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Heart under my blouse



Heart under my blouse

Mouth agape, Jay stared at the receding back of this fabulously beautiful, sashaying eve. Beautiful, yeah, tantalizingly beautiful! Her figure looked like it was sculptured by a love- struck artist. He was shocked.



You know, you really don’t appreciate the beauty of certain things that are close to you, until you hold them away from you. He’d been living with his wife for so long that he’d forgotten she was a beauty.



She was a beauty, for his friends all wowed when they met her at their pre-nuptial shindig about 25 five years ago. He had flaunted her after their wedding and enjoyed the glances he got each time they went out together. At what point did the bond between them weaken? While they were trying to build their different careers? While she was having their kids, keeping their home and trying to grow her career at the same time? He remembered vividly when he started straying from home -that was when she was pregnant with their second child.



He had gone for a colleague’s bachelor’s night with his friends, where he met a young lady that changed his life. Adele’s second pregnancy wasn’t a good experience. She was sick most of the time and was on bed rest all of the last trimester.


Jay started hanging out with friends and colleagues more often then. He had a normal upbringing from strict parents who never allowed him to mix up with friends at the early part of his life. He attended his first party while in his third year in the university. His life changed at that party for he met a fellow undergraduate that taught him the rudiments in girl, boy relationships. She, it was, who made him live his fantasy real time, a fantasy he had lived in his mind since his secondary school days. They were together for the better part of the year, until the lady met her heart’s desire and moved on.



So, when he met the fair lady at his colleague’s bachelor party, years later, he tried to make sure that she didn’t leave him for another man. That would be the beginning of his problem with his wife for his life became centered around his mistresses, for he had had many.



He and Adele gradually drifted apart until they became total strangers. But the Adele he saw a few minutes ago at the beach jarred his mind. She had not lost her beauty. She had simply matured in ways that are pleasing to the eyes.


“Honey, what’s the problem? Who is that woman? She looks familiar. Why are you staring at her?” His mistress asked, bringing him back to the present.



“Er…em…er…never mind,” he stuttered.



“Never mind? You mean I shouldn’t mind the fact that you’re gaping at a woman while I’m right beside you?” She fumed, her voice rising.



“Keep your voice down darling. You don’t want to cause a scene here, do you?” Jay soothed her.


“No dear, it’s just that I don’t like you gaping at other women. But that woman certainly looks familiar. Who’s she?” She asked again.


Jay stared long at his mistress and said slowly, “That woman is my wife.”


“What? Your wife?” His mistress asked, searching for Adele with her eyes.


“I don’t believe you. You mean your wife ran into you with another lady at the beach, said nothing and walked away? Are you still married to her?” She asked him incredulously.


“She’s my wife,” Jay responded, adding, “If she has anything to say, she won’t say it here. She’ll wait until we get home.”


“She’s one of a kind. If I meet my husband with another woman, I’ll cause a scene,” she said.


Jay wasn’t even listening to her. His mind was in a turmoil. What was Adele doing on the beach alone? Or did she come with someone? A man? But there was no one with her. Could Adele have come to the beach alone? Or she came to meet someone? He wondered what to do. Search for her or leave immediately with his mistress? What would he do to her if he saw her? Drag her home?


His feet propelled him forward. He had to look for her. What could she be doing on the beach?


His mistress, who had watched him move away from her, suddenly ran after him. When she caught up with him, she tugged at his elbow.


“Where are you going?” She asked him.


“I’m going to look for my wife. What could she be doing on the beach?” Jay fumed.


“And what are you doing on the beach with another woman?” She asked him.


He stopped and scratched his head. She was right. What was he doing on the beach with another woman?


He stood on his toes and stretched his neck, wishing he could see his wife. He saw nothing and gave up.


“We have to leave now,” he said suddenly.



His mistress’ face contorted in anger.


“We barely got here and you want us to leave?” She asked.


“Yeah, we have to leave. What if she comes back here now? What if she decides to make trouble with you?” He asked her.


“Make trouble with who? I thought you said she won’t want to make trouble in public? Anyway, if she comes here to make trouble, I’d give her double,” she said.

“You see? This is why we must leave. I don’t want you women to go for each other’s throats,” he said.


As she was about to respond, his phone rang. It was a business call. He answered.


After the call, he noticed that he had messages. He read them. The first one was from his wife.


