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Trending news of the week: Jaiye Kuti shares beautiful birthday photos



Trending news of the week: Jaiye Kuti shares beautiful birthday photos

Beautiful actress, Jaiyeola Okuwakemi Kuti is one of the most prominent faces in Yoruba movie circles at the moment with lots of awards and prominent roles under her belt. She is not only a gorgeous woman with killer physique, but she has a lovely personality. Often acting the role of a stern woman or scheming mother, she is known for her forceful and intense style.

It is significant to note that the success of Madam Jaiye as an actress of status emanates from certain core elements of her personality: amiable and strong-willed; hardworking, yet playful; successful, yet humble. She is a no nonsense theatre practitioner with a strong passion for excellence. She is one of the most famous and distinguished actresses and she celebrated her birthday in grand

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Go suck a lemon



Go suck a lemon



Debola could not believe her ears.



Aunty prophetess was pregnant! So, she was hunting for a man too?



“You’ve been praying for me for over five years and nothing happened despite my despiration,” Debola said.



“That is the problem. That desperation has cost you a lot. Let me tell you, everything we achieved in the past five years has been wiped away by your desperation. Do you know for how long I prayed and waited before I got this man? Do you know the number of trips I made to the wise ones? Do you know how much I spent?” She asked a dumbfounded Debola.



“Wise ones? You consult the wise ones while I consult you?” She asked her.



“Have you not seen a doctor being treated by other doctors?” Prophetess asked.


Debola sighed audibly and suddenly, her face lit up.




“Can you take me to the wise ones?” She asked.



Aunty prophetess observed her for a while and said slowly, “If you are ready, I’ll take you. But, have it at the back of your mind that you’ll spend a lot of money.”



“I’m ready. I’m ready to do anything. I can’t allow Jay to slip out of my life. I can’t start looking for a man all over again. Moreover, I’m pregnant for him. He’s wealthy. He’ll give me the kind of life I’ve always desired,” Debola said.



They had discussed some more and agreed on a date. The wise ones lived in a village in a neighbouring state. Prophetess promised to get Debola an appointment with the wise ones. After four days, she called Debola and told her what it would cost her to see them. She was more than ready.



On the set date, they set out very early in the morning. They were in the bus park before 5am. After more than two hours of steady bus ride, they alighted at a motor park in a sleepy village. They boarded two bikes which took them through footpaths to a compound set well back in what appeared like a bush. An old bungalow stood in the middle of the large compound. Debola was scared but prophetess assured her that no harm would come to her.



The wise ones were five old men who looked Debola up and down, as if sizing her up. They were seated on stools under a leafy tree few metres away from the gate. There were two empty benches facing them. The visitors knelt down in greeting. One of them, he appeared the oldest, asked them to sit down on a bench. Debola made to sit but the prophetess drew her back to her knees. She then thanked the wise ones and tabled Debola’s case before them, her face cast down.





The oldest of them, with rheumy eyes, cleared his throat and spat on the sandy ground, between his legs. With his left shrivelled foot, he mixed the phlegm with the red sand.


“See men all around you. A crowd of men are all over you. You wonder why none has married you? You have a spirit husband that is chasing them away. Unless you settle your spirit husband, no man will dare marry you,” he said in a somewhat calm, tiny tone.



Debola stared at the prophetess. She dared not look at the pairs of ancient eyes which she was sure were boring into her.



“Baba, she came prepared sir,” prophetess said in a low tone.



“Your prayers are answered,” the baba said.




“Amen,” Debola and the prophetess chorused.


“Sit down,” the old man said.



Only then did the prophetess draw Debola up. They sat on the stool.



“You need a goat, a live goat, which you will kill and use the meat to prepare vegetable soup and pounded yam for the gods,” the baba said.



Debola was confused. Kill a goat? Where would she get that one?



“Thank you baba. She’s ready to do it,” the prophetess said.



“Remember, she must not wipe off sweat from her face while she pounds the yam and her sweat must not drop into the mortar,” the old man said.



