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BBNaija’s Bassey: Featuring in Ajoche brought back memories of my village life



BBNaija’s Bassey: Featuring in  Ajoche brought  back memories  of my village life

Two years after leaving the Big Brother Naija house, Bassey Ekpeyong, is clearly one of the housemates who have got something going for them. Apart from regularly engaging fans with his fitness regime, Bassey has taken part in a number of movies. In this interview with ADEDAYO ODULAJA, Bassey, however, stated that Africa Magic-sponsored Ajoche stands in a class of its own.



Which recent works have you done that you think your fans should know about?
Just in case some of them don’t know yet, let me seize this opportunity to announce that I am part of a powerful and widely followed TV series titled: ‘Ajoche’. I also have a couple of short movies and full length movies I have done that are either airing right now or about to come on board and of course I am presently doing some more that they will get to see with time.

Last time we talked, you were involved in lots of stuff at the time but yet to really figure out which one of the many platforms in the entertainment lane to make your primary point. Is there a difference now?
Up till this time, I have found a lane and the lane is for me to do all I can be it in TV, Nollywood, modelling, fashion and anything else. You know as long as I can do it, God gave me the talent, it is not down to me.

You’re apparently a big fan of hitting the gym, keeping fit and all that. Have you also considered doing something, perhaps having a YouTube channel on that to engage your fans?
I’m currently about to be signed onto a fitness and nutrients company. I can’t reveal the name right now because we are still in the process of discussions that will lead to signing hopefully. That’s something I look forward to so that I can let even more people know through that avenue that a healthy lifestyle is not just worth living but key in this age and time.

Why you do not want to reveal details regarding the company’s name or brand, is it going to be like a TV show or something else?
Not a TV show; it’s just about something to help people live healthier lifestyles.

Talking about the trending ‘Ajoche’, how did your journey to becoming a part of it begin?
I became aware of an audition for it and I auditioned for it and got picked.

From what people say about it, ‘Ajoche’ boasts interesting combinations of great acting, brilliant cinematography and intense twists all around. What is your own experience of it?
In terms of experience, ‘Ajoche’ brought me back to my basics of the village life and it was something I found really interesting as an actor. For the story, it’s very historical, really educational. Just reading it alone was very impressive so it was only a matter of joy.

With the show boasting of several twist and turns and featuring themes such as betrayal, love and so on, which theme do you find most compelling?
Betrayal, that is even more so because my character is like a mastermind of that.

What really were you talking about when you said ‘Ajoche’ brought you to basics of your years in terms of the village life?
Basically referring to my life back in the village as it allowed me the chance to reminisce about life back then and the sheer joy of village life without the complexities of what life in the city entails.

Where’s your village?
In Cross River State which most people refer to as Calabar. But I am talking about real village life where I lived while growing up where I had to fetch firewood for cooking, wash in the common stream in the village, no electricity, everyone knows each other and share a common existence and all that.

How much of this do you get to experience nowadays now that you are in the limelight?
I still get back to my village just to be connected back to my roots but it is definitely not to fetch firewood anymore. I just go to catch up with the past, see folks, notice changes and all that and I always come back feeling more positive.

So, what immediate plans do you have line up as we approach the middle of 2019?
You know I am a person that thrives in all lanes so people should expect a lot of in terms of productions such as movies, music, fitness among others. I urge my fans and followers to stay tuned by follow me on social media @Blackbassey for my activities.

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