family, clan or community but now, the red cap is a must have accessory for any fashion forward man to slay in because of sophistication it exudes.


The wearers of the Igbo red cap are usually men who have fulfilled certain obligations and maintained the standards laid down in their various communities.



Although it has become common practice nowadays, especially in large cities outside the Igboland to see men indiscriminately putting on the Igbo traditional red cap, without fulfilling the conditions and earning the entitlement to do so. Well you need not be surprised why this happens; it is obviously so because of the instant elegance this unique accessory adds to traditional wears.

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