Debola was almost not breathing again. She didn’t know if she was scared of the chore before her or in awe of the old men. She stared at the ground. Even when she felt that the old men were leaving, she didn’t look up.

When the prophetess drew her up later, both the old men and their stools were not in sight.



“Where do I get a goat? Where do I get the foodstuff to prepare the food? Who will kill the goat?” The questions tumbled out of her mouth.



“Relax, you’ll get everything in this compound,” prophetess said, leading her to the back of the building.



Debola stared in amazement as they turned the corner and then, fear gripped her…






Jay didn’t know whether to dance or cry. The business deal he pitched for about eight months ago had finally scaled through. That was the new lease of life he needed. Once he was able to complete it, he would swim in dizzying wealth which would run into multiples of millions of naira. That was the biggest deal he had ever dreamt of. He scattered the documents on his bed and danced round them. All the documents were intact. Once this money got into his bank account, he could to go on vacation for many years. Once again, he went through the details again, this time, meticulously. Everything was perfect. It called for celebration. He pulled out a bottle of fizz and popped it. The Brut tasted so sweet in his mouth! Of course, he knew it was the sweet taste of success. He was halfway through the bottle when the thought hit him: it was Adele’s bank details they’d used to pitch for the job! He felt the sour taste of the Brut immediately. Payments for the deal would be made into her bank account, not his. He sat down, thud! Adele had him where it would hurt most. He would have to go crawling to her or he’d be doomed forever! After what he did to her? Could he be under a curse? Why would sadness dog his every joy? Then it hit him! One night many, many years ago, he was still living in the village with his paternal grandparents, that night…



He shivered and broke out it cold sweat. His palms became clammy…






Adele was on the phone with her children. It was a conference call. They were talking politics.



Adele listened to them but her mind was mulling another issue. A large amount had been paid into her account. It was payment for a contract she helped Jay to secure. Without her efforts, he wouldn’t have gotten that job and she funded more than eighty per cent of it. As much as she knew that Jay didn’t deserve her mercy, going by all the pain he had inflicted on her physically, emotionally and psychologically, he needed that money to survive. How would she sleep peacefully, knowing she was holding on to another man’s joy? She dared not tell her children about it. Going by the way they were feeling right now, they would not support her extending any help to their father.



After the convo with her children, she hopped to the private dining room to join Bolan at breakfast. There were two entrances to that dining room -from the corridor and from Bolan’s room.



“Oh no! I told you to call me so I could come and carry you here, my woman,” Bolan said as he sighted her.



He was up and beside her immediately. He made her comfortable on the chair and kissed her deeply.



“I’m becoming a big liability to you and I don’t like it,” She said, kissing him back.



“Hey love, my desire is to turn you into my master and I’ll be your slave for the rest of our lives. I love you with everything in me that can love a woman. Believe me, you don’t have to work for the rest of your life. I’ll take care of your needs, including those of your children, if you’d allow me,” Bolan whispered into her ears.



Adele closed her eyes as joy washed over her. Gawd, she loved this man. Everything about him spelt joy to her. They could talk for hours and laugh; they could be in each other’s arms without saying a word for hours and be so happy. They could communicate with their eyes. She felt wetness in her cave of wonder and smiled. It’s either she ate her breakfast right now or it would turn cold while she was being eaten.



Suddenly, she had an urge to live her secret desire. With Bolan, she could let go and be the seductress that she secretly wanted to be behind closed door.




“Lock the door, my Prince,” she told him.



She could not recognise her voice; it was low and sultry. Bolan stared at her a moment and went to do as she wished. She slipped out of her one-piece dressing gown. She had nothing under it. Bolan’s eyes were like an owls. This was a new Adele he was seeing. She indicated he did same. He did in seconds. His man was already turgid.



“We’re going to have breakfast in our birthday suit and you’re gonna feed me,” she said with a smile.



“Yes ma’am,” he responded and drew two dining chairs a little away from the table.



