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RMD petitions Nigeria Police over alleged rape of 4-year-old girl



RMD  petitions Nigeria Police over alleged rape of 4-year-old girl


Iconic actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, has written an open letter to the Police Command over the rape allegations against one Idris Ebiloma.

He made a post on his Instagram page calling the attention of the police to the case of a man identified as Idris Ebiloma who allegedly raped a 4-year-old girl in Abuja.

The actor urged the Police to seek justice for the minor alleged to have been raped.

Actress, Tonto Dikeh, had also shared some evidence that Ebiloma raped a 4-year-old girl while calling on Nigerians to protest and seek justice for the minor.

The unedited content of RMD’s letter reads:

“An open letter to FCT Police Command.

Dear CP Bala Ciroma, I am hearing rumors that nearly 3 years ago, in your jurisdiction, a full grown man Mr. IDRIS EBILOMA allegedly raped a 4-year-old child. All rapes are evil, damaging and unforgivable but the rape of a child? That in itself is not only the worst form of rape but one of the most heinous crimes anyone can commit but more disheartening than the crime itself is the allegation that the police is frustrating efforts to get this innocent child the justice she so badly deserves.

With the increased spate of insecurity, abuse of personal freedom (especially by SARS) and now rape. The police cannot play ostrich and pretend to be unaware of the mood of the nation. What better time and what better way to prove that the police is indeed our friend by ensuring that the investigation and evidence(s) presented to the court are thorough and an ironclad case made against the offender.

Sir, I have never met you but I hear that you’re a good man and I am going by that assumption which is why I am writing you this open letter, hoping that the power of social media will lead it to you and trust that you will live up to your reputation and use your noble office to get KHLOE the justice she deserves.

That way she grows up having great hopes in our law enforcement and judiciary.

Sir, CP Bala, we are rooting for you to write your name in gold in Nigeria’s history by being the one who made it happen. Kind Regards, Richard Mofe-Damijo.”

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Saturday Magazine

I wouldn’t have been in BBNaija house without my wife’s consent –Mike



I wouldn’t have been in BBNaija house without my wife’s consent –Mike

Professional athlete, Mike Olayemi Edwards, emerged as one of the favourites of fans and viewers in the course of the recently-concluded fourth season of Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

Apart from emerging first runner-up of the Big Brother ‘Pepper Dem’ edition, Mike, a product of a Nigerian mother and a Jamaican father, won many over by not becoming entangled with any woman in the house. He spoke to ADEDAYO ODULAJA in this interview


What is your view on the fact that Nigerians can’t stop talking about how you stayed faithful to your wife during the course of BBNaija 4?


I am a strong individual, a strong man and I didn’t show my weakness, so, to me that was just amazing. I expect nothing less from my girl. To remain in the house for 99 days I never had any personal doubts for me. It’s just normal. I made a commitment before I even said I do, I made it clear to myself to be faithful till death.


But was there any time you were tempted by any of the ladies or anything you saw?

No, there was no time like that. It was all about my resolve from the beginning.


Your wife has hinted of your plan to relocate to Nigeria from your UK base. Do you plan to see that through?


Yes, I plan to move to Nigeria immediately. My wife and I are making plans together. Right now, we are still discussing and making arrangements. For now, we are taking it day by day.

Being an athlete already means you are in the limelight of sorts, why did you decide go for Big Brother?


It was simply because I consider it one of the greatest platforms in the world and I wanted to challenge myself by going for it. To be honest, it was something I saw in the challenge and it was the fear of the unknown. It was more attractive to me because I knew that it was what I wanted to do, challenge myself beyond. You know, if you do the same thing expecting different results, it’s insanity. So, I knew, let’s try something like this and see how far we can go and it ended up being a great opportunity. I will never regret it.


You apparently fared well in terms of rating but do you think anything worked against you winning the show?


I can’t really say because I knew I was real. I can’t be anybody else but myself. I am confident enough to know that it pays to be myself. Truth be told, I feel like I can go through a lot of ups and downs and somehow find the way to persevere and you know, I’m an athlete. I can’t stop being me at this stage, I don’t know anything else that could be used as a strategy aside from me being myself. I know consistency is always key for me. So, that’s the only way I could describe it. I trust the process of being consistent every day, and I wanted to walk out a winner and it didn’t fail me, I walked out a winner.



