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I charmed a madman!



I charmed a madman!


dele had posted her leg in cast in the WhatsApp group her children created years ago so they could be in touch with her. They named the group, Mum’s Room. In there, they talked about everything, from a kiss to academic challenge. They laughed, cried, fought, aligned and realigned. Above all, they discussed family issues…and the one they were discussing now was a vexing one. Vexing enough for them to want to talk on the phone!

Her first son had initiated a conference call after two days of convo in the group. Her children had grown! They were no longer the malleable kids she’d tended from birth. They had grown into adults with minds of their own. Anger was too soft a word to describe their feelings right now.

“Mom, I really feel for you. How do you go through your day? Do you find reasons to laugh at all? You need to find something that makes you happy and engage in it. Dad is bad news for you and us. We don’t want you slipping into depression,” Junior said.

“My thoughts exactly. Mom needs serious distraction to keep her mind off the horror that dad has become. I know what mental woe I’m going through right now on account of mom’s ordeal. You can imagine what mom is going through. I wish you could come over and spend time with us,” her only daughter said.

“I’m going to Nigeria. I’m getting my ticket. Dad needs to be taught a lesson. He obviously didn’t learn how to treat a lady. I’m going to teach him just that,” Baby Boy, as they call their last born, said.

Baby Boy, or BB for short, wasn’t really the talkative type. He was the one that took after Adele. He would speak only when it was important. He could be in a noisy, crowded room and be reading his textbook with understanding. He had a way of shutting out people and living in his own world.

“No BB, you can’t go yet. You have to write your final exams. I’ll work out something. But mom has to come and spend her vacation…” Junior said.

Adele smiled. Her children had that effect on her. No matter what she was feeling at any moment, her children had a way of swaying her mood to the positives. She was going to Dubai the following evening. She was going to spend five days with the man that had so much love for her.

“I’m actually going to the UAE tomorrow evening,” she told them.

“We ain’t talking about business travel mum. We want a vacation for you. You need to go on vacation and relax your mind. You deserve it mum. You’ve been working all your life in order to take care of our needs. Now we’re grown up and can take care of ourselves and you,” Junior said.

“Yes mum. Junior is right. It’s time for you to relax and allow us take over. We’ve saved enough for BB’s Masters degree tuition fee and other expenses. We didn’t want to tell you all this while. We wanted to spring a surprise when it is time for his school fees but I don’t think we should allow you continue to work your fingers stiff and worry yourself to death over his school fees,” her daughter said.

“I’m going on a five-day vacation. It isn’t a working trip. I’m going to explore the beauty of the UAE without a worry, my children,” she told them.

They squealed in glee.

But Adele mulled over what her children just told her. She had been working to make everybody comfortable all her married life. But was she happy? Not really. Only her children and her job gave her joy and the reason to live…until she met him. Yes, until she met him. She smiled.

She really didn’t have to work so hard again. She had some investments here and there and properties she could live on. Who said one had to work until the back was bent and the knees creaky before one could retire? She smiled. It was time to start thinking about retirement. She smiled again, for she was happy, really happy.

After the conversation with her now elated children, she threw a pair of Jeans and a top into her hand luggage. Those were the only items of clothing she would travel with. She would shop to her heart’s desire.

For the first time, she would enter Bolan’s kitchen to prepare his dinner. She smiled again. Bolan was due back home in less than three hours. She had enough time to prepare his favourite…

“The most suitable is not that person who shares your every taste, but the one who can negotiate differences intelligently; that person who is good at disagreeing to agree – the one with the capacity to tolerate differences with generosity.”

Adele laughed out loud: that was Bolan’s belief. She couldn’t agree more, for according to him, compatibility is an achievement of love and mustn’t be its precondition.

She walked into the kitchen…


Jay took the stairs two at a time as he raced downstairs. What he saw in there was indescribable. He heard footsteps behind him and looked back: his PA was hot on his heels. He jumped the few remaining steps and crashed on the ground, panting.

“Sir what is it? What’s the problem sir?” She asked, panting.

“Nothing Meg. Please get me my car keys from my table,” Jay said, trying to catch his breath.

Meg looked back fearfully and turned to her boss who was trying to pick himself off the floor.

“Sir, if I know why you raced out of your office, I’d know whether I’d go back in there,” she said.