They sat, facing each other, their knees touching. With shaky hands, he fed her until she was good. Then she told him she was going to feed him. He smiled and waited, but she had other ideas.



“Mom wants to nurse her baby,” she told him.



Wide-eyed, Bolan smiled. He was happy. He felt that somehow, he had scaled whatever hurdle and destroyed whatever wall that stood between them.



“Close your eyes,” she instructed.



He did. Almost immediately, he felt her hands on him and felt her heave herself on him. He relaxed.



Adele smiled. She was juicing so much and could feel her wetness oozing out. She felt him shudder as she lay her hand on his very turgid man. He sat up. She played with it a bit, teasing the excitement spot just under the inner cap and felt him gasp. She teased him a little more and raised herself a bit and guided him into her slippery wet receptacle. Bolan moaned loudly and his body began to tingle. This was the first time he went into her unsheathed. The feeling was indescribably different. He felt like he was encased in a slippery wet velvety cocoon. He felt something on his lips and opened his mouth to take it in. He sucked without being told to. He needed not be told.



“Suck it. Hmmmmmmm suuuuckkkkkkhmmmmmm,” she moaned.



She was riding him as one possessed, murmuring and shouting almost at the same time. He grabbed one bobbing mountain while he sucked the other one. She held his neck as she grinded and pounded at intervals. Bolan was surprised. He openen his eyes and stole a glance at her. She was shouting with her eyes closed. She looked like one demented. He understood, she was gripped in the throes of passion. He was at the brink too because he had never felt this way before. She was driving him mad. He grabbed her waist with his two hands and raised her up a bit. Then he brought her down gently on him. He repeated that a number of times.



“Don’t stop…Don’t stop… dooooooon’t….,” she screeched.



Bolan felt like he would erupt in volcanic lava. He felt it rising to the tip. He tried to keep it in check but couldn’t. It would overrun him and drown them.



“My woman…my baby…baaaaby….” He screamed.


“My priiiiiiiiiiiiiiinceeeeee,” she screamed, adding, “Bring it oooooooon….lemme feeeeeeel you….”



Then, they quaked as waves and waves of passion washed over them. They felt the chair bouncing and held on to each other, afraid that the flood of passion would sweep them away…








Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!




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Ladies who rose to limelight with BBNaija platform



Ladies who rose to limelight with BBNaija platform

The fourth season of the hugely popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija is back on our screens and fans are eager to see the housemate who will be propelled to instant stardom from this season. This year’s season is already generating a lot of excitement and frenzy among viewers who are anticipating the next star that will emerge from this competition in few months’ time.  BBNaija is a great talent factory where stars are made. Over the years we have seen ex-housemates who are thrust into stardom by just being on the show. It has helped a lot of ex-housemates achieve their career trajectories which would have taken years to achieve. The platform has indeed propelled some to heights unimagined and to gain fame and fortune that seemed impossible before entering the Big Brother house.

From zero to unimaginable, here are ladies who used the BBNaija platform to make a success of their careers and achieve fame and lifelong dreams as VANESSA OKWARA reports


Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee-C



Cynthia Nwadiora, a lawyer, worked as an outdoor advertising practitioner and was relatively unknown before going into the BBNaija house. Cee-C was unarguably the most controversial housemate ever to get in to the Big Brother house.  She was outspoken and didn’t care whose ox was gored as she made her views and opinions known on subject matters including picking issues with her fellow housemates.



Her fights with fellow housemate, Tobi Bakre during the season 3 was quite legendary and this earned her both foes and friends alike from across Africa.  She was dubbed the actual ‘Double Wahala’ which was the theme for that year. After 85 eventful days in the house, she came in second place



Today, with 1.8million followers on Instagram, Cee-C has become a fashion influencer, award winning brand influencer and has worked with brands like Nairabet, Amstel Malta, Huawei Mobile and House of Lunettes. She recently launched her sportswear line, Cegar, which has so far been a major hit among her fan base. Hate her or love her, you cannot deny her presence on the social media influencer space.



