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I’m a sucker for jewellery –9plus



I’m a sucker for jewellery –9plus

Suleiman Ilyasu a.k.a 9plus is a young and highly talented musical artiste that is fast making waves in the entertainment industry. The record producer and song writer spoke with DEBORAH OCHENI about his musical career, style philosophy and sundry issues



Are you a fan of Ankara prints?


Yes! I love Ankara prints.


What is your take on African wears?


They are beautiful. Our traditional wears are our identity, our culture which we all should develop and identify with as they speak of us as a people. Do you consider any fashion item indispensable? My wrist accessories.


I can’t do without them. How easily do you get your fashion items in Nigeria? I get most of my fashion items in Nigeria. I’m a stylist, so I know quite a handful of designers. While shopping, which fashion item catches your fancy? Shoes and jewellery! I’m a sucker for both.


Which fashion accessory do you live for?


Jewellery! wrist watches and braclets, ear rings, chains and glasses.


Do you conform to trend?


Which fashion trend do you love most?


No, I do not conform to trend because I always just want to stand out because I am a trendsetter



How comfortable do you feel in jeans and T-shirt?


Too comfortable. It’s just easy, smart and fits; it takes little or no time to get in them.


Whose celebrity style do you like most?



In Nigeria: Ice Prince and Timaya. Internationally: Future and Quavo Fashion wise, do you have a role model?


Not yet. I like a lot of people’s fashion sense but I don’t have a fashion role model.


Is there anything you are unlikely to be caught wearing?


G-strings and Bra What is your ready to go outfits? Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers…easy to fit, ready to go.


When it comes to fashion, would you say your physique works to your advantage?


Most definitely my physique works very much to my advantage. No pot belly and all that, so yes my physique does.


Which outfits take up most space in your wardrobe?


T-shirts and jeans


What is your costliest fashion possession?


How much did you get it?


My wrist watch but I prefer not to state how much I bought it.


How do you love your shoes?


I love them simple, classy.


What determines what you wear? My mood, the weather and the function I am going for. What do you think of modern designers? Exquisite, talented and extraordinary. Who is your best designer? Jonathan Musa a.k.a Emopee (Meza Clothing) Do you have a signature perfume?


Tuscan Leather and Amuoage


Do you have any fashion obsession?


Not really!


How did you come up with the name 9plus and what is the inspiration behind it? 9 is the highest number numerically, reasons been that when you are counting from…and get to 9 you will have to go back to 1 and add 0 before it becomes 10 so hypothetically 9 is the highest number numerically, and growing up too the number 9 has always worked for me, it’s kind of my lucky number. And the + (plus) stands for positivity which is what I stand for.


That was how I came up with the name 9plus. Aside music, which other businesses are you into?


I just obtained a Bsc in Public Administration and currently serving (NYSC) in Lagos. I and my team (Men On Music) are venturing into the fashion industry real soon with our yet to be unveiled clothing line. I am a fashion stylist and I am into Agriculture, cash crops and poultry, to be specific. So I am not just a music p r o – ducer, per-   former, promoter and singer! I do other things to support the music.



So, basically I am an entrepreneur who sees any great business opportunity and series it.


How many songs have you produced so far and what is the level of acceptance/ patronage?


To be honest I can’t even keep count because I have produced a lot of albums.


The support from my fans has been amazing. My first album “UKPAHIU” meaning “power” was released in 2011 sold about 28,750 units in the first month of release and rounded up 61,080 units by the end of the released year, these numbers for an upcoming independent artiste on his debut album to me is impressive.


Then we (Men On Music) went on to release another album which even did a lot better than the first one so the support and patronage have been quite impressive and I and my team are grateful to God and our loyal fans.


Entertainment industry seems saturated; how do you intend to keep afloat?


I intend keeping afloat by dishing out quality music, evolving, developing and keeping up with trends in sounds and style while maintaining my originality.


We have new acts springing up daily in the scene, and almost all if you will agree with me have got good sounds and styles.


Would you say music business is lucrative enough?


Yes, it has been lucrative enough for me because the money from my music put me through school with the help of my parents too. I paid and am still paying my bills with money earned from my music and if you know the business aspect of music yes it is lucrative.


Does your background influence who you are now?


My background shaped who I am right now and the person am becoming; it has made me understand that the love of God, humility, self-love/acceptance, and doing the right thing are key to how far you will go in life.


Are you satisfied with your choice of career?


They say if you do w h a t you love you will n e v e r work a day in your life. I love music, its creative process and the revenue it generates as well.