“Nothing wrong. I need to get somewhere fast,” he said.

Maybe there was really nothing to worry about. Maybe his mind made up whatever he thought he saw. Maybe…just maybe.

Meg looked at him. She had her doubts though. She had never seen him like this before. She thought she saw fear in his eyes. She sighed.

“You need help?” She asked him.

He seemed to be having difficulty getting to his feet.

“No, thanks,” he lied.

His ankle ached.

“Okay sir,” she said and turned to the staircase.

She took some steps and turned back.

“Em…er…er…em…madam is in your office sir,” she said hesitantly.

“Madam? Which madam?” He asked.

It was a foolish question but he had asked it anyway. Her response was not foolish though.

“Madam Debola sir. She told us all to address her as madam,” Meg said.

“She’s in there. She won’t stop you,” he said.

As she climbed the staircase, he winced as his ankle ached.

Meg met him outside when she came down with the car key.

“Let me know when she leaves here,” he told her as he entered the car and drove out.

He might need a painkiller for his aching ankle, he thought.

From his side mirror, he noticed an unkempt man leaning on the wall, near his gate. He reversed and honked the horn. The security man came out.

“What does that man want? Why is he there?” He asked the security man.

“Sir, he’s been there for some time. He’s not normal. He won’t leave that place. I chased him away from the gate and he went there sir,” the security man said.

“Keep an eye on him. Robbers could feign madness. Be on your guard,” Jay told him and drove off.


When the timid knock came on the door, Debola quickly sat on the visitor’s chair. She knew it wouldn’t be Jay for he wouldn’t knock.

She watched and said nothing as Meg picked Jay’s car keys from his table. She still didn’t understand what happened a while back. The wise ones had assured her that once she used the black soap to bath and applied the eyeliner, Jay would be following her like ant on the trail of nectar. She did just that and it seemed to have a contrary effect on Jay. She saw what was akin to fear and repulsion in his eyes!

Did she misuse the charms? She was sure she didn’t. She bathed very well with the black soap and made the necessary prayers while applying the eyeliner before alighting from the cab!

Tears filled her eyes. She picked her phone and dialed aunty prophetess’ number.

“Aunty, that charm repulsed Jay and he left me in his office and ran away. It didn’t charm him,” she wailed.

“No. The wise ones don’t fail. Maybe you misused them,” the aunty said.

“I didn’t misuse it,” Debola insisted.

“Where are you?” The prophetess asked.


“I’m still in his office ,” Debola said.

“Where is he?” The prophetess asked.

“He left me here and went out,” she said.

They agreed that she should go back home first.


Immediately Debola stepped outside the gate, the unkempt man slouched on the fence looked up, smiled and straightened up. Debola looked to her left and made eye contact with him and his face spread into a full smile. He beckoned on her to come close to him. Debola moved some steps away. He moved sideways like one dancing on a slide. She noticed the madman coming towards her and trotted away. The madman smiled and increased his pace. Debola kept moving and the madman kept following her.

Worried, she dialed prophetess’ number on her phone.

“Aunty, I don’t know what is happening here. A madman has been following me since I came out of Jay’s compound,” she said.

“Haaaaaaaaaaa madman ke? Where did you see him?” The prophetess screamed.

“I saw him for the first time when I alighted from a cab in front of Jay’s office,” Debola said.

“Have you used the eyeliner then?” The prophetess asked.

“Yes. I used it shortly before getting to Jay’s office,” she said.

“Haaaaaaaaa! Debola!!! You have killed me o. Jay was supposed to be the first man to see your eyes after applying the charm on your eyes! Look, find your way out of that place immediately. You’ve charmed a madman,” the prophetess screamed.

Fear galvanised Debola into action. All the while she was talking on the phone, the madman held a stick to his ear, mimicking her.

Debola looked around her. It was a very quiet street. Most of the gates to the houses there were locked. Suddenly, she broke into a run and the madman, smiling, ran after her…


Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!




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Body & Soul





There was nothing else Aunty prophetess could have done. She had to inform Debola’s mother. When she came and was made to understand what was happening to her daughter, she wailed uncontrollably. Debola needed someone to stay with her in the hospital. Aunty Prophetess would have gladly stayed with her but she needed to rest or she would get into the same problem as Debola. Moreover, after speaking with Jay, she knew there was a big problem. Jay didn’t want to hear about Debola again. He sounded scared at the mention of her name.



