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Buhari should look into state of economy, security –Abimbola Oni



Buhari should look into state of economy, security  –Abimbola Oni


Beautiful actress, Abimbola Oni is famous for her role in popular television series, ‘Eldorado’, which was produced by veteran film maker, Fidelis Duker and ever since, she has continued to rise. Today, Oni as she is fondly called by fans and colleagues has added producing of movies to her feather. She shares with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, her journey into Nollywood and other personal affairs



How has it been for you as an actor and producer?



Well, being an actor and a producer is challenging because as an actor, you don’t have to worry about pre or post productions. Anyway, every production comes with different challenges but with proper planning, the problem had been minimized. When I decided to crossover to the Yoruba genre, I found out that you have to belong to a caucus. The caucus I joined was owned by Mr. Murphy Afolabi which makes him my boss but I bless God I am my own boss now.



What has been your biggest challenge as a producer?



I would say my biggest challenge in this part of the industry is getting an investor to invest in your ideas, and when you finally find one, you are still left to contend with marketers. A lot of challenges my dear brother, we just pray to God to see us through.

Are you saying there’s some level of bias in the Yoruba movie industry?




No, not at all; although it is everywhere, and please don’t get me wrong.



Did you ever believe you would get this far?



Though I always believe in myself; I never thought it’d happen this fast, even though I’m still learning and growing, I still appreciate God for bringing me to this point in my career.



Which do you find more lucrative, acting or producing?



I find producing lucrative but it is time consuming. Producing comes with this high and low but anyway it comes, I will still keep to production.



Would you quit acting for relationship or marriage?



No, No! For heaven’s sake, I am not prostituting or even into a shady or illegal business, so why should I quit my job or business because of a man, well I’m sorry, I can’t.





What is your take on early marriage, do you support it?



Early marriage is cool, so long as parties involved are matured enough to handle whatever challenges they have, financially independent and loves each other. It is better to be married than messing around.




What’s the relationship between you and Murphy Afolabi?



This question again! I won’t deny the fact that I know him but dating him, No! The farthest we had gone is taking pictures.


You seem to be closer to ace Fuji music star, Pasuma, what’s the chemistry between you two?



Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is just a friend; we are not dating, he is one great guy I respect and hold in high esteem. What we have is just a business relationship; so please don’t go write what I didn’t say o! I am not dating Pasuma.



So which of the entertainers, did you date?






Growing up as a teenager, did you ever imagine yourself ending up as an actress?



Not really! Although when I was growing up, I was in a drama group but I never knew I would be an actress.


2019 is fast running out, how would you say it has been?



It had been awesome… A bit of hitch but I bless God, where I am today.



Tell us about your last movie, which you personally produced?



The last movie I produced is ‘Vengeance (Esan)’ which talked about deceit in relationships. Starring, Kunle Adegbite, Madam Saje, Niyi Johnson, Bisola Badmus, Ebun Okafor, Bimbo Akisanya and a lot of fantastic actors with best crew.



What have you been up to recently?



Nothing much; just taking life one at a time. I’m still on my last production marketing.



As an actress and a mother of one, how do you manage your activities?



Wow, I have the best mum in the whole wide world until death took her away from me. She had been my support system. I bless God for my kind of son, he is very understanding and he knows mum got to work to make money.



You have featured in quite a number of movies, and television series, which would you say is your best?



Both! Any project I participate on either movies or television series, I always put in my best.



What’s your take on godfather factor in Nollywood, especially the Yoruba speaking industry?



Well I guess it worked for them but as for me, the godfather I have is only God.



If you are giving one on one opportunity with President Muhammadu Buhari, what would you tell him?



I will talk about the poor economy and lack of security in the country.



What can you never be caught doing?



I have a lot but physical fighting is a No.



Have you ever experienced any form of sexual assault?


For sexual assault, the answer is No.



Which time of the day would you prefer to have sex and why, I mean morning, afternoon or night?