The energy, love, comfort, passion and message embedded in music is amazing and timeless. I am satis- fied with my choice of career. What inspired your various creations? My struggles, personal battles and experiences, people’s shared experiences and my environment.


What is the major challenge young artistes face in Nigeria? I think the major challenges upcoming artistes face in Nigeria is lack of access to major platforms to showcase our talent probably because of how expensive it is to get on those platforms.


The industry is not regulated among other challenges but I choose not to dwell on that but look on the brighter side.


Would you say government has done enough for creative people in Nigeria?


I don’t think the government has done or is doing enough to support creative people in Nigeria.



If you surf the internet or walk the streets of this country, you will see talented people that will blow your mind with which ever talent they are blessed with but them enabling environment to develop them.


Creative people are gold mines in developed countries and they generate so much revenue for themselves and their country at large but it’s a whole different story down here.


Do you have a personal style?


I am an entertainer so I do almost every style of music depending on my mood. But all my sounds are Afro fused.


What is the gap your music hopes to bridge in entertainment industry?


The marginalization gap, the belief that you must infuse just Yoruba and Igbo language in other for your music sell nationwide.


I believe music has no language so people will definitely enjoy your music if it appeals to them irrespective of the language infused in it. I listen to Indian, Latin and even French music so infusing Igala shouldn’t be an exception. Which of your songs brought you to limelight? Ukpahiu and how I feel.


Was there anyone in your family who made you develop interest in music business?


Yes. My mum and dad! My mum always sang for I and my siblings and we gladly danced to it when we were kids.


She sometimes played music for us do a dance competition where the winner got a newly composed song with his or her name infused in it because my mum did music in her youthful days and her dad (my grandfather) used to be a big Igala (ugbolo) musician. my dad on the other hand bought music records that he played normally whenever he got back and that was what inspired me into music.


Who inspires you the most in entertainment industry?


I have got a lot of people who inspire me in the industry both home and abroad.


The likes of Shizle, Wande coal, Davido, D’banj, 2face, Burna boy, Tiwa savage, Wizkid, Paul Odi. Chris brown, 50Cent, Drake and Akon.


Where do you see yourself in five years?


By the grace of God I see myself doing bigger gigs, collaborating with bigger artiste that I look up to, selling out arenas/ venues nationally and internationally, introducing fresh acts to the scene and exporting their music globally and definitely affecting peoples lives positively. Message to your fans and listeners!


Thank you all for the love, support and patronage.


Keep supporting the 9plus and Men On Music brand.

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Inject glitz into your style with short Ankara wrap dress



Inject glitz into your style with short Ankara wrap dress

In Africa and all over the world, Ankara prints are another name for style, elegance and class.


Whatever your definition of style is, Ankara will always fit in to give you that bold, elegant and unique touch in your outfit.


Modern creative fashion designers have breathed a new life into the popular Ankara prints by designing them in short wrap dress thereby giving them official work wear looks. Short Ankara dress is one of the most versatile pieces of women’s clothing that has a truly timeless and flattering style.



It is a simple dress silhouette for women of all shapes and sizes and can be worn in so many different ways to flatter every figure type.


To achieve the most out of your Ankara wrap dress, choose the shorter version of it, interestingly Ankara wrap dress can be styled in endless ways for any occasion and any temperature.


Colourful Ankara wrap dresses are awesome; with the variety in patterns, shapes and styles you could wear a wrap dress just about anywhere.


But as awesome as they are, wrap dresses are also notorious for wardrobe malfunctions.


Although some short wrap dresses are cut to accommodate the differences in body proportions, everyone is shaped differently.


A wrap that accommodates your lower body could leave your upper body loose and vulnerable to accidental exposure.


The trick now is, rather than worry about it all day, secure the top of your dress with a pin or broach and you are good to go.


For those thinking of wearing a short wrap dress as their go-to during weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy, you are better off starting with a dress that is one size too big than a dress that is one size too small.


Wrap dresses are adaptable when it comes to size, but a small dress means you won’t have enough material to wrap around your body.


By pairing the dress with the right accent pieces, short Ankara wrap dress can appear differently from one style to another.


Day to night, work to cocktails, the wrap dress will carry you through every kind of occasion.



To keep your outfit looking office-ready, revitalize your look  with a smart pair of shoes.



The wrap dress is known for being easy to wear but the fit can be complex.



Just because it wraps around you doesn’t mean it’s the right  shape for your body.