She reportedly charges an average of N500, 000 to advertise for brands on social media. She is forever grateful to the platform BBNaija presented to her.

Uriel Oputa  



Uriel Oputa was an upcoming musician who needed the big platform that Big Brother Naija presented. During her time in the BBNaija season 2 ‘See Gobbe’, Uriel was popular for her melodramatic yet entertaining diary sessions. After finishing in 9th position, Uriel bagged several endorsements and hosting gigs for some big brands such as Maggi, PayPorte, Pedini – Bosch Nigeria, Peak Milk, Indomie etc.  Today, Uriel has a cooking TV show and her own food outfit, ‘UU Kitchen’.  During the visit of Anthony Joshua, the legendary boxer to Nigeria recently, she was contracted as the caterer for some of his projects for children living in the slum.  She currently has over one million followers on Instagram, a thriving wig business and is still a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.



Bam Bam



Oluwabamike (BamBam) Olawunmi is a multi-talented young lady who was part of the BB Naija 2018. No one expected Bam Bam to become an overnight sensation after spending weeks at the Big Brother house. Well, her steamy and romantic relationship with fellow housemate, Teddy A kind of aided in showcasing the beautiful woman. That romance has progressed dramatically and today they are engaged to be married; therefore increasing her popularity and also the BBNaija platform as a place where stars and dreams are actualized.



Since leaving the BBNaija house, Bam Bam has been busy conquering the world with her beauty products and bagging several awards as well.






Ifu Ennada was already a rising star before going to the Big Brother Naija house. She was already a budding actress before entering the Big Brother House and since leaving the house, Ifu’s acting career has received tremendous boost and leaps and she’s acted in blockbusting movies and trends. She has been really busy trying to use her BBNaija experience to cash out. From hosting events to starting her own cosmetic line and hair wig business, she has indeed soared higher standing on the BBNaija platform.






Nina Chinonso Onyenobi practically rose from nothing to unimaginable stardom from the BBNaija season three. She was just an ordinary housemate fans didn’t think will make it past the first few weeks in in the Big Brother House but she surprised everyone  when she emerged 5th in that season. Her beautiful and passionate relationship with Miracle who won the competition endeared her to the hearts of many. She became one of the last women standing at the last edition of Big Brother Naija. She graduated from the Imo State University after leaving the Big Brother House and her fan base on social media has increased to 1.4 million followers.


Since then, it has been from one endorsement to another with different cosmetics and fashion brands. She also owns her own cosmetics, fashion and wig brand.



Alex Unusual



Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra, popularly called Alex went unnoticed at the Big Brother house until the first Saturday at the house when it was time to party. We got to see a very bold and free-spirited young beautiful lady showcase her dance moves. She was also among the last five in the last season of the Big BrotherNaija. Since coming out of the show, she has used the platform to grow her fan base to an amazing 1.8 million followers.  This has earned her lots of brand endorsements worth millions. Today she is a known dancer, TV personality and event host. She recently joined the acting world as she was seen in a movie production with AY comedian.






Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss    was tagged the most controversial Big Brother Naija housemate and second runner-up of the Big Brother Naija season two.  Tboss is hard to forget once you see her. She brought spark and dynamism to the show as she generated both likes and dislikes from lots of fans across Africa. She has generated over 700, 000 fans base on her Instagram page.



She also caused a stir for her male fans by showing her breasts on live TV and fighting with almost everyone in the house.



Since she left the Big Brother Naija house, TBoss has hosted several shows including AFRIMA 2017 and Funny Bone Untamed.



The Edo State beauty has also signed ambassadorial deals with several brands and made her acting debut in several movies and TV series such as ‘AJoche’.



Believe it or not, she seems to be one of the most successful at least commercially from season two of the Big BrotherNaija show.