“Good morning dear. You left very early this morning. I wanted to inform you that I’d be going to the beach this morning with Blossom, Tracy and CeeCee for a friend’s birthday party. Take care,” his wife’s message read.



He sighed! Adele called him in the morning and he ignored her call. If only he had answered that call, it would have spared him this mess he found himself in! But then, was it this morning she knew she would be going for the beach party? Why didn’t she inform him earlier?



Adele had wanted to talk to him last last night and he had rebuffed her moves, he knew.



“Are you leaving with me or not,” he suddenly asked his mistress and started walking away.



She stared at his back for a while and ran after him. For how long would she continue to play the second fiddle, she wondered.






Adele relaxed in Bolan’s arm. She needed that warmth. Her heart was aching. Jay with that woman again! It was obvious whatever he had with that woman was serious. She would have to fight to get him back or she would find herself without a husband very soon, she reasoned. But, did she want to fight for Jay? Would she do that? A man that spared no thought for her, how would she fight for him? What if, after fighting and winning, he spurned her love? What would she do then? Kill herself? Heavens forbid! She would die of heartbreak if she continued to mind Jay, she realised. So, the best thing would be to try and forget him, she reasoned.


She relaxed in Bolan’s arms. She came for a party, she would try and find joy.



“This is a pleasant surprise, dear,” Bolan said. I came here for a friend’s birthday and here you are,” he said, patting her back.



“I’m also here with friends for a friend’s birthday,” Adele said, laughing.



“You look great in your ensemble. And you smell great too,” he said.


“Hmmmmmmmmm? And what about you? You look like an Adonis. You’re one,” she told him.


He actually looked and smelt good too, as usual anyway.


“Now we found each other on the beach today, I won’t let you out of my sight. If I had invited you here, you wouldn’t have come,” he told her.

“You have to understand dear,” she said.


“Yeah, I understand darling. I’m not complaining. The vulture is a patient bird, you know,” he said.


“Are you a vulture?” She asked him.


“I’m not a carrion eater, but I’m patient,” he told her with a smile.


“Whose party are you here for?” Adele asked him.


“One of my tenants,” Bolan said.


“I’m here for a friend’s party,” Adele said.


“Yeah I know. Blossom told me. It’s not the same party, but we’ll enjoy ourselves here today. This is a welcomed surprise,” he said.


Blossom and others were waiting for them. They joined them. It was a fun-filled day. Adele saw another side of Bolan. He was fun personified. He was also very gentlemanly. He shuttled between his crowd and Adele’s, making sure she was never alone.

When Blossom and Adele found themselves alone, Adele shocked her.



“Do you know I ran into my husband with his mistress here on the beach,” she told Blossom.



“You lie,” Blossom said with a laugh.


“I’m not joking sis. I saw them,” she insisted.


“You saw them? Are you serious?” Blossom asked, incredulous.


“I did sis. They saw me too,” she said.


“They saw you? I thought you were pulling my legs,” Blossom said.


“I saw them, they saw me and I walked away,” Adele said.



She was close to tears. For the first time, she felt really, really pained. She had tried to ignore the ache in her heart. But this very moment, she couldn’t. She felt humiliated.



“You know why it hurts so much? He was out of the house by the time I woke up this morning. I couldn’t talk to him when I got home last night because he was in a foul mood.. When I called him on the phone to inform him that I would be going to the beach this morning, he didn’t answer. I sent him a text message. If he had any regard for me, he would have kept away from this beach, at least for today.. Why bring his mistress to a place he knew I would be? To spite me? Sis, my heart bleeds,” Adele told Blossom.



“Sis, this is not the best of places to talk about this. What you just told me is shocking. We’ll talk about it, but not here and now. Pull yourself together. We’ll definitely talk about this,” Blossom said.





Let’s continue this journey here on Sunday.




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Body & Soul

Women must be at tables where decisions are made –Prof. Princess Halliday



Women must be at tables where decisions are made –Prof. Princess Halliday

A TV personality, lecturer, leadership ambassador, Prof Princess Halliday trained as a Petroleum Engineer, communications expert and an occasional actress. She has a show, The Princess Halliday Show that is on MNET and shows in 48 countries. This beautiful lady from Rivers State is one of the young promising Nigerians out there and has been a strong voice in Africa as regards women empowerment. At age 17, she founded Empower Africa Initiative, a platform that ensures African women in leadership positions are strengthened. In this interview with VANESSA OKWARA, she talks about her life and women in leadership in Africa



How has it been?


