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Nigerian comedian, Klint Da Drunk, survives car crash



Nigerian comedian, Klint Da Drunk, survives car crash

Nigerian comedian, Afamefuna Igwemba popularly known as Klint Da Drunk, expressed gratitude to God for surviving a car crash along Bauchi-Jos express road.

Klint Da Drunk, took to his instragram handle @klintdadrunk to express his joy on Friday.

Below are extracts from the message:

“Please, help me in praising God Almighty for delivering us from the Jaws of death. Along Bauchi-Jos express road, we were involved in a terrible car crash.

“We boarded golf 2 on charter as it was the only means to move.

“The driver was careful enough so I had no issues with him but then, out of the blues, a truck jumped right in front of us and road was wet as it had been drizzling.

“The driver tried all he could to stop the car but the slippery road just made it look like he did nothing all I was shouting was “JESUS! JESUS!! JESUS!!!” and with a speed of about 100km/per hr or there about, we rammed right into the back of this truck.

“God being so merciful and wonderful, we got out of the car with very minor injuries, how the tail of the truck was stopped from causing major damage on us is just God’s doing.

“God I thank you for life, I thank You for Your Mercies, I thank You for Your Grace and for your love on sinners like us.

“May your name be glorified forever in Jesus Mighty Name!!! Amen!!!,” he said.

The Nigerian comic actor is a famous Nigeria stand out comedian and musician that has contributed to the entertainment industry immensely.

Klint Da Drunk became popular after he made his first appearance in Nigga raw first album “Obodo” then appeared in several other videos.

He became a public figure after his unique performance in a ‘Night of Thousand Laugh’ a comedy show hosted by Opa Willims in several part of Nigeria.

The renowned comic actor has featured in numerous Nollywood movies which include Destroyer, Chain Reaction, Lost Kingdom, My house help etc.

He is married to his longtime girlfriend Lillian and their marriage is blessed with two children, reports the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Meanwhile, Many celebrities were very excited that the comedian and other passengers survived the mishap.

They shared comments of gratitude on his page. Some reactions below:

@julietibrahim: “Glory be to God. I had a similar encounter before and it’s just God’s miraculous intervention God is good all the time.”

@ruggedybaba: “Thank God for His mercies bro.”

@okonlagos: “Thank You Jesus.”

@senatorcomedian: “Thank God!!!!”

@alexxekubo: “God almighty we thank you.”

@patrick_salvado: “God is good bro, sorry about that Ordeal”.

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I don’t take music as entertainment but a ministry –Dupsy Oyeneyin



I don’t take music  as entertainment but a ministry  –Dupsy Oyeneyin

Born Modupe Oyeneyin, her stage name, Dupsy, rings loud in the gospel music terrain in Nigeria and beyond, also with four albums and counting to her credit. Dupsy has been around long for a while and coupled with an annual music show she puts together known as Foretaste Concert, she is leaving footprints along for music lovers. With Foretaste now in its 6th edition, she spoke to ADEDAYO ODULAJA about her journey along with future plans.



In looking back at your career so far, how did it kick off?

Growing up, we typically sang hymns morning and night during prayer times. But taking music professionally, if I may use that word, came as a result of my giving my life to Christ. A lot of people ask me how I can combine both but what I know is my work is helping my music and my music is helping my work. It was a divine call. I don’t take my music as an entertainment, I take it as a ministry, I take it as a tool to reach people and that is the offshoot of the concert that I organise annually by the grace of God, the Foretaste Concert.

There are two sides to me, but they complement each other. Do I see myself singing full time? Maybe in the future, because we all know that music needs funding to push it forward. And do I see myself doing Supply Chain only? No, because like I said, the music gives me balance, it helps me to keep my sanity. If I am stressed and I sing, I am fine. So, those are like my left and right legs, I can’t do without the other one.

It’s easy to see Dupsy came from your name but it is a bit unusual for gospel ministers?

