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The power of divorce certificate (Part 1)



The power of divorce certificate (Part 1)

The primary purpose of this piece is not to talk about God’s position on the issue of divorce because it is very clear. (Mathew 19:4-6, Mark 10:11-12 KJV, Malachi 2:16). The intention here is to discuss the paper called Divorce Certificate. Marital relationship is originated and sustained based on heart to heart contact.


The emotional connection between you and your spouse is sure, stronger than the paper called divorce certificate. This is why there are couples that have fulfilled legal procedures of divorce, only to later go back to have sexual relationship and even, reconcile to live together again, even with the document called divorce certificate in their shelf. Are you currently processing a divorce certificate or considering the idea? My dear, I may not know what informed this move. I just want you to understand that your spouse as a human being, is a divine investment in your destiny and you cannot truncate your precious destiny because of imperfections that you equally posses as a human being. The dangers of divorcing one human being to marry another are too numerous: a big threat to your destiny. First, the next person you are about to go after in the name of marriage is not a fool.


He or she is wise enough to know that your current and future happiness is at his or her mercy, considering the experience you are coming out from. So, his or her mindset in most cases becomes, “what can I get for myself from this drowning man or woman? I must make best use of this opportunity for myself because tomorrow, he or she is most likely to go back to his or her first love. What will become of me if this happens?”



This is why we have recorded so many cases of a man leave his wife for another woman. Years after, when he must have discovered the foolish frustration that lust, impatience and or ego has taken him to, he comes back to seek reconciliation and because the devil is a stakeholder in every marital relationship, the unnecessary vacuum would have been polluted and the situation becomes complex.


Sometimes, lives are lost and destinies are truncated. The truth is that the paper called divorce certificate cannot really destroy the feelings you have for your first love if you truly loved the person from the beginning. If you are going for divorce because you no longer care about any persuading voice, including the Bible, it means your conscience is dead. When this happens, you have become God’s enemy. Any man or woman whose conscience is dead is of the devil, irrespective of religious titles (Bishop, Pope, Pastor, Apostle, Deacon, Deaconess, etc).


The constitution of a country or organisation can be reviewed as often as possible because it is not cast in stone, until they get what they want. In the same vein, a divorce certificate is not cast in stone. In fact, the only document on earth perceived by a Christian to be cast in stone is the Holy Bible. Losing faith in God’s word, means declaring enmity, and a war with God. There is nothing on earth that happens by chance because of the two kingdoms permanently at war; the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Every existing individual belongs to one of the two kingdoms and recruitment is done in the heart. So, you cannot say you are a child of God and live by Satan’s expectations.


Breaking a marital relationship is Satan’s agenda for every marriage and the agenda was conceived right from the wedding day. Then, he begins to work towards achieving it from that day. By the way, Satan goes on break sometimes. That is why he left Jesus for a season after tempting him (Luke 4:13)


But God never goes on break. “for lo, I am with you always even to the end of time” (Matthew 28:20b). So, he was involved the day you made your wedding vow. Now that you are doing this divorce thing, has he gone on break? My brother! My Sister! Play back the tape of the origination of this relationship.


Can’t you see that the devil wants to give you a gar  ment of shame against God’s plans for you in Jeremiah 29:11? Don’t play into Satan’s hand by obeying his voice. Many people will clap for you as you do Satan’s bidding but anti- God decision remains anti-God even when everyone applauds it. ““…God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble” (James 4:6 KJV). When your creator is resisting you, I don’t know how you will cope. Honestly. Life is much more beyond the physical occurrences you see. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12).


If your own divorce case is not the first, then, you even have a worse situation, which might for now, look rosy. It equally indicates that you do not or have never actually known what you want in life. Sorry, you might decide to keep deceiving yourself and rejecting the bitter truth.


“A double-minded man (or woman) is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). Let that man not think he can get anything from God. Definitely, you have issues with your personal relationship with God. For couples getting divorced or thinking about it, beware of choice of counselors. When human rights advisers counsel you on your marital challenges, check the personal marital life of such advisers. Nobody can offer you what the person does not have. Besides, the counsel you need at such times must be based on the expectations of the owner of your life, derived from the foundation of his word, the Holy Bible. If your marriage’s threat however, is based on domestic violence, this is a peculiar issue and you need a godly counsel. Read more next week.

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