So would you say you were disappointed with the final outcome?


No, absolutely not. I knew that stepping into the house was a win for me, anything else was a bonus. So, I always felt I am in the best time in my life, I just kept reminding myself that that’s why it was easy for me to have so much cruise because ultimately I knew we were all winners in our all unique ways.


What were some of the sacrifices you would say you made in the BBNaija house towards winning?


Of course, the sacrifices I made were disconnecting from my wife for 99 days. If I didn’t have the consent of my wife I wouldn’t have taken part in the show. I am a married man, I don’t have to discuss things that don’t need to be explained, and I think that’s the relationship I have with my wife.


Did you at any point think it was getting more difficult than you envisaged


Those were the times when I thought Biggie was at least going to surprise me with a visit by my family members or someone I know but it never happened and I had to hang in there.


You have a Cigar brand that seems to be the focus of your attention now. What’s it about?


Aireyys Cigar brand is an extension of myself. I have always seen myself as a brand. It is a distinguished taste, if you love it, you like it. My wife and my team, ran the business while I was away.

What is the status of your professional career as an athlete?


I represented Nigeria at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and the African Senior Athletics Championship in Asaba in 2018. So, right now my focus is to set up my future with my family, so, that’s my priority right now.



How would you rate your familiarity with Nigerian culture?



I am every bit a Nigerian. My mother is Nigerian and my dad is Jamaican.


What are your thoughts about the Big Brother platform now having been a part of it especially as you regard it as a huge, global platform of opportunities.


It remains a truly global and exciting platform for me but I walked out of it with the lesson of never taking things too seriously. Also that one has to be brave enough to have an open heart. You never know when you’re going home, literally.

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Saturday Extra

My dad asked my brothers to stop me from auditions –LamiRose



My dad asked my brothers to stop me from auditions –LamiRose

LamiRose Alih is a Nollywood actress and a film producer, she speaks with DEBORAH OCHENI about her ready to go outfits, love for comfy wears, her preferred celebrity style, why she will not not wear clothes that reveal her nipples and lots more.


What was growing up like?


Growing up was so interesting, until things went bad for my parents that they had to relocate from Kano to the village. Things got so tough while in the village, but in all, we thank God for life. How long have you been in the entertainment industry and how did the journey start?


I have been in the industry for a while now but it wasn’t really consistent until 2017 when I decided to go fully into it. My journey started when I followed my friend to an audition and I was called to be one of the cast in the crowd scene. That was how my acting career started.


What inspired the decision to become an actress?


Well, I have always wanted to be on the screen while growing up, I admire newscasters and I love watching Stephanie Okereke and Genevieve Nnaji then. Each time I saw them on the screen I will be like, “I am going to be like this someday.”


That was what inspired me and I started working towards it. What was the experience like facing the camera for the first time? It wasn’t funny at all because I used to be a very shy person, so facing the camera was a problem.


Are your parents in support of your career?


No, they were not in support of it at first, my dad was like “when people are looking for something meaningful to do with their lives my own daughter says it’s film she wants to act”, and he will order my brothers to close-mark me from going for auditions.


Because of that, when I was filling my JAMB form I had to apply for Theatre Arts unknown to my parents instead of Law that was my dream course so that by the time I am done with school, they would accept my choice of career since that’s the course I studied in school. And behold my plan worked out well.


Which movie brought you to limelight? I would say “bride price and Asoebi girl. Be-   cause it ran on Africa Magic Epic for a long time and I played a sub lead role in it.



That really made me popular.


How many movies have you featured in so far?


I have featured in over 15 movies, namely, Bride Price, The Regent King, Her Proposal, Putting Pen to Paper, Soil, A day Outside, Living in Abuja, to mention a few including my own movie “Upon a Promise” currently showing on Africa Magic Showcase and “Oge Nkpuhie coming out soon on Africa Magic Igbo. Asides acting which other business are you into? I work with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, I also run my own business


I have a clothing line, I freelance, let’s just say I do everything thats legitimate business.


Are you a trend conformist?