It was clear that the wise men’s prayer didn’t work. She doubted if anything would work for Debola. There are people like that. It could also be that those spiritual things wouldn’t work on Jay.


Her mind raced back to her school days at the university. That was more than twenty years ago. There was a roommate of hers who tried to strengthen a relationship. She failed woefully.


She was in an eight-man room with some ‘happening babes’ who spent money as if it was going out of fashion. The few evenings they spent in the hostel, they would regale the other girls with tales of their escapades. As at that time, those happening babes were travelling to the UK as if they were going to their village.

Trish, for that was the unlucky roommate’s name, was lying on her bunk one morning, when their ‘big girls’ roomies returned after more than a week outside the campus. She didn’t feel like talking, so, she pretended to be asleep. They also didn’t try to wake her up. To them, Trish was local, she didn’t measure up to their standard. They ignored her and gisted. Trish, unknown to them, listened in. It was then she learnt that those men picking their bills weren’t doing it of their own will. The girls were manipulating men with the aid of spiritual powers.


No wonder they were turning those rich men round their little fingers and making so much money from them! She learnt their trade secret.


A little plan started to build up in Trish’s mind. Those girls weren’t more beautiful than her. If they could get those rich men, she should be able to also. She knew what to do. Few days later, she approached one of the girls.


Dayo, unlike others, was friendly. She found herself alone with Dayo one day. They got talking and she stylishly steered their conversation towards how they got men to do their bidding and where they got the powers to do so. Trish told her the simple truth: she was jealous of their lifestyle and would like to join them. Dayo, conspirationally, told her all she wanted to know. She told Dayo that she had a very rich guy who had been helping her but she wanted the guy to spend more on her. Dayo told her to visit one baba…


Few days later, Trish set out very early in the morning. She got to the baba’s house around 7am. The house -a bungalow-was unmistakable. Right in front were coffins, stacked on each other in three rows, for sale. Trish was not deterred: only the lion-hearted could acquire wealth, she reasoned. She went into the ungated compound and asked for baba. She was brought before baba, who was seated, shirtless, in a sparsly furnished sitting room.


After exchanging greetings, baba sought to know her mission.


“Baba, look at me. Am I not beautiful? Am I not attractive? Baba, why are men not giving me enough money? I want you to help me so that men can be dashing me plenty money,” she told the baba.


“What did you bring for the gods?” The baba asked.


Trish’s mind blanked out for a moment. She had a total of one hundred and seventy naira on her. Her student bank account had a little over five hundred naira in it. At that point, she needed to make photocopies worth almost three hundred naira. Her parents and siblings were in Benin. They were managing to eke out a living there. She was sponsoring her education and sending stipends to her brothers each time she could afford it. All these flashed through her mind in seconds. So, it was with heavy heart that she opened her handbag and brought out sixty naira and stretched it towards the baba. She wasn’t too sure but she felt she saw something like distaste flash through baba’s face. He collected the money from her and shouted a name. A young boy of about eleven years ran into the sitting room. On his heels were six other younger children, some of them looking like age mates. Trish concluded there were twins among them.


Baba gave the sixty naira to the boy and instructed him to buy forty naira bread and twenty naira cooked beans for their breakfast.


“Make sure you share it accordingly. I don’t want to hear that anybody was cheated. You people should drink enough water. I don’t want to hear any cry about hunger till evening,” baba told the oldest among them.



They all nodded and filed out of the sitting room.



“My daughter, you can see I didn’t keep any of the money you gave to me. I have given all to your junior ones for feeding,” he told Trish.


She nodded and squirmed on her seat. Baba waited for her to say something. She said nothing. She hadn’t eaten, she would still pay her transport back to school out of the one hundred and ten naira left in her bag.



“Em…em…baba, if you do it for me, I’ll come back for thanksgiving,” she said.


Baba contemplated for a moment and asked her, “What exactly do you want?”

“Baba, I want men to be giving me correct money. I want a man that can send me to London on holiday, a man that can take care of my needs,” she said.

“Do you have any man in mind?” He asked.