I’m indifferent when it comes to time. I don’t think there should be a particular time. Let it flow.



What do you consider before dressing up for an event?



Being comfortable in what I wear.



Your hips seems to be taking a new turn, is it natural or you had a surgery?



Shake what your mama gave you; although I don’t flaunt it, it is natural.



Is Bimbola Oni still single?



Yes, single but not ready to mingle.



How do you relax?



I read a lot that way I feel relaxed, I also relax by going to the cinemas to see some good movies.



To your admirers, what do you have to say to them?



To my admirers, please keep supporting me and I promise not to disappoint you. I love you all.

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Mindful masturbation



Mindful masturbation



he old woman looked intently at Jay and he shifted uncomfortably. He wondered what could be going on in the woman’s mind. Of course, he wouldn’t pretend he had no idea what she could be thinking. She hadn’t set her eyes on him in the past fifteen years! He had made sure he dodged every chance of their meeting. He refused to attend the weddings of her last two children which held several years ago. He also didn’t attend the burial of her husband about ten years ago. That was the last straw. The woman had stopped calling him on the phone after that. He felt a relief. He could do as he wanted with their daughter. And he actually did, until he realised that contrary to his belief, he would need her the way fishes need water.



He shifted uncomfortably again. Her eyes seemed to pierce through him to the depth of his soul, digging up the lies and cover-ups in him. He felt so transparent.



He swallowed spittle and his goitre bobbed. He cleared his throat even when there was nothing in there.



“So, what exactly did you say is your problem?” She asked him.



He cleared his dry throat the umpteenth time and rubbed his palms together.



“It isn’t exactly a problem. It’s just that…just that…just…” he stuttered.


“So, what is it?” She asked again.



Jay looked into space. He didn’t know what to say. He shouldn’t have come alone. He just realised that. But then, it was a stealthy move he made. How would he start confessing his folly to people? He was really foolish, he knew. He remembered the portion of the Holy Book which says that there’s a way that seems right to man, but its end is damnation. This is exactly what it means. Chaaaaaaaaaiii!



“Are you here at all?” The woman asked.


Startled, Jay nodded and said, “Yes aunty”.


“So, what do you want? After ignoring us for more than fifteen years, you appear at my door and can’t even say what you want. You’re lucky my husband is dead. He would have chased you out of his house. I called you when he died, even when I knew that Adele would have told you, you neither turned up during his burial, no performed the rites meant for in-laws. You know that if it was in the olden days when our ancestors worshipped the earth, the ground on which you rested your feet would have been against you,” the woman said.



Jay lifted his feet off the ground. It was a reflect action. Then, he placed them back gingerly on the floor.



“Aunty, I’m sorry. I’m very sorry,” he said.



The woman stared intently at him but said nothing.



“Aunty, I have come to see you. I’ve come to right the wrongs of many years,” he said, suddenly getting bold.



“Where’s our daughter, Adele? How can you visit us after more than fifteen years without her? I can’t welcome you here without our daughter,” she said.



“Aunty, I came to see you. I’ll come with her soon,” he pleaded.



He knew he was lying. He knew it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Adele to visit her aunty with him.



“I’ll not listen to you unless you bring our daughter,” the woman said, hissing loudly.



She stood up and went towards a door.

As she opened the door, she turned to Jay and said, “The gateman will let you out when you’re ready.”



Then, she slammed the door after her. Jay sat nonplussed. Anger surged through him. He felt like kicking everything in sight. But he also remembered that where he was wasn’t his house. If he misbehaved, he would be cooling his arse behind a counter in a police station. He took deep breath to calm himself down and left. How on earth would he be able to get Adele to visit her aunty with him? He realised the true meaning of the word, impossibility.



As he drove out of the compound, he smiled. A plan was building up in his mind. He would get Gabby…






“So my daughter ran mad and no one told me?” Debola’s mother wailed.



“Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! This world is wicked o. Who did I offend? Who? Who?” She cried.



“Mama, it’s not so. Debola is just disturbed. She’s not mad,” aunty prophetess said soothingly.



“Please spare me that! Do I look like a kid that you can confuse with your grammar? You heard what the doctor said. He said her mind is disturbed. Is a madman’s mind not disturbed? They should discharge her for me let me take her to my pastor,” she said, pulling off the scarf on her head and encircling it round her waist. She knotted it firmly and continued her ranting.



Tears welled up behind the prophetess’ eyelids. She forced them back. She had to be strong now. If she broke down in tears, then Debola’s mother would lose hope. She would think her daughter had truly gone bonkers. The onus fell on her to make mama understand the fact that one’s mind could be disturbed as a result of stress and that it didn’t amount to madness.



“Mama, that wasn’t exactly what the doctor said. Debola is not mad. She’s going through a very difficult time and she is thinking too much. That’s the problem. The doctors had to force her mind to rest. That’s why they gave her sleeping drugs to make her sleep. She’s not mad, mama,” prophetess told her.



“She’s not mad, she’s not mad, but she told me a madman was following her about, calling her his wife. Can a sane person be thinking like that? How do you convince me? How can a sane mind cook up such crazy story? Tell me, I say tell me!” Mama said and burst into another round of wailing.



“Mama, she didn’t cook up that story. It actually happened,” prophetess said.




Immediately she uttered those words, she knew she shouldn’t have. Now, she’d have to let the cat out of the bag. She felt very sad. Debola’s mother was staring at her.



“You mean a madman actually followed my daughter and called her his wife?” She asked and dumped her bum on the available seat.



She stared at the prophetess and made a sign for her to keep her voice down. The prophetess stared at her.



“Sit down, my daughter,” Debola’s mother whispered to her, looking around to see if anybody was paying attention to them.


The prophetess complied and sat beside her.



“How could you be saying such. If anybody hears that, they will conclude that something is wrong with my daughter. Don’t you know that it’s not a good omen for a madman to be chasing a sane woman? It’s a curse o, a terrible curse at that. Please don’t say that again,” she pleaded with the prophetess.



Despite herself, the prophetess almost burst into laughter. It was so funny. She kept herself in check though. This was a mother who, moments ago, was almost undressing herself, wailing at the top of her voice that her daughter had gone mad. Now, she didn’t want anyone to hear that a madman chased the same daughter.



“My daughter, tell me, what happened? Where did the madman see her? Were you with her or she told you?”



Prophetess didn’t know where to begin, she whispered, “I wasn’t with her. She told me. It was the stress that led to the bleeding. She lost the pregnancy…”



Debola’s mother opened her mouth in surprise.



“You mean my daughter was pregnant? For who? Who?” Her voice was gradually rising.



It was the prophetess’ turn to remind her to keep her voice down.



“How can I keep my voice down when you people want to kill me? Tell me. Tell me o. You children won’t wait for a man to come ask for your hand in marriage…” Debola’s mother was saying and suddenly stopped. Debola wasn’t a kid. She was knocking on forty and definitely needed a man!



“Mama, let’s go outside,” the prophetess said.



Once out of earshot, Debola’s mother said, “My daughter, tell me the truth”.



The prophetess told her everything. She held nothing back.


“And where is the man at the centre of this?” She asked.


“Mama it’s Jay,” the prophetess said.


“Who’s Jay?” Mama asked.



“It’s that same man that you didn’t approve of,” prophetess replied.



Mama’s two hands flew to her head.


“Debola has killed me,” she wailed.


“Why? What is the matter mama?” Prophetess asked, confused.



“That man has a curse placed on his head,” she said, fear in her eyes.


“Who told you mama?” She asked her.