Growing up, people just call me Dupsy, and I also wanted something playful. Not that I wanted to make the work of singing unserious, but I just wanted something friendly.

With how demanding music is, has there been instances of clashing with your professional life?

No, there have been no instances like that. I give time for my music and time for my work. There have been times when I have been asked to sing at functions at the office, not just in my current company but all the companies I have worked in. They know Modupe, the Supply Chain Professional and they know Dupsy, the gospel artiste.

You have four albums right now, tell us about them

My first album was released in 2005, it was titled ‘No More Pain.’ A few years later, I did the ‘No More Pain Reloaded.’ After that, I did another album titled ‘The Experience’ and followed that up with ‘Worship Unleashed.’ In all, I have four albums.

What have you been up to this year on the music front?

I have recorded four singles this year. Two have been released and we hope to release the other two before the concert. The first single that was released this year is titled ‘The Move’, I had that with a few of my friends, Ifeworships, Ejen and Asatta and the second one is called ‘See His Glory’, the other ones will come before November by the grace of God.

Would you say your songs, or at least some of them, are inspired by personal experiences?

For me, song writing is inspired by different experiences. Before 2014, maybe like 2010, if you had asked me that question, I would have said that I don’t write songs, bring your songs, I will sing them. But through some experiences I have had since 2012, I noticed that during my quiet time, songs do come to me and I write them down. In 2014, I was praying one day and the Spirit of God told me all these songs that you sing to me, how about we have a concert where you then sing the songs and minister to people with them? So that’s how the concert side of my life came about. If you ask people that know me, personally I like to take responsibility for things, but I don’t like to take too much than I can handle. If I don’t feel like I am equipped to do something, I don’t venture into it. But then, some of the things I have had to do from 2014 till date, they have been things that sometimes I feel I can do, there are some that I feel that I cannot, but when God nudges you to do it, and He sends the help to achieve it, you see yourself doing it.

Who among fellow gospel ministers do you consider contemporaries in terms of interactions?

I have friends; I have people that I interact with. So, in the course of organising the concert and this one will be the sixth, I have had to interact with a lot of people. And by interaction, I mean invite them to minister at the event. We have had people like Nathaniel Bassey, we have had Victoria Orenze, we had Pastor Kunle Ajayi in 2015, and we have had Segun Obe, Ighiwiyisi Jacobs, Folabi Nuel, Olumide Iyun, and Moji Olusoji and my friends Ifeworships, Asatta and Ejen.  I have had to work with a lot of seasoned professionals in recording my songs. I did two songs with Wole Oni. The very first concert we had was produced by one of my friends, Ifeworships, then the next producer we had was Segun Obe. In the last three years, we have had our production done by one of my friends and brother Asuzi Allwell Brown, popularly known as Mr. B, the CEO of Gate House Music, and he has produced a lot of my songs. These are people I have had to work with fulfilling this calling.

And which ones do you regard as sources of inspiration?

I believe that the calling that I have is peculiar to me, yes I have mentors, I have people I look up to, but I won’t call them my contemporaries. I have silently had CeCe Winans as a mentor not personally. I have had to work with an America worship leader, Candy West, who was my vocal coach for a while. In Nigeria, there are some people that I have also looked at how they do their things, like Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, and Victoria Orenze.

Why is the annual concert you organise known as Foretaste?

It is interesting how things come to me. When I receive inspiration, I get into a state where I don’t think of anything else, more like my senses are suspended. I just focus on that thing, which I am being inspired to do. I was thinking the other day, how did the name Foretaste Concert come about? It was during one of my study sessions even before the concert commenced in 2014. I was doing a discipleship programme in my church; we have about three stages namely: Master Life, Experiencing God and the Mind of Christ. So, this whole journey started when I enrolled in the discipleship programme. The first one, which was Master Life, helps you focus on the fact that God who has created you has something He wants you to do in the world, by being a part of what He is doing. So it is not for you to ask the question, ‘what is the will of God for my life?’ That is not what you are supposed to do, you are supposed to ask ‘what is the will of God and how am I supposed to be a part of it?’ By the time you start asking personalised questions, you will be limiting yourself. You are just a piece of a puzzle, so when you focus too much on yourself, it means you are focusing on that small piece and the tendency is to then have it broken into smaller pieces and become myopic. On the other hand, when you see yourself as a part of a whole puzzle, you are focused on the divine vision, and that is what happened to me. It is not just about me, it is about me contributing to other people’s ministries, lives and encouraging to be all God has created them to be. So, in terms of the name, it was in one of those prayer sessions that I received it. It was not something that Dupsy sat down and thought about.