She thought a bit and said, “Baba, I met one man few weeks ago. He is rich. He has given me some money. I want him to give me more,” she told him.


Baba stared at her for a while and shouted a name. No one answered. Baba shouted again and there was no response.



He stood up and went into a room. He came out with a long cane and a bag.


“These children, the only language they understand is the cane. Since they’ve eaten this morning, you won’t see them again until they are hungry,” he said, sitting down.



He brought out a parcel from his bag and unwrapped it and looked Trish in the eyes.


“My daughter, I don’t know why I’m giving you this. But my spirit says I should,” he said, taking up a folded paper from the parcel.



“When are you visiting the man?” He asked.


“I’m supposed to see him today,” she said.


“Where are you seeing him,” Baba asked.


“His house sir. I know his house,” she said.


“Perfect. When you get to a place where there is an interception of three roads, unwrap this and say whatever you want and blow the powder in the three road directions. Call his name three times. Wrap it and keep the remaining in your bag. The powder inside is enough for four times,” he said.



Trish was excited. She beamed and said, “Thank you Baba. Thank you sir. I will come back to say thank you,” she gushed.


She left Baba’s house with a gait. When she got to a place where three roads ‘met’, she brought out the carefully folded paper and did as she was instructed. Then, she went confidently to the man’s house.



When she knocked, the man came out dressed, he was going out. She smiled at him and he frowned. as if he was trying to remember who she was. She was taken aback.



“Good morning,” she said hesistantly.


“Good morning. You can see that I’m on my way out,” he said gruffly.


“But you asked me to come and see you this morning,” she told him.


“Oh, did I? Well, I have a business to attend to,” he said, locking his door carefully and moving to his garage.



“So, when do I see you?” She asked, following him.



“I’ll see you when I’m less busy,” he said.



As she made to open the passenger side of the car door, he looked up and told her, “I’m not going your way.”



Shell-shocked, Trisha stared at him.


Getting herself together, she said, “Okay, you’ll drop me at your most convenient place.


“No, I’m running late for an appointment,” he said, engaging the gear.



“I don’t have enough money to transport me back to school,” she said, running after him.


“You shouldn’t have left your school without enough transport fare,” he said and drove off.




The man’s gateman was at the gate. He observed all that had happened and waited patiently for Trish to leave the compound. Immediately she walked through the gate, he closed the gate with such force that it sounded like finality to Trish. Tears dropped down her cheeks. If she hadn’t gotten greedy, she would still have been getting the little he was giving her….



Prophetess sighed. All these spiritual stuff wouldn’t work for some people. It was obvious it wouldn’t work for Debola. She prayed that Debola would regain her full senses…




Jay was drained emotionally. Of course, what Gabby told him was the truth, he didn’t get married to Adele properly. He didn’t complete the vital part of the marriage ceremony. He was told that as long as he didn’t do it, he was not married to her. It dragged on for years and because of that, they could not go for the church wedding.



Jay held his head. What would he do now? He would have to go visit Adele’s aunt. He would look for a way to complete the marriage rites without Adele’s knowledge.



A plan started taking shape in his mind…




“My woman, I have realised that you’re my missing limb. I can’t seem to live with the fact that you belong to another man. I love you so much. Do you love me?” Bolan asked.


Adele smiled. What a question! If only he knew that he was the best thing that had happened to her in a while. She smiled again and snuggled closer to him. Her body still wanted him, despite the fact that they had had each other twice before dawn. She shivered, for she was unclad. He felt her shivers and drew her to his warm body.


“Do you love me, my woman?” He asked her again.

“Of course, I love you with every part of me that can love a man,” she whispered.


“Then get a divorce and let’s get married,” he whispered into her ears, kissing her and caressing her all over.


Adele went quiet, although her body was responding to his roving hands. She felt him getting turgid and she felt herself creaming. She was inching towards orgasmville again!


“Get a divorce from him and let’s get married,” he said again, pulling her gently on him and kissing her forehead.


“Baby, I don’t need a divorce from him,” she said quietly.


“What do you mean,” Bolan asked.


Adele looked into his eyes and smiled….





Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!





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Body & Soul

BBNaija housemates’ intimate sex secrets



BBNaija housemates’ intimate sex secrets

There are quite some little, dirty secrets about the remaining 11 housemates in BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem that still shocked viewers.