No, really I wear anything that suits me, not necessarily what’s trending or in vogue. Which celebrity style do you admire most? Kimora Lee and in Nigeria I would say Mercy Aigbe. I admire their styles a lot. Is there anything you will never be caught wearing? Anything that shows nipples is a no no for me. Which is your costliest fashion possession? That should be my Herms bag. How much did you buy it? Let me not even mention the amount here, I prefer to keep the price secret.


Which is your signature perfume?


I play with all because I sell perfumes as well but my best would be Gorgio Armani for women.


The fragrance is something else. Which accessories do you live for?


I love Wristwatches and earrings a whole lot.


How do you love your hairdo?


I like hair with curls or straight and my best style is side parting, the make has to be natural for me to be able to rock.


Which footwear do you love most?


I like sneakers because I don’t joke with my comfort, I don’t compromise my comfort for fashion.


What is your ready to go outfits?


Jean, T-shirt, face-cap and sneakers but I am not a tom boy.

How comfortable do you feel in jeans and Tshirt?


I feel very comfortable because they are my favourite wears.


Which outfits take up most space in your wardrobe?


T-shirts and sneakers. What determines what you wear? I dress according to the occasion that I am going for or place.


What makes a woman well dressed?



A woman is well dressed when what she wears is not too revealing.


Who is your best designer?



Toyin Abraham “Titans’ Empire.



Do you consider any fashion items indispensable?


Shoes are not easily dispensable.


How lucrative is acting as a career in Nigeria?



Acting is a very lucrative career trust me, especially as an actor.


Would you say you are satisfied with your choice of career?



There’s nothing as fulfilling as doing what you have passion for, acting gives me peace of mind.


How would you compare Nollywood to entertainment industry in other climes?


You can’t compare our industry to, say, Hollywood for now.



But on the average we have really improved in so many areas we are a work in progress and we will surely get there How easily do you buy your fashion items in Nigeria?


Very easy, I am the type that don’t really plan shopping.


If I see anything I like either online or in a shop I will just but, it so, it’s really not difficult.


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Davido threatens to due blogger for spreading lies about him



Davido threatens to due blogger for spreading lies about him

Davido took to Instagram to threaten a popular blog for allegedly spreading lies about him, after his performance at the Afro Nation festival in Portugal.


Days ago, a viral video from the Afro Nation festival in Portugal showed moments when Davido, was performing his single “Blow My Mind” and unfortunately, there was no response from the crowd.


The viral video got several people bashing him online for allegedly giving a terrible performance. An online site on Instagram shared the video, saying that the singer was snubbed by the crowd: “”Crowd Brutally Snubs Davido At Afronation Concert In Portugal, While He Was Performing His International Hit Song “Blow My Mind” ft Chris Brown!!!” And Davido took the blog’s comment section and threatened to take actions if more lies about him are continuously spread.



“Tell one more lie about me and U will see wat will happen !!!!!”, he wrote in anger.

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Cardi B’s coming to Lagos with Daughter, Kulture?



Cardi B’s coming to Lagos with Daughter, Kulture?

Famous American songstress, Cardi B, may be storming Lagos, Nigeria, for a grand jamboree on December 7. And the industry seems to be bracing to play host to the captiveating lady of songs.


The fine crafts-lady from the Bronx may also be raising the excitement by introducing a subplot; coming along with her elegant daughter, Kulture.


Last year Cardi became a mother and she’s clearly loving spending quality time with her infant. The frenzy is so much that speculations are begun spreading that Cardi may head to Nigeria and Ghana with Kulture.


In early 2018, amidst nagging speculations, Cardi B appeared on Saturday Night Live revealing a baby bump, to announce her pregnancy to the world and has since beheld the birth of her beautiful daughter, being almost inseparable from her.



The rapper who in an April 2019 interview, stated that she doesn’t trust anyone with her child, might just hit the Livespot X Festival stage with Kulture. That’s if her mother and her sister don’t come along for the ride, or even her husband, Offset, as they’re apparently the only ones she trusts with Kulture.



So, if you’re as curious as many are, there’s only one way to find out – on December 7 at Livespot X Festival, Lagos.

