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Sexy slit maxi skirt



Sexy slit maxi skirt

Maxi skirts with slits are the bang of the season. While the thigh-high slits may resonate on the red carpet, in real life you can get a lot of fashion bash with a more modest slit that’s not quite so dramatic yet elegant. The main plus of this trend is that maxi skirt without any doubt, look incredibly feminine and not only are slits sexy, they are flattering for all shapes and sizes as shorter women of all ages can use the strong vertical element of the slit to make themselves look taller and leaner.


Recently it has become popular to wear maxi dresses not only in the evenings but in everyday life too.


A stroll, night out with friends or a date are some of the great reasons to take your favourite skirt out of the wardrobe and slay beautifully in it. Wearing slit maxi skirt with a belt will accentuate your small waist as this will instantly give you a personalized look but if you don’t like belts, you can still look very attractive in a sexy slit skirt that will accentuate not only your waist but your legs as well.

There are no strict rules of accessories when it comes to maxi skirts; the choice of accessories depends on your taste and the occasion you are dressing for. Accessories make any attire look gorgeous. If your top has a great neckline, a beautiful necklace will be the right choice.



If you want to show some leg but not too much, mesh leggings will make a great pairings with high slit skirt. They look sexy and are a great way to wear slits in the cold weather.


Bright beautiful prints can liven up any outfit. They immediately create the right mood and demonstrate a unique style. Also, a variety of different accessories will perfectly match maxi skirt with prints.


Maxi suggests a little skin and not expose it all; it’s the idea of the slit that makes it sexy. Just a small slit is really all you need to get people’s minds whirling. zzA simple top and jewellery that don’t distract will work wonders.


If you are not comfortable going bare with a slit, don’t shy away from hosiery especially sheer black pantyhose that are chic to give you a bit more coverage than bare legs.


A too-high slit is an easy fix; simply stitch it up a bit for more coverage.

Go easy on the rest of the look. Things can easily get to be “too much look” if you try to add a statement top, bulky accessories, elaborate lace-up shoes or any other distracting elements to your outfit. Let the slit take center stage and tone down the rest of your look.


What doesn’t look better than a bit of height. A higher heel will make your legs look longer with the slit. zzIf you do dare to wear the slit maxi skirt for work, pair it with a very conservative top to balance the sexiness.

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