On Day 73 of the reality show, the 11 housemates gathered in one of the rooms to play a ‘toss the ball’ game where they revealed things people do not know about them. As expected, the housemates revealed many of their unbelievable, dirty secrets, including sexual escapades.

Here are some of the dirty secrets the remaining 11 housemates revealed about themselves as VANESSA OKWARA reports




Khafi revealed that since she converted to Christianity from Islam, she decided to be celibate and she has been for eight years now. A curious housemate asked if she was still celibate seeing as she was very close to an ex-contestant, Gedoni. Khafi replied that she is still celibate. She also added that she used to be addicted to sex at a point. Obviously having more secrets to spill, Khafi disclosed that she used to be suicidal in her first year of university.






After 70 days in the house, Mercy confirmed having a sex toy in the BBNaija Pepper Dem house. Her revelation came with two corroborations from Cindy and Diane. “I came into this house with my vibrator,” she told other housemates. Responding, Cindy said, “Ike told me that ‘he would give Mercy a bigger vibrator’ (if they have sex in the house)”. This saw Mercy telling Ike that “I’m looking forward to your bigger vibrator.” Mercy also disclosed that she has been taking care of herself and family since she was 18.





She revealed that she made her first million at the age of 22 and that she once dated a pastor’s son and had to hide just to visit him. The pretty lady added that her first sex lasted for half an hour and she did not enjoy it because she only gave in out of pressure. Tacha also disclosed that she once had feelings for two brothers and had a tough time picking one of them.



Tacha also revealed how she got arrested on her birthday and her first experience of sex. “I got arrested on my birthday,” she said. On her first time sex, Tacha said, “The first time I had sex, it was boring and it was less than 30 minutes.”






Cindy opened up that she had her first kiss at age 20 and she has only been with two men in her life.






Diane reiterated that she is still a virgin but she has had weird and crazy sexual fantasies.





Mike didn’t have much to say but he revealed the date of his wedding to Perri Shakes Drayton. “My wedding anniversary is on October 5.” He also said he had his first tattoo at age 16 and was baptised last year.





Elozonam said he had his first sexual experience at the age of 19 and he made sure to wear two condoms during the act. In another round, Elo added that he once had sexual intercourse with three women on the same day because he was going through a bad breakup. In addition, he disclosed that he sometimes struggles with his Christian faith.






Seyi revealed that he lost his chastity to an older woman and he once stabbed a classmate with a compass in primary school during a fit of rage. Seyi added that he once caught his girlfriend having sex with his friend and he revenged by having intercourse with her friends and cousin. He also added that he tried to commit suicide in SS1. He said he won’t want to destroy his relationship of four years he has outside the house over a three months stint in the BBNaija House. He said he would rather masturbate than throw his four years away.






Ike revealed that he once threatened a debtor by posing with a gun at the person’s mother’s house. Ike cleared doubts about his success in Texas, where he lived before returning to Nigeria for BBNaija 2019. He said he was doing fine but was a depressed successful man in America.



He said, “I didn’t fail in America and come to Nigeria; I had to escape the negativity that I was surrounded with. Even though I had everything I wanted, I was the most depressed I have ever been because of the people I was surrounded with,” he said. Ike went on to reveal that he hadn’t seen his immediate family in over 12 months. “I can’t wait to get out after 99 days, I haven’t seen my family for over a year,” he said.





On his part, Omashola revealed that he’s been smoking for 20 years. He said he started smoking in the year 1999. He said, “I have been smoking for 20 years, and I have been smoking J for 20 years, since 1999.”

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Why I wrote my memoir –Juliet Ibrahim



Why I wrote my memoir –Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is one of the most loved Ghanaian actresses of all times with undeniably beauty and personality. She has warmed her way into the hearts of not only Ghanaians but Nigerians and the world at large with her unmatched acting talent and charisma. Juliet recently released her tell-it-all book, ‘A Toast To Life’ that contains accounts of some emotional incidents she went through while growing up. She opens up to VANESSA OKWARA on why she decided to put her life’s experiences in this memoir



What compelled you to come out with a tell-it-all book about your life at this time?



All my life, people have told stories about me and most have been untrue.