Mama looked furtively around her and beckoned her to come closer…






Adele looked so refreshingly different. She felt so too. She had always wanted to spot a low-cut and had finally mustered the courage to go for it. The barber who shorn her hair talked her into dyeing it blonde. After much hesitation, she had called Bolan and asked for his opinion. He told her to follow her heart. She agreed and had the little hair left on her scalp coloured. No doubt, she looked very different…but ravishing. When she sent her new look picture to her children, they made her feel she should have shorn her hair ealier.



Everywhere she went, she got compliments -from known faces and total strangers.



“My woman, when am I meeting your aunt?” Bolan whispered into her ears as he nibbled them at intervals.



Bolan smiled. He had never failed to get what he wanted. He wasn’t about to fail now. When he set his eyes on Adele over a year ago in that restaurant, he knew she was the only woman made for him. He was ready to stake all he had to get her. Now, the real battle was about to be fought. He would crush everything on his way to get Adele into his home permanently.



He kissed her all over as he felt his man stir again. He never could have enough of her. She was also always ready to receive him. She seemed permanently slippery wet for him, giving him mindful masturbation. With her newly shorn hair and creamy skin, she looked like a goddess among men. He drew her into his arms and kissed her throat…







Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!





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Staples for weekend vibes



Staples for weekend vibes




What exactly do you plan to wear during the weekends when you don’t have an important event to attend but still want to look stylish while having fun with friends and loved ones?



Perhaps due to the nature of your job, you have to wear structured outfits like blazers and pencil skirts throughout the week days but then you need to rock a more relaxed and casual look during the weekends.


Casual styles are just perfect for the weekend. Weekend fashion is all about relaxed and easy clean fashion. When you are not going out for black tie events or weddings, your style for the weekend should be fun, easy and at the same time chic and classy. You don’t need to follow strict rules unlike corporate and wedding fashion.



Weekend styles are really not all about glam; you can get creative in your denim and tees. For comfy and stylish outfits suitable and stylish for the weekend, you would look good in the micro pleat outfits, Bardot dresses, off shoulder tops on distressed jeans, kimonos and shirtdresses. They are fun and comfortable. Look adorable in them in a sky-high heels or sneakers.


Just in case you don’t feel like being dramatic in your outfits, you can pick a few of these style staples and get classy, comfortable and chic; which is perfect for weekend vibes and grooves.


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Best ways to maintain locks



Best ways to maintain locks

Dreadlocks, also known as locs or dreads are stylishly easy to sport. This hairstyle has been around for quite some time and it does not look like it will be leaving the scene anytime soon. Although dreads are categorized with dirty people, that is hardly the case now as most women are sporting and maintaining their locs.

Here are some tips you could add to your list to maintain your dreads.



• Massage your scalp and condition your dreads: Your hair needs moisture and so does your scalp. Massage your scalp as you apply a leave-in conditioner. This is not only relaxing but also helps stimulate your scalp’s natural oil production.



• Wash your hair regularly: Dampen your hair and apply residue-free shampoo. Gently massage your scalp and let the shampoo soak your dreads. Rinse well and use a microfiber towel to squeeze out the extra moisture.



• Don’t re-twist your hair too much: A fresh look is great but if done too often it can cause breakage and thinning at the root.



• Practice night care: Sleeping with a night scarf, especially a silk wrap is important. Locs tend to shed a lot and protecting your edges and your scalp is crucial. A silk night cap keeps the moisture in and protects your hair from pillow friction.


• Use natural hair care products: Dreadlocks require special products which do not leave a residue or contain harsh chemicals. Look for products that contain natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.

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Annie Idibia: Simply sexy



Annie Idibia:  Simply sexy

Annie Macaulay–Idibia is a model, actress and wife of popular music star, 2Face Idibia. Prior to the start of Annie’s acting career, she competed at the ‘Queen of All Nations Beauty Pageant’ where she placed runner-up and she also went on feature in a cameo appearance on the music video of 2face Idibia’s ‘African Queen’ song. Her Nollywood career came to limelight for her role in the movies titled ‘Pleasure and Crime’ and ‘Blackberry Babes’.