When choosing a wrap dress always consider it for the largest  part of your body. So, if you have a large bust, make sure the dress sits there comfortably.



If the largest part of your body if your hips, ensure that the  wrap dress fits securely around there to make it appear more  flattering.



A bit of sparkle with jewellery can go a long way and is perfect  for evening wear.


With the help of a couple of accessories, you can transform your wrap dress from a day to night look.



Injecting just the right amount of glitz can dress up your wrap dress to make it sophisticated enough to wear to an event.

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Add a touch of class to your fashion with clear shoes



Add a touch of class to your fashion with clear shoes

Less is more with the ultra-trendy clear shoes which is also known as PVC or transparent shoes this season.


The clear shoes are everywhere from sandals, to slingbacks, to heels, to boots, it’s splashed across major magazines and Instagram feeds on repeat. Kim Kardashian West is often credited with starting the transparent-shoe trend, having first worn her Yeezy heels way back in 2016.


A see-through heel is the ultimate “nothing shoe,” a step beyond simply finding a sandal or heel that matches your skin tone, but Kardashian West isn’t the only celebrity who’s into the look.


Kristen Stewart has put her singular stamp on Chanel’s clear boots, and the likes of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid have tried their hand at sky-high clear heal.



It’s important to note that almost all of those stylish women were photographed at night; the subversive “club shoe” isn’t exactly what you reach for when it’s time for brunch. But lately, we’ve seen more and more designers adding seethrough straps and jelly soles to their most casual styles, from By Far’s crystal-strewn mules to Roger Vivier’s barely there ballet flats.


Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s best-selling Olympia wedges have got several Vogue editors into the trend. Whether you are a fan of the trend or slightly curious about the buzz, there is something for everyone when it comes to clear shoes.


To style enthusiasts, this shoes are comfy and lightweight, you can walk all day and have the time of your life wearing it. It is ideal to pair with dresses, jeans, skirt with tops or shirt for your formal and casual outing. Bounce through the day in these shoes that will give you a smarter look and add a touch of class to your fashion sense.




zzClear shoes are basically fashionistas go to because they go with basically everything

zzClear shoes when worn right can be cute, classy, gorgeous and definitely a good fashion investment every fashion conscious

woman should consider having.

zzEvery designer has at least one pair of sexy clear shoes in their lineup.

zzThe darker take on the sandals with a tinted PVC is the shoe of the moment.

zzClear shoes add a touch of gothic romance to the trend.

zzThe closed toe crystal clear heels take on a more formal look. Dainty enough for a pretty number but versatile enough to wear with

jeans and add a feminine touch to an outfit

zzFor a more a dressier occasion, go all out with a playful dress.

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Naija Jollof to feed 10,000 children, set new Guinness World record



Naija Jollof to feed 10,000 children, set new Guinness World record

A new social project tagged NAIJA Jollof has been launched with the aim to feed 10,000 children and as well break the Guinness World Records.



While announcing the planned hosting of the first edition of Naija Jollof on April 13th, 2020 at the 2019 IAMBRANDNIFERIA Award/Gala in Lagos last weekend, Mr. Taiwo Oluboyede, CEO of IAM BRANDNIGERIA said: “We are setting Guinness World Record for the largest serve of Jollof rice in Nigeria next year.” Further, he said: “Jollof is becoming the most engaging topic in both Anglo/Francophone African countries, just like football.


Food brings people together “On 13th April 2020, which is a public holiday, 60 top chefs will be cooking 6 Tonnes of rice in a single pot and we are feeding 10,000 children in Lagos, many of them on the streets.


This has been described as a one of the largest humanitarian endeavours in our country, where that number of people are touched in a single day.” According to him, “It is a combination of Jollof and the best of Nigerian music in one place.”


Describing the size of the pot, volume of rice and number of chef to cook the Jollof, the IAMBRANDNIGERIA CEO added: “The 4.5 diameter pot, one of the largest in the world will be displayed on the street before donation to the museum where people can see and get inspired. O n e o f the exciting things about this project is that the pot is made here in Nigeria.” Jollof has gone beyond just ordinary food.


It is now a fashion statement, a common language and heritage to about 500 million people across West Africa and beyond. Oluboyede, who said jollof has created a healthy ‘rivalry’ amongst West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and others, stated: “We wouldn’t pass any little opportunity to show we have the best of it.


You can understand why every food and seasoning brands are delighted in putting us against each other. It is also a sensational trending topic on social media.”