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Small Doctor set to shutdown mainland again with Omo Better concert 2



Small Doctor set to shutdown mainland again with Omo Better concert 2

Lagos Mainland is about to be in a standstill situation this festive period as Nigeria’s number 1 certified street ambassador, Small Doctor, will be hosting the 2019 edition of his annual Omo Better Concert on the 15th of December, 2019.


The concert which is tagged the biggest street concert will take place at the Agege Stadium and promises to be very eventful as lots of top Nigerian music stars will hit the stage alongside Small Doctor to deliver exciting performances.


You already know, it is never a dull moment with Small Doctor on stage. You will recall that last year’s edition of Omo Better Concert recorded massive success as over 20,000 fans and music lovers from all over Nigeria gathered at the Agege Stadium to make the concert all sold out.


The 2019 edition of Omo Better Concert promises to be bigger and better with performances from music artistes, comedians and DJs: such as Reminisce, Mr Eazi, Zlatan Ibile, Reekado Banks, Harrysong, Duncan Mighty, Slimcase, QDot, Oritsefemi, Idowest, Mz Kizz, Vector, Keleverjay, Demmievee Vee, Junior Boy, DJ Kaywise, DJ Lambo, DJ Khoded, DJ Enimoney, Ijebu, and many more.


All entertainment and music lovers nationwide are enjoined to turn up for Omo Better Concert 2019. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience – Tickets are available at &

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Kitchen spells luxury with marble



Kitchen spells luxury with marble

When it comes to kitchen interiors, nothing beats marble decor, marble is a classic building material that is perfect for adding both beauty and protection around sinks and countertops. From giant slabs to teeny tiles, there are many ways you can incorporate a marble in your kitchen spaces.


When you think of marble, you may think of Renaissance statues or large house columns, but these fluidly patterned slabs have made a modern rebirth in the world of interior design. Luxurious to the eye, this metamorphic rock also adds subtle pops of texture and colour when used appropriately.


For big impact, incorporate a marble wall or columns into the architecture of a space. With marble less is more, so focus on one area or wall to integrate this trend. The kitchen is a great area to incorporate marble as well, in the countertops or cabinets.


The kitchen is a place to cook, eat, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company, and because it’s such an integral part of the home, it should be decorated to inspire good food, memories and enjoyment. While a small kitchen means less room for décor, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully styled with marble.


Tiny kitchens can readily stand up against their larger counterparts in a cook off to produce big meals and hearty flavours, and that’s no different when it comes to kitchen design. When it comes to marble kitchen interiors, bigger is not always better, small kitchens are usually more efficient workspaces than large ones.


Good marble interior design are not exclusive to a large kitchen, all you need are some good small kitchen decorating ideas that keep your small space organized, functional, beautiful and luxurus.

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How I almost had heart attack because of Tony Elumelu –BOVI



How I almost had heart attack because of Tony Elumelu –BOVI

Nigerian comedian, Bovi, recounts how he almost had a heart attack after offering to buy a drink for billionaire, Tony Elumelu, at a club.


Narrating the incidence, the popular comic act said, he offered to buy the UBA chairman a drink out of courtesy and he expected him to decline, but Elumelu accepted and put his fingers on his chin thinking and looked to the adjacent table where some ladies had a bucket of champagne as he contemplated on what to order.


This made Bovi’s heart to beat rapidly as he was not sure he would be able to afford the billionaire’s choice of drink. However, while his pulse was already racing, the man ordered for just a bottle of beer.

His words read;


“Ran into @tonyoelumelu in the club last week. Instead of me to just respect myself and greet and pass, I asked “oga what will you like to drink? It’s on me. Anything”. I was expecting a swift “no thank you”. The next thing Oga put his fingers on his chin thinking. He looked to the adjacent table where some ladies had a bucket of champagne. My spirit ran and left me. Hey God, who send me? This man is about to order the rarest and most vintage bottle; some French name I can’t even pronounce. Something I’ve never heard of. My debit card in my pocket started to run temperature. My bladder was full. My mouth was dry. My blood pressure was up. Instead of me to ask for family sponsorship, I went to ask a billionaire what he wants to drink and he was contemplating it. All this was like three seconds but it seemed like forever. With a smile, oga turned to me and said: “I will have a…” Phew! Normal alcoholic beverage. Mtshewww! Normal beer parlour drink and I almost died for nothing. With a loud voice, I shouted “bartender! Bring one crate for my chairman!” Of course, he was going to have only one bottle. But I had to act like I wanted to spend like fire.”