Typically, it will come up on the second Saturday of November. The very first we had, we did it in December because God told me you have to do it and you have to do it this year. So, when I looked at my work schedule and planning, and I remembered I had a child going to the university in the same year 2014, we had to do the first in December. After the first one, we always improve on things, and we realise that December is a very busy period for people and a lot of people that you will need to support the work like music production and sounds were spread out over the month. So carefully, and prayerfully we landed on the second Saturday of November.

Tell us what to expect from the 2019 Foretaste Concert?

The vision behind the Foretaste Concert is to gather people together in an atmosphere of worship. There is a state that the human mind is in, that you can receive from the Divine, receive from God and that is usually created through worship. When that atmosphere is created, people receive inspiration from God and not just inspiration, but the focus is to receive the inspiration and mandate for their own lives and what they are supposed to contribute to the Kingdom of God, what they are supposed to do in life. So, it is not just the place where you just come and worship and leave, you leave with something, a vision, a word that helps you in your life. One of the things I constantly say to the band is that when you come and you are a part of the Foretaste Concert in any year, there is something that you should have in mind that you are trusting God for and that God will do it for you. So, it’s a concert that is constantly bringing people together to launch them into their destiny. And for people that already know what they are meant to do in life, it gives them the grace and capacity to be able to fulfill their God-given mission.

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Linda Ikeji celebrates 39th birthday in Dubai



Linda Ikeji celebrates 39th birthday in Dubai

On Thursday, Nigeria’s leading blogger and socialite, Linda Ikeji, celebrated her 39th birthday in Dubai with friends and family.

The mother of one posted a picture on Instagram to mark the occasion, writing: “My last year as a 30-something year old! But I am so grateful for how far God has brought me. For all the blessings I don’t take for granted; for my son, parents, siblings, great friends, loyal fans, everyone who has followed my journey and to you reading this!

“Happy birthday to me! Thank you so much for all the well wishes. God bless you and yours!”

Two days before, she had marked the first birthday of her son, Jayce, whom she gave birth to in Atlanta on two days to her 38th birthday, with a family party in Dubai.

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I was target of insults from young Nigerians when I ran for governor – Yul Edochie



I was target of insults from young Nigerians when I ran for governor – Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has said that he was insulted by the youth when he ran for governor of Anambra state. In a tweet on Thursday, the 37-year-old said that he received encouragement from elders instead of his age demography.

“When I ran for Governor, surprisingly I got more encouragement from elders, youths were busy insulting me, giving reasons why it’ll never work. Leadership is never given, it’s taken,” he wrote. The younger Edochie was reacting to a tweet by Don Jazzy which reads: “Africa has d youngest population in world.

The average age of Africans is 19.4 years but d average age of African Presidents is over 60 yrs. That is d world’s largest age disparity between d governors and d governed. How can we address this generational inequality? #voiceofthedon.”

Recently, Yul Edochie, who contested for the governorship of Anambra in 2017 as the flag bearer of the Democratic People’s Congress (DPC), said that he used to think Nigeria’s problem was the leadership until he joined politics. He was once an aide to Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano. Last year, in the run-up to the 2019 general elections, the star actor announced his defection from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) party to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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Lizzy Anjorin, Toyin Abraham fight dirty on social media



Lizzy Anjorin, Toyin Abraham fight dirty on social media

The long-standing feud between Nollywood actresses, Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham, became public knowledge a few days ago, with the two thespians who are notable in the Yoruba section of the Nigerian movie terrain, making it public.