So many rumours have been spread about me – so many, that most of the time, it was pretty exhausting trying to challenge all the rumour mongers.


I came to the realisation over the years that if I did not tell my story by myself, other people would and nobody would ever get the chance to know the truth – to know the real me. This was one of the reasons I decided to write my memoir, “A Toast to Life.”



Furthermore, a life-threatening accident I had a few years ago that almost took my life prompted me to think deeply about my legacy. If I had died, what would people remember about me? I knew I had unique experiences that I wanted the world to know about and learn from. So it was at that turning point that I decided to write my memoir.



In the book synopsis, you narrated harrowing experiences as you went through three civil wars. From your experiences, what will you say civil war in Africa does to the life of the youth, especially young women?



The experience has helped me develop an unbreakable resilience. Because my mentality is, ‘If I could survive that, surely I can survive any and everything life throws my way.’ It has also shaped me in the sense that it taught me to appreciate the good in every situation, even the most terrible ones. For instance, I believe growing up in those countries (Lebanon, Liberia and Ivory Coast) had a major positive impact on my life, despite the chaos. I speak and write fluent French and English. I have been able to experience various cultures, hence my quick adaptability to any culture, language and food everywhere I go. I also think those experiences inspired my love for traveling and experiencing new environments. Those experiences also made me tough and determined to become successful in life.



In general, I would say that civil wars greatly alter the lives of youth, especially young women because they are exposed to so much death, destruction, chaos, and traumatic experiences in general. It takes personal determination and a good support system to push past the psychological damage. Like me, these experiences don’t mean one should give up on life. Young women who survive should be encouraged to share their stories of survival so they can unburden themselves, heal, and also inspire others with their stories.



From your book, you are also a survivor of sexual abuse. How did you find the inner strength to forge ahead in spite of it so those who are going through it can learn from you?



I found inner strength to forge ahead by leaving everything to God to take care of. God has healed me and I have left my past in the past. I would encourage anyone who has been through a similar experience to find that inner strength like I did.



What are the secrets that transformed the young lady with body-esteem issues to the paragon of beauty you have become today?



It is learning to love myself unconditionally. Embracing my flaws and accepting them as a part of who I am as a human being. I believe true beauty is not external– it comes from the inside. When you have an awareness and appreciation about who you are from the inside, you become at peace with yourself and shine.



How were you able to deal with feelings of emptiness you must have felt during the seven years you didn’t hear from your father when he sort of ‘vanished’?



I held on to hope. Hope that one day soon, I would see him again.



Your life has practically been in the spotlight for most of your adult life. Apart from trying to ignore them, how do you honestly feel when you read stories about you in the media?



I am apathetic actually. I know that as a public figure, people will always cook up stories just to get attention. So I don’t take it personal. As mentioned earlier, this was one of the reasons why I decided to write my memoir, ‘A Toast to Life,’ so I could take ownership of what stories is being told about me.



How do you handle the advances from so many men that would probably hound your social media space to ask you out?



I’m used to it. So it does not bother me.



Do you think being popular has affected your love life positively or negatively?



I have a beautiful and happy home. I am a mother of one and my child is my world. My mom and my siblings are always there for me. I even have friends that have become more like family. I am happy and at peace and I feel at home with all my loved ones. But if love finds me in a relationship that is meant to lead to marriage, I’m certain I’ll give it a chance only if that relationship is going to be 100 per cent worth it and add value to my life.



With all you have experienced, what does motherhood mean to you?



Motherhood is a precious gift. I love being a mother.



Mention some of your entrepreneurial ventures?



My eyelashes and cosmetics brand, ‘Shades by Juliet Ibrahim’, has now expanded and is selling all over the world, available in beauty stores and online. I also run a production company called ‘Jewelz Productions’. And I run a fashion house called ‘House of Glamour’.



What are the lessons you would like your readers to away from your book?



The key lesson I would want readers to take away from the book, is that despite the many challenges we all experience in life as human beings, giving up should never be the solution because there truly is always light at the end of the tunnel. I encourage everyone who reads it to come out afterwards with the attitude of a conqueror and remain resilient.



What more should your fans expect from you in the next five years?