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Cropped palazzo, incredibly classy



Cropped palazzo, incredibly classy

Are you dreading the heat and wondering what bottoms to wear? It is time to give your jeans a break.



Try replacing your leggings and jeans, with cropped palazzo pants for a comfortable yet chic style. Everywhere you look, cropped palazzo pants are making a comeback. You see them on the street, at a party, at the beach, in the office and even at weddings.


Hugely popular in the 60s and 70s, it’s easy to see why everyone loves them now. They are stylish, comfortable, and above all versatile for all body sizes. Cropped palazzo are wide leg three quarter length trousers that are currently making hit in fashion, they have been a hit since their inception in the 1960s.


They were first sported by the famous designer Coco Chanel on a beach back in the day. Cut to a few years later, this retro trend came back with a new age twist. Cropped palazzo pants are trousers, but way more comfortable and shorter.


They flare out from your knees as they move down to the legs. They are slightly high-waisted and create a sensual silhouette, contrary to the popular belief that they look unflattering.


They were first spotted in the 1960s and now come in many variants to match the current trends. From formals to travel trousers, they come in all shapes and sizes to match every mood and taste. Plain colours range between subtle pastels, brilliant rainbow shades, muted tones, classic black and of course, Ankara print version.


There’s a mouthwatering variety of patterns available. Patterned cropped palazzos add definition to your outfit without looking over the top as long as you choose the right pattern. cropped palazzos and a plain T-shirt go well with white sneakers, gladiator sandals, or even pump depending on how you want to swing the outfit.

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I check my Daughter’s virginity every year – Rapper, T.I.



Popular American Rapper, T.I., has revealed that he takes his daughter, 18, to the gynaecologist to check her hymen and confirm she’s still a virgin every year. T.I made the shocking revelation while on the ‘ ‘Ladies Like Us’podcast. He, however, admitted that he is not that strict with his 15-year-old son who he said is sexually active and he doesn’t have a problem with that.


According to him, it is very important to him that his teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has not had sex yet. He added that he accompanies her on her annual checkup to the gynaecologist and insists on her signing a waiver to allow the doctor to share confidential status about her virginity with him.


He told the hosts: “Not only have we had the conversation about keeping her virginity, we have yearly trips to the gynaecologist to check her hymen. Yes, I go with her.


This is what we do usually, like the day after the [birthday] party, she’s enjoying her gifts. I put a sticky note on the door: ‘Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30. So we’ll go and sit down and the doctor will come and talk and the doctor’s maintaining a high level of professionalism.


He’s like, ‘Well, you know sir, I have to, in order to share information’ — I’m like, ‘Deyjah, they want you to sign this paper so we can share information. Is there anything you would not want me to know?’


‘See doc! No problem. So then they come and say, ‘Well, I just want you to know that there are other ways besides sex that the hymen can be broken, like bike riding, athletics, horseback riding, and just other forms of athletic physical activity.’


So I say, ‘Look doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Just check the hymen please and give me back my results expeditiously.’ But I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.”


T.I. defended his actions by saying he thinks a lot of people wish their parents had been more protective of them. I think that most kids in hindsight, looking back, they always thank their parents for not allowing them to damage themselves as much as they could have. I don’t want guys to woo my daughter even though she’s now an adult.

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Saturday Extra

Chic bridal hairstyles



The month November is usually filled with many wedding celebrations.

If you and your spouse have concluded arrangement to celebrate your day anytime from now then you don’t need to settle for basics when it comes to your hairdo because you will be the centre of atten- tion and many of your invited guests will be interested in your hairstyle, so ensure you do something out of usual.


Classic up-do bridal hairstyle is too boring for modern brides, whether you’re getting married or acting as a bridesmaid at a wedding this month, Saturday Telegraph has got some per- fect wedding hairstyles for you to choose from so that looking back on wedding photographs in the distant future does not make you cringe.

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