With smart foods being an integral part of the country’s budding e-commerce platforms, Oluboyede stated that the event will make a statement about Nigeria having the necessary element to make “Jollof a Nigeria’s brand collateral as the largest producer of rice in Africa now with immeasurable benefits in tourism, rice value chain, innovation, even job creation.”

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Arts & Entertainments

Naira Marley, Niniola, Reekado Banks, others light up Lagos Concert for Access The Stars



Naira Marley, Niniola, Reekado Banks, others light up Lagos Concert for Access The Stars

Some of Nigerian music’s finest graced the concert of the Lagos edition of the new music reality show “Access The Stars” recently and lit up Lagos with their extraordinary performances.


The show, which is fast becoming the hottest music event of the year has drawn much traction over the past few weeks, as Naira Marley, Niniola and others gave amazing account of themselves.


Naira Marley, one of the most sought-after artistes in Nigeria and his growing fame was further enhanced with a stellar performance in Lagos.


Not to be outdone on the night, Reekado brought his A-game to the stage, as he performed his vast catalog of smash-hit singles. SkiiBii and Niniola also grabbed the mic and did wonders to the excitement of the large audience.


With the Lagos concerts now done and dusted, the Access The Stars train now heads to Abuja where the trio of judges, Tee-Y Mix, Kaffy and Seyi Shay, will be tasked with selecting the best talents the capital city has to offer. Speaking ahead of the Abuja auditions, Tee-Y Mix hinted of what to expect; “Abuja is a special city and it’s home to some of the most talented artistes I know.


I am convinced that we will find some amazing talents in Abuja, and I am super excited to head to FCT for the next round of auditions.”


The Abuja show is set to up the ante, as Zlatan, SkiiBii, Fireboy, and Wande Coal are set to return to perform alongside the five final contestants who will slug it out to make it to the next round of the competition.


Access The Stars is proudly sponsored by two of Nigeria’s biggest brands who are teaming up for a mega opportunity to discover new music talents across the country.


The new talent hunt show, which is powered by Star Lager Beer and Access Bank will give exceptional Nigerians the chance to perform alongside Nigeria’s biggest stars, while the winner of the show will walk home with up to N150 million in cash and prizes.


To get in on the action, head on to to register at a location near you. The Abuja auditions will be held at Grand Ibro Hotel, Micheal Okpara Street, while the concert is slated for Old Parade Ground Car Park, Abuja.

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Arts & Entertainments

You’ll meet my new husband if polygamy is legalised, John Dumelo’s wife replies him



You’ll meet my new husband if polygamy is legalised, John Dumelo’s wife replies him

The Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, agitating for the marriage and ordinance law against polygamy to be repealed explained that most married men have women they have affairs with outside their marriage.


The actor-turned politician, contesting for the seat as a member of parliament on the NDC ticket at the Ayawaso West Wuogon, shared his opinion through his social media page, to back a point he made in an interview on Citi FM. He wrote: “Under customary law and Mohammedans law Cap 129, a man can marry more than one woman.


Under the marriage Ordinance Cap 127, a man is allowed to marry only one woman. If he marries more than one, he commits bigamy. I think it’s time for that to be repealed.


After all most married men have side chicks and it’s time to elevate them to wifey status because they perform the same duties.” In the post seen by, John Dumelo added that in the same vein, polyandry should be legalised for women to also be allowed to marry more than one man.


His wife, Mrs Gifty Mawunya Dumelo, replied his post informing him to prepare to meet her new husband too at home, should the law against polygamy be repealed because she believes men and women must have equal rights.

“Equal rights indeed …babe hurry home and meet my new husband,” she wrote beneath her husband’s post, which has now been removed from his Instagram page.

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BBNaija’sIfu Ennada weeps, givesup



BBNaija’sIfu Ennada weeps, givesup

Ifu Ennada has announced that she will no longer be in the business of making skin care products.


One video that got a lot of people emotional sometime in the week was definitely that of BBNaija’s Ifu Ennada sobbing as she quit her skincare business. The reality TV star and actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday where she shared a video of herself weeping as she quits her business.


“Hey, guys, Ifu Ennada here, I’m making this video to tell you guys that I have decided that I will no longer be selling my bold Ifuennda products because…” she said.


She went on to reveal that maybe this is what God wants her to do and that she has left the business in his hands.


“I can’t do this anymore…I’ve tried. I don’t know what God wants from me, I don’t know why this happened now… @beautifuennada is now in God’s hand. I’m done for now,” she wrote.


Ifu Ennada joined the growing list of former Big Brother Naija housemates who have ended their businesses for various reasons. Recall that a few weeks ago, Ella announced that she was ending her music career over lack of funds.

