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ABUAD records first breakthrough in Open Heart Surgery



ABUAD records first breakthrough in Open Heart Surgery



The geometrically rising profile of the increasingly famous Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), has been further boosted with the successful performance of three Open Heart Surgeries/Interventions in its ultra-modern 400-bed multi-system hospital.

This giant, bold and futuristic step by the nine and a half-year-old university is not surprising bearing in mind the huge investment in modern technology by the Founder and Chancellor, Aare Afe Babalola (SAN), has brought to bear on the Multi-system Hospital.

Some of the modern facilities available in the hospital include Diagnostic Centre which has the following: CT SCAN, MRI, X-RAY, Ultrasound 2D, 3D, 4D, Modern Laboratory equipment (supplied and managed by the world renowned Abbott Laboratory), Five Modular theatres, Pneumatic Tubes connecting 37 Floors, Medical Gas & Oxygen (supplied and managed by Protech Gas) for use of the hospital.

The investment in modern technology has aided the 154 surgeries and over 2,500 diagnostic investigations since the hospital rolled out the drums to herald the commencement of operations on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

The surgeries are: Major Abdominal Surgeries (31), Major Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeries (17), Major Neurosurgical & Spine Surgeries (9), Major Ophthalmic/Eye Surgeries (15), Major Endoscopic Surgeries/Procedures (35), Major Gynaecological Surgeries (19), Open Heart Surgeries/Intervention (3) and 25 Minor procedures.

The diagnostic investigations include Mamogramm (25), CT ((180), MRI (322), X-Ray (1,620), Bone Densitometry (7), Ultrasound (1,700) and 2,500 Laboratory investigations.

In order to add international flavour to the nation’s health care delivery, teaching, training and research, ABUAD Multi-system Hospital has entered into partnership with some reputable players in the global heath industry. They are the world renowned Abbot Laboratories, Aster Hospital, Dubai, Project C.U.R.E., USA, Narula, India, JNC International, Trigenesis, India, Protech Gas, Adler of England, College of Pharmacy, Howard University, USA and Bridge of Life (BOL), USA as well as Care4You Association of Denmark.

Speaking at the review of the landmark and successful Cardiovascular Surgical operations in Ado-Ekiti over the weekend, the U.S.-based Cardiologists, led by Professors Tayo Adeleke and Paul Davies, attributed the success of the operations on all the three patients operated upon to the quantum of modern equipment in the hospital and the dexterity of medical personnel.

The Cardiologists advised that for the heart to be in good shape, that all Nigerians must conduct routine checks on their blood pressure, which is identified as the chief cause of heart failure in the country .

According to Adeleke, “High blood pressure is a silent killer. It is the major cause of kidney failure, heart failure and sudden death among our population. The life expectancy in Cuba is 81, that of USA is 80, so for Nigeria, with life expectancy of less than 50 to get to that level, focus must be on health sector.

“But in all of these, good equipment and personnel must be provided in our hospitals, the way Aare Afe Babalola has done in his hospital. With my experience since my association with this hospital, you can get quality health delivery here in ABUAD Multi-system Hospital. With this hospital, I don’t think there is need for medical tourism outside Nigeria.”

An obviously elated Babalola described the breakthrough as a celebration of a memorable success in the medical history of the country.
Saluting the experts, Babalola added that Nigerian Doctors and other professionals who are as brilliant as their counterparts overseas, are being under-utilized because of the level of decadence in the system occasioned by dearth of equipment.

His words: “It is sad that our people and hospitals are not well equipped, they have no exposure to the right technology and that was why I established this university to make up for the gap. So, my advice to the students is that you must be ready to embrace the revolution we are pioneering here in ABUAD Multi-system Hospital.

“We are partnering with some reputable hospitals in Sao Paulo, Brazil, India, Germany and Dubai to expose our students to better training in the course of being here.”

The Chief Medical Director of ABUAD Multi-system Hospital, Prof. Fola Esan, said the hospital was set up barely a year ago to educate students and ensure the delivery of highest medical service and to stop continuous outflow of patients and money overseas.

He commended Babalola for providing the enabling environment in terms of personnel and equipment for the hospital to perform all forms of Cardiovascular Surgeries and other cases, adding that “the surgeries performed were done in a speed that had never been done before in Nigeria and in a manner comparable to how best it could be done anywhere across by the globe.”

Two of the beneficiaries, Dr. Bukola Balogun and Surveyor Ademola Akomolafe, expressed joy and utmost satisfaction for the quality treatment they received before, during and after their different operations.

Balogun who described her experience as “simply fantastic” commended the staff, starting from those at the gate to the Cardiologists in the theatre for polite, warm and very courteous, disposition stressing that “this is how things should be.”

Her words: “Looking at the hospital from outside, it is simply gigantic. It is a brand new edifice. It is very clean with anti-slippery devices in place. When I was ushered into my ward after the preliminaries, I was wondering whether I was in a Hospital Ward or a 7-star hotel. The room is spacious, with flat screen television, refrigerator and microwave among others.”

She added: “During the procedure proper, I was seen by a team of Professors who told me the dos and the don’ts. The theatre is fantastic. Each bed has its own monitor that runs various tests ranging from Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure to pulse among others.

“I have been to many theatres in the world bearing in mind that I had my first degree from Moscow, the second from London and the third from the United States. I have not seen any theatre better than this one. It is awesome. It is fantastic.

“During the procedure, I saw everything that went on, but I was not fully conscious as I was mildly sedated. It was a good experience. I am lucky to be here and to be seen by professors and senior doctors. It is very good that this type of facility is in Nigeria. With this, less people will travel abroad. With the Open Heart Surgery, which I am told is going on now, this place will be great. It will be better known. I congratulate Aare Afe Babalola, a patriot and a selfless man.”


Like Balogun, Akomolafe, who got the information about the Cardiovascular treatment from a friend, commended the staff of the hospital for receiving him very warmly

Akomolafe, who had the opportunity of watching the person that was operated before him from a viewing centre in the hospital, said: “When it got to my turn, Prof. Tayo Adeleke told me that they would be through with me within 30 minutes. I was just looking at him, but at the end of the day, they were through within 30 minutes. The experience was awesome. The type of equipment deployed and the personnel were simply great.

“With my experience here, there is no point for anyone to go to Dubai, India or London for any form of medical treatment. Everything we need is here. I will share my experience with others that with what I have seen here, with my experience here, there is absolutely no need for any medical jamboree of medical tourism outside this country any longer. Whatever anyone needs, health-wise, is here. I give kudos to the Founder. He loves this country,” he concluded.


•Olofintila writes in from Ado-Ekiti

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