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Nigeria’s loveable celebrity couples



Nigeria’s loveable celebrity couples

It is never a surprise when celebrities find love among themselves, get married and end up, sometimes, becoming influential figures in the society. When we talk about loveable celebrity couples, we are talking about couples who have weathered the storm together, done so well for themselves career-wise, and have become notable public figures. New Telegraph’s EDWIN USOBOH looks at some loveable celebrity couples who have won our hearts and how they have remained solid over the years.



Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are probably Nollywood’s most revered couple today, and the reasons are as obvious as the sky is blue. For decades they have remained an epitome of love today. They have lived a life devoid of controversies; rather it has all been about their accomplishments. They have been so influential we are sure history will be fair to them when all is over and put them in a book of entertainment greats from Nigeria, West Africa and indeed, Africa as a whole. In an interview recently, Olu Jacobs revealed how he met his sweetheart, Joke Silva, at the national theatre years ago. “I was invited to come and do a play in Nigeria by the National Theatre. I was living in England at that time. I was to play the lead in Wole Soyinka’s The Trials of Brother Jero. We were having the production when the door opened and this lady walked in and said sorry, we are ready. When she walked in I said excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, this is the lady I am going to marry. You know bodies can attract and bodies can repel. I saw her and I was attracted,” he said. He also shared the secret to happy marriage especially when you are celeb, saying you have to be friends first and be patient with each other. For decades, they have maintained huge relevance in the movie industry helping push up the ratings as well as injecting refined class and expertise in many film and stage presentations, among other involvements.

Tunde Obe and Wunmi Obe

Very little introduction is needed for this two – they are music veterans, fashion savvy and everything in-between – as far as the Nigerian entertainment industry is concerned. Tunde and Wunmi have been together for over two decades and have shown to a lot of fans and admirers what it is to be a celebrity couple and stay away from the paparazzi. ‘TWO’, as they are popularly called, has released a number of hit songs to their credit. According to them, they were friends for over 10 years before they got married. In an interview, Wunmi spoke about how they have been able to keep their marriage away from the eyes of the social media. According to her, it is the best way to live with your spouse, that way you can always settle any rift without the public getting to know about it.

Soni Irabor and Betty Irabor

Soni and Betty Irabor are a typical example of what an outstanding couple is all about. They started from humble beginnings with Soni starting up his career with Radio Nigeria back in the days and Betty a writer. They later rose to become moguls in the media industry with Betty Irabor as the publisher of the ‘Genevieve Magazine’ and Soni Irabor has become one of the biggest broadcasters from this part of the world. A close look at this couple shows how in love they are with each other even as they age gracefully. During Betty’s 60th birthday in 2017, the beautiful mother of two talked about how Soni influenced her life. “He is kind, self-giving and tolerates my excesses. Honestly, only a tolerant man like him could have married me; I am too stubborn. I always tend to want things my way. If I hadn’t married Soni, my destiny perhaps would probably have been diverted; he got me interested in the media. When I met him, I was a rookie PR girl who was totally clueless about an assignment I needed to deliver. He just happened to have saved the day for me and it was like payback time when he asked me out. He was in a relationship but I charmed my way into his heart,” she said.

Mary and Atunyota ‘Ali Baba’ Alleluya Akporobome

As funny as his name sounds, Ali Baba is known as the ‘king o f comedy’ from this part of the world, and we don’t think anyone would argue about it. Over the last three decades, we’ve seen Alibaba transcend the length and breadth of the comedy business. Like they say “In every successful man is a woman”; that is where Mary Akpobome comes to play. The couple has been together for over two decades and still waxing strong. Ali Baba has anchored countless private and government projects over time, hence his success today. For those who don’t know, Mary isn’t in the entertainment industry unlike a lot of celebrity couples, rather she has grown to become one of the most successful bankers in Nigeria. During a recent interview, Alibaba described his wife as his stabilising factor. “My wife has been the secret of our success story in marriage and God. She is the glue that keeps holding us together. She holds the home front; she also manages me. I am not the easiest person to live with, considering the fact that I am an artist and always on the move. She’s somebody who believes in firm planning. She likes to do everything according to plan. I am the kind of person that works on the fly and I think on the fly as well. But she finally began to make me fall in line. She’s a stabilising factor in my life,” he said.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Mathew Ekeinde