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Saturday Extra

Donjazzy to reward Beatz awards winner with N1million



Donjazzy to reward Beatz awards winner with N1million

Mavin Record boss, Don Jazzy, over the weekend was honoured with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the organizers of ’The Beatz Awards’.


The music producer, singer and record label owner was honoured for his contribution to the music industry and had an award category named after him.


According to the Chief Executive Officer, Beatz Awards, Elijah John, ‘The New Discovery Producer category’ will now be called the ‘DON Don Jazzy New Discovery’ . While receiving the award at the Shell Hall, Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos, Don Jazzy added a twist to the newly formed category by pledging N1 million cash prize to the winner from next year’s edition.


He also thanked the organizers for the award and commended their consistency over the years.


“One of the great things about the fifth edition is that a category is created in the name of Donjazzy, and the winner will be going home with N1 million come next year, the way this is going to work is that, the new producers coming up with hit songs will be shortlisted for this category, and the best five will go into a battle whereby voting will commence for the best in the year of review.


We want to thank Donjazzy for the gestures of supporting this with a cash reward and we also want to thank the sponsors for believing in what we do,” the organisers said.


On including cash interest on the other categories, the organisers also added; “This is a start of such laudable gesture and we are considering other options to see how cash rewards can be included in some of the categories, meanwhile sponsors are already showing interest to support some other categories in terms of cash. So, by next year we will be unveiling a lot of things.”


The fifth edition of the awards was hosted by popular musician, Dr. Sid and the crowd was thrilled by amazing performances from Johnny Drille, Idyll, Reil C and top comedians like EmmaOhMygod, Dee One, Omo Baba, Phronesis among others.

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I’m a porn star, not a prostitute –Actress Uglygalz Mareme



I’m a porn star, not a prostitute –Actress Uglygalz Mareme

Uglygalz is fast becoming a leading porn actress in Nollywood, but she says many people will rather choose to see her as a prostitute.


The Nigerian adult entertainer, who has massive tattoos inked on several parts of her body, says getting people to understand that her personality is different from her chosen career has become a herculean task.


In an exclusive interview with Pulse, Uglygalz, revealed: “I am a porn actress, I do adult entertainment movies or what is called porn films. I have been called a sex worker several times. People mistake me for those who have sex for money.


I am an actress first and foremost and I get paid for acting aside enjoying what I do. Again, I have an opinion on who I choose to act with, there are protocols and several people are on the set but many people don’t see it this way, they still feel, it’s money for sex.


Often, I get calls from unknown men demanding sex from me. I recently got a call from a man, who said he got my number from my website and wanted to have sex with me for two rounds and I got so irritated that I just ended the call and blocked the number.”


As of 2014, young and single Uglygalz, whose real name is Mareme, has slept with over 100 men and has been confirmed as one of the verified porn actresses and producers on a popular X-rated content website.



She recalled, “As of 2014, I have had sex with over 100 men. Please, let’s not talk about it (laughs) but it’s not up to 1000 but getting close to 1000.”

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My mum is my biggest inspiration –Kaskeed



My mum is my biggest inspiration –Kaskeed

With Kaskeed as his stage name, Ibrahim Kasim, an upcoming music act is working hard and pushing to see his efforts count in the Nigerian music terrain. Kaskeed, who said he has been involved with music for a while now, has been performing quite well mostly around the Federal University of Technology Mina (FUT Minna) in northern Nigeria where he is a student. He spoke with PRECIOUS CHIBUEZE in this interview




Many people go into the music scene for different reasons. What is yours?



Right from my childhood I always had passion for music. I saw music as a medium in which I could express myself and my feelings at any point in time. I believe through my music, many lives will be blessed and that I can inspire people in my country and the world at large.


How exactly do you see music, as a form of entertainment or medium of expression?



Music has given me the ability to express my emotions as a person, my music speaks about love, happiness, unity. No matter how hard the country may seem, we should not give up.


There might be many obstacles trying to kill your dreams but the onus is on you to never stop believing in yourself. In any situation we should always strive for the best and of course give God the glory.


I try to let people understand that nothing is too big and nothing is too small. Your story can change in just a second. In terms of inspiration, who would you say encouraged you to be a musician most? My mum has always been my biggest inspiration in music.


She has been my backbone, my mentor. Seeing her sing always inspired me and she also developed my love for music. What challenges would you say you’ve encountered in your musical journey so far? It hasn’t been easy though, there are many people out to mock.


