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Till Harter: I am an urban explorer, I like the energy of big cities



Till Harter: I am an urban explorer, I like the energy of big cities


Till Harter, is a famous dee jay in Berlin, where for over 15 years he ran a night club, with the famous known 1000 Club one of such night clubs with his imprint.


The club is a hunting ground for harvest of fun by most visitors to the city. It was his first visit to Nigeria, and for him, it was a dream come true, as he has for years nursed the idea of visiting Nigeria. According to him, he is on a break from his night club business to explore other aspects of life. ‘‘In Berlin

I ran about eight or nine clubs and when I sold my company I started travelling round the world doing different projects. I opened a beach club and I became quite famous in Mexico, the Caribbean and I had a project in Rio De Janeiro and Lisbon, Portugal and in Ibiza, Spain. ‘‘I have been doing this for 15 years and it was a little tiring and that life style is exhausting. I needed a new experience and I wanted to see places because I am very curious about different places and cultures and connecting with people,’’ he said of his new preoccupation.


This included ‘‘to experience night life and mix it with the culture of the locale people,’’ which was what actually ignited his desire to visit Nigeria. In Berlin, he said he has interacted with a number of Nigerians though Berlin doesn’t have a preponderance of Nigerians as does other cities across the world. ‘‘Honestly, Berlin doesn’t really have a peculiarity of Nigerians because obviously we don’t have a colonial past. ‘‘But there is a Nigerian community and it is quite small but I was lucky to have met the Ambassador, Yusuf Tuggar.



He is actually a cool person, we connected and we became friends. I told him that I was curious to see Lagos because I am an urban explorer and I like the energy of big cities.’’ Does that extend to Lagos? To which he said: ‘‘I like Lagos obviously and it is one of the biggest cities in the world. This is my first visit, I only arrived few days ago. I am a rookie, which flew into Abuja and arrived Lagos yesterday. ‘‘Abuja is like an administrative capital and I haven’t seen too much of it yet because we arrived only two days ago. It is a beautiful city and very organised.’’


But Lagos, he said is where the excitement and fascination for him lies: ‘‘I am more excited about coming to Lagos and we did this beautiful boat cruise, with a lot of impressions from oil rigs, banking towers, shanties and to a rich mixed of residents.’’


As an artiste, he said that his interest is in exploring the music scene and night life of Lagos. ‘‘I am more interested in the music, am very curious about it. Everyone say night life in Lagos is something else and am waiting to see it. ‘‘I travel a lot and talk with a lot of people and I know that the general perception is that Africa is under developed and all sorts. So I was very curious of seeing it.’’ It is early day yet to say whether his impression of Nigeria and Africa has been changed since arriving Nigeria, as he said that: ‘‘It might be a little bit early to say because you have to experience it first.’’

However, Lagos, he disclosed, is an amazing city. ‘‘Yes, it is an interesting city and what I do normally is like bring the culture of my own town, which is like in terms of music and connect with musicians and artistes from here. ‘‘I bring them together, let them work together and see if we can create something new and exciting out of it. I bring my favourite dee jays from Berlin to play here and to record with local artistes.’’ Harter does not rule out the possibility of embarking on a project with Nigerian artistes as he affirmed that: ‘‘You never know, you bring people together and then you see what they do. Obviously, Nigerian musicians are very influential to international pop music because most of them come to New York. ‘‘There is always a way to work together, give me one more night and I will have an idea on that.’’

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