According to sources close to both actresses, who are controversial by nature, in words and deeds, the misunderstanding started a while back but it was ignited on Saturday as Lizzy Anjorin alleged that Toyin opened multiple Instagram accounts to troll her.

According to her, Toyin, who recently gave birth to a baby boy, also leaked damaging reports about her to some blogs.

Angered by the claims, lawyers representing Toyin Abraham wrote to Anjorin on Monday, demanding a public apology and retraction for accusing Abraham of cyber-bullying.

While many expected Lizzy Anjorin to at least beat a retreat, she said the letter from Toyin’s attorneys made her laugh and she soon returned with a letter from her own lawyers as well.

Days after, Lizzy promised that she would continue to attack Toyin Abraham until the actress formerly married to Adeniyi Johnson cautions her followers especially with bloggers she believed are loyal to the Alakada actress having twisted her apology to fans to mean she is appealing to Toyin.

Coming up with another salvo, Lizzy, who lashed out at those urging her to support Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) some months back, said Toyin Abraham gave birth to her child in a traditional centre in Nigeria, branding her a liar.

Responding, Toyin Abraham countered the claim of having her child in a traditional centre in Nigeria on Wednesday via a video made public by Broadway TV.

According to Toyin, she had her baby at Vedic Lifecare Hospital, Lekki, Lagos, after seeing how efficient the clinic was.

“Because I trust you people, I decided to have my baby in Nigeria. I actually travelled but I came back. I said I am coming back, let me have my baby in Nigeria because I want to be around everybody,” Toyin, once linked to the incarcerated Seun Egbebe, said.

Yet again, Lizzy Anjorin came back, accusing her fellow actress of hastily organising a session that shows her childbirth in a hospital.

“ sebi awa wo condom soju , pikin wey don grow reach enter marriage..e pain them, una for come rent camera from my studio,” she wrote.

While it has been a tough time for fans of both, who have taken the battle to other social media platforms, it has been a week not short of entertainment for neutral observers who are wondering about the kinds of persons both movie stars are.

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Our love isn’t perfect but we can’t live without each other – Annie Idibia to 2Face on birthday



Our love isn’t perfect but we can’t live without each other – Annie Idibia to 2Face on birthday

Singer, 2face Idibia, was a year older than he was last year on September 18th. And his wife, Annie, took to her Instagram page to express how deep their love is. Posting a video showing some of their ‘loved up’ moments, Annie wrote;

Our love isn’t perfect! But one thing I am 1000% sure of is we can’t live without each other. Together we are stronger. No one could have ever loved me the way you do. Lawwwwwdddd you make me laugh out loud so much all the damn time. Thanks for filling our home with so much laughter and happiness! Gosh! I know I push all your every buttons by now I for don get black eye with my sharp mouth, but your patience is overwhelming, your love is so healing. For all the times I made you sad “I AM SORRY”

For all the times I didn’t listen, “I AM SORRY”. For all the times I doubted you, “I AM SORRY”.

And all the times I didn’t love you enough, “I AM SORRY”


Recall we reported that the singer, 2face Idibia, addressed the whole country, advising all Nigerians to unite and embrace peace for the progress of the country. In a lengthy post he made on his IG, page the singer admonished Nigerians to embrace peace.

I am calling on government (i.e. our political leadership, security service heads and so on); and all citizens (i.e. artistes, entrepreneurs, media, okada riders et al) to do everything we can and must do to promote and guarantee peace.

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Kevin Hart moved to therapy facility 10 days after car crash



Kevin Hart moved to therapy facility 10 days after car crash

Hollywood actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, has been released from hospital and is said to be in stable condition.


