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APGA crisis: Will Obiano take the pulse of Igbo nation?



APGA crisis: Will Obiano take the pulse of Igbo nation?

Before me is a whip to unleash, but on my right is the special one, Apokue Dike and on my left is beloved Ohamadike and both are my personal persons hence I hold back the whip whilst reminding us that the current crisis must not be viewed from the narrow prism of Victor Umeh vs Willie Obiano or Oye vs Umeh. Far from it.

This is about the soul and future of the Igbo nation and the likelihood of APGA losing the trust of Igbo people when and where it mattered most. Most of our people are disenchanted with APGA and if we continue to take them for granted, we will lose them.

Akpokue, where are you that the party handed over to you on a platter is now trapped in partisan death to the extent that voice of reasons are crushed, rather than be heard on merit. Whose counsel is this? Akpokue, I want you to think and reflect on how this journey started between you, Mr. Peter Obi and Chief Victor Umeh.

The history is not far flung as they are reasonably within the reach of our memory. I recall at the twilight of Obi’s tenure, I contributed an article titled ‘Will Obi leave the leash or hold the leash having sold the ‘goat’ all in the bid to rally early support for you.

Minus God almighty, only Obi, yourself and Umeh can tell how you became governor. Forget Obi’s denials at Ezinihitte in 2017 where he told the crowd that his three preferred candidates were Obaze, Idigo and Dr. Chike Obidigbo but that Umeh disqualified all three to pave way for you. And that in the interest of peace he reluctantly accepted your candidacy as preferred by Umeh. If former Governor Obi didn’t anoint you as his successor as he claimed, then Umeh must be blamed for his wrong choice assuming you are a wrong choice.

Why the disagreement now? Is Oye worth this fight? The irony of life today is that yourself, Obi and Umeh are now mortal enemies rather than the envisaged triumvirate on whose should lay the actualization of the dream of making Alaigbo the economic power house of Nigeria. Yes, the dream of the founding fathers of APGA was to have a political platform that will harness the Igbo ingenuity and make the Igbo nation the most technological and economically powerful region in Nigeria. There was no time the APGA dream was for APGA to rule Nigeria.

The dream was for APGA to lead the political initiative that will transform Alaigbo into the most powerful economy in Nigeria. That was the dream Dim Emeka Ojukwu spoke about and Chuwkuma Soludo concurred with when he spoke of the Taiwan of Africa and Dubai of Nigeria. This was the foundation that Obi laid which you inherited.

Apkokue, I decided to direct this message to you on purpose: There are moments like this when God makes one that special person that must take the pulse of the people. I believe that special person that can save APGA from the current crisis is you. When I stumbled on a leaked email sent to Your Excellency by Chief Umeh, I quickly called on Umeh to enquire on the authenticity of the said email because of the weight of allegations contained therein and if the leak emanated from him. Umeh acknowledged authoring the said communication but categorically denied the leak and I have no reason to doubt him as you may have to check your side, whether any of your aides that operate your email handle may have caused the leak.

Umeh further explained that before writing to you he had also written to Chief Oye because of the moral issues the various accusations against him posed to his office as National Chairman and the future of the party. And since Oye wasn’t forthcoming, he decided to write you so that you will as the leader of the party investigate the veracity of the truth in the allegations. By all ramifications, the four outstanding tales in the letter are damaging allegations that warrants investigation. The investigation will allow Oye a fair hearing and opportunity to confront his accusers.

The minimum expectation would be for Oye to step down as National Chairman to allow unfettered investigation. So far, Chief Oye’s response to the very weighty allegations against him is to say the least despicable. How will recruiting hundreds of thugs to carry placards against Umeh provide answers to all the damaging allegations that have refused to go away? How will all the sponsored attacks against Umeh erase the moral burdens posed by Oye’s improprieties? It is not sufficient for Oye to claim that the allegations against him are because of 2022 permutations. I don’t see how a party leadership tainted by corruption and political mercantilism will win the confidence of the people in 2022. Putting the party on the right path to 2022 means putting our house in order so as to build strength and pose a united front.

No doubt APGA need prayers and God intervention to survive her current crisis, but there are steps we must take as a people. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will again remind us that APGA is not solely an Anambra project. We shall be losing nothing if we find accommodation for our other brothers.

We shall lose nothing if the position of National Chairman, for instance, is zoned to either Imo or Abia as a matter of necessity. We cannot be accusing President Buhari of fulanising Nigeria and marginalizing the Igbo while within us we anambranising APGA and marginalizing other Igbo states. Let’s halt the drift and do unto others as we would like them do unto us.

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