Bisola Aiyeola was not a stranger to reality TV shows. She contested in the 2008 edition of Project Fame West Africa and she is very talented. Bisola became the first runner up of Big Brother Naija season 2 and has been tagged the most successful from that season. She acts as well as she sings; she used the Big Brother platform to showcase her acting and singing skills which endeared her to the hearts of many Nigerians.



She has dropped singles that made waves since leaving the Big Brother house. She is signed to Pan-African record label, Temple Music.



In 2018, she won the AMVCA Trailblazer Award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards.



The talented actress was one of the most popular housemates during the Big Brother season two, especially with her romantic relationship with a secretly married housemate, Thin Tall Tony.



Since she left the Big Brother Naija house, she has featured in movies and TV shows such as ‘Glimpse’, ‘Ovy’s Voice’, ‘Picture Perfect’, ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ and so many others. She has also bagged so many awards and endorsements with top brands across the country.


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Why I advocate against domestic violence –Emmanuel Ikubese



Why I advocate against domestic violence  –Emmanuel Ikubese

Fast rising actor and model, Emmanuel Ikubese, is no doubt a hot sensation in the movie industry today as he has featured in many block buster movies including ‘Fifty’ and ‘Suga’. He broke into limelight after winning a Pop Idol Competition held in Kenya, and later on emerged the winner of Mr. Nigeria 2014. He also became the first runner up at Mr. World competition held in England that same year. The handsome dude speaks with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS on why he started a campaign against domestic violence



Give us a brief background of your career and why you moved from Kenya to Nigeria?



I started my career in Kenya. I was into entertainment during my stay there; I was into modelling, music and acting. So I was a celebrity in Kenya because I had done a lot and performed at A-class parties in East Africa. I had performed not just in Kenya but different countries as well. But coming to Nigeria, it was a different ball game. I tried pushing my music but it did not go through. What really helped me was when MTV aired season 3 of ‘Shuga’, the one that had Tiwa Savage, so I came from Kenya to film that season and it created a bit of buzz. Also that period, I realised there was going to be a Mr. Nigeria competition and to cut the long story short, I did it and won. With that, I got the big break into the movie industry.



You are always advocating for justice when it comes to domestic violence and abuse, was that passion born out of personal experience?



Not at all, no personal experience whatsoever, but I have some university days based experiences. I have lots of friends who were killed during domestic violence. The more I get involved in spreading the message against such, the more I get more personal with it. I have met a lot of victims. When I see them in such a pitiable state, it gets to me so much that I just want to do more.




What are the responses so far, if any?



Yes, I have loads of response. But there’s still a lot of stigmatization that victims of domestic violence go through. Our campaign is trying to put an end to people keeping quiet. We are encouraging them to speak out against all forms violence, be it rape, abuse, etc. We want them to come out and tell their stories.





Once they open up and tell their stories, what happens next?



I partner with a lot of agencies that help. I create awareness and the agencies follow up on the victims who speak out.  Right now, I don’t have the funding to take responsibility for victims. So, the agencies do the needful for the victims that need help.


Running such time consuming campaign and at the same time shooting lots of movies in different locations, how do you cope?



It hasn’t been easy, I must tell you. But once there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s something that I’m very passionate about, both my career and my pet project.



What are the aims and objectives of your foundation and why was it set up?



The Emmanuel Ikubese Foundation is a charity oriented organisation. Ever since it was established, I have done a couple of charity projects. But the main project that I focused on was on domestic violence against women. It’s called Project RAW – Respect a Woman; it was launched with a charity ball on 29th of November 2015. We have also had a charity football match, a short film and celebrities lent their voices to the project such as 2Face, Banky W, Ali Baba etc. My goal wasn’t just the awareness campaign; my goal was to create help but honestly, I won’t lie, it’s been a tough job because funding it has been challenging. The ideal is to bring in a team of lawyers to help prosecute abuse cases and set the women up in businesses but it’s not being easy I must say.



You displayed a very raunchy role in the movie ‘Fifty’, how have you been able to manage some of the backlashes that came with it?



