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Abba lauds Nigeria’s airspace infrastructure upgrade



Abba lauds Nigeria’s airspace infrastructure upgrade


The General Secretary, National Union of Air Transport Employees [NUATE], Ocheme Abba, has expressed joy over Nigerian airspace infrastructure upgrade.
He disclosed this to New telegraph last weekend in Lagos.
He added that there had been tremendous impacts made in the provision of airports, airspace and weather related facilities at the nation’s airport.
He said that the major unions in the aviation industry, took a decision recently that all workers in the aviation sector would be unionised before the end of the year, adding that each union has its jurisdictional scope.
He pointed out that organisations, which have not allowed their members to be part of the unions would be picketed, hinting that workers should not be put under tedious conditions or be exploited.
To him, all workers in the aviation sector possess the constitutional right to be part of the union, decrying the attitude of agencies that hinder their workers. He described it as infringement of workers’ constitutional rights.
He cautioned organisations to operate under the laws, saying unionisation is sanctioned by the Nigerian constitution. He noted that disallowing them could lead to consequences.
He decried a situation where employers treat workers as slaves because their work schedule does not specify the terms and condition of service.
‘It is simple,” he said. “They want to carry on with slave labour. They want a situation where they can treat their employees as slaves, and the difference between work and slavery is that work has terms and conditions while slavery has no terms or condition you do only what the master ask you to do.
‘If you don’t do it, you will be penalised. You can lose your work. We have several cases where we see the company owner will just tell and employee for little or no reasons that their I.D cards should be relinquished to the employer in respective of the years they have spent on the job, sending out of the premises unjustly’.

His words, “Union dues are paid by workers themselves. The organisation suffers no losses. Unions’ have prevented organisations’ from going under such as Aero Contractors and Arik airlines were sustained through the union and besides the Nigerian Airways, which was liquidated. No unionised organisation has ever gone under’.

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