The same way there are haters, people who never believe my music could amount to something and work to drop words just to hurt me.


When singing around such people, they would say I am making a noise but there are also good people who always encourage me, which gave me the zeal to keep striving hard.


When did you release your first song, and how was it?


I released my first song a few months ago.


It was titled “Ife” which means love in Yoruba. It’s a love song and has this emotional feeling attached to it. It describes this beautiful girl that means so much to me, she is so amazing that I could probably do anything for her. She is the kind of girl I will love to spend the rest of my life with.


If you ever get a chance to collaborate with a bigger musician, who will that be and why?



There so are many notable stars that I would love to collaborate with, both locally and internationally. I would love to collaborate with Chris Brown because he has been my role model all along.


I grew up listening to his songs, he influenced my vocal and songwriting skills a lot.



So, it will be a dream come true collaborating with the R ‘n’ B star.






What should your fans expect from you next?



To as many people who love and support Kaskeed, first I say God bless you abundantly.


And of course I assure them I am coming in with more positive and mindblowing vibes.


Keep on anticipating.



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8 contestants to lock horns at the People’s Hero TV show finals



The People’s Hero TV show, an initiative of Hero Lager Beer, a brand of International Breweries Plc, , seeks to celebrate the richness and the beauty of the Igbo culture through singing, dancing, spoken word and acting. The show which is produced by MTV Base, the award-winning music and entertainment brand, has over the past eight weeks become more competitive with the contestants seeking to outdo one another for the star prize of N7million and the bragging right to be called ‘The People’s Hero’.


However, the quest for the N7 million grand prize and the bragging right of “The People’s Hero” ended for 12 hopefuls last weekend as they were evicted from the show. This was after different scintillating performances by the groups whose tasks were to perform the Igbanku Nwanyi, the Igbo Traditional Wedding.



A rich interpretation of the Igbo culture and tradition began with Team Agwu treating the audience to a romantic flawless performance. This was followed by Team Obidike’s electrifying presentation, which was described as a total package by the judges.




Team Obinwanne’s piece was that of a tragic love story, creatively presented but laden with emotions. Team Ofuobi on the other hand, did not fail to blow the minds of the audience and judges who were completely thrilled by the group’s performance. Team Ichekwu rounded off the night with a very entertaining piece that explained the relevance of palm wine at Igbo traditional wedding ceremonies.


The night ended on a very emotional note as 12contestants were eliminated from the show. The show anchor, Nedu, had announced that only one of the five groups would make it to the final, and while addressing the tensed audience and contestants, he declared Team Ofuobi as the only group heading to the final.


The judges expressed their satisfaction with the group, stating that their creativity, consistency and continued improvement served as their ticket to the final. The judges, however, surprised the contestants and the audience when they chose to save four contestants, as wild cards, from eviction.


These were Justice, Amarachi, Elvis and Joel. The saved contestants could not hide their emotions as they expressed gratitude to the judges for being considered worthy to be selected to join members of Team Ofuobi to battle at the final round, for who becomes The People’s Hero. Admonishing the evicted contestants, one of the judges, Illbliss, said the contestants had been placed on a huge platform by participating in the TV show and urged them not to drop from the pedestal. He said, while they were selected as raw talents from the auditions, they had become refined to shine to the world.


He advised them to look for opportunities to show the world what they had learnt. For Hero Lager Beer, the show is a classic case of mission accomplished.


According to the Marketing Director International Breweries Plc, Tolulope Adedeji, the main objective of the show is to create a platform for the youths to express their talents to the world and to promote the beautiful culture and traditions of the South-East of Nigeria and in her words, “This has been achieved”.


The Marketing Director added that talented young men and women who before now, were not known even in their immediate communities had been showcased to the world. And for the producer of the show, Viacom International Media Networks Africa, the journey has been nothing but fulfilling.



The company’s Country Manager, Bada Akintunde Johnson, said their expertise in producing such amazing shows had paid off on The People’s Hero. Being first of its kind, Bada said the team did not leave any stone unturned to ensure a successful show. He congratulated the finalists and commended the evictees for coming that far in the show, describing them as Hero-es in their own rights. The show has taken an interesting turn as the final eight contestants will now compete individually next weekend and a winner, The People’s Hero, will emerge.


The winner will also get a whopping sum of N7 million while the first and second runners up will win the sums of N2 million and N1 million respectively. The People’s Hero continues this Saturday on MTV base by 9.00pm with a repeat broadcast every Wednesday by 9.00pm.

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