I am very well, thank you!


How seriously are women in Africa being taken in terms of leadership?


We live in a fast-changing world, especially in Africa and it has seriously affected our people. There is this mindset and value that tend to subject women to their sexuality. But we are telling people that you must stop subjecting women sexuality when it comes to leadership positions. Mine is to make sure that we change the narrative so that the woman cannot only be respected but also be at the table where decisions are made. If you are a woman, you must have experienced that in one way or the other.


What are you exactly coming back home to do in Nigeria?

I have some speaking engagements. But that is not all. I am also on the lookout for collaborations with some people in Lagos; we are working with them at the moment towards leadership issues. My goal is to make sure that every young person knows that there is the need to learn to be a leader. We hope to educate them on what it takes to be authentic leaders. You will believe with me that one of the biggest challenges we have as a country is leadership and so we have to start this conversation with the younger ones on what it takes to lead.


Lack of mentorship amongst young Africans has become a big problem?


I hear that and I agree with you. I also think that many young people have been wired to let things remain the way they are; they want to keep accepting the status quo. There has been no ability to challenge the status quo. We need people who will not just be subservient but challenge the status quo by asking questions. One of the major problems we have in Nigeria is that people do not even have the confidence to ask why. They think if they ask questions it means being disrespectful. No you are not. It is not disrespectful to be heard. You have to speak to power.



The elders also believe that the Nigerian youth is not ready for leadership; do you share the same opinion?


I do not completely agree with that. I think great leaders are ones who extend their cycle of influence to everyone thereby making everyone feel like they belong. Most leaders in Africa do not extend their level of influence to allow a young person to see a road map of becoming a leader. So I don’t believe that the young people do not have leadership capacity. Anybody born of a woman is supposed to be tutored on how to be a leader. Some leaders are born, but leadership can be learnt.


Are you of the opinion that we do not have good leaders in Nigeria?


I am not saying we do not have good leaders in Nigeria. I am saying that a lot more needs to be done to broaden our horizon. We have to broaden our mindset. We have to learn that as leaders, you must extend your level of influence and think of how to create the next generation of leaders. We can’t be in office forever. We have to create opportunities for other people who are qualified. There is something I usually say and that is that we have to begin to govern our nation based on meritoc racy. What can you accomplish? What do you know? Once one is evaluated and seen to have the capacity to lead, he has to be given the chance to lead. But when we wake up and assume it is not for them, it will not only affect us but our children and our children’s children; and even further generations will be affected.



What image are Nigerians getting as a people in the US, when it comes to leadership?



I cannot say that on a large scale, but I know that as an individual, wherever I am present or wherever Nigeria is mentioned, something great is seen. In America at the moment, I am recognised with what they call ‘Extraordinary Ability in Leadership’.  USA accorded me that privilege. You must be at the top of your field in leadership to be given that honour.



With your pedigree in the US, has any leader in Nigeria approached you in the hope that you could be involved in contributing your quota here?



Well, I raise my hand up all the time. When I spoke at a forum hosted by the International Monetary Fund, IMF about a year and half ago in Washington DC, I kept raising my hand. One problem we have as women is that we afraid of raising our hands. I am very quick to raise my hands. I raise my hand and I negotiate for myself.



Are there some women in Africa that are your role models?



I think that any woman that has paved the way for me to be at the table is a role model. Any woman that has done something to create a chance for another woman is a role model. There are many women who are role models in Africa. Many women are doing well.



Nigeria is blessed with both natural and human resources. Do you agree that Nigeria has not taken advantage of her human resources?



That is also true. We are very highly educated. We are qualified. But we need to start believing in ourselves. We can be that change we want to be. We can be what America is. We can be what we go to London or India to seek.


The last International Day of the Girl Child had the theme, ‘Unstoppable’. What is your advice to the girl child?



I will say to every young woman that you can be who you want to be. I tell you this totally that you have the capacity to be who you want to be and nothing can stop you. Nigerian women should begin to ask the right questions, and start challenging the status quo. They should not rely on conventional belief and systems.



What makes you proud as a Nigerian with the negative stereotype out there?