Well, I can’t really say what’s going to happen five years from now. But I can tell you a bit about some projects I am currently working on, and also some forthcoming ones coming soon. I recently announced my new beauty pageant called Miss International Africa Pageant which is a platform to groom young ladies to become a force to reckon with in society. My eyelashes and cosmetics brand, ‘Shades by Juliet Ibrahim’, has now expanded and selling all over the world available in beauty stores and online. I also have new movies coming up as well. You’ll just have to wait and see.



With several disappointments at trying to find love, will you still take a chance to love again? And what are the qualities you are looking out for this time?



I believe in love. And when the right person comes along, I definitely will give love another chance.

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Body & Soul

CeeC bre.ks internet with cle.vage-baring photos



CeeC bre.ks internet with cle.vage-baring photos

Former BBNaija housemate, Cynthia ‘CeeC’ Nwadiora, has been in the spotlight for various reasons after her participation in the popular reality show. CeeC is one former housemate who has proven that fashion is her forte. From rocking dresses to jeans to traditional attires, she rarely misses to serve us some fashion goals.


Earlier in the week, CeeC released some breathtaking photos in which she was almost unrecognisable. Thanks to the amazing photo retouching technologies, makeup and amazing filters, she looks like a black Barbie doll.



The 26-year-old lawyer who was shot into the limelight through the popular reality star, Big Brother Naija back in 2018 can be described as fierce, stubborn, and a go-getter. Adding to this list is her amazing sense of style when it comes to fashion and trendy looks.

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May your curses be my portion if I caused Ken Erics’ marriage breakup –Rachael Okonkwo



May your curses be my portion if I caused Ken Erics’ marriage breakup –Rachael Okonkwo

Rechael Okonkwo has debunked claims of being responsible for the crash of Ken Erics’ marriage to Onyi Adaba which occurred 10 months ago.



Onyi Adaba revealed her marriage to the Nollywood actor was over in an Instagram exchange with a follower, while commenting on Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi’s marital crisis.



Interestingly, gossip mill has it that Nollywood actress, Rachel Okonkwo aka Nkoli Nwa Nsukka, may be responsible for the breakup.



To debunk the rumours, Rachael took to her Instagram page to deny the claim. She admitted she has a good working relationship with Ken Erics but simply as a colleague and nothing more.



The actress stated that curses placed on her by those accusing her of being the reason the couple’s marriage ended will only become potent if she had anything to do with him sexually.



See her reaction: “I Rachael Okonkwo would love to bring to the notice of the public that myself and Ken Erics (Keene baby as I fondly call him) never had an affair. Ken and I have been friends for years, we have a good working relationship and that’s it. I feel bad about his recent marital issues and I pray God gives them wisdom to handle their issues. For all the people cursing and abusing me for crashing his home, may your curses be my portion if I have had anything to do with him sexually in this life” she vowed.



Meanwhile, the estranged wife of Ken Erics, Onyi Adaba, has revealed shocking details why her marriage broke up.



According to the full details of what happened, “The wedding ended on the night it was contracted. Ken woke up Onyi and told her he didn’t want to be married and that he was a man alone and didn’t need a woman and that the marriage was over. She cried and begged but he refused and left her behind in the village. She stayed back for a while and eventually had to return to her father’s house where there was nothing left for her as she had sold up her business because she thought she was moving to another location with Ken. Ken and Onyi dated for only one month before they married, she has never seen him naked before. The day she took his mother’s advice and tried to seduce him to sleep with her, she got the beating of her life and she never tried it again”

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Body & Soul

Asoebi style slayers



Asoebi style slayers

In a typical Nigerian wedding, Asoebi is the fabric or colours of the day at a traditional engagement or white wedding.



The fabric is usually the same colour, so all you had to do is make a style to suit your personality. It’s usually an opportunity for ladies with the help of their fashion designer to come up with a style that will make them stand out from the rest of the guests that also have similar fabrics.



That was what happened last week during the traditional marriage of Teddy A and BamBam is in Ibese, Ilaro in Ogun State.



The couple who first met on reality TV show, Big Brother Naija in 2018 got engaged some few weeks ago much to the delight of their loyal fans and well-wishers.



As expected with any Asoebi event, your favourite celebrities came out to slay hard and they didn’t disappoint us.



The ladies indeed stole our breath away with their lovely styles. Check out the fashion games that the celebrities brought to the wedding.