A lot of Nigerians yet unborn will grow up to read about the amazing love story between Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her husband Mathew Ekeinde. Picture an 18 year-old lady with so much innocence getting married to a young pilot, the best romantic story right? That was the case of these two back in 1996 when they decided to tie the knot. Since then they both have grown to become one of the biggest celebrities in the country, with Omotola having a very successful acting career spanning over two decades. In a chat recently, Mathew Ekiende spoke about the challenges of being married to a movie star. “The most challenging thing that makes us argue a lot is her schedule. Sometimes, especially back then when she was shooting back to back, it was crazy. And then, when she’s had a busy schedule back to back, she falls sick. It’s standard. She gets Malaria and when my wife is down with Malaria, it’s not fun to be around her,” he revealed. Their style game is impressive and they make this list for being together, achieving greatness over time and reassuring naysayers that even celebs can maintain a steady relationship.

Jumobi and Richard Mofe- Damijo (RMD)

This list won’t be complete without your favourite ‘Man Crush Everyday,’ Richard Mofe Damijo and his beautiful wife, Jumobi. We can’t overemphasize the major role RMD, as he is popularly called, played in the emergence of what we now see as one of the biggest movie industry in Nigeria. RMD is an amazing actor, politician, lawyer and sometimes a motivational speaker on social media. However his wife, Jumobi is known to be a former screen diva before venturing into communications where she presently works at one of Nigeria’s biggest telecoms company. The two are not just celebrity couples but ‘power couples’ if you would like to put it that way. While the former TV presenter has taken the back seat in recent years, RMD still maintains dominance on red carpets and select Nollywood projects. The 57-year-old super actor recently celebrated his wife with sweet words. He thanked her for being with him all these years and for making him a better person. “18years. Grateful. Humbled by your love and strength. Thank you for making me a better man Abike,” he wrote.

Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia and Annie Idibia

Tuface and Annie Idibia need no introduction as they are one of the biggest celebrity couples in Nigeria today. This amazing love story didn’t just start today as it dates back to when Tuface was just an upcoming artist in the late 90s. Despite 2face’s relationship with a number of women, they were able to weather the storm together. The couple makes this list for their sense of style, compatibility and super star status especially with Annie delving into Nollywood and helping firm up their collective brand appeal. Annie Idbia in a chat revealed how they have been able to stay together as one united front both as a family and successful careers. “I married my friend and we trust, love and respect each other so much. And that has remained the bed rock of our marriage,” she said.

Zack and Ngozi Orji

When what is today known as Nollywood kicked off in the early 1990s, not many knew it would become the second biggest movie industry in the world. Zack Orji and his wife Ngozi Orji were amongst the actors who bankrolled the now famous Nollywood industry. From the early days, they were in every major movie and sometimes even played the role of a couple. Zack Orji is known for his expertise in delivering his roles in movies. According to his wife in an interview, “I feel good; I am blessed to have him. He is a good husband, a gentle man and a good father to our kids.” Caring and romantic, Zack revealed sometimes ago that he doesn’t believe in using housemaids for regular house chores like cleaning the dishes and toilet. “I did domestic chores and I still do. A man should be willing to do housework because it is his house. I wash the dishes sometimes. It is not about showing love for one’s wife or one’s family. It is just believe that since it is my house, it is something I should do,” he said. Ngozi Orji no longer acts as she now concentrates on a singing career.