Born in Ibadan, the mother of two and wife has come a long way in her acting career. Having appeared in over 50 movies since she joined the industry, the jovial actress is hardworking, dedicated and a beautiful woman admired by many for her simplicity.



In case you didn’t know, Annie Idibia has undergone a major style transformation of late and makes serious efforts to glow and slay in whatever she wears. The actress and beauty entrepreneur loves to show off her impressive body in a matching sets and simple casual outfits.

Annie is a hot and sexy mother still till looking young and fit. Well done girl, you look simply amazing! z ne

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Young, digital style influencers



Young, digital style influencers

It’s no secret that Nigerians and Nigerians in the Diaspora are major influencers across industries, fashion included. If you want to see the next wave of trends when it comes to fashion, art or entertainment, look no further than the Nigerian digital style influencers that are sharing their enviable style and vision with the world.  These Nigerian fashion enthusiasts have garnered an online presence, huge followings and loyalty – and even nab front-row spots at the biggest fashion shows in and outside the country! We take a look at top young fashion influencers, who through their social media platforms, especially Instagram, create style and content for the world to follow VANESSA OKWARA reports


Akin Faminu




on’t let Akin Faminu’s impressive wardrobe and consistently sleek styling fool you. He maybe one of the best dressed male bloggers on Instagram but he’s also a practicing medical doctor and writer. He graduated from with a degree in medicine from the University of Lagos in 2018. Akin Faminu is a popular face at many events in Lagos. He writes a fashion blog at Akin Faminu has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and male fashion enthusiasts rush to his site to see the latest trends. He expresses his passion for style and creativity on his blog, Akin Faminu. His fashion style rivals the likes of the best fashion bloggers on the world stage.





Rita Dominic




ollywood has Jennifer Lawrence, while Nollywood has Rita Dominic. The darling of Nigeria’s film industry, she is the undisputed Queen of the Red Carpet, with copies of her outfits being replicated by tailors barely hours after she has worn them. Rita is that classic case of talent by the bucket-load, leading lady charm and brains with a production company, Audrey Silva, heralding a new age of African cinema. And, like any true A-Lister, long-time fashion collaborator – she acts as muse and lodestar for occasion wear specialist, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi. With her 5.5 million followers in Instagram, Rita can only be described as a slayer of fashion.



Denola Grey




enola Grey is a popular menswear fashion blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. Denola has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and counting. Admired by men and women alike, Denola’s striking bone structure, innate style and penchant for accessorizing, makes him one of the most interesting influencers to watch.



Temi Otedola


emi Otedola, or JTO as she’s known, is our resident socialite and style influencer. The famous billionaire’s daughter and sister to DJ Cuppy, always looks like a million dollars on Instagram with her luxury outfits which must cost a pretty penny. She has over 500, 000 followers on Instagram.

Since starting her style blog JTO Fashion, Temi has taken us all over the world on her travels as she pulls looks from all over the world. From Missoni to Balenciaga and Celine in luxurious locations like Bali, Cape Town and Madrid, this young, influencer is definitely lifestyle goals.



Hafsah Mohammed




afsah Mohammed is perhaps the most prominent name/face in the Nigerian modest fashion blogging space. Affectionately known as HafyMo, Hafsah is a modest fashion blogger who’s known for nailing looks every single time without compromising her beliefs. The beautiful influencer is on a mission to show modest young women that style is well within their grasp.



Having amassed a legion of 30, 000 fans on Instagram, Hafsah’s feed is a feast for the eyes with perfectly put-together, imaginative looks. What’s even better is Hafsah is the creative director of her own label ‘Elora Collection’ which brings her unique style to other modest women.

Hafsah is an inspiration and style for young Muslimah’s who want to have it all.