His release from the medical facility where he has been under intense watch and has had to undergo surgery came 10 days after a road accident that left him shaken. TMZ reports that he has been moved to a physical therapy facility where he would be undergoing further treatment, with the report further indicating that Kevin Hart is keeping a positive attitude and is “grateful to be alive.” It was revealed that he suffered three spinal fractures in last Sunday’s road accident but doctors had stated that they expected him to make a full recovery.



Behind the wheel when the accident occurred at Mulholland Highway, Malibu Hills was his friend, Jared Black, who also suffered major back injuries in the crash while Rebecca Broxterman, Hart’s personal trainer, as well as wife, were also in the vehicle.

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Eedris Abdulkareem celebrates Sowore’s wedding anniversary



Eedris Abdulkareem celebrates Sowore’s wedding anniversary

Activist and Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, still in the custody following his arrest early last month owing to a nationwide movement termed #RevolutionNow he championed but he marked his 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday.


Making it known was rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, in an Instagram post on Thursday, as he prayed for bliss in Sowore’s marriage to his wife, Opeyemi, in the face of his “sacrifice for Nigeria today”. Remembering the activist’s 15th wedding anniversary, Abdulkareem wrote: “Fifteen years ago, you tied the nuptial knots that still binds you till date in love and oneness!



“Love so real and so compassionate as yours makes the world go round and of course, it breaks through any manmade barriers like subjugation, gagging, imprisonment and utterly dehumanising intimidation and treachery. “So, as you sacrifice for Nigeria today, may this anniversary sprout out a bountiful, blessed and glorious tomorrow for you! Happy anniversary once again! Many more conjugal bliss ahead as years come and ago!!! Freedom…”


Sowore’s wife, Opeyemi, had in an interview on a TV show in the US, Democracy Now!, said the Federal Government pinned its grievance on Sowore on a meeting he had with the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra leader (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. “They also mentioned he may have taken money from international countries, and he met them in Dubai.


He has never been to Dubai before, which was an interesting statement on the Nigerian government’s part. And no money, basically, has been found with him,” she said.

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AY, wife visit Toyin Abraham weeks after giving birth



AY, wife visit Toyin Abraham weeks after giving birth

Comedian and moviemaker, AY Makun, and his wife, Mabel Makun, paid a surprise visit to Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, and her child, Ire and also gave them gifts! Toyin Abraham actress announced their visit on Instagram and also shared a photo.


“Thank you Daddy @aycomedian and mummy @midas_interiors for coming and thanks for the…………………..,” she wrote.


Excited Dad, Kola Ajeyemi, also shared same on his Instagram page. Toyin Abraham welcomed her son, Ire, in August, few weeks after her wedding introduction to actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi. The couple held naming ceremonies for their son in London and Lagos

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Writing songs for Davido was big opportunity for me –Teni Makanaki



Writing songs for Davido was big opportunity for me –Teni Makanaki

Teniola Apata has become a strong force in the Nigerian entertainment arena in about two years. Known widely as Teni Entertainer or Teni Makanaki, her emergence is one nobody saw coming. She told ADEDAYO ODULAJA that she shares such sentiments.



Your emergence can hardly be compared to that of any other. How do you see it?



I have always been an entertainer. It was not about music alone; but everything entertainment. I have always done music. It has always been my passion since I was young. I played the drums. I was always there doing my thing, but maybe people didn’t see me until I came out. It got to a level when I decided that I needed to take it seriously, and luckily God did it for me.


What songs can one find on your playlist that can be said to inspire or inform your lyrics?



I listen to King Wasiu Ayinde, Ebenezer Obey, Pasuma, King Sunny Ade, Ayinla Kollington and Sir Shina Peters. Basically, I listen to all of the old guys.



It doesn’t look like you took a cue from any of them. I was waiting for you to mention Pasuma.


If you listen deep enough you will hear all of them in my music. It’s just me being able to coin it perfectly.

What about songwriting?

I have always loved to put words and melodies together, God just did the rest. Honestly, I feel that writing is one of the most interesting things I do. You look at the words, what people are going through, what you are going through and you put it together. For me, that is fun.