One thing about me is that, I always try to bring in depth in every character I play. Though I understand our kind of society; they would not receive it with smiling faces and that got me worried. But funny enough, I didn’t really get the kind of backlash I had expected. So people understood what we were trying to display. People didn’t criticize me as much as I had expected.



What’s the secret, how have you been able to maintain the perfect shape and look of a lady’s man?



It’s been crazy and intense because a lot of times I find myself on set for months, shooting in funny places where there is no equipment for me to observe my daily exercise. If I find time in the morning, I go for a jog and sometimes I shoot till 2-3am but if I finish on time, say 8/9pm, I find myself jogging, doing pushups. It’s not easy but I try.


Tell us why you cannot date or marry an older woman?



I respect people’s choice and opinion. I don’t think love is about age, as long as two people understand themselves, love each other and willing to be together; age shouldn’t be an obstacle. Once there’s love, respect and communication, then they are good to go. But personally, I don’t think I can do it. Maybe someone that I am older than with 2-3 years, that’s the much I can do. I’m not against those that marry younger lover; that’s women or men that date older women. It’s all about choice after all.



Have you ever received nude pictures from a fan, especially, the female ones?



No! I’ve not received such. I don’t think any female fan in her right senses would want to send me a nude picture. I know they do send though, but not to people like me. My image is not that corrupt for someone to try such. The craziest they do is slide to my DMs to tell me how much they love me, how they desire to kiss me and make love to me, but not sending nude pictures.



To what extent do you go with your female fans?



To me, I always see them as friends and people who admire what I do and I reciprocate by just saying ‘hi, thank you’ and that’s it. It’s not like all the ladies who say, ‘hi’ to me want to get down; they’re just admirers of my work or fans.



To young people out there, who are looking forward to be successful in their careers, what do you have to say to them?



To the young people out there, I would say believe in whatever you want and go for it; it might take a while but be patient. But remember, put God first. I believe I am where I am today by God’s grace so be patient, pray, set your mind to it and it will happen. Never give up, never give up, and never give up!

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Equipment-free exercises for sexy arms (1)



Equipment-free exercises for sexy arms (1)

While many upper-body exercises involve equipment like dumbbells and barbells, arm exercises without weights are a solid way to put your muscles to the test, too. After all, the weight of your body is equipment in its own right—you can use it to load your arm muscles and make them work. There’s no heavy lifting required, and a gym membership is totally optional.



To be totally clear, it’s hard to work all of the muscles in your arms without weights, so equipment-free arm exercises are only going to be able to target certain areas, primarily the tops of the shoulders (the deltoids) and the triceps. Other arm muscles, like your biceps, typically need some external resistance to work against. But the exercises listed here are definitely useful for hitting some key muscle groups when you don’t have access to equipment.



Below are some of our favourite arm exercises for women that will help you tone your arm muscles and lose arm fat without weights — on your time. Say goodbye to flabby arms!



1. Arm circles




This arm exercise targets your triceps, biceps, and shoulders.



While standing straight with your feet flat on the ground and arms extended out to the side at a 90-degree angle to your body, start moving your arms in small, fast circles forward.


Do as many rotations as you can and then reverse the motion, doing as many circles as you can in the reverse direction.


Take a break and repeat two more times.


If you need to sit, make sure your feet are flat on the ground and your back is straight.


You will feel this exercise in your shoulders. You’ll be able to do more revolutions if you keep your abdominal muscles pulled in and tight. If you are just getting started, we recommend using our Restore Stretch & Massage Kit to help relieve tight, knotted muscles in the shoulders and improve flexibility.


2. Tricep dip


While sitting on a chair, grip the edge of the seat with your hands and stretch your legs out in front of you.



Move your body forward so that your feet are flat, your arms are bent behind you holding you up, and your body is extended above the ground.


Slowly raise and lower your body using your triceps.



Do three sets of 15.





3. Inverted row



This exercise targets your biceps. I do this exercise on breaks in my office while at work.



For this exercise, you need to have something to grab onto that is within your reach while lying flat on the ground. I recommend lying under a coffee table or a sturdy chair.