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Why Ike’s relationship with Mercy could fall apart



Why Ike’s relationship with Mercy could fall apart

Ike and Mercy are no doubt one of the more interesting couples of Big Brother Naija season 4. From their cosy moments to serving as co-Heads of House, the couple has given us lots to talk about this season. But fans of the show will also remember that they’ve had some pretty explosive verbal exchanges, which even resulted in strikes for both housemates, and this has Ike worried.




On the latest episode of Extraview on Showmax, a discussion about their relationship led Ike to reveal that his mouth and money were the biggest worries he had about his relationship failing, not unfaithfulness.

He made this known after Mercy told him he wasn’t allowed to cheat on her.



“Why would I cheat on you? I can’t even spin someone in the club; you’ll murder me. You know I was scared of you before we started even being together, now I’m even more cautious,” Ike shared.



Continuing Ike said, “Cheating is not my problem; I know how to be committed. The problem was this thing here (pointing at his mouth) and money.”



Mercy seemed to agree with him as she replied, saying, “Your mouth is rotten.”

Big Brother Naija fans will recall that a few weeks ago Ike and Mercy got into a heated exchange which saw Mercy fling a bottle of water at Ike, an action which resulted in a strike for her.

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Body & Soul

Spicy oxtail soup



Spicy oxtail soup


Who needs a holiday or festive season to pamper oneself or make merry for that matter, certainly not the average Nigerian! So, my fellow countrymen, let us celebrate even in the face of current straits, much like laughing in the face of the proverbial wind (these rainy days too!)





• 1 oxtail (cut in pieces, spiced and cooked till tender)


• 1 large bulb onion



• Pepper (as spicy as you want)


• Stock cubes


• Salt


• Scent and hot leaves (uziza)


• 3 -4 cups water






Divide the meat into two and set one half aside for another meal, unless you are cooking for a large family or friends. Grate half the onion or blend it and set aside. Dice some onion then into the pot of cooked oxtail, add the water, salt, onion paste, pepper and stock cubes. Remember to taste as you go along to adjust the ingredients. Cook for 7 mins, add chopped leaves and set the soup down. Serve with warm bread rolls, pita bread, rice, etc.

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Reekado Banks: Talented artiste



Reekado Banks: Talented artiste


Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon, better known by his stage name, Reekado Banks, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer and songwriter. He is currently signed to Mavin Records. He went by the stage name Spicy prior to his record deal. Reekado Banks was declared the Rookie of the Year at The Headies 2014 and won the controversial Next Rated award at The Headies 2015. His debut studio album, Spotlight, was released on 1 September 2016. It debuted at number 10 on the Billboard World Album Music Chart.



Reekado Banks is the last child of a music-loving family and was born on 6th December 1994. His father is a pastor and his mother is a caterer. His elder brother is a producer and his elder sister is a gospel singer.



He graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in History and Strategic Studies.



His record deal with Mavin Records came as a result of his brother submitting some of his songs to the label in an online talent search. Reekado Banks got signed to Mavin Records after his entries were selected from over 5000 entries. In July 2015, Nigerian telecommunications company Globacom signed Reekado Banks to an endorsement deal. He has since left Mavin Records to pursue his dreams.



When it comes to personal style, Reekado Banks has sure got it; from outfits with swag to casuals like jeans and Tees with the bling; the talented singer does know his onions when it comes to fashion.

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Classy in bow tie



Classy in bow tie



A bow tie is an accessory that can be compared to the traditional tie but it’s totally different from it based on the length and style. A bow tie is a must-have for any white tie or black tie event. It also makes a statement with a suit, blazer, or just a dress shirt.



Bow ties come in different shapes and sizes; even the materials used to make them are also different. Most bow ties are made from silk, polyester, cotton or even Ankara materials. Sometimes, a bow tie also comes with a matching pocket square for suits and cufflinks for long sleeve shirts that don’t need buttons.



A bow tie makes a statement about your style and personality, it makes an individual look smart and it obviously makes one looks like the perfect gentleman any lady would love to walk with or probably go on a date with.



A man who wears a bow tie exudes class and sophistication. He is a man who is not afraid to occasionally step outside his comfort zone and be daring. The right bow tie can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident. Use a bow tie for your next special occasion and unleash your inner James Bond!



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