Noble Igwe




tylist extraordinaire and menswear influencer, Noble Igwe has over 200,000 followers on Instagram who follow him daily for style inspiration. He works with different brands regularly and has his own clothing line. Owning 360Nobs, he has been able to create a niche for himself in the area of fashion and style. Adorning pieces that are not just from the best of designers but are also of top-notch quality, he combines them with class and finesse while teaching especially men how to dress properly.







buka Obi-Uchendu is a media personality who is popularly known as the host of the Big Bother Naija reality show and one of the most popular talk shows in the country, ‘Rubbin’ Minds’. Ebuka has captured the hearts of fashion lovers in Nigeria with his style which has enhanced his status as an influencer as most men and even women, eagerly wait to see the next outfit Ebuka would showcase while hosting the Big Brother Naija reality show  hat is currently going on. He has 2 million followers actively following his style on Instagram.

The Agbada he wore at the traditional wedding of his friend and popular music star, Banky W, literarily broke the Internet and modernized the way young men wear the flowing traditional outfit. He is indeed an important media and style influencer to watch.

Jennifer Oseh



ith her bright blonde hair and bold red lips, Jennifer Oseh’s aesthetic certainly packs a punch and her followers can’t get enough of it.



The secret to Jennifer’s unique look is her attention to details and her penchant for unusual layering which means that her outfits are far from the standard.



The influencer is now a fully-fledged fashion designer with her label, aptly named ‘Wild Kulture’. Her label is authentically ‘her’ with interesting silhouettes, unexpected colour combinations and a variety of fabrics. Jennifer’s has spurned a following of young women who are keen to copy her off-beat looks.

Lisa Folawiyo



tyle-wise, this designer is a legend. As creative director of Lisa Folawiyo Studio, her collections have been worn by celebrities as varied as Solange and Lucy Liu and her fashion shows are a must-see (print sits at its aesthetic heart and all of Africa’s Fashion Pack in attendance).



Meanwhile her closet is brimming with a fashion-loving-girls’ wish list. Balenciaga, Vetements, Celine and Gucci are all hardy perennials and she often teams them with pieces from her main line collection and diffusion J Label. She is also definitive proof that a petite woman can pack a serious high-fashion punch. And with an army of followers both online and off, it’s no surprise that her star continues to rise.

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Pomp as Akeredolu gives daughter’s hand in marriage



Pomp as Akeredolu gives daughter’s hand in marriage



eople of the ancient town of Owo in Ondo State and in the state generally will not forget in a haste sweet memories that went down in the town penultimate Saturday when the governor of the state, Arakurin Olurotimi Akeredolu and his wife, Betty played host to dignitaries from all over as they gave their daughter, Teniola in marriage to her lover, Olatunde Oyeyiola.



The newly married lovers, Teniola and Olatunde Oyeyiola, who could not hide their joy, were full of excitement as high profile guests thronged the event to felicitate and identify with them.



With popular comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka standing in as the compere  and  talented singer, Sound Sultan dishing out great tunes, the couple  as well as  the guests had a great time going through sessions that comprises the traditional engagement even as there were all sorts of chewable and drinks on the list of the item seven to entertain guests.



Dignitaries include top politicians, captain of Industries, academics; religious and traditional leaders as well as top government functionaries were present at the colourful ceremony.



Leading pack of eminent personalities in attendance were former Lagos State Governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and former Osun State Governor, Chief Bisi Akande. Others who attended the traditional wedding include: Former Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun and his Oyo State counterpart in the last dispensation, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.



Also in attendance were Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti,  Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State, Minister of State Labour and Employment, Senator Tayo Alasoadura, Minister of State for Health, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora, First Ladies of Edo State, Lagos and Nasarawa respectively,  Betsy Obaseki, Dr Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu and Hajia Silifat  Sule.