While gripping the edge of the table or chair, pull your upper body up off the ground, hold for a few seconds and lower yourself back down.



Do as many as you can, then repeat twice.



This one feels a little unorthodox at first, but, after a few repetitions, you will be able to feel your biceps working.

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Fabulous natives for Eid-el-Kabir



Fabulous natives for Eid-el-Kabir



igeria is a country blessed with diverse cultures and this is also reflected in our native attires and in the various religious celebrations we love to engage in. This week is the Eid-el-Kabir holidays and it’s time to rock fabulous natives you have in your wardrobe.



Nigerian fashion designers are front liners when it comes to creating amazing contemporary native designs for men from different ethnic backgrounds. They craft these designs to fit perfectly with modern tailoring techniques that give form and fitting to the client.



Theses designs are created using various fabrics such as brocade, cotton and linen materials. Designers mix and matches fabrics with intricate designs or embroidery to make each creation unique.



What makes you stand out in any native attire is the fitting. You have to make sure your tailor has your perfect measurement to avoid making clothes for you that are either too tight or too loose.



So during this Eid Kair, insist on looking good in natives that reflect your African background.



The beauty of native attire is that the designs are exclusive to you, making you to stand out at any occasion.



It does not matter which tribe you belong; step out in amazing native designs and represent any ethnic style of your choice.

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Eki Igbinedion plays low on 60th birthday



Eki Igbinedion plays low on 60th birthday

Benin Princess, Eki Igbinedion, for a long time has adopted a low profile life such that she is rarely sighted at public functions or on the social radar generally. Just like her husband, Lucky, her appearances in public places is almost limited to the yearly elaborate birthday ceremony of her father in-law, the Esama of Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion. It’s however on record that as better half of the former governor of Edo State, Lucky Igbinedion, Eki once held sway and occupied the centre stage while she lasted as the First lady of the state.



For the fact that her choice of evading the limelight has not eroded her status as a member of the high society and the fact that it is the season of her birthday anniversary, 60th at that, many had expected the woman, with the support of her husband would roll out drums to celebrate but from what has been noticed, the beautiful woman has decided to go for a rather low profile celebration.



Eki few days ago hit the milestone age of 60 and expectedly, this has been a source of excitement and happiness for her family members, friends and associates who have been reaching out to her with best of wishes at such a beautiful time of her life. Even though no big bash has been thrown, the birthday girl has been at the receiving end of love and beautiful tributes from her husband, children and everyone who cherishes her kind nature as a compassionate mother to all and a great philanthropist. Those who should know however revealed the woman may not have rolled out drums to celebrate due to the loss she recorded not too long ago. The former First Edo couple, Lucky and Eki, it will be recalled lost their son to a ghastly auto accident in faraway United States of America not too long ago.



Princess (Mrs.) Eki was born into the royal family of Prince and Princess Oyemarense in the ancient Benin Kingdom. The hardworking and amiable woman attended several schools, both home and abroad. She later graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics and Statistics.

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Banky W: Style icon



Banky W: Style icon


ME boss, rapper, singer and actor, Banky W is one of the most stylish acts in the land at the moment and each time he steps out, he almost looks good enough to eat!



Olubankole Wellington, popularly known as Banky W studied Engineering in the United States but his love and passion for music brought him back to the country. Since then he has wowed audiences with his silky smooth voice, delivering electrifying performances at events.



Also referred to as prince of African R&B, Banky W is exceptionally handsome and stylish. From hair to toe, he has a style of dressing that others try to emulate.  Banky’s style could be described as urbane and svelte.



This dude definitely knows how to put his clothes together to fit his physique. He goes for well-tailored pieces and he is the king of accessorizing. He knows how to pair his pieces and accessories to create a stylish look. He looks dapper in suits, smoking hot in casual jeans and t-shirts and even slays in traditional attires like Agbada. From his hats to the shoes, coats, jackets, his carved beard and side burns, Banky is definitely a trendsetter.  He has graced the cover of several notable fashion magazines as a result of his unique sense of style. He has also topped the list of best dressed celebrities in many style award events. He’s married to beautiful actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington.