That is a tough question. I am a Nigerian. And I am proud of being a Nigerian. I know that we are working towards having a better country.



Nigeria has a rich culture especially with her music. What is it like in the United States?



Yeah, Nigerian music has grown beyond everyone’s expectations. It is hugely accepted in the US. As a matter of fact, I work out every day and when I am working out, I always have Nigerian music on my ears. After studying and teaching, working out for me is awesome and Nigerian music helps me out when I am doing so. Davido, Tiwa Savage and Wiz Kid are all exceptional.



You studied Engineering. How do you reconcile that with your job on TV and even leadership?



Yeah, I got my first degree in Petroleum Engineering and that was over a decade ago. But I did that because of my late father. When I was growing up, I was a gifted child. My father said the only way I could make him happy was to become an engineer and work with Shell. And I had to become an engineer. Unfortunately, my father did not live to see me become an engineer. I later branched off to study Communication, and later International Business, and now a PhD in Leadership.


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Body & Soul

Whatchamacallit 12



Whatchamacallit 12


nowing that her husband spent his days with cold bodies was beginning to give Keith’s wife gooseflesh. How can somebody enjoy cutting up cold bodies? For the two years Keith wooed her, she never visited him in the hospital where he worked. Of course, he invited her and made it clear she could drop by anytime she felt like. She was too uninterested then. She was visiting her former fiancée who dumped her few months to their wedding day almost every other day at work. She never found out that he was dating his colleague then.



Keith, a medical doctor, came at the time everyone was trying to get her to forget that sad experience. She had withdrawn totally into her shell and would allow no one in. She knew Keith told him he worked in the pathology department of a hospital, but she guessed the import didn’t get into her dark world then. In those two years, they didn’t go out for up to a dozen times.



She usually had an excuse for not going out with him. She thought that could dissuade him from coming to her. It never did. He kept coming and almost constituted himself into a nuisance. He would attend all family functions. To make matter worse, her father, a phlegmatic retired old major, saw in him, a suitable suitor for his much-loved daughter. Keith also struck the right cord with her eccentric stepmother whose only interest was fashion. She would dress herself up, paint every paintable part of her body and prance about the house in her grotesque clothes. Somehow, Keith could stand her and they would chat endlessly whenever he visited. Her stepmother would make him comfortable with food and drinks while he waited for her to get back from work.



She met Keith at her junior cousin’s naming ceremony. Somehow, they got talking and she found him interesting enough to grudgingly agree give him her phone number. That was how their relationship started.



He would come to her parent’s house at the close of his shift and wait for her. The second time she visited him in his house in their two years of courtship, she shared a bottle of red wine with him and lost her inhibition. When Keith placed his hand on her laps and started tracing patterns on her flowery dress, she giggled. That embolden Keith who gingerly pulled the dress up, expecting her to hit his hand with her palm.


“What are you doing?” She slurred.



“Nothing. I just want to peek at what you have beneath that dress. I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to lie beside you in our birthday suit, touch and admire your goddess-like body,” he had replied, seriously.



To his utmost surprise, she had stood up, zipped down her dress and stepped out of it. Shocked, Keith swallowed hard. He didn’t expect this. Not the prim and proper Shalom, Ol’Major’s beloved daughter.



“Baby, you are drunk,” he managed to say, as blood rushed down to his crotch.



“Yes, I’m drunk. What’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t be the first lady to get drunk,” she slurred, swaying on her feet.



Keith jumped up and held her. She shivered. Her skin felt so warm and silky. On an impulse, he sought her mouth with his. She didn’t resist. He became bolder, fiddled with her brassiere hooks and released the two delightful mounds. He burrowed his face in-between the mounds and she drew him closer to her, breathing deeply. He latched his lips round her tits as his hands roved her body. She moaned loudly as she held tightly on to him. Gently he steered her back to the couch. She was delirious with desire. He stepped out of his clothes in record time and divested her of her remaining underclothes. She smiled shyly at him.



“You are ready for this?” He asked her, barely able to contain his excitement.



She nodded, her eyes closed. He knelt on the rug, pulled her to the end of the couch, went in-between and buried his face in there. He tasted honey and nectar mixed together…and something sweet smelling. As he prodded with his tongue and fingers, she screamed.

“Don’t stop, I said, don’t…don’t…yeah, I love it…don’t…it’s been so loooooong.”