Senate Deputy Leader, Prof Ajayi Boroffice, Immediate past Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, Governor of Adamawa, Bala James Ngilari, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi, Chairman Ondo State Council of Obas, the Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Frederick Akinruntan, Olowo of Owo, Oba Ajibade Ogunoye and many others.

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My music has Afro fusion dancehall delivery –Ko Jamal



My music has Afro fusion dancehall delivery –Ko Jamal

Promising singer, Osarieme John Ezomo known as Ko Jamal is an entertainer, singer and songwriter. He recently jumped on Adele ‘Hello cover’, showing his vast singing skills and song writing techniques. He later dropped a single called the ‘The Link Up’ which is currently receiving massive airplay across the country. In this interview with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, Ko Jamal speaks on his life, career and sundry issues



Please share your journey into music with us.



I started my music career in 2010 as an underground singer alongside my producer Kodi; together we formed a group called Ko & Kodi. The group lasted for a year before we went solo due to our educational engagements. Having taken my time to understand my craft, I then linked up with Sandaz Black, Flygerian and Iq Shotta who inspired and motivated me to keep on pushing. In 2015 Ko & Kodi linked up again and we came up with an in house studio. Kodi became the official producer and we started making great music. Years later, I made a comeback after releasing my critical acclaim song, ‘The Link Up’, I further released ‘Stripper’ with great visuals in 2018 and followed up with few singles like nurse, temptation and other collaborations with various artistes. Early this year, I released a song and a music video titled success, this gained massive airplay locally and internationally. I am currently working on various music projects to be released later this year.


Tell us about yourself?



I am Osarieme John Ezomo known as Ko Jamal. I’m one super, hardworking guy with a good pursuit for great music. I’ve got a specific tune and different sound. I’m a singer and songwriter. I was born in Warri in Delta State, Nigeria, where I also completed my primary school at Alden Nursery and Primary School. I then went on to complete my secondary education at science preparatory centre in Warri. I studied Business Administration at Benson Idahosa University at Benin City.



Have you ever given failure a thought in your music career?



Not at all, I’m a goal getter. I don’t see myself loosing on anything I set my mind to do. When I set my mind on something, I hit it with positivity. Sometimes you may not achieve it all. But there should be some level of success which is a stepping stone to the next level.


What influences your writing when it comes to music?


It is the environment and people around me; also things currently going on around my life and society. I am the type who gets inspired by daily happenings.



How would you describe your sound?



My kind of sound has more of the Afro fusion dancehall delivery.



Kindly give us brief details of your label?



My label, Ko Jamal Entertainment is proudly my own hustle. It’s a brand I have been trying to build on my own, basically making music for people to enjoy and to be inspired.



What are the other projects you are working on or you have coming up?



Right now, I am working on more music and collaborations with a lot of celebrities both in and out of Nigeria just to carve niche for myself.



What are your challenges since you started playing music?



I started music just like every street hustlers out there. Though, as an independent artist, you know what that means. You make money from one and you invest it into another. Sometimes you don’t get good results. There’s a big competition going on. It’s getting expensive by the day. Any wrong step, you start all over again. There have been ups and downs just like every other business out there. But God is great.


Do you have any collaboration?


No! But collaborations are in top gear. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag now until I’m done. I tell you what; I’m seriously working on it. Big names are involved. When I’m done, my fans will hear.


Who are those that inspire you?



My fans, they make me do more every day.



Now, tell us, what is your assessment of the music industry in Nigeria?



It’s a great thing to talk about and to be proud of. This is an industry that started with nothing but today it’s creating jobs and empowering the youths. It’s making millions of dollars and putting food on people table. It’s attracting the bigwigs in the entertainment industry around the world.



How do you handle your female fans?



It’s very easy; I’m a lover not a fighter so everything goes for me.

