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Adeoye Adewale set to change narrative with conflicts of destiny



Adeoye Adewale set to change narrative with conflicts of destiny

Nigerian-born Israel based, Adeoye Abimbola Adewale, is set to make a positive statement with his newest bestselling book, ‘Conflicts of Destiny’. The book is an exposition on hidden areas of destiny as well as a revelation on the spiritual battles that go on behind the curtains on the path of actualizing destiny. The book conveys Adeoye’s conviction that, although God has programmed humans to success at creation, they must overcome the vicissitudes of life and the many deceptions and distractions of the devil for their destiny to be accomplished.


Therefore, the author acknowledges that life must be clearly understood to avoid the numerous conflicts of destiny. While defining destiny, Adewale observes that it is “the fulfillment of God’s original plan for one’s life in record time to bless humanity with all heavenly talents God has endued one with.”


Apart from the thought-provoking content, there are two other fascinating aspects of the book, namely, the aesthetics of the cover page design and the style of writing. The design, with its dual representation, to all intents and purposes, agrees with the book title. With a tree, depicted as both green and flourishing on the right but withered and scorched on the left; a deep blue sea on the right but a dry and lifeless desert on the left; misty and cloudy sky on the right but a sunny and hot sky on the left; and with a path that leads to the tree, the author suggests that where one ends up is a matter of choice.


The author’s style of writing is lucid as thoughts are presented in smooth flowing flowery and elegant prose. Adewale has written with a sense of mission void of ambiguity such that readers don’t have to carry dictionary about to get at the meaning of the book.

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