Keith felt himself bursting. His dangler was turgid and beginning to weep and hit the rug intermittently as it lunged. He pulled her closer to the edge of the couch, pulled off his face, with his fingers still working crazily in there. She wasn’t aware when his dangler replaced his tongue down there. She was shivering and screaming crazily as waves of passion wracked her body. He carried her to the bedroom after that and they went on another excursion, discovering things about each that shouldn’t be inked, tasting their cums and thrashing round the bed in their alcohol-induced naughty state. 



Two months later, she realised that she was pregnant. She had no plan to kill a soul, even an unformed one. Keith was ecstatic. They announced their intention to get married.



Everyone was happy…everyone except Shalom…when she realised that her hubby earned a living by cutting up dead bodies as a pathologist! She began to resent his touch. She imagined all the crazy, horrible things she heard that those people do to lifeless bodies. Could Keith be a pervert? She had no answer to that. Her skin crawled each time she remembered that.


Mekson stares at the pastor. Could this be real? He stands, rooted to the spot. The pastor twirls, jumps and moonwalks, oblivious to the scared lone figure watching his show of shame. As he slides backward and does an almost 360 degree spin, he stops abruptly.



Oh no! What deuce brought this man here? He asked himself.



“Aaaaaaah Brother. I was rejoicing on your behalf meh. The spirit said to my spirit, ‘Stand up, go to the church, each, drink and rejoice for brother…er…er…er…Mekson…yeah, brother Mekson meh. For he is coming for thanksgiving meh’. You see, I don’t usually stay in the church this late meh, unless the spirit specifically instruct me. Today, I heard the voice, very clear. It said, ‘My son, go and wait for my son, for he is coming for thanksgiving. And when you are under anointing, you perform exploit, like you saw me doing a while back meh.



“So, what brought you here at such an ungodly hour? No, I mean, I know why you are here because the spirit informed me beforehand. Your prayers have been answered,” Pastor James stuttered, cursing under his breath. He should have closed that door!

He reaches for his white face towel and wipes beads of sweat off his face.



Mekson’s present state of mind is incapable of rationale thinking. The only thing that dominates his mind presently is the hangman’s noose, following him everywhere in his room.



“Pastor, my wife is chasing me about. She wants to kill me,” he said.



“Your wife? Where is she? Why? What did you do to her?” Pastor James asked him, looking fugitively behind Mekson.


“My dead wife pastor. She’s been buried in her village and she wouldn’t let me be,” Mekson whined.


“Dead wife meh?” Pastor James echoed, looking frantically around him.



This is getting more than he bargained for. No need meddling with the dead.


“My business is er…er…er…with the living and not the dead…” Pastor James began, searching for words.



“Look pastor, I realised that I was supposed to come for thanksgiving which I didn’t come for. I was very busy, that’s why I’m coming so late,” Mekson said urgently.



“Yeah…yeah…thanksgiving meh. You’re supposed to have come for thanksgiving meh. Are you ready for thanksgiving meh? But you said…”



The pastor is scared. He’s torn between the greed for money and the wrath of the dead. Why would a dead wife come after her husband? This is getting freaky. He definitely won’t spend the night with this man here…but first, the thanksgiving…



Oh boy! I’m almost freaking out here. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this. I wouldn’t also. So let’s keep a date here on Sunday.


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Body & Soul

Seyi Tinubu acquires E-Motion Advertising



Seyi Tinubu acquires E-Motion Advertising

The making of a smooth operating businessman in the corporate world is always with ground breaking ventures and this exactly is what the swift industry player, Seyi Tinubu has been sign-posting, albeit quietly without any noise or publicity. This mercurial advertising guru, Seyi and his bosom friend and partner, Adenrele Olusoga recently concluded acquisition of one of the country’s leading out-door advertising companies, E-Motion Advertising, to become the leading outdoor company in the country.



It was revealed to us that the innovation-driven Loatsad Promomedia company Chaired by Seyi Tunubu, has for some time now been locked in serious negotiations with E-Motion Advertising for a takeover. This is to further boost the mission of making the company the leading outdoor advertising company in the country. Just recently, the efforts eventually yielded positive fruits as the acquisition were sealed for the eventual take-over of the operations of E-motion, and this is another sign of good things to come for the Loatsad entity.