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Allen Onyema is toast of the month



Allen Onyema is toast of the month




ithout a doubt, one of the most mentioned names in the country in recent times is no other than the Chairman of Air Peace Airlines and the President of the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony, Allen Onyema. The simple reason he’s been at the receiving end of accolades from all and sundry is the fact the dude has demonstrated a rare feat that does not only give him out as a compassionate person but a true patriot who’s conducts is above ethnicity or tribalism.



Onyema, a hero who many will readily attest to is the toast of the moment. As it is, he’s not only getting thumbs up as well as commendations from all spheres of the public; his accolades has further been given a formal and national approach as he was honoured by Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila led lower chamber of the National Assembly, House of Representatives, all for the personal sacrifice he made by volunteering to evacuate stranded Nigerians in South Africa over xenophobic attacks. Onyema was given a standing ovation by the House and was recommended for greater honour by the federal government.   



Onyema has always claimed to be different. And recent happenings in faraway South Africa gave him a chance to prove it to the world in spectacular fashion .He was conferred with the prestigious Zik Prize for Entrepreneurial Leadership by the Public Policy, Research and Analysis Centre, Nigeria in May 2019 in recognition of his immense contributions to development and human security.

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Compassionate billionaire, Femi Otedola, does it again



Compassionate billionaire, Femi Otedola, does it again


all billionaire business man, Femi Otedola a rare breed and you will not be mistaking. Compassion has become his nature, especially as it concerns providing succor to those in pain and despair. The benevolent billionaire has once again by taking up the medical expenses of the famous reggae icon, Majek Fashek, who is terribly sick and stranded in London.



Confirming the story and sounding the alarm of the critical state of the ‘Rainmaker’, who is currently receiving treatment in a London hospital, his manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, painted a pathetic picture of the dire situation the musician is in.



Thankfully, Otedola is taking care of the hospital bill fully and this has thrown Nigerians across the world into fits of joy, thereby putting the image of Otedola in a soaring mode.



It is still fresh in memory of many how the businessman extraordinaire spent N36, 635,000 for the medical bills of former captain and coach of the Super Eagles, Christian Chukwu.



On the list of those Otedola had coughed out fortune to care for their health include Peter Fregene, a former Green Eagles goalkeeper,  popular actor, Victor Olaotan and Nollywood actor cum broadcaster, Sadiq Daba.

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Asaro: Yoruba thick, spicy yam porridge



Asaro: Yoruba thick, spicy yam porridge

Asaro is a special type of mashed yam porridge done by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Asaro has a unique colour, feel and taste. Asaro is different from basic Nigerian yam porridge because it is made with tomato paste fried with palm oil, pepper and onions.



Here’s how to prepare the Yoruba thick and spicy yam porridge:





• Half tuber of medium yam


• Cooking Spoons Palm Oil


• Washed and chopped Ugu or Spinach leaves


• Peppers and tatashe


• Medium Tomatoes


• 1 Big Onion chopped


• Any garnishing: Ponmo, smoked fish or stockfish (optional)


• Ground Crayfish



• Seasoning cubes


• Thyme and curry


• Salt to Taste







1. Wash and clean your fish or kpomo and boil with seasoning till soft, then set aside.



2. Blend tomatoes and peppers. Heat a pan with oil and saute onions till translucent. Pour pepper and tomato mixture and leave to fry for 7-10 minutes till raw taste of tomato is gone. Stir at intervals to avoid burning.



3. Peel, cut into small pieces and wash your yam. Place in clean pot, put some salt, cover with enough water and boil for 6-8 minutes. Add the crayfish.


4. When yam is a bit tender, combine with fried tomato and add a little water to reduce thickness. Add your seasoning cubes, thyme, curry and salt as necessary.


Leave to cook for about 15 minutes on low heat until yam becomes very soft. Turn the yam mixture until some of the yam is mashed and then allow cooking for another 5 minutes.


6. Add your chopped and washed vegetables as well as garnished fish or kpomo into the meal and allow steaming for another 5 minutes. Stir and put off heat.


Your Asaro is ready!

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