Nobert Young and Gloria Young

When names like Nobert Young and Gloria Young are being mentioned, one thing comes to mind, which is, professionalism at its core in the movie industry. It even gets better to see that they aren’t just one of the best hands to have come out of the entertainment industry, but are married. They have been together for over a decade now and have somehow been able to keep us away from their private life. Nobert Young got to the limelight in his famous role in the now rested TV drama series ‘Checkmate’, while Gloria Young was indeed a beauty to behold in the 90s famous movie ‘Glamour Girls.’ We’ve watched them become icons in the entertainment industry, making them an outstanding couple worthy of emulation. As she marked her 52nd birthday, the couple shared a passionate kiss as the actress cut her cake.

Nneka and Isaac Moses

Isaac and Nneka met on a movie set in 1996, and since then they have built unique brand together. The compatibility between this couple is amazing. They present, produce and direct their awardwinning culture and tourism TV show, ‘Goge Africa’. Nneka once said that it has been easy for them because whatever decision they made was in the best interest of their vision and passion. There is no superiority contest between this two, as Isaac sometimes allows his wife to make the decisions.

Adesua Etomi W and Banky W

These two first got married on the big screen before getting married in real life. November 2017 would forever remain evergreen in the minds of Nigerians, especially those in the entertainment industry, and of course Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s teeming fans. This is because the month went down the history as the month the two celebrities said “I Do” to each other in ceremonies that brought together most big shots in the entertainment industry. The couple had their traditional marriage on November 19, court wedding on November 20, and White Wedding on November 25, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Peter and Lola Okoye

Though married to Lola Omotayo, a lady slightly older than him, Peter Okoye and his wife continue to shine and inspire other young couples in countless ways. As they say, age is nothing but numbers, so if you find the right one what’s the use letting him or her slip past you? This pair has influenced the social circles in Nigeria even as they enjoy dominance in the corporate world with several brand affiliations. Despite all the rumours and gossip, they are happy in their marriage as they are bringing up two children (a boy and a girl) with great pleasure. Recently when the couple celebrated five years together, the mother of two did not hesitate to thank her hubby for always being there for her and the kids. She wrote: “My dearest husband, today marks 5 years since we made this our story official. And what a story it is. In the many years that I have known you what I admire the most about you is your caring heart, your kindness and humility. We have been through hell and back together but these three traits have remained a constant. It took me a long time to understand you but I thank God I now fully get you. “You are a true example of a real Man. You have been called all sorts of names but because you know who you are and because you are confident in yourself, and because you know that nobody is dragging this role with you, words don’t bother you any longer and that I respect. Our children are blessed to have a father who puts them first in all decisions taken. They are blessed to have a father who listens to their needs and I am blessed to have a husband who will take a bullet for me any day. In all, I thank God for keeping us healthy, alive and content.” Funke

Akindele and JJC Skillz

‘Jenifa’s Diary’ is pretty much a household name, thanks to Funke Akindele. She and her music star husband, Abdulrasheed Bello, more popularly known as JJC Skillz, have been married since 2016 after a private ceremony in London. The power couple where blessed with a set of twins in December 2018. JJC Skillz on why he got married to the actress, he wrote: “I have to testify. God is great. I had a dream one night around Christmas 2012 that I will be married to Funke Aakindele and believing in the mighty God I trust, I approached and she didn’t believe me. “A week of romance ended, we broke up and I wrote a song to send a message of what is to come. “My God has never lied or lead me astray. A year later she had a calling to find me and so the story continues. The Master architect is at work.”

Charles Anazodo and Mariam Anazodo

Another cute celebrity couple that has certainly done well for themselves and, we can say, have been outstanding is Charles and Mariam Anazodo. Now it’s interesting to note that they have had very successful careers in Journalism over the last two decades and counting. Charles is unarguably one of the finest sports journalists in Nigeria, while Mariam is a screen diva whose smile has endeared her to a lot of fans. In 2018, the couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, with Charles sharing on his Instagram some cute words for his wife. They are blessed with two amazing children.

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