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Body & Soul

Alaafin’s wife, Olori Badira, graduates



Alaafin’s wife, Olori Badira, graduates

Celeb Lounge can authoritatively say Queen Badira Ajoke; one of the wives of high ranking southwest traditional ruler, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo Kingdom is having the best of the times going by recent events.



Olori Badira, youngest wife of Alaafin is fast becoming a social media influencer and the entire palace of Alaafin, as you read are in a great mood and the singular reason for this is the successful completion of the university degree course the Olori had embarked on. Olori Bdirat was among students of the prestigious University of Ibadan, who upon completion of their academic exercise satisfactorily was awarded with a certificate in an atmosphere full of excitement.



Earlier in the month however, the beautiful Olori had reason to celebrate when she added another year to turn 30th. The light skinned, slim built beautiful Queen proved she was not all about looking good and wearing best of attires as she went all out to make the birthday anniversary an opportunity to empower and uplift so many. She organized a one week program where people were taught different skills like soap making, cake baking, shoe making, Aso Oke stoning, makeup and others. This gesture of course attracted commendations from all angles to the birthday Queen.


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Halima Dangote becomes toast of the moment



Halima Dangote becomes toast of the moment

Halima Dangote, the second daughter of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, is undoubtedly one of the toasts of the moment. This is coming on the heel of her appointment as the Group Executive Director, Commercial Operations, Dangote Industries Limited



While Halima’s new feat is being applauded and celebrated, some are actually not surprised because they have always believed she shares traits that tell about her capabilities with her father, even beyond as it relates to business prowess. Halima is also known for her philanthropic gestures. It is on record she built N7billion state-of-the-art operating theatre and diagnostic centre at the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kano. This is in addition to several other projects that have been beneficial to the masses.



Also, as business administrator worth her salt, before her new appointment, she had served as the Executive Director of Dangote Flour Mills where she remarkably led the turnaround of the business from loss in turnover to a profitable status, a feat derived from consistent high performance over time. The mother of two, Halima Dangote Bello, returns to the Group after serving in several capacities across two business units over the last five years as well as serving as a Trustee of the Aliko Dangote Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the conglomerate.



After obtaining a degree in Marketing from the American Intercontinental University, London, she proceeded to the Webster Business School, London, where she obtained a Masters of Business Administration. Her international exposure, communications and other skills put her in good stead for emerging business challenges.

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Body & Soul

Remi Adikwu Bakare floats fashion store



Remi Adikwu Bakare floats fashion store

Popular politician cum business woman, Remi Adiukwu-Bakare who some time ago relocated to the federal capital territory, Abuja, may have again re-launched herself to Lagos radar as she just commissioned an exquisite fabric shop in Ikeja.



The elitist yet reasonable store called ‘Aso Ebi Gallery & Emporium ’, located on the popular Toyin Street, was opened in a classy manner days ago, drawing the presence of crème-de-la-crème in the business and entertainment sectors including the fashionable woman’s comrades in politics.



Aso Ebi Gallery & Emporium, according to Adiukwu-Bakare in her address at the grand event, is the latest trend for celebrities with high-end tastes and style. Mrs. Adiukwu-Bakare, while she plays politics, also runs a chain of private businesses which include textile and property development.



Dignitaries present at the grand opening compered by duo of Mrs. Abiola Atanda a.k.a. Madam Kofo and Otunba Dare Odufowokan, include Mrs. Yetunde Arobieke, Lagos State Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs; Iyaloja-General of Nigeria, Chief (Mrs.) Folashade Tinubu; Alhaja Tai Elemosho (Montai); Alhaja Salawa Abeni; Mrs. Foluke Daramola-Salako and many more.

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After mum’s birthday, Fayose prepares for another celebration



After mum’s birthday, Fayose prepares for another celebration

Unarguably, the immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose remains one of the most controversial and dramatic governors Nigeria has ever had. While he lasted as the man at the helm of affairs in the Fountain of Knowledge State, Fayose constantly came up with stunts that made everyone watch out for what his next move would be. His exit from office as the governor has however reduced his appearances on the stage as all that is heard of him now is the corruption charges being pressed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.



Fayose however took time off his court case to attend to a family issue when his beloved mother clocked 80. The event was a big one that meant so much to the Fayose household such that members of the dynasty, friends and well-wishers from all over were expected to grace the event.