No doubt, whether in suit or traditional attire, Banky is style personified!

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Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido picks another wife



Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido picks another wife

Flamboyant first class traditional ruler of the biggest northern city, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is in the news again. This time, it has nothing to do with the state of the nation or anything related, rather, he’s at the centre stage for his penchant to live life to the fullest as well as make royal exploits. It is also a fulfillment of a tenet of Islam which permits a man to marry up to four wives as long as he has the wherewithal.



With picking of a new wife, the number of the King’s women is officially four. The paramount monarch and traditional ruler of the Kano emirate penultimate weekend in a traditional ceremony received his fourth wife, HRH Sa’adatu Barkindo Mustapha; four years after their wedding took place.



Sa’adatu has just graduated from a University in the United Kingdom, where she went to study immediately after her marriage to Kano’s most important traditional figure.



It will be recalled that Emir Sanusi II married Sa’adatu, the daughter of the Lamido of Adamawa, Muhammadu Barkindo-Mustafa, in a low-key ceremony held in Yola on September 25, 2015. The fourth Mrs. Sanusi II was an 18-yr-old secondary school leaver when the wedding was contracted.



Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, represented the emir at the event while then Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindow, played the role of the bride’s guardian, who gave her hand out in marriage. The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, was at that time away in Saudi Arabia, as leader of Nigeria’s delegation to the Hajj.



The Emir had three other wives previously and they are: his first wife Sadiya, daughter of the late Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero, and Maryam and Rakiya respectively.



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Adunni Adewale: Stylish diva



Adunni Adewale: Stylish diva

Ad u n n i A d e w a l e , p o p u l a r l y k n own as Aduni Ade, was born to a Yoruba Nigerian father and an American mother in Queens, New York. She is a single mother, an actress and a model who got her primary education in Christland School, Ikeja Lagos and her secondary education at Bells Secondary School, Otta before she moved to America where she studied Accounting at University of Kentucky. This beautiful Nigeria lady was in the America’s Next Top Model before she came to Nigeria to pursue a career in the Nigeria movie industry in 2013.



Adunni Ade came into the limelight in 2014 and she has proven times without number that she is fashionable with a great sense of style. Whenever she steps out on the red carpet, she always looks absolutely fabulous. Despite the fact that she has given birth, she has a great body for clothes. She dresses in a way that suits her body and makes her standout at every occasion. Her fashion sense is impressive and she picks outfit that fits her tone perfectly.

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Flawless makeup for dark skin



Flawless makeup for dark skin


akeup that accentuates your beauty can give you confidence for an amazing night out; but finding the right makeup can be a challenge for girls with darker skin. From picking out the right shade of foundation to getting an eye shadow that will pop; knowing what makeup will look good on you is an important skill to have.



The hardest part about finding makeup for dark skin is foundation-matching. Different types of foundations work with different skin types, so decide whether your skin is more oily or dry before picking a foundation. If you’re darker, the best way for you to pick your foundation is to test a bit on your jawline and make sure it melts seamlessly into your neck.



Here are other tips to bear in mind:



Lips: Dark skinned ladies need to stay away from contrasting colors, such as pale nudes.  Avoid frosty lip colours. Deep shades of lipstick, such as plums, wines and deep reds are the best colors for dark skinned girls.



Eyes: The best colours that look great on dark skinned girls would be deep shades of purple. Luckily, ladies with dark skin can amazingly pull off lovely golden and bronze tones as well, and, even, turn these tones from a natural day time look into a seductive and elegant night time one, it will always look gorgeous!



Concealers: Using concealer is very important because let’s face it, we’ve all got a little something we want to hide from the world. Covering up little flaws first makes the difference between looking nice and being exceptional!

Powder: The last step in putting on your makeup is powder. It’s essential for a perfect finish.

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