Writing for Davido was one of your highpoints before emerging as a star in your own right. How did it happen?



It was through Shizzy. Shizzy is Davido’s producer and he was the one who gave me the opportunity. It was a big opportunity to write for that calibre of artiste.

Do you have a particular description for your kind of music?



It’s good music. Period.

But it must be said that you have a way of insinuating certain things in your lyrics

I sing about what other people are not confident to sing about. I just sing about people’s everyday life. For example, the song ‘Fargin’. A lot of women are being forced to do things that they don’t want to do and that is what I sang about ‘Askamaya’. I just sing about what is going on in everybody’s everyday life.

What is the meaning of the word, Askamaya and what inspired it?



Askamaya is whatever you want it to be.

Would you say it doesn’t have a deeper, dirty meaning as some people think?



That is their definition of it, what is yours? Because Askamaya is an open word for everyone to just think. Interpret it however you want to.



Your lyrics talk about red spots like Pekas, Allen Avenue, do these places bring out the real you?



But then you can see that I also talk about people like Anita Baker. Anita Baker is an American singer and songwriter. In that song, I was talking about a guy and a girl living a prominent life. The song is just meant to be interpreted the way you like.

How would you describe your person?



I am a happy person, I am a free person and I don’t like trouble, I don’t like stress.

What was your upbringing like in the Okota part of Lagos where you grew up?



I grew up very sheltered. There were policemen in our house, I wasn’t allowed to go out, I went out with an escort. So, I don’t know how I became what I am, but I am just being myself.



A girl who is well sheltered doesn’t end up becoming what you are today, how did it happen?

I have always been a rebel since I was in high school. I was the number one noisemaker in the classroom, but it wasn’t that I was bad. I didn’t believe in someone telling me what to do and how to do it. I believed in doing my thing my own way. That is the best way anyone can ever do anything, by doing it your own way and calling all the shots, by living your life by your own rules. Maybe people took it and the street loved it. Our parent didn’t like the idea of having two musicians in the family, but they don’t have a choice.



Are you aware that some people don’t really like your kind of person, how do you feel about this?

Well, there a lot of people who love me, so I am focusing on them.



Do you subscribe to the notion that you are a tomboy or you see yourself as a lady?


I am a girl; I am a young lady with dreams. I am just a girl living my life the way I want to, in the best possible way.

Your fashion sense can be really suspect, what inspires it?



Comfort. Mainly comfort. As you see, I am wearing a T-shirt, shorts, my socks, and my shoes. I am very comfortable.



In terms of plans, when should your fans expect something from you?



Maybe singles but the album will probably be coming out in 2019.

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AMARA MADUKA; Sex toys can’t replace men



AMARA MADUKA; Sex toys  can’t replace men

Actress, showbiz enthusiast and brazen queen of social media, Amara Maduka, in this interview with AKINSETAN AKINRELE spoke candidly about her goals, relationship and sundry issues.


2019 is gradually coming to an end, how has it been for you?

If I’m going to answer honestly, I’ll say everything is new. I don’t feel like my old self anymore. I have a new movie I did with Martinz Jr Studios coming out soon. It’s a project I’m very excited about and I know you all will love it. It’s called ‘Ordinary Couple.’ You should look out for it and thank me later. I starred alongside Antonio and Nancy Isime. It’s a once in a lifetime comedy story I know everyone would love.

What are you up to now?



I’m fully into the entertainment industry. I write and presently I’m working on starting up my own production company. And for me it’s everything inclusive, even music eventually. But I’m kicking off with a show.



You often flaunt your curves on social media, don’t men harass you over that?

Well, honestly I’m of the opinion that a man who is irresponsible is irresponsible. What a woman wears doesn’t and shouldn’t affect a man who is responsible to himself. Just as we hear about of paedophilia in the news lately. It has nothing to do with the kids. If you’re an adult, there are things you should learn for yourself. You don’t harass a woman because she is flaunting her butt, that’s not an invitation.