On the day set aside for the birthday, all roads led to the Renaissance Hotel at the Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ikeja, Lagos, where the former governor’s mother, Prophetess Victoria Fayose was celebrated. As expected, the crème de la crème of society, friends, well-wishers and politicians of all hues were in attendance at the glamorous shindig in honour of the former governor. Among dignitaries who made the roll call were executive governor of Ogun state, Prince Dapo Abiodun, former governor of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke, veteran singer, Chief Ebenezer Obey and many more. The event may have come and gone but its echoes are still very much reverberating in certain quarters.



Meanwhile, while the grass root politician and members of his household are still basking in the euphoria of their matriarch’s 80th birthday ceremony, those who should be in the know are telling us that the family may have immediately started gearing up for another great event that would again see Fayose sending invites to the members of the high society to be his guest. Although, details of the story are still so sketchy but it was revealed one of the former governor’s sons, Funsho is ready to quit the bachelor’s club to become one with his heartthrob, Kemi.

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Body & Soul

High society mourns with Maureen Onigbanjo



High society mourns with Maureen Onigbanjo

Following the tragic occurrence to one of its own, CEO of House of Maufechi, Maureen Onigbanjo who lost her son recently, Lagos social circuit has since been thrown into mourning. Since the news of Olawale’s death broke out weeks back, members of his family and friends have become very inconsolable. Home of the popular fashion designer, Maureen at Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos has also been playing host to lots of sympathizers.



Olawale Jnr. died on Monday, 14 October, 2019 in London, just three months after celebrating his 31st birthday.



The deceased has however been buried. The burial ceremony kicked off with a candlelight service at The Kudos Hall and Event Centre in Ikeja, Lagos. His remains were committed to mother earth at the Ebony Vaults Ikoyi Lagos.



It will be recalled that, in July 2015, Maufechi was hit by the death of her husband, Olawale Lukman Onigbanjo, the founder of Lakoom Enterprises. Onigbanjo, who was fondly called Onyx by his close friends, died in London, few minutes after arriving from Nigeria.

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Glitz at GTBank Fashion Weekend



Glitz at GTBank Fashion Weekend


It was another exciting weekend of fashion and fun last weekend as our favourite influencers, celebrities and style insiders took to GTB Fashion Weekend to experience masterclasses, watch runway shows and shop till they dropped.



The fashion event which took place on Saturday 9th ran all through Sunday, 10th of November, 2019 at the GTCentre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos.



It showcased several designers from Africa and other parts of the world and had several memorable highlights. The event commenced with different masterclass sessions, featured over 30 distinguished fashion leaders, designers and industry experts, whilst providing more than 130 indigenous small businesses with free stalls to showcase and sell Africa’s finest ensemble of apparel and fashion accessories.



The runway show added cap to the two-day event and the audience were thrilled. The designers that showcased their SS20 collections were Threeasfour, Odio Mimonet, Mantsho, Haus of Stone, Style Temple, Nkwo, Tzar Studios, Thula Sindi, Lezanne Viviers, Iteun Basi, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Fruche, Laquan Smith and so many others.



Several designs stood out and the audience had a great time. Here are some of the looks we spotted on the runway.

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Healthy habits to grooming sexy nails



Healthy habits to grooming sexy nails

Keeping your nails healthy and good looking is an easy thing to achieve but sometimes some women find it hard to do so. Here are some habits you should practice to keep your nails looking amazing.


Keep your nails clean


You should cultivate the habit of washing your nails while washing your hands. Apart from washing, you could use a clean brush to sweep through for dirt.


Keep them short


There is nothing wrong in growing long nails but if they always break or snag then you should keep them short. Health is better than length.




Give your nail a break



After each mani cure, you should give your nails a month or two to heal. Minimizing manicure will help strengthen your nails and keep them healthy.



Use of protection



When in contact with washing soaps e s p e cially the ones containing hard chemicals, it is advisable that you wear gloves to protect t h e nails from coming in contact with them.



Diet consideration



Keratin is a protein that helps in the clarity of skin and hair shine; it also makes the nails stronger and healthier. You can get keratin from supplements like biotin, vitamin E and fish oil.



Take infection seriously



Infections are deadly to the nails and should not be taken likely. Once you have contacted an infection, it is advisable that you visit a dermatologist for treatment.



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