This could lead to rape, doesn’t it bother you?



How a woman dresses has absolutely nothing to do with her being raped. People just don’t get it. An adult must learn self control or they’ll always land in trouble. As women, we see men wear really tight pants and have their huge crotch showing up but we don’t come to rape them. Even though some of us just admire the thing and move on because as adults we know IT IS NOT AN INVITATION! Not physically though. But I see them on Instagram. Sadly we can mostly see those online cos we don’t have men with such eggplant in Nigeria. Most of our men with the big eggplant have follow Onyibo go, leaving us with few or nothing. And this should be treated as a national emergency, by the way. Well, on an average, the size doesn’t matter but the usage does. Then again, if it’s too small, wetin we gain?

Are you in relationship?



I’m currently self-dating. I take myself out, I buy myself stuff, I spoil myself, I orgasm myself. Those toys are amazing and ladies should try it sometime. And they don’t give you drama. You don’t share them with others. They don’t cheat too!

It might make you detest marriage, are you not worried?



The controversy surrounding sex toys is really unnecessary. Men act like the toys are going to replace them, but I don’t think it would. Eventually, a woman will need the warmth of a man and the toys won’t provide that. Toys are basically for emergency situations. When the human isn’t available and a girl has to help herself, a sex toy comes in handy.

So, you can do without sex toys?



Personally nothing has control over me. I can dump it in a heartbeat if I want to. I use it. It doesn’t use me. If you get what I mean. I can do without sex. A great sex is great. But then again, no be food na. I think it’s an established fact that curvy women are better lovers and great at sex. They are the juiciest so, technically, they’re the sweetest.



I come from a very loving family. And they happen to understand that it’s God that gives husband, I can’t just order one from Jumia.



My heart is big and so meek. I cry as much as I laugh. Sometimes watching a random video on the internet makes me cry. Sometimes an honest compliment can even make me cry. I absorb energy that’s why I’m careful of the energy I allow around me and things I expose myself to.

You are hardly seen at event, are you anti-social?



I’m an ambivert. But more often than not, I enjoy my own solitude. Lots of messed up people out there these days one has to be extremely careful with which energy you mix. I’m not good at honouring invitations. Which is something I’m working on too. I realised I can’t stay in the sidelines anymore.



How then do you relax?

I relax with music and being butt naked in my house. Nakedness is liberating, sis and I have influenced all my friends. Once you hang with me, you’ll learn how to love your nakedness. Clothes are stress but I’m naked only at home o.

Can you marry a man as old as your father?



I think love is a beautiful thing and it doesn’t respect age. 

I’m happy Regina Daniels found someone who makes her happy. Most people talking down on that union wish they have what she does, trust me. I’m just happy she is happy. If love decides to come in an older package I’m definitely taking it.

What do you expect from your future husband?


I don’t have expectations of men.  I believe in the laws of the universe, law of attraction, mostly. You attract what you are. So, I’m expecting the universe to deliver a heart like mine to me. It’s all about a person’s soul for me. I’m working to be a very wealthy woman, so a wealthy man doesn’t freak me. I can influence him into the man I want him to be if his soul vibes with mine. As for stature, I’m knowledgeable enough to know that none of us made ourselves, so I don’t look at people’s outward look. I pay attention to their inward look.

There seem to be so much hate in Nollywood, especially among actresses, what’s your take?





Women hating on women has nothing to do with entertainment.

It’s everywhere. We are our own worst enemies and it’s so sad.  The entertainment industry is really putting the country on a map. And if the government paid us a little bit of attention with financial assistance, I’m sure we would soar higher.

What do you think should be done to take Nollywood to the next levels?



The way forward is finance. Everything boils down to money. We don’t have investors. All we get is criticisms and little support. Nigerians keep comparing us to Hollywood and it baffles me. We do what we do out of little or nothing and we are able to get results. Not Hollywood’s standard perhaps, but if we have half of what those